I Became the Male Lead’s Only Memory


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Transmigrating into the body of the Count’s daughter from the original novel, I became an extra character who was supposed to be killed before the storyline for the novel began. I refused to die in such a manner, so I resolved to find the male lead, who was drenched with the energy of life. The problem, however, lay in the fact that he could not remember others due to the curse. Hence, I tried to at least approach his close aides, but…

“It’s been a while, Lorena.”

Huh? Ho-, how did this person remember me? Suddenly, I became the only person who nullified the male lead’s curse. Since it turned out to be like this, I should help him from the side before the female lead makes an appearance. The female lead was the only person with the ability to lift the curse. This way the original storyline would not be ruined at all. …That’s right, that was what I had initially thought.

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남주의 유일한 기억이 되었더니
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