The Strongest Dull Prince’s Secret Battle for the Throne


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The Adrasia empire on the Vogel continent. There is a battle over the throne of such an empire that possesses powerful military and vast territory.

With the successor undecided, the children of the emperor are vying to expand their power. However, there was one prince that everyone says will definitely not become the emperor.

The seventh prince, Arnold Lakes Adler. The young man who was inferior to his younger twin brother in every way, the dull prince.

Incompetent and lethargic, Arnold wastes everyday just playing around. However, behind the scenes, he is one of the only five SS-Class adventurers called ‘Silver’.

Seeing the intensifying battle for the throne he decided “I don’t want to die so let’s have my little brother become the emperor…”

This is the tale of absurd secret manoeuvres of the prince who is uninterested in the title of the emperor.

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Saikyou Degarashi Ouji no An’yaku Teii Arasoi Munou wo Enjiru SS Rank Ouji wa Koui Keishou-sen wo Kage kara Shihai Suru
The Insipid Prince's Furtive Grab for The Throne
最強出涸らし皇子の暗躍帝位争い ~帝位に興味ないですが、死ぬのは嫌なので弟を皇帝にしようと思います~
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New EggPudding rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: --
I really love this novel. Some people may not like this, but I do! Now can someone give me the link where I can read this with good translation? I used to read this from somewhere with good translation but I forgot where. Some of the sites that I found have really bad translation and I can't enjoy the story because of it. I looked it up in graverobber but it says page not found... T3T
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WizOfTime rated it
January 29, 2020
Status: c3
Poorly planned, with incredibly unrealistic scenarios and scenes.

This story is questionably written and it's very clear, even early on, that the author has plotted very little of the story ahead of time and is simply writing each bit in the spur of the moment.

The translation isn't amazing, but while there are noticeable mistakes and errors in the early chapters, the story is still readable and that is what matters most to me.

Now, for the main part.

Examples of some truly jarring writing.

... more>>

MC's hidden identity is an SS-Class adventurer (like the description says). That means he's an astonishingly powerful being that should inspire a mix of fear and respect into those ranked below him.

And that doesn't happen. He gets belligerently confronted by an Adventurer well aware that he is confronting an SS-rank Adventurer in public, and in return, this is what the MC says to that:

"What you want to say is reasonable. I also understand your dissatisfaction. So if you want to shout at me or beat me up, I will not complain."

Really? One of the top 5 most powerful Adventurers would say that? Much weaker Adventurers would just casually yell and confront him, knowing full well how mighty he is?


Let's look at something else.

There is a powerful Duke that the MC has gone off to meet up with, in an attempt to win him over to his little brother's side.

The MC goes in his SS-Adventurer disguise to the front gate of the Duke's mansion. Here, he tries to get in proclaiming his identity and showing his Adventurer Card.

The gate guard (there's only 1) assumes there's no way this could be the real Silver. He turns the MC away without even looking at his Adventurer card to confirm, an example of extreme incompetence for a guard trusted to maintain the front gate of an extremely important Duke's mansion, trusted to do this all by himself.

Ah, wait.

The gate guard is actually the Duke's son.


An extremely powerful Duke, who is very wealthy and famous, has only a SINGLE person guarding his mansion's gate, and he sticks his SON there?! ?! ?! ?! ?!

He has no actual gate guards or anything of that nature?

Yet you expect me to believe he is a wealthy, powerful, and influential Duke, one of the most important figures in the Kingdom...

The story claims:

"Because you couldn't do much I left you to guard the mansion gate while I was out subjugating monsters!"

But it's just such a poorly thought out, terrible excuse to try to force in the Duke feeling indebted to the MC, it's just... bad.

This is not good writing.

There are many other examples that I did not mention, and I only read 3 chapters in. What a disappointment.

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Ispheria rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c100
The author clearly has no idea how to write a story with political intrigue (or any intrigue in general). The synopsis implies that there's a lot of political maneuvering in the background, but it's all surface level stuff at best. At worst it's so poorly written that you could be forgiven for thinking this is an action power fantasy (because it is) instead of a political story.

Every single arc's main problems are monsters, and the MC easily kills them. Spoilers for each arc to show you what I mean.

Arc 1:... more>>

The first arc pretends there's stuff happening in the background but doesn't really do anything with it. The real problem is that the MC knows there's a bunch of monsters about to attack a town. There's someone behind the attack, but you never hear about them until they're revealed to be the bad guy at the end of the arc. They show up, explain why they did what they did, and then fail to do anything and is never heard from again despite being a prince. Instead of it being someone who we know about and can suspect, the author chose to just make up another character at the very end of the arc to be the bad guy. That's not how you write a mystery.


Arc 2:

Quite literally nothing about this arc involves the battle for the throne. The issue is that there's a water dragon in the waters of foreign countries that are small enough that the empire basically doesn't care about them. So the MC goes over there and kills it. Then those countries are never heard from again. The author tried to do something where the MC had to make it so that the other contestants don't get to be the ones that give the hero's descendant (not the MC) permission to kill it, but it's a s*upid problem to solve that took no effort to resolve.


Arc 3:

Again, there's a ton of monsters attacking a town. Except this time there's demons! They weren't summoned by a political rival though; they're there because a random kid freaked out basically. Someone does kidnap a princess, but again, it wasn't for a political reason. It was so that they can experiment on her. It's like the author isn't even trying.


The few instances of political stuff happening are brief and info-dumped. The MC explains who a person is, why they want them, and then immediately recruits them. Then it moves on and pretends it just did something interesting. Anything long term is so in your face with the foreshadowing that the author might as well just tell you who's doing what. For example:

The author tells you that if the sister got the throne then human experiments would run rampant. Immigrants entered the country a while back and nobody likes them. Immigrants are getting kidnapped in the territories where the sister's influence is strong. Gee, I wonder what's going on...


So let's not pretend it's a politics novel and judge it for what it is, an action novel. Does my 1 star still stand? The answer is yes. It's awful. Every single fight is drawn out longer than it needs to be because the MC could immediately slaughter everyone but doesn't for some reason. They're unsatisfying and largely pointless. Minor spoilers but

The MC could easily kill every single enemy. But for made up reasons they decide to teleport armies to fight the monsters, even though he doesn't have to. After he's done pretending they were needed for a bit (and probably letting several of them get killed), he finally kills everyone.


It's made worse by how contradictory it is. At one point person A asks person B where a mcguffin is and then runs off to go get it. The problem is that B had literally no way of knowing where it was. B is a random person who doesn't even know what the mcguffin is. And they saw it falling way before it could have fell.

In another fight the MC says he can't kill something because it would take too long to recite the spell. Then he proceeds to have a long conversation with someone while the monster sits there waiting for them to finish. The list goes on.

That doesn't just apply to fights though. Every single aspect of this story has some sort of self contradictory thing going on. One line will talk about someone's house isn't very powerful, right after talking about how they are and the rest of the series constantly tells you how their daughter is the most influential person in the world.

One second that daughter's beauty isn't all it was cracked up to be, the next the MC is completely mesmerized.

One second the MC has no idea someone who has 0 stealth skills is in front of him, the next he's telling us about how he always has a detection spell active.

One second the boss of a company is some mysterious person who's never seen in public, then 10 lines later they're having a meeting with them and no one acts like it's a big deal.

The MC makes a deal for future financial support because he thinks it'll cost a lot of money to fight for the throne. And then he constantly gives tons of money away for no reason. Once it was 10 years worth of a prince's salary all at once. Like, wtf? It wasn't an investment either. He just gave it away.

The list is much longer than this, but you get the point.

The characters are all one dimensional. You have OP bad attitude MC. The good guy good prince. The logical political prince. The war hungry prince. The sadistic mad scientist princess. The knight that's in love with the MC. The beautiful girl (that's her only character trait) who's in love with the MC. The other girls that are probably in love with the MC. The OP butler named Sebastian. Etc.

Edit: I forgot to mention the other terrible aspect of this novel - the other candidates for the throne. As I mentioned, they're all 1 dimensional. But what's worse is that they don't do anything. The politics one has basically no effect on the story until ch. 100. The war one has literally no effect on the story. And the most the sister ever does is send some assassins at the MC and the thing mentioned in the spoiler.

You might think that they're just doing stuff in the background, but they don't even bother to approach the 2 most influential people in the kingdom that we're aware of. The first being the beautiful girl who the author constantly tells you is worth soooo much. And the second is Silver, the most powerful adventurer ever who can wipe out entire armies by himself and can teleport whole armies anywhere he wants. And we know that they don't approach him because Silver is the MC in disguise! You'd think he'd mention it if they ever did.

TLDR: This is a wildly inconsistent action novel with boring, pointless fights and it pretends to be a political intrigue novel. It actively fails to do either one of them and the characters aren't worth reading for. <<less
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danish341 rated it
January 14, 2020
Status: c18
This novel is good that is based purely on siblings' rivalry (will be developed further later). They use every means to try to get close the distance between the throne and themselves (of course). They don't see the brotherly bond among their own siblings. Their hatred is not to be underestimated. The situation developed is so intense that the king himself starts to take some measures to ascertain the ability of the princes and princesses for the purpose to make one of them inherit the throne. But this further develops... more>> feud between them as they are fighting for the same spot. Its kill or to be killed!

Here comes our protagonist, who is not even close to being interested in the struggle for the throne but is still caring for people close to him. And he has a twin younger brother who is kind and wise. Therefore, he thinks that his little brother should inherit it. But how should he accomplish it? This question is raised in his mind about how should he help his younger brother. Worry not, he still has some influence over the continent being an S-Class hero. But on the other hand, his identity is hidden (or should I say he doesn't want others to know about him).
    • Action is not detailed as it should have been. It may develop later on as the story progresses.
    • Romance is still good being in its early stages. No harem until the 18th chapter.
    • Adventure genre is dominant over the others right now.
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SunsetChaos rated it
February 3, 2020
Status: c26
I enjoyed it so far, kinda reminds me of Sevens or The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs.

MC is the lazy carefree incompetent prince out of the dozen siblings. Doesn't care about the succession, but his family gets dragged in by the older greedyass f*cked up half-siblings. He knows his bad rep and honestly who cares, certainly not him, but uses it to his advantage. Secretly OP only in magic, but not physically.

What's predictable are only the chicks/harem but not really a romance story imo, at least not... more>> so far. This is a story where not everything goes as planned and MC does get screwed over, so the plot, action, and MC himself makes this interesting to read.

-1 star only because there's no direct links to the chapters, not even in the ToC / index page. <<less
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aShinyVaporeon rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: c191
I thought it was a little sad that the highest-liked review here was of a guy who only read up to c3, so I decided to write my own. (The novel was somewhat disappointing early on, but I thought there were no glaring holes later on. It has a bit more depth than the first few chapters might imply.)

I'd like to point out that this novel's got plenty of tropes that you'll definitely know of - MC with bad rep as incompetent but has a secret OP identity, faction... more>> wars, snobby nobles vs nice nobles, childhood friends etc. The MC is not particularly interesting character-wise, but you'll see more of his personality come to light as the story continues. The MC himself has a bit of the 'beta' personality, but I like to think of it as non-confrontational, and he's not so much of a doormat that it's annoying.

Short over-exaggerated rant about people complaining MC's being a doormat:


Cheh, how can the MC stand to be insulted when he's actually one of the most powerful people in the world? It's almost like it would ruin the persona he's built for years!

What about when he's in his adventurer identity? How come he's still like that? Oh man, I can't believe there's a guy who actually doesn't want to avoid confrontation! He's powerful! That means he automatically must be exerting dominance, or he's a wimp! No way someone can be trying to settle things in manner in which they acknowledge the other side's perspective or acts humble about things.

Anyway, I actually prefer MCs who stand up for themselves as well, it's just that this doesn't mean that MC's a wimp for avoiding confrontation. Anyway, if you can't stand MC acting like this, then it's a sign this novel's not for you; not everyone has your tastes. There are plenty of novels out there that feature less "doormat-like" MCs, take your pick.


In actuality, our MC's alt's power level is quite high, but he still has many rules to follow as an adventurer, plus he actually does want to keep it a secret for the time being, so he can't just whip out his other persona to beat up every enemy. This apparently annoys some people.

As for my rating, I thought it wasn't bad enough to warrant a 3, and maybe not quite up to standard for a 4, but I rounded up. It's got many chapters and an alright story, so it's pretty good binge material.

The political intrigue isn't the best but it's not wholly unrealistic, and we do get some interesting, although not out-of-the-box creative, interactions. I found that the characters might seem cliche, but they still have a bit of development. Names and chants are undeniably cringe-inducing, though.

If, within the first 20 chapters or so, you are very annoyed with either Finne or Leo, you might as well drop the novel - people who get annoyed by that trope have low cliche tolerance, usually.

Overall, whether you like it or not depends on whether you can stand this type of protagonist and his slightly dragged-out ploys to make sure no one takes notice of him, and make sure his brother gets the throne.

(Note that the harem is kind of implied - none of the girls have confessed love, either in-story or revealed to readers via thoughts. At least not at c154.) <<less
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DongDee rated it
January 8, 2021
Status: c292
I keep seeing some low review on here but after looking at them its mainly opinion based or they weren't that invested into the story in the first place.

This novel personally I think is great not the best but definitely worth the read. I don't have a specific chapter to read until but just start it and keep going untill u are actually frustrated with it or not interested at all.

Not everyones gonna like the same thing. So its mainly just a matter of taste.

Some scenarios where people seem to... more>> be complaining about had circumstances causing it to happen which it seems they either skipped over or didn't pay that much focus while reading.

In the end, it's all opinion based. Personally I really liked the sibling rivalry and some sibling moments that happens throughout the novel.

Also while the MC is a OP character, unlike most brain dead OP MC's out there, this MC knows what his actions can lead to. Like for example, the MC doesn't use his OPness in the political thing cuz "adventures are for the people not for the kingdom" type of thing. He doesn't believe in that but he knows if he uses his OPness in the rival battle then it can lead to many misunderstandings and he would be playing favorites as an Adventure who works for the people.

Theres a-lot of politics going on out there but mainly its in the background as no ones opening tryna kill each other. Theres always a another figurehead villain cuz the rivals aren't gonna openly admit to them being evil. <<less
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February 13, 2020
Status: c33
I love it. Please give the story a chance. I can understand why some people gave low ratings but I can tell you right now that the MC will change because of the circumstances forced on him. He has a twin brother ffs. You know where is this going right?

He will pretend to be his righteous brother in case you didn't get it. But because of his kindess as well he will do more than that... Just read it yourself seriously.

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AsianInvasion rated it
February 21, 2020
Status: c76
I've always liked quality stories with something new. I've read stories about siblings fighting amongst themselves for the throne, but its my first time reading a story with the main character being a twin. So its fun watching the MC imitating his brother when the situation calls for it. Maybe its because I have been in a phase where I read a lot of novels with the MC being misunderstood or having multiple identities, I am thoroughly enjoying the story at the moment.

Its also always refreshing reading stories where the... more>> MC is strong from the start, but is reluctant in revealing his strength, which matches the Japanese conservative mindset of many other JP lightnovel MCs. I'd rather have a strong, smart MC hiding his strength for the right moment, than a weak to strong MC that seems to always have ridiculous plot armour that conveniently happens each time their strength isn't enough IMO.

Anyways, the updates are near daily and it's an enjoyable story with many comical moments, so I recommend it to fellow novel readers for a good time. <<less
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unclebebby rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: c117
I'm honestly surprised at how entertaining this story is. The translator does a great job translating and the main cast seems to be relatively well fleshed out. Some characters, like the Butler Sebas, will be the 2-dimensional invincible cool butler. However, other characters like Finn and Leo are all being slowly filled out and given more character. I'm pleasantly shocked at how much I enjoy all the characters interacting with each other.

My only gripe so far is that most of the antagonists appear to be the typical cannon fodder: cruel,... more>> arrogant, and smart but blindingly s*upid. This makes it easy to hate them and cheer for their demise, I guess. <<less
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Rort rated it
February 25, 2020
Status: --
Wow just wow

Again in the vortex of cliches and "I've seen this somewhere else" of novels. It doesn't surprise me why this material lacks realistic scenarios and of course I know this is a fantasy novel but if you are going to include one of the most basics forms of relationships between people that is politics you at least have to write it with basic planning (just the basics of the basics).

How the characters behave is weird they are one dimensional at least so far even the MC is like... more>> that judging everyone not being worthy of the throne (even his little brother LOL), what is the justification for all his actions well he just wants to have a peaceful life and save his family soo lets make things more complicated yeeeey.

In the end, is just the typical MC that acts contrary to what he says ahh and don't forget that he's OP just because why not I mean it would be more interesting if the MC can resolve some issues with power alone right??? That could work if it didn't fail in one thing and one alone, it is not entertaining. I could forgive everything I write before if only it was entertaining. <<less
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touhidur rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: c83
The novels contents fresh & feels authentic. The author can describe the situation and the characters clearly. The development of the novel is smooth and progress as the story goes ahead. New characters ard revealed on the way without putting too much information or explanation in your head.

No complaint so far.
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nitouryu rated it
April 9, 2020
Status: c77
Was good until sister arc.

... more>>

Will you push your sister to a certain stalker that said love your sister after more than few years being persistence? I believe you won't, especially if u are super close with her. Toad want to eat swan (your sister) MC only got brats as love interest, the politics down to the river, garbage. When your twin in pinch and use the signal, he prefer to wait coz he didnt want to let his sister know his identity as ss rank adventurer, very ret*rd right? Might as well kill your twin for faster results. Yucky story. Enemies got op assassin yey will be trampled by MC. Too overpower combined with s*upidity is beyond help.


from 5 star to 1 star, translations is top notch, but the romance make me wanna puke, ew <<less
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Mikhel rated it
March 8, 2020
Status: c50
Wow... I was surprised to see the score go down, last I saw the score above 4.5... Yes, forget about it.

I understand the dissatisfaction of most readers, other than the MC character is very annoying. The MC itself is a very mainstream OP char. The political story is so shallow that I think like this is the struggle for power of a super power country ??

There are a number of points that keep me from giving this 5 *. The most important thing is this is still at the beginning,... more>> I still hope that this will go well, like I read Sevens before. And the development for characters on the MC side is pretty good I guess. At least they are not extras that follow the will of the MC. I honestly hate stories with characters like this. <<less
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Kay60 rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: c225
An average story that contains many annoying quirks.

Firstly for the story : It is your everyday "MC is looked down upon but is actually really strong" trope, sprinkled with random girls who join his entourage and have fluffy feelings for him because he is "kind" and "not a psychopath". The author tries extremely hard to come up with dramatic twists to add to the impression that the story is a fight that involves elaborate strategies and political intrigue, but the twists are full of holes and to be honest feel... more>> like a 15 y/old came up with them for their fanfic. In addition, the MC isn't even OP, he is equivalent to anyone important around him and so the story doesn't even fulfill the trope of giving the reader a power trip. Finally, the story itself is soooooo roundabout. The chapters are long, so when the author decides to flesh things out he almost always focuses on things no one cares about (like internal monologues or pointless conversation between characters that exists only as a means of showing that time is passing in the story). As for the translation, it isn't too bad, but contains plenty of little extremely annoying tendancies. The translator ends 90% of dialogue with "huh" or "you know", to the point that 200+ chapters in it still hasn't decreased in annoyingness.

In smmary, its ok if you have nothing else to read, but be aware that it isn't "well-written" by any means. <<less
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Fig pluckers son
Fig pluckers son rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: c258
The character has the firepower of One punch man but is your typical lazy anime protagonist, and thinks no problems will happen as long as no one notices him. Which leads to situations he can solve in two seconds getting stretched to 12 chapters as he makes complicated plans and secret identities to foist all the accomplishments on his brother. His family and friends get in danger he does nothing and waits till he can switch to his alter ego or brings in an annoying side character to save them.... more>> Which leads to chapter after chapter of filler BS that feels like it is going nowhere. I mean if you eat up filler garbage series go for it but would give this a pass, at least until it is done. <<less
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Wuxtor rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: c380
Thise 1 star reviewers infuriate me. They're the same bunches that rate whole animes as 1 star based on first episode. That being said, I noticed that the first reviewer straight up lied in more than one instance and rest exaggerated. ... more>>

As Sliver, he is one of strongest adventurer but not the strongest. He is in somewhat less sticky situation as Reinhard from rezero but still similar in that both carry extreme power enough to crush nations casually. He's not one of those wuxia MCs that go Haha boom without consequences (because they either don't care about others or they ascend). Silver is both greatly feared and respected by fellow adventurers especially with regards to his activities. There is another reason for why him and other people of similar levels live this way. If your range of activities start to include politics, then they will assume your participation and see. you as a threat. Rulers may attempt to have you killed by others with incentives or target the land that your activities center around. Again, Silver is not the strongest and does not have unlimited mana. There are few interesting details that suggest unusualness into dull prince's siblings. Oh yeah, the part about Dukes son being a gate guard? That's just his father either punishing him or teaching him the jobs of son's future subordinates or both iirc. To the guy that did 256 but rated 1 star, quit with your bullshit. You wouldn't be saying those words if you actually read the story. I'm horrified that this much people made reviews while skimming through this too...

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touchoflemon rated it
September 24, 2020
Status: c215
As I read more and more...

The overall plot is decent if overused. Typical character tropes etc, none of which are the overbearing issue.

Where it lacks is the fact that it tries to read as 4d chess but really is barely tic tac toe - the main character plays dumb but is powerful and smart and outmanuevers everyone... but that's pretty easy when most of your adversaries (and allies) only have one defining characteristic.

Another issue is the repetitive nature of switching viewpoints but ultimately only fixing the cliff... in one no... more>> half a chapter. All that fake build up and then poof, ha I knew your plan so I faked my plan while this was my real plan (or some complexity of this) etc. HAPPENS EVERY TIME.

It was interesting enough at the start to overlook all these issues but time wears on and the fallacies that have been building is rearing its ugly ass (probably even earlier but I am not the most astute reader) <<less
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dvaranigra rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c428
i won't call this novel a masterpiece, but it is a fun read. In my opinion, this is one of the story where the author can balance the "OP-ness" of the MC. While some character can be 1 dimensional, many of the main-supporting characters have good depth in their character, like Leonard, Finne, Elna, etc. The story is fine and fun to read, so I consider it as a good story, although there can be many plotholes and logic-defying circumstances lol. While there's many hints about romance, don't expect much,... more>> even 400+ chapters into the story, the romance can be said to nonexistent, especially for the MC; so far it's only up to "yeah, this character harbors feelings towards the MC". One of the good point of this novel however, is the character growth of the MC. Objectively speaking, he has the capability to be a great emperor, even the greatest in the empire history perhaps, but he lacks the ambition and willingness for it, but it's hinted that this is slowly changing; well, up till the latest chapter of this review, the main objective is still to put his brother onto the emperor position tho. <<less
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Demon_Rose rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: c2
Yeah, I'm not going to be polite, I couldn't read past the second chapter.

The MC gives off major, "WOW look at me, I'm the protagonist so I'm overpowered and everything I do is going to work, even if it doesn't make sense" vibes.

I had to drop it when we got to this scene in the second chapter. I'll put an obligatory spoiler warning here, but it's only the second chapter so I don't count it as one personally.

... more>>

So the basic overview of it is that the MC shows up at the only unaligned Duke's house and tries to gain his support for his little brother.

So he shows up in his Silver get-up and basically just waltzes up to the main gate and is like, "Hey, so I'm Silver. Yeah, the super-powerful adventure that's known for never leaving the capital, but for some reason, I'm here to visit the Duke, so take me to him."

Are we supposed to believe that? I'd react the same way as the guard, "No dude, that makes no logical sense, I'm NOT letting you, a very suspicious individual, near the guy I'm supposed to protect."

And he gets ridiculed for it!??? I understand that the MC tried showing his identity to the guard, but he refused to look because he was "arrogant".

Listen, I can't even begin to list my problem with that in a concise review. So I'm not even going to try to shorten this.

The first issue with this scene was that the MC didn't tell the prince that Silver would arrive. So he just showed up, out of the blue, with no warning, and expected to be treated special because "he's SOO powerful". You do understand that you can't possibly receive a guest that's supposedly so nation-shatteringly important, and expect them to have a guest room ready for you. It's a common courtesy to tell your host that you will be arriving before you do so. So this wouldn't be a show of how arrogant the guard is, it only serves to show how crass the MC is, and his blatant disregard for the Duke.

My next problem, in the first chapter, the MC is established as having the reputation of a lazy, no-good prince, and that even the lower-ranking officials and nobles ridicule him openly. So why in the world, does he think that the Duke would respect him. We know that the Duke is from a prominent household and that officials ranking lower than him can insult the MC with repercussions from the King, so why would the DUKE of all people, PERSONALLY receive him?

You could argue that it was a sign of respect to the MC's younger brother, but none of them had any problems disrespecting him before, so again, I ask you, why in the world would the Duke respect him???

Next, the butler Sebastian, proclaims that the MC is a good strategist because he could have sneaked into the mansion, but instead he chose to go back to the capital and ride over here again to kick up a fuss about them ignoring the suspicious dude in a mask who claimed to be someone important.

  1. This doesn't work because, again, his reputation is in the dumps as we have established. He doesn't HAVE to be respected so the whole "acting arrogantly" thing doesn't reflect well on his character. Now he's seen as a useless good-for-nothing, who is ALSO rude and arrogant just because he has his little brother's backing. When a subordinate does something bad, it reflects badly on their boss, the same principle applies here. If I was the Duke, I'd just go and support one of the other candidates for the throne.
  2. No, he absolutely could NOT have just sneaked into the mansion. You're trying to get his support, not make him get a heart attack when a mysterious masked figure comes jumping through his window in the middle of the night. It was stated that the Duke couldn't make the trip to the capital to visit the MC, so we can assume that he's fairly old and in poor health. So a scare like that might actually end up doing him in. Not a great look to the next in line, being the guy who killed his dad.

And then the Duke is SCARED?? What? Of this supposed tr*sh prince? He could tattle to the King and it'd be donezo for the MC.

Then we have the metaphor. Oh, the metaphor. The MC compares his little brother to clean water, saying that fish cannot survive when the water is too clean, so he must pollute the water for him.

Uh, no. There are SO many things wrong with that analogy.

If you said that your little brother is the clean water, then you can't pollute the water by messing with his reputation. To "pollute" the clean water that is your brother, you'd have to make him less naive, maybe some actual personality other than, "I'm a nice person."

And, what kind of fish can survive in polluted water, but not clean?? I've heard of fish that can only survive in water with a certain level of salinity, but not pollution. The salt content in water is very different from the pollution levels of water.

I just can't stand it. I'm sure I've forgotten some of the things I hated while reading this, but honestly, I'm done thinking about this novel. 0/5 Do not recommend.


Disclaimer: All the things I've stated so far have come from only 2 or so chapters of reading it. It probably took me longer to write this all out than to actually read it. I'm diffidently NOT changing my stance on the novel. However, I do feel the need to point out that this IS a translated novel and therefore, some of the metaphors probably made more sense in the original language (whether it's because of translational or cultural differences, I just don't understand it ad a native English speaker). I realize that I probably could have included more constructive criticism of this novel, but also, it's late at night and I'm tired, so you get ranting.

No hate intended towards the author or translator, glad they're doing what they love, but it's not for me. <<less
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Blyatman rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: c256
I'll apologize in advance as I don't usually write reviews so it might be a little jumbled and I'm not a native English speaker either. The review will be biased

This novel is mediocre not good not bad either as it has a very promising story but I can't feel anything for the characters as the MC kinda gives chunni vibes and MC's brother has personality of a typical do no evil shonen protag, there are a lot of unnecessary side characters and sometimes the plot is straight up dumb.

... more>>

Finne's family which is s dukedom is said to be a prominent family but the one guarding the gate is his son seems kinda dumb


The reason why MC doesn't reveal that he is silver is because of his great grandfather who went berserk but now that he is an ss rank adventurer and the emperor relies on him

their talk before that turtle monster subjugation quest he offers him a status of duke which means that he is willing to accept someone who uses ancient magic into his family proves that even if he reveals himself there won't be that many disadvantages

so what if he reveals himself does the empire have enough power to detain a SS rank adventurer not mentioning the fact that the hero will prioritise MC before the empire so the only person who has the power to do so is on his side. The MC is kinda nive and why does he have a little inferiority complex even though he is a f**ing SS rank adventurer is beyond me there are only 4 others who can match upto him in the entire continent.


kinda naive and hypocrite in the rebellion arc he tells the youngest prince that if someone tries to kill you you have the right to kill them but when Zandra has tried to assassinate him only thing he does is to remove her from the succession war which too is ineffective in the rebellion arc still doesn't kill her. The MC preaches he cares about the people still doesn't punish those responsible


There are too many cliches to count I'm a firm believer of cliche doesn't mean bad but atleast have some uniqueness it feels like a soap opera and it kinda gets predictable when you know MC is gonna win any way.

Sometimes the backstories are placed at random moments like how Finne was related to MC beforehand and why did MC decide to become an adventurer was just tossed into a random chapter like a fun fact. I can't get attached to the MC as they show no reason why he turned out the way he is except for the fact that it was due to his mother's teaching method.

Reading this I can't say except that it feels like I'm reading the anime version on Naruto due to the excessive fillers the story is okay, I can ignore the cliches, dumb reasoning but all that along with author milking the arcs gets boring.

Another complaint is that there is no romantic development going on with the MC even his brother proposed before him and many times the MC has tried to cuck himself and the time Finne tried to introduce ntr into the story by offering herself to the female director of that merchant company kinda makes it bland and even annoying.

The comedy can be considered non existent as almost all the jokes fall flat MC isn't humorous either and his brother is also always serious so it gets monotonous, the author's attempts at humour are bad for example girl on girls sexual harrasment is funny, lolicon fat older brother, hero's chest is flat and the adventurers banter whenever MC does something are bland.

The story seems to be deviating from the original plot to make his brother an emperor, I'll make a prediction that this is somehow related to demon king which is causing all the changes in his siblings and he will be summoned somehow and that's how the fight will go there are already some signs of that visible. If the author was able to properly depict politics it would have been much better cause politics is by no means boring sometimes I see things happening irl much interesting than fiction so it could have made it much more interesting.

Well I'll give it 3.5/5 for now but I think I'm going to skip a lot as I read in other reviews that the rebellion arc is quiet long. <<less
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