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Game Tester Mu Sichen was pitted and transmigrated into a holographic game. The game was an apocalyptic world after a cataclysmic event, where there were unnameable monsters everywhere, and they had divided the world into different towns.

The monsters had divided the world into different towns, and the survivors were scattered in these towns. Mu Sichen waved his pickaxe and swung it to kill an unidentifiable monster that terrorized the town.

A teary-eyed survivor took the tools and asked expectantly, “Won’t you lead us to build a home?”

Mu Sichen: “I am only a trainee, the ideal home is still to be built by you, I am only responsible for grabbing the site.”

So Mu Sichen carried his pickaxe through the different towns and snatched the territory, and accidentally snatched Qin Zhou, who was called “the last hope of mankind”.

The leader of the survivors chased after him, “You robbed the wrong person, Qin Zhou is the protector of our safe zone!”

Mu Sichen looked at Qin Zhou, who was holding him tightly. He was a bit silly. He seemed willing to be robbed by him-

The Qin family had a secret, they guarded human beings in the last ages with their strength. He was going crazy. Each person with the ability of “field” would eventually become an indescribable monster.

In order to delay the attack, Qin Zhou became weaker and weaker. Until one day, a man with a pickaxe came to the safety zone. Qin Zhou immediately hugged him and whispered, “Take me away quickly. ”

The man pinched Qin Zhou’s hand, “I can take you away, but loosen your grip, I’m a little out of breath.”

“Oh.” Qin Zhou agreed but his grip tightened.

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GoldenTiger0 rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: Completed
It's not just horror (not too horrific tho, if you're not too good at imaging the scenes) but adventure as well. Love is more of a sideline. Adventure, companionship, ideals and more are its mainline.

MC is Mu Sichen who's living a pretty much numb life and doesn't wish to trouble others or get into trouble himself. He receives a game pod and is soon horrified at the realisation that he won't be able to log off soon after. He fights off the situation through his intelligence, courage, hard work and... more>> 'inituition'. Along the way, he soon realised more of the truth behind this new world, the high-above people who have turned into distorted gods and the suffering townspeople who are numbed, and is accompanied by companions from the real world as well as the 'game' world. Together they advance to bring hope to the distorted world.

ML is Qin Zhou, an extremely rational god who's avoiding distortion of his original intention by cutting off his fluctuating emotions. As his 'self' awakens, he realises the warmth of the real world as well as the beautiful emotions he discovered within when getting along with the human as an octopus avatar.

Different gods with one intention of salvation which got distorted as they became stronger trapping their own selves in it. Each with their own story.

Each 'god' can serve as an arc in itself and the 'pillars' as small sections in them with 'incident in real world' as links between them sometimes. The whole novel is seamlessly connected and even small details at start often end up becoming clues for big revelations later on.

Note: MC doesn't fall in love with the octopus ML until he glimpses the 'human form'. Even then at start, he only respects him. Their love is slow burning, but with the intense story, it gives relief.

TLDR: Recommended in horror, adventure, system, gods, abilities, slow romance, brain-teaser. Not suitable to read in one go... Cause head might hurt from adventure and riddles overload. <<less
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AshHole rated it
January 7, 2023
Status: --
The summary made it seems like it's going to be a silly light hearted read but behind all the task, it was meaningful.

It felt like reading ovr with a MC centered plot. It's MC centered whetr everything is caused by the MC and everyone is attracted to MC because of how different he is and how they're curious about him but here it's not that annoying.

He is an MC that knows gratitude genuinely payback what he owes and not take them for granted as just something he deserves.

I like him... more>> but im reading this for Qin Zhou, im not done reading yet but my attention to him, his sacrifices and curiosity to his past is what fuels me to continue reading. Compare to him, MC is not not appealing to me, maybe because MC is just like your any other MC who's compassionate, magnanimous, kind of a push over, doesn't like responsibility but still does everything and overshadow everyone else, everything will go by his way, and will always center around him. But the great thing about MC is that he stayed true to his character, although you might see his as a compassionate person who doesnt like sacrifices he also can choose to ignore what needs to be. I like how he was sceptical about Qin Zhou at first but then turns into unconditional trust. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
keinnan rated it
January 5, 2023
Status: c4
This was a beautiful journey through a devastated world filled with desolation and only the last failing ray of hope. The summary is a lot siller than the story itself, which is about the main character Mu Sichen finding himself, finding his place in the world, and finding his connections with the people around him. I haven't cried reading a story in a long time, but this had me in tears constantly by the end.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: Completed
A rare unlimited flow novel where the world hopping is limited to the game world and the real world. The author conforms to the genre by instead making each town the MC must conquer in the game world be exceptionally unique. The author further offsets the horror and tragedy within the setting by utilizing game elements such as the system, puzzles to conquer ‘pillars’ of each town, and fighting big boss monsters. The main character also experiences his first love, but of course he tragically falls for the biggest bad... more>> before the final big bad. This was not due to any sort of misunderstanding of the male lead’s identity. The author does NOT tone down the nonhuman aspects of the male lead. He participates in most of the story as a cute tiny octopus. The other companions of the main character are arguably more important than the MC’s lover and I’m digging the required subtlety of their relationship in comparison. There is this strong layer of denial to the MC’s feelings because he is fully aware that he is falling in love with a doomed monster and that they are facing a bad ending.

This development largely relies on the spiritual nature of the enemy. The entire ‘game’ world is attempting to resist a type of mental pollution generated by merely understanding greater power, let alone attempting to wield it. Even looking sideways at a source of pollution can destroy a player. There is this contradiction in the story that winning requires understanding the mystery behind each ‘level’, but the mystery itself is a trap that can (literally) turn a person into a puddle of mud if they learn the truth too quickly. The player must build up resistance to pollution as they slowly uncover what they need to know while also dodging physical threats to their lives. This makes the player dance on the edge of a knife while also providing a pretty good reading experience as the setting is gradually unveiled.

The above isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it’s well written overall with only one gratuitous word vomit reveal that may have been too much (end of the ‘determined’ arc where they must literally defeat / understand destiny), but was somewhat necessary as the ‘big reveal’ related to the underlying prophecy of the world / MC.

What I like most is that the story has such a strong team focus despite other traditional horror unlimited elements. There is a lot of death going on and some is very close to home for the MC. The author manages to make this close to home for the reader as well by making deaths within the main cast meaningful. Even the first defeated big boss becomes a tragic hero by the finale as his story is explored post-mortem. The true friendship and allies found amidst such tragedy is what makes the central theme of what would otherwise be a depressing tale so positive. The MC’s ideal town is called ‘hope’ and the entire plot is about gathering and implementing the hope of the survivors. <<less
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Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan rated it
February 25, 2023
Status: Completed
A story of hope, expanding territories, journey to save the trapped crying prince and cute blue octopus!

P/s: It's actually a deep story. I like the characterization, personalities and psychologies behind the many characters. Very 'shounen' vibe.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LadyIllune rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: Completed
It's so good, a definite must read.

The whole premise of the story is to have hope <3, if you are encountering a slump in your life this novel will uplift you in more ways than one.

The romance also is very sweet, (in my opinion), ... more>>

the interaction of the MC and the blue octopus is so cute plus the ml<3

it will leave you giggling with joy but also uhh let you shed some tears in some chapters.

Overall, this novel has a bright mood, the novel is not scary at all (for me) most unlimited flow stories I've read contains too detailed gory, bloody, gruesome/unexplained death, etc. This one not much?, it will not leave you nightmares, I assure you.

Just a tid bit of info: normally in unlimited flow they are divided into themes like an arc, the "arcs" of this novel is

based on the "boss monster" that the MC will meet and the pillars that they need to light up

, I added this just because otherwise most readers will question why is there a tag of unlimited flow, I think? <<less
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