The Fake Husband In a Strange Palace


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The Crown Prince’s wedding is in two weeks, yet he is nowhere to be found. While the palace scrambles to find him, Eusel, a knight loyal to the prince, is compelled to act as his lord while the fate of the nation hangs on his shoulder. As he adjusts to his new duty, he is forced to marry the Crown Princess of a foreign nation.

With things moving at breakneck speed, Eusel is hunched over, wondering when he will be apprehended as an impostor while living in the Imperial Palace wears on him. The only thing keeping his mind at bay is Princess Aethenia, who let on more than she appeared.

With the twists and turns occurring at every corner of the Imperial Palace, will Eusel be able to make it out alive with his head intact?

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이상한 황성의 가짜 남편
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