My Dear Aster


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A few years ago, her daughter said.

“If mother ever lives again, don’t give birth to me.”
“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”
“You don’t have to give birth to me. Meet someone better than Dad. You said you had a first love. If you live again, confess. Who knows? Maybe it will work out?”

The mother and daughter giggled together.
And Lihen Copland woke up. As a nineteen-year-old.

Living again didn’t change her life much. But she can make her daughter a little happier. To do so, she had to marry her husband again.
But that resolve soon began to waver.

After meeting her first love, Sir Schudermel Laft.

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마이 디어 아스터
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Lemona_TheLemon rated it
March 3, 2023
Status: --
I'm waiting someone to translate this novel, or even provide raws so that I could mtl.

It was a boring story for many, but I love the pacing and the dilemma.

I couldn't rate it high enough as I am still far from the completion but if there is one thing that I'd like to pick on, is that the main character's lack of decisiveness in the early parts. But I'm hoping to read more.... Maybe I'll start to understand things later on...
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