My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World


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He was on his way to buy some beer to celebrate his acceptance as a civil servant when he was suddenly banged down and isekai’d by truck-kun.

Reincarnated as Denburg Blade, the son of a legendary battle race chief, he caught demons at 8 years old and a dragon at 12 years old. Subjected to the spartan-style training of his muscular monster of a father, he lived an inhuman daily life.

“I must leave this place that is far from peaceful!”

Safety is the best! So he chose to be a civil servant of the empire!

Can Denburg really become a civil servant and live the peaceful and stable life he wished for?

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전투종족으로 환생한 나의 공무원 생활기
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New Suu_Itosukai rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: --
It was great until he finally managed to escape.

... more>>

once he did manage to escape his village, he ends up in a town with coins that can basically buy the whole town. When he does end up in the capital, he didn’t need to steal for money when he had all those platinum (?) coins. Plus he’s a adult in a child’s body, he’s basically called a genius in the first part of the story, why does he need to steal answers for a test???


The plot and scenes start forcing itself into the novel without really much explanation on why, which starts to make the novel a little hard to read and for me boring and unreadable. Don't get me started on romance subplot, I was expecting a story with adventure and exploring the world-building the novel at first had to offer, once it had a touch of romance I felt like the story was going to head towards a harem, and thus decided to quit reading. <<less
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New Tritium2341 rated it
April 11, 2021
Status: c53
This story is fairly decent, but sadly it has a rating of just 3.9 as of the time of writing this review. And some of the reviews here are just absurd.

bloggbigg's review stands out as particularly bad:

... more>>

Even worse, we get more 'author can't connect the dots' bs here- as the MC walks into a 'high class' jewelry store, and can't buy things with a single platinum coin. Oh, platinum is so valuable he could buy all the jewelry, and the store, and get change with it? Ok- so none of the jewelry is made with platinum? or gold? or silver? How big is this coin? What nonsense is this?


What is this s*upidity? He seems to think that because a piece of jewelry might have some gold, it can compare to a gold coin. That is ridiculous. Just because a coin might have some material (like gold or platinum) in it does not mean that it's value is dependent on the value of that material. For example, with a $100 bill, which might contain a few grams of cotton, I can buy about 50kg of cotton at current market prices. That is, the value of the material used to make the currency has no relation to the value of the currency itself.


Sister is named 'Hestia' (virgin Goddess of the Hearth (Greek)).

Brothers are 'Galahad' and 'Gawain' (King Arthur & Knights of the Round Table (English))

Wanna-be Empire over-throwers are random zodiac signs (Scorpion, Libra, etc. (Babylonian))

Just all random 'whatever the author (or translator maybe) thinks is cool'.


What do you want the author to do? Only use names personally approved by bloggbigg? There was no particular need for him to only follow one particular theme (like Greek names) since this story is not set in some place from Earth (like Ancient Greece). It's a fantasy world, so he can use names that he wants; it's his story. I swear in so many years of reading books and novels, this is the first time I've read a criticism as dumb as "He named his character Mark instead of John. 0/10"


Cramming 'Fus Ro Dah' into your story because you think it's cool?... Yeah, whatever. Too bad it totally doesn't fit with anything else done so far.


Dude, you aren't reading some Shakespeare novel, or some research paper. You're reading a web novel to have fun. I had fun reading references like this.

Here's another reference from the novel I thought was funny:


"I'm also curious as to who is the one that made Yuria giggle."

"Uncle!" Yuria blushed and struck William in the ribs.


William groaned and collapsed when he was hit by a blow empowered by magic that would not have ended with just internal organ rupture if it had been an ordinary person.

Hey, um. Are. you. O. K.?

There's no answer. It's like a normal corpse.


That last line is a reference to JRPGs like Dragon Quest. I liked it a lot.

Another funny reference:


As it had been until now, I should continue to not mess around with Yuria.


William got up groaning. He gave a money pouch to Yuria with a pale face.

"I've got some work to do. I'll leave... first... Use this to buy food."

His breathing was unnatural. Maybe he thought he might end up a corpse if he kept messing around, but William ran away leaving the money behind.

Is this how you gain money when you get rid of monsters in a game?


Reference to how people/monsters drop money in games, after you beat them up. I love it!

So there are many ridiculous points in bloggbigg's review, which you can realize after a moment of thinking about his pointless criticisms.

As for the novel itself, I thought it was pretty fun, and I think you should read it yourself to see how you like it.

It's not like the novel is without its criticisms.


The MC realizes that he basically has a lifetime's supply of wealth for normal people, and yet he still decides to get a job, and put himself in a position where he might get discovered by his family. Also, he robs famous nobels, which definitely won't help with keeping himself hidden.


Still, I think this novel should be like a 4.2 or 4.1 out of 5. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: c31
I gave this 3 stars so far, and trust me- that's generous. The story has an interesting premise outlined in the prologue, which is immediately ignored to deliver a pointless, multi-chapter runaway farce instead, continuing on to pointedly evade the prior promise of content...


  • The sister (Hestia) is actually kind of interesting. Honestly a few characters other than the MC show more depth/character in passing than the shallow, whiner, two-faced OP MC does on purpose. Even the father (made out to be a combat-junkie meathead) is actually revealed to be a caring, intuitive and wise leader (whom the Author/MC doesn't appreciate for 'advance the plot' reasons).
  • The writing is grammatically professional for the most part. This may actually be due to the translator, but 'whatever'...
The BAD:

  • A 'Let me tell you what I think is cool' type of 'Gary Stu' (wish fulfillment) story.
  • All the plot is forced. Yet another 'I titled this story, so stick around till I figure out how we get there' pantser series.

    A 'pantser' is an author who makes up a story as they go along. A 'plotter' plans things in advance. This author is 100% pantser from what I've seen so far.

  • Plotting seems non-existent. Story seems to meander from one random event to another.

    Story starts out ok (prologue, ch1), then goes into a drawn out 'runaway' (escape from your caring family) arc. After that, it's strung together random events like a weak D&D session.

    'Ok, You are in a new city, and have currency too high to spend... What do you do?'

    'I try to make change somewhere'

    'Down the street there appears to be a Jewelry store for nobles'

    'Good. I go there...'

    (and so on... cliche alley brawl... cliche underworld connection... bring 'buy equipment for your adventure' chapter... ugh. seriously- this all happens)


    Author seems particularly averse to 'connecting the dots' within the world they themself are creating.


    MC and his sister supposedly play 'multiple games of chess' simultaneously- which should imply a deep level of strategizing, thinking ahead, and advance planning. That said, the MC also can't remember to bring a thick enough blanket in case it gets cold, or proper money to buy things with when needed...

    There is a lot of this nonsense.

  • Comparatively important events actually downplayed/skipped.

    Author has you read a chapter about MC opening a bank account. Almost 2 more are needed for him to rent a room. Then he robs a noble of all his wealth including a particular crown jewel. A chapter? Two? No. It happens in between two paragraphs. He admits to it (as narrator) after his roommate reads about it in the paper.

    Yep- you read 27+ chapters leading up to him actually becoming a master thief like in the title, just to have it skipped over when it finally happened.

    Wait- what? 'Civil Servant, not thief?'

    Oh yeah.

    Well... he's become a thief for some reason.

    Despite having a ton of money, and being under (lax) observation. I'm sure there's a good reason...

  • MC is an idiot who's supposed to be 'smart'. A whiny idiot apparently, because (again) 'connect the dots'. Also, whenever the author gets bored, he makes the MC rude (in his head) to people (even when trying to be nice to him). So 'dumb' and 'two faced'... yeah- great protagonist...


    MC is set up as someone who wants to live a 'safe' life, but on one day he (himself) chooses to find & kill 40 demons within a few hours (as part of a different plan to facilitate his need to 'be safe').

    Hey. If you can kill demons like others behead chickens- maybe you need to re-evaluate what's a 'danger' to you...

    Later, when MC is sitting in the rain because he's homeless due to badly managing his planning/finances, someone offers to help him, and all he does is think $hitty thoughts about the guy while literally planning to use him then ditch him later.

    You have rare demon cores and platinum, and still you need to be $hitty? ok. Whatever...

    So many ways 'smart MC is dumb'.

  • MC develops into (yet another) borderline sociopath character so popular for OP protags.

    Although the MC starts out seeming somewhat agreeable, by the time you get to around chapter 22, he 'reveals' himself pretty clearly as someone who has contempt for, and uses others. This is a bit after he's already shown himself to be unappreciative, selfish, and able to casually throw away his family relations for ridiculous reasons. Well, that's not entirely true as he possibly plans on using his family connections later to get into the military (or in some other way use his uncle to his advantage)...

    Being super rich, and having the opportunity to appreciatively pay back his prior benefactor with a lunch (at least) - the thought doesn't even cross his mind until he realizes he can use them to get more info. Only then does $hitty MC take out money to pretend to act like a human.

  • Painfully pretentious. Author makes excessive efforts to show how 'smart' his characters are, by stringing together nonsense assumptions which are supposed to be logic from flimsy, conveniently presented 'clues'.

    MCs sister makes a bunch of deductions based off the fact that the idiot MC stole a thin blanket. Why it's impossible for the MC to have acquire additional blankets from elsewhere I don't know, but the fact that the OP MC can't brave the cold and _must_ be comfortable... Why are these useful clues someone is able to make critical deductions off of? Not going to get into how hunting parties never overnight- so he can't possibly have proper equipment anyway, how the place he got the blanket from either only has a low number or they do inventory despite the assertion that everyone is a brainless combat junkie, how he knows absolutely no one he can 'borrow' from... How there isn't a spell that he can keep warm with? How he got 4 spells of different properties to put together (somehow- in secret) to 'fly', but nothing can help him not freeze?

    The given deduction is just 'conveniently conclusive', because 'have to show off how smart' the sister is (though it's really more 'how dumb the brother is').

    Not even going to get into the horrible timing for his 'escape attempt' (which the author tries to 'smooth over' (explain away) later with some flimsy nonsense...)

  • Painfully over-dramatic. Author makes small events an excessive showcase of show-off nonsense

    The 'Runaway' section is 13 chapters. You know what's normally interesting about 'runaways'?

    - What was crappy about their home life that they had to runaway. Usually physical, emotional or other (even worse) abuse. Being oppressed/controlled, etc.

    - What they had to do to escape.

    - The interesting (or depressing) things they had to do in order to survive.

    None of that is here. He's not even a runaway (according to his own defense in the story)

    - This MC is 'the chosen one' (next tribal head), and doesn't appreciate it. He's also apparently well treated and well regarded

    - His escape is 'he just left'- but the author makes a big thing of it like the MCs got a curfew and never leaves the house overnight/on a whim.

    - His 'survival'... There's no 'stakes'. He wants to leave for a dumb reason, to do something uninteresting, and at worst, he'll be brought back to the family that he abandoned and be 'forced' to have status, wealth, and responsibility.

    Not even going to get into how he got a thousand+ people mobilized to look for his dumb ass- wasting their time & possibly endangering them because of his inability to properly talk to his father/be more clever.

    It's overblown up nonsense entirely facilitated to create the (laughable) showdown between him and his sister- their lazily made-up 'battle of wits'.

    It's dumb. He's also OP and has no perspective. He killed a dragon as a teen, but wants to leave his crazy (but close) family just to 'be safe' (to forward the plot).

  • A$$pull power-up. MC conveniently gets more power/ability when needed to resolve issues. So many bull$hit explanations to plot resolutions & world canon.


    You definitely better not think about how 'intercepting' messenger hawks while supposedly fleeing ahead of your pursuers works (it doesn't) and definitely not about the rest of the 'change message content' nonsense (flying costs magic- but not in 'retcon, fix my oversight' mode- also, he is carrying the same writing utensil his sister is using to map things with? One that can be 'erased', right? Ok- whatever).

    Obediently believe whatever the author tells you is supposed to make sense...

  • Economic system is made-up nonsense. Who the hell puts coins in circulation that are 'unrefined'? Apparently iron doesn't rust- because it's fine to make coins with? Ok, whatever...

    Even worse, we get more 'author can't connect the dots' bs here- as the MC walks into a 'high class' jewelry store, and can't buy things with a single platinum coin. Oh, platinum is so valuable he could buy all the jewelry, and the store, and get change with it? Ok- so none of the jewelry is made with platinum? or gold? or silver? How big is this coin? What nonsense is this?

    As a side note, Gold & Platinum have been pretty close in price, though the rates vary with the market. At one point Platinum was 2x the price of gold, and now (2021) gold is almost 2x the price of platinum (and has been 'more valuable' for over 5 years).

    Real world values can have nothing to do with fictional assertions- but that has nothing to do with 'they make jewelry from silver, gold, and platinum, right?' which seems to not work here. Even if all the jewelry is 'only' silver, if the currency rises by factors as high as 10 (which would be more nonsense as 'refining' alone would be a 10x profiting process), all there needs to be is 1000 coins weight of 'refined silver' jewelry in the shop to offset his platinum coin.

    By the way, old silver quarters (US) weighed about.2 ounces. Platinum (at it's highest) was at $2000 an ounce- so maybe a platinum coin could have been worth $1, 000 dollars (US) if it was 2.5x the weight/size for some reason.

    Later on, the exchange rate is properly spelled out- it's dumb:

    5 iron= refined iron

    2 refined iron= bronze

    2.5 bronze= refined bronze

    100 refined bronze= silver

    10 silver= refined silver

    10 refined silver= gold

    100 gold= platinum

    Do notice the uselessly huge gap between refined bronze and silver, as well as the dumber one between gold & platinum. Any kingdom with an ounce of sense wouldn't do this- further, even if the materials are 'that valuable'- size is controllable. There could be a 'small silver' and a 'large silver' (or other solutions) rather than a huge, useless gap where a person has to carry a ton of coins to get things done...

    Worse, all that garbage just translates into some amount of 'pelks'. So why isn't all the money just 'pelk' denominations? In the US we call things 'dollars and cents. We don't call pennies 'coppers', ever, (though somehow 'nickels' maintained the name though most people don't know why (and they too were alloyed with silver once)), and very few people know what dimes and above are made of (though they were once mostly silver)

    Apparently. 'refining' is where the money is at- god knows what it does to increase the value so much...

    Anyway. 'Buying a whole store & contents?' Ok- whatever- but definitely not a jewelry store unless 'coin metal' is different from 'jewelry metal' or some other such nonsense. Is jewelry metal unrefined? Seems so. Makes no sense.

    Bottom line? Author wanted to pointlessly brag some more and didn't do any research or use common sense. For someone writing a story with two 'geniuses' in it?... 'not very encouraging.'

    Even worse, it makes the MC look dumb. What 'genius' can't properly prepare to purchase necessities? He even has the nerve to get snarky about it later when it's explained to him- though he obviously didn't know better...

    Also, 'you're crazy rich on top of everything else- but you 'have to' run away?'


  • Excessive Narrative Speculation- Another 'I can take this story anywhere by talking in my head' story. So much bias introduced into the story based on the constant onslaught of 'tone setting' narration. If you want to see what I mean by this, read the story, paying attention only to things that actually happen- the rest is the MCs selfish delusions (cough... excuse me) -- the rest is the author's forced setting/tone.
  • Narrative Bragging (first time I've used this one) - yes, the narration says a bunch of stuff that is really just bragging, but is presented as 'narration'. This layers more 'ridiculous' on top of this already over-the-top story. I wouldn't bother to note this (as many stories do this a little_- but this one does it so much!
  • 'Who are you explaining to?' narration- author has MC narrating like he's talking to someone (the reader I guess) with no set-up/explanation. Does he have an imaginary friend? Is this an Epic where the MC is recalling his days of youth? No. Author just wants to do it this way because it's easiest.
  • Lacks proper perspective/depth: 'I'm writing this now, so even though the MC's lived here for 16 years, and supposedly is 40+ years 'smart', he'll have to discover everything (that should be common sense) along with the reader as the story progresses'.

    This is one of the worst pantser story problems, where they fail to realize that 'convenient writing' and 'character knowledge' don't always run side-by-side. You can't just make up all your random $hit at will and expect that it won't impact your story cohesiveness/world canon. You really stayed on the outskirts of humanity for years and showed NO CURIOSITY AT ALL about 'the way things go in the city'? It's not like you have an organization in your tribe to actually visit, deal, and negotiate with them regularly, so... NO, WAIT- that's exactly what you have! How could you not have talked them to death? Got them to buy you books? etc.? This is why pantser stories suffer so often. Author focus is elsewhere, so implications, ramifications & logic/balance are totally overlooked.

  • Lazy 'plotting' (if it can be called that) : 'Conveniently a bunch of lucky things happen, and now the story can progress quickly (despite how unlikely it is).'


    Chapter 19 is where the MC looks for thugs so he can get help to forge an ID (because 'hide my identity' is a needed cliche). Casually wrecking a few thugs (leaving them to possibly die) he gets lead to a thug barfront by the last, terrified thug (who quickly runs away) - and proceeds to luckily perform 'this is the pass-code to meet the hidden leader' accidentally. Worse, he then proceeds to circumvent magic casually, and subsequently request a bunch of things he needs, which are all near immediately delivered despite the fact no one should want exactly what he asked for but him. Yep, they also forge IDs, but seems he'll need to do the magic himself, because (as professionals) they haven't deciphered the protections (despite it kind of being their job/area of expertise) -- but the MC? He's sure he can do it as he 'casually looked at an ID for a minute or so', and I guess this is similar to... 'something he learned while sitting in a remote village, wishing he had a desk job?'.

    Oh, sorry- just more 'I'm this powerful, let me show off' nonsense. At this point I would have preferred if he could have whittled it by hand alone like he started out to do...

  • Cliches- A bunch of them, strung together.
  • After ch 20, 'Plotting' is 'whatever pop-up events the author is running with that day'... (incohesive hodge podge). Lots of trivial minutia handled as if this were suddenly a 'slice of life' story- only without any aspect of interesting character interaction or development. Each chapter makes a big thing out of trite events that could be a paragraph if not a sentence instead of the whole chapter/half chapter it turns out to be instead.

    We rode on a train. We went to the bank and I opened an account with my fake ID and didn't get caught. I went to the realtor to find a place. (etc.)

    Now these could actually be interesting, but the author makes it clear the MC doesn't want anything to do with people, and is just doing things on his way to his 'safe civil servant life'. Nothing special really happens. These are all just opportunities to describe the world (mostly close to modern in many respects, but uses magic instead of tech), thus allowing the illusion of 'story progress', while (more importantly) increasing word count...

  • Wonky naming all over...

    Sister is named 'Hestia' (virgin Goddess of the Hearth (Greek)).

    Brothers are 'Galahad' and 'Gawain' (King Arthur & Knights of the Round Table (English))

    Wanna-be Empire over-throwers are random zodiac signs (Scorpion, Libra, etc. (Babylonian))

    Just all random 'whatever the author (or translator maybe) thinks is cool'.

  • Useless pop culture references that add nothing to the story (for some reason).

    I like Naruto as much as the next guy- but who cares about/remembers Itachi? (the tag-on traitor big brother/'murder of crows' of the less cared about traitor Sasuke/'giant hand winged freak') ? Not even going to rail on about 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure', just wondering why the author thinks the audience should know these things...

  • Borderline fan-fiction (or whatever you call the casual ip theft of 'borrowing' the force balance push from Skyrim).

    Cramming 'Fus Ro Dah' into your story because you think it's cool?... Yeah, whatever. Too bad it totally doesn't fit with anything else done so far.

The Different:

  • Nothing. Even for yet another 'I'm so powerful, woe is me' story, this doesn't do anything notably different or well.
Overall I'm trying to keep reading this in case it gets better. Honestly, the author's tone is pretty much set- so I'm probably wasting my time-- but let's hope I'm wrong...
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Kerai rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c52
Its fun novel that made me laugh almost from the start. Please dont start reading with expecting some deep dark drama here. You should read it if you need light humor.

People have given bad reviews beckause they find some situations here impossible in reality. Well I have to agree that this cant happen like it does in the novel but thats really not the purpose of this story. There is reason why this novel has comedy tag on it!

MC is reborn with memorys from his last life in modern Korea... more>> and just wants to make true his last life wish to have safe life as civil servant. But beckause of his new family he ends up as very op battle race person who has not gone out of his op family/town mountin. He is very smart but he has issues beckause his dream and his reality cant mix. Also the last 16 years living in battle village has changed his habits from norm.

Now how he goes about stubornly still working to make his last life dream come true is really funny. In the end even empires leaders have a headache beckause of him. <<less
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boomstick3000 rated it
March 26, 2021
Status: c37
It's quickly become one of my favorites. Love the world-building and the main character is very clever.
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TheAlche rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: v1c30
I simply can not fathom why such gem wan not translated before. This is probably one of the most action/comedy packed novel I have read. Truck-kun reincarnation check.

... more>>

More on the MC - although he is powerful he uses his wit. As the power he wields is a hindrance for his goal. Although if he needs to he uses what is available.

Setting of story and the simply hilarious situation and comments of characters as well side characters jumping to conclusions is a gem in itself. Will definitely stay with reading this for long time. <<less
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mycroft_holmes rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: c34
Okay so this is the first time I'm actually spending a bit of my esteemed effort and I can't still believe I'm doing it just to make a rant. In any case, I was initially attracted to the storyline of the earlier chapters.

... more>>

The dynamics between the characters (especially MC and his sister) is pretty good actually, and I was really hooked on the runaway arc (the 1st chapters arc) because it did actually portrayed a very interesting turn of events. I did felt the sentiment that our MC must be quite an intelligent person from how he played that 9-dimensional chess with her sibling, and I had hoped to see more of this. HOWEVER. Right so umm, time passed by and things happened and we get to learn more about our mc's personality and stuff, and like I'm only in 30th something chapter and judging by the novel info this book is actually pretty long, but I'm already hating him. He is so dreadfully immature, insensitive, self-centered, and it's like he's innately a mean person? I mean, I can ignore the part where he leaved his village (despite getting selected as his father's successor) because as he said, he wants a peaceful life. But stealing from other people is simply rude. The book seemed (imo only) to be justifying his actions by having the victims corrupt nobles or something (lol I forgot already) but does it make things any better. Dude he's got plenty of platinum bars already! Also right, he did justified his actions by portraying his stealing as a way to distract these guys (??? An organisation that deals with the kingdom's money and stuff) that he was simply pissed off because I forgot the reason but I remembered it was pretty childish, and ah, he also made this distractions to steal something like the answer keys to their civil exam thingy. So he did all that stuff just to cheat? (And I also found it bothering that he is always so edgy with the guy who's trying to be nice with him, and keeps calling him a sucker meh)


Ughh so what I wanted to say is that I might be overreacting with these kinds of stuff, and you are free to try this novel out. It has humor, enough worldbuilding, and justifiable expositions that might keep the readers entertained. I may be wrong about my rant actually since I'm just on chap 34, but the way things are appearing, I can't just bring myself to like the protagonist. <<less
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spiritstonz rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: --
This started out really good, but unfortunately it went downhill really fast.

MC left his village of trouble makers in order to settle in the imperial capital for a "peacefully" relaxing civil servant's life while hiding his identity. But our genius 4 decades old MC decided to hire a room in a very sensitive location & be a part time thief. Stealing from the powerful nobles.


Am here to read about an op civil servant's life with his battle maniac family, unfortunately it's a mesh mash of other popular stories in an annoying way.
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April 4, 2021
Status: prologue
Literally just started the novel and I got a new entry to my list of what to not start of a novel with.

explaining how the MC can use magic to wipe his own ass despite it being so sensitive he cant even use normal toilet paper.

there is a famous saying "you never get a second first impression" and if I wrote a novel I wouldn't make it be how hard it is to wipe one's ass.
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