Meeting A Demonic Cultivator, Even God Cries


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To survive in the world he transmigrated into, Model Citizen Gu Xizhou became a demonic cultivator.

But then… but then he transmigrated back.

The returned Gu Xizhou was furious. The student that had sacrificed his body to reincarnate him had used a demonic array meant for summoning evil spirits. He, Gu Xizhou, had been a law-abiding citizen who upheld the core socialist values prior to transmigration, the very picture of a model citizen. So how had he become a heinous malicious spirit since his return from transmigration?!

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rhianirory rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: Completed
the MC is fun and a little schizophrenic, you never know what his personality will be from chapter to chapter; ruthless devil cultivator, dogged police officer, playful child. the ML is super smart, devastatingly handsome, hyper-competent at everything and, of course, rich. despite some gore and some complex looks at human nature in all its ugliness via the MC cases, the first part was really good; nicely paced tension with moments of reflection, humor and friendship. that lasted until around the 11th copy when things started to get... complex. ... more>>

it was irritating when they started bringing in gods and fate, trips into the past which changes the present, false memories, phased reality, and so on.

the MTL was really easy to read up until that 11th copy, then it started to get confusing and the end was not what I expected. the first half and second half could almost be two separate stories with the same MC/ML. the first focused on the game and solving crimes and the second focused on the MC and ML's fate and identities, the MC's past, etc.. it lost all it's humor in the second half, especially towards the end, and now I'm completely confused about why he thought he was a demonic cultivator, though it's very possible I missed it in the MTL confusion.


I will certainly read the translated version because I had a LOT of confusion and questions about the second half/ end of the story and it left me feeling somewhat unhappy. this is really more of a 3.5 (it was a 4.5 until the 11th copy happened), but since there are no half points here I rounded up. <<less
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Aria rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: c94
The premise is quite similar to [Kaleidoscope of Death];

  • Players are dying/people who will die irl and the game gave them the opportunity to extend their life.
  • MC meet ML on his first world and got knowledge-carried by ML
  • "Sleep Time" at night where MC and ML roomed&sleep together
  • MC followed ML / ML accompanied MC on their next instances
Now I really like [Kaleidoscope of Death], in theory I should enjoy this one too, but I just can't like this MC... to quote line from the story, "When Si Yu (ML) is useful, he... more>> is President Si. When Si Yu is not useful, he is Little Si", MC relies on ML's knowledge in game, relies on ML's wealth/connection irl, but didn't give ML the respect/gratitude he deserves

It especially makes me mad when MC


hides the fact that cheating via asking the ghosts lower everyone's life-span reward because he thought ML wouldn't want to keep carrying him if ML know

(insert angry keybash) it's such a jerk move


In my honest opinion, ML should just ditch MC.

Now despite the rant, I do like the concept of this story, the story itself is fine and since it is my personal preference that makes me hate MC's character, I'll rate this 4/5- recommend read (as long as you don't find MC annoying) <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
February 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Something that makes me appreciated this novel is, the characterization is good.

The MC, ML, side characters, even the cameo who only showed up once in the game, every one of them are quite well-made. There's no such super cold and OP MC or ML, but both MC and ML are actually interesting. The MC is reckless because he's confident for his power, he's a demonic cultivator after all, lmao, and yet the MC is quite weak because even though he can fight ghost directly, the invisible rule in the game... more>> world can kill him and that's what he's been careful of. While the ML is really calm, but that's understandable after all he's already been through of 18 world and survived, he's calm and clever, very good at observing and using his mind to survive, but after all he's just a human, that's why he can't beat a ghost like MC. Both of them really are two peas in a pod, complimenting each other.

One more compliment, Until chapter 50 I can't figure out who was the Shou who was the Gong, lol. Even though the ML has been said to be a pretty guy, but he's also described as handsome and huge, a 1.85 m man. The MC is described as a handsome guy and is quite popular with girls. I like this kind of couple where it's not easy to judge who was the bottom, with how other novel author always wrote the bottom as either cool and cute, or cool and delicately pretty (lmao), while the top has always been described as masculine, handsome, OP, etc.

I can already give a 5 stars at how the author make her MC and ML, that's how desperate I am to find a BL novel where the bottom is not described as "cute/pretty/delicate/milky white skin/soft/adorable/"etc, hahha~ <<less
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Eferia123 rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
  1. Amazing plot story!!
  2. No s*upid drama.
  3. MC is so cool.
  4. All the character are amazingg!!
Really recommended for all!!
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holizshit rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c36
Seeing that all the reviews here (up to when I'm writing this) are pretty much 4-5 stars, I felt a bit reluctant to write this.

As you guys can tell from the genre, it's the kind of supernatural/horror survival game thingy. Except, the MC is (or was) a demonic cultivator-turned-policeman. It wasn't a bad read, to be honest. But I just had to point out some things that didn't sit quite right with me.

MC was a demonic cultivator, and he was somehow transmigrated back to the modern world with a survival... more>> game setting as an 'evil spirit' who occupies a policeman's body with the same name as him. Okay, a very interesting match-up between two identities. However, we were never told about MC's background as a demonic cultivator. We didn't know his past life, what he did, his skills, what his level of cultivation is... heck, I even forgot he was a demonic cultivator since the early arcs barely mentioned this and MC didn't do massive splashes as a demonic cultivator. And another thing is, he's too good at adapting to the modern world which to some point is understandable because his first life was a morally upright citizen. But, he has been a demonic cultivator for 100 years and possibly more, I doubt he'd adapt that quick after transmigrating back.

The story follows MC's journey both in the real world and the mission world. In the real world, MC solves mysteries as a policeman, and in the mission world solving mysteries to survive. While the mysteries are pretty intriguing and not too stretched out until dozens of chapters like other survival game-themed novels, I feel like they would've been better as a separate story. As in, the life of the demonic cultivator-turned-policeman in the real world as one story, and the demonic cultivator-scaring off-ghosts in the mission world as another. It might've worked better that way since having both is kind of overwhelming.

Haven't seen much chemistry going on between MC and (the supposed) ML. Yeah, their funny banters are interesting, but there has barely been a spark between them. In the early chapters, they're definitely more suited as friends who mock each other jokingly rather than a couple. But hey, I'm simply going to label this novel as a slow-burn romance. Maaaybe it'll happen later. Maybe. I kind of feel like MC is more suited with the origi- oops, that's gonna be a spoiler.

Besides those points, this isn't a bad read. The story behind the mission world arcs are pretty heartbreaking too ngl and I like how the author took inspiration from real-life tragedies to spread awareness on the corresponding issue. It wasn't scary to the point of pissing yourself, it'll left you feeling unsettled rather than scared. The mysteries also weren't too difficult so you can guess the truth along the way which is something that I'd like to do. Perfect if you want to read something not too heavy. <<less
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Ravenexe rated it
September 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Ahh.. This was awesome.???

The plot was very well written, the MC and ML's interaction with each other was so fun, and the side characters themselves were not bad. The mini plots in those mission worlds are just.... ???

A very worthy read.???


the MC beats ghosts, lives with a ghost and saves ghosts



the MC is very jealous of the evil capatilists.. aka the ml???

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joytothewild rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: c33 part2
I would like to point out that the title of this novel could be considered a clickbait.

With the sudden rise in popularity of xianxia genre after the success of MDZS, I'm sure many read the title expecting the MC's background to be a bit like that story. Well, in the first few arcs the MC briefly mentions his past life as a demonic cultivator, which is the reason why he's so fearless and can suppress the monsters in the mission world. You'd expect that the author is withholding information to... more>> build up curiosity and I thought it was a good choice to not dive headfirst into his backstory at first, but then all the promises the author gave us feel short. There's no backstory. It's fake. This is spoilers but the only thing I'm going to hint at is there's no demonic cultivator.


Can you believe the author used the "iT wAs AlL A dReAm" trope on the title of her story, because I honerst can't


And here's another warning towards people who are strict towards worldbuilding: this story's worldbuilding falls apart in the latter of the story. It becomes a load of crap to be honest. There are tons of novels with interesting plots and worlds that draw you in and they tend to be very entertaining at first, but as the story progresses you wonder how, with this sort of premise, is the story going to end in a happy ending. This novel, with the time limit on one's life being determined by how many missions you can clear, is definitely that sort of premise. Like, are the main leads supposed to go into mission worlds forever to extend their lives? Because that sounds like a nightmare to me. So, possibly having come to the same realization as the readers, the author proceeded to uproot the premise of her story altogether. The ML who we thought was just a really good player? Hah. The MC who was supposed to be a demonic cultivator in his last life? Bah. It's the type of ending that leaves readers feeling like they've been let down by the great promising start and have wasted their time. Not to mention the rules and creation of the mission world, there's so many plotholes and questions it just makes me want to give up in place of the author. (It really does feel like she gave up trying to explain her story in a logical way)

Onto the few good points.

  • I quite like the relationship between MC and ML, they both have what they're good at and seem to be on equal standing, which fits my preferences.
  • The story is divided into two sections, the mission world and the real world. Once an arc in the mission world (horror, adventure genres) is finished, it is usually followed by an arc in the real world, which revolves around MC's police detective investigations. (Mystery, crime genres) and then it will swap back to the mission world again. I'm not complaining on this one since it makes the story versatile and lets you know what to expect, it also doesn't make going into the mission world boring since that can happen if it gets too repetitive without anything to let you catch a break.
So at first I was going to give this a 4-star rating, but then came across Kaleidoscope of Death, which is a much better read and also older than this story by a year. What I'm suggesting is one of the good parts of this novel, the mission worlds, isn't the author's original idea. It's not like she copied another story but it does seem like KoD is the template. No wonder why I felt the ML's logic in just "ignoring" the monsters doesn't completely make sense (in KoD the ML does this too and there's good reason for it, but in this story this just gets used in every darn world and the reason why it works isn't provided by the author) hence why I subtracted a star.

TL;DR: Read this only until the middle of the story, since the latter of this novel will surely confuse and disappoint you. <<less
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HellaCe rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: c44
It's not a bad read but I failed to see why it got so many 5 stars reviews.

Honestly, I'm quite bored and dropping it. I was looking forward to see a demonic cultivator MC, but there is nothing to see until now. Well he beats up ghosts, like in 90% of stories about horror games...

There are obvious plot holes, like how he occupies someone else's body, does someone else's job without any qualification but nobody notices it... Or how he doesn't actively research how he got where he is or... more>> things about his first life.

The horror worlds are really short but more about injustice than horror, like sad news articles you read and that make you curse the unfairness of the world. These stories got to me more than others of the same genre.

About the personalities of the MC and ML, it's fairly generic. ML is the quiet, mysterious, intelligent type. MC, well no idea to be honest, does he have a personality? More the brawn than the brain in the games, that's it. <<less
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Axvii rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: Completed

I love it but the ending had a few shortcomings.

To start of, I've been more invested in mystery novels, and reading this one has been a wild ride for me, the characters appear to have their own unique qualities which I really like and the story isn't always what it seems to be like what I first thought of.

Throughout the novel, the pace has always been slow and steady which I really like, and I was really impressed cause at first I thought the author left a lot of plot... more>> points hanging but as I read it again for the second I started to notice that it was there all along. (Though author-san left some plot points that I still question to this day, but some question can be left unanswered right ?)

Most importantly, I love how the ending went, its bitter sweet actually, my main cp is still together and everyone got a happily ever after but I kind of wish there was still more that could have been explored. <<less
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hejikkk rated it
July 17, 2020
Status: c42
Gotta love these horror/comedy/supernatural combos

Okay I'm not super far into the story yet but so far the ride has been amazing. For one, this story covers alot of the plotholes in normal transmigration stories which I'm very satisfied about. The MC doesn't transmigrate to the world for no reason... though the true cause has yet to be revealed it isnt a random coincidence.

... more>>

plus the original body still exisits and their interactions are super cute ;)))


As for the instances themselves, theyre well written. Each of them doesn't drag on for too long, and doesn't contain unnecessary long explanations for simple puzzles either. Despite that, they have enough clues for us to figure out what is going on by ourselves. Also the players in each room are a bit more realistic: there isn't the constant annoying a) pig headed teammates drama or b) everyone is a minion to the MC and ML and constantly praises them and how they want to hug their thigh etc etc (Thank GOD). Also I love the fact that the mysteries and cases also continue in real life too,

MC and ML so far are really funny and capable. MC is so cool istg. He doesn't show his powers too often so in the few times he does use it, its awesome to read. Doesn't mean he's dead weight when his powers aren't in use though, as he's relatively rational and smart. ML is smart and sassy. I really like the dynamic of their relationship. They didn't automatically become friends (even now... maybe more of a close acquaintance vibe?) and even in real life they dont contact much. In fact, the ML is highly suspicious of the MC (for good reason lol) and isn't the type to blindly trust him or randomly fall in love and try to protect him. Much more realistic than those spontaneous romantic relationships which form after spending a day with each other. <<less
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Leilan rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c42.1
I just love this story. Kinda got a alternate world survival game going on, but the mix between real life and the games are great.

Both the games and real life stories are interesting. The mystery for both parts, the power of our MC’s demonic cultivation and the questions as to why it doesn’t work right in those game worlds. Throughout the story we learn more about MC and ML through MC’s limited POV.

Their interactions both irl and in the game worlds literally crack me up. One moment I’m wondering how... more>> this person died and the next I’m facepalming at their interactions. There are so many things you want to find out, but we have to learn along with MC! Every chapter leaves me on edge wanting to know more!

If you like to focus more on the experiences that builds up the mystery, BL, and world, then this is for you. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c39
Very interesting! I'm a fan of these horror arc stories, so I'm probably biased in that regards. The arcs in this story are all well thought and intriguing, some brain activity is involved but not at an impossible level. The MC's "day job" is a criminal police captain, so there's occasionally big cases they solve. Those are quite interesting as well.

MC is OP when it comes to his background, but he does have limitations as well and there's not that many incidents where he does feats impossible for others. Even... more>> when he does show off his power, again he's restricted, so it's not too bad for now.

We don't get much insights about ML yet, but his character is pretty interesting. It's the cold indifferent OP guy, yet he'll occasionally break out of that mold in funny ways. The side characters are pretty funny as well, I maintain that the OG body is the second ML hahaha.

Anyway, can't wait to see more of the mystery unravel!

Translation is great, thanks for the team's hard work! <<less
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nananna rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: c33.1
Very good novel. With the same vines as they say I encountered a ghost and evil spirits lines up to confess to me. It is funny with interesting plot. The first arc to me didnt seem all that unique but its definetly worth reading. The ML is quite shameless not oppressive. He is intelligent op. But still not too op, just a big thigh. Overall its quite good

And the translations are awesome.
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BaiYihan rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: c28.1
This is a great read so far. The MC was an upstanding citizen in modern day world when he was transmigrated into a wuxia world where he became a demonic sect leader. Then, a hundred years later, he was brought back to his world but it wasn't his world, it was a spirit world. The MC didn't get any memories of the body he was using. The ML is really smart but ge thinks that the MC is either crazy or a ghost. It's a really cute story but it... more>> focuses on the plot too. It's not all fluff. <<less
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Hammy lover
Hammy lover
April 22, 2020
Status: c77

Mystery, detective, supernatural, slow-paced, comedic, good read.

The novel is a combination of an instance game and a detective story, the author would write one after the other. Interactions with the gong are usually in the instance. (So far) Romance is slow and has not begun yet even at ch 77, although, there are hints here and there that the gong is interested in the shou.

... more>>

So far, MC's role as a transmigrated demonic cultivator is really underplayed and serves little purpose other than to give an excuse of him being able to beat ghosts or have fundamental knowledge about ghosts.

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LiaIsMe rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c74
One of my fave novels. Love the MC and ML interactions. I'll wait till it will be completely trans T^T
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SnowMoon rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: --
This story is hilarious, and as a scaredy-cat myself, the horror scenes aren't too much for me to handle. I love MC, he's just funny, shameless, and badass at times.
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Xiu_er rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating 4.5/5

This novel is a mix between a crime novel and the horror game genre. There is always a crime happening and being solved in between mission worlds which makes reading this a bit exhausting because so much is happening after another. I don't know how realistic it is to solve a case within a week every single time and how realistic it is to get DNA results within the very same day...

Either way, the romance sure came along slowly. But when the first real spark did happen in the... more>> second half of the novel things or rather the ML moved fast while the MC stayed indecisive for a couple more chapters.

Generally, the characters were likeable and the plot was good albeit a bit confusing. But I blame mtl for that. <<less
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Xixiryn rated it
December 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.5 stars

I binge-read this, and it was good. So why the 3.5 stars? The concept was really interesting, but it got a little complex toward the end. The ending felt really rushed and I still had a lot, a lot of unanswered questions about the instances and the ML's participation and part in it. Once I discovered the ML's true identity, it opened up a lot of plot holes for me.

More than anything, I must admit that I read BL novels more for the romance than the plot, and... more>> the romance wasn't very believable. In the first half of the novel, there was barely any romantic attraction, aside from the MC noticing how handsome, smart, and altogether perfect the ML was. It was more like reading a very straight bromance that kind-of wasn't a bromance and more like the MC using the ML for his IQ. But then, all of a sudden, due to one action, they suddenly liked each other within 10 chapters.

Each arc was focused on MC solving crimes and then MC and ML going into the instance. During the part where the MC was solving crimes, it was like the ML was background paper, relegated to being the MC's driver from time to time. If the ML didn't take initiative to find MC, I really believe that MC wouldn't even bother much about the ML. This holds true even when they decided to be together. In fact, the MC had much more chemistry and showed more concern about the ghost in his apartment. I'm not expecting that they be all over each other or to have no lives aside from each other. But I couldn't help but compare this to the novels Kaleidoscope of Death and Paintings of Terror, where the authors did a much better job fostering the leads relationship despite the tense, life or death circumstances. And because of this, I also wasn't completely sold on their romance and thus, I wasn't sold on the ending. If the author would have put a bit more effort into fostering their romance, I would have given this novel a higher score. But alas, to me, the CP felt a bit fake and tackled on. <<less
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September 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Oh my gosh this is just amazing!

This novel has:

1. Mystery with a spice of horror, thriller yet there's still a comedic undertone but not exaggerated

... more>> 2. Good MC and ML, their relationship is important for the plot but not the main point of the story, the side characters and ghosts stories are the thing that keeps me reading this, their romance is a nice bonus

3. Great side characters, they didn't outshine the main characters but they do have their own charm and spotlight here and there, they left a big impression on me

4. No annoying villains, everything happens for a reason. There are evil people ofc but all of the story and characters are pretty realistic

5. Case solving, catching criminals, if you like those kind of things then there are some elements of that here

I highly recommend this novel, I was hesitant at first but now I'm glad I read this even if I got to MTL-ed it until the end. Still a bit confusing but the author explained a lot of things in the end, I'll re-read this when the translation is finished so I can understand more. <<less
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