My Childhood Friend Wants To Hide My Face for Some Reason


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The main character, Haruto Saito, a sophomore in high school, is known to the public as a loner. He has known his childhood friend Kaori Nishijo for more than ten years.

My childhood friend has always wanted to hide my face. My hair was basically left long, and because we were together 24/7, I didn’t have many friends.

In this world where polygamy is allowed, the battle continues between those around Haruto who gradually begin to notice his charms and his childhood friend who tries to keep it hidden.

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New RKADE 14 rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: c4
The surrounding world is rather weird, polygamy is allowed, and that by itself is fine because it's only briefly mentioned in passing most of the time, but the part where you realize it's weird is in Ch. 3 where ... more>>

the MC and his childhood friend watch a movie and it's a classic one where two lovers are, well, in love, but then they find out that one of them (the female) has an illness and then they spent their remaining time together, but the weird part is how Japan being Japan decides to throw in polygamy, which is now apart of their society. I have no idea why they let it happen, it just ruins the movie, it only mentions that a bunch of women are introduced but in a lovers illness type of movie, polygamy just drags out the back and shoots it.


Now that I've complained about the polygamy part, I'll say in how it allows a more open society:

In Ch. 4, our MC goes shopping and because of his good looks, is brought over to one of those model agency spots (white background, cameras, now pose like one of my french girls) and after he leaves after getting some clothes on discount because he did the modelling, it'll switch over to the shooters pov and you'll see that the crew is literally panting from how hot he is, flashback to Ch. 2 and a gal who calls him out to give him a warning about the beat down he's about to receive from a douchebag, so she's going to lightly beat him up to dissuade them, she sees his face and then she immediately starts making some funny sounds. Now then, people do mention how handsome he is out in public but it's not rare to hear people say "He's handsome~" "OMG he's soo hot" "Does he have a girlfriend?" "Is he a model?" That kind of thing would appear whether there was polygamy in the story or not.


Brief summary of my long type-out just above:

People are being openly horny and thirsty.


Despite this having polygamy, it did have a suprisingly sweet part to it as well

(The confession)

(Or I could've just linked up with the novel a little too much, who knows)

The characters are fine, the main girl is possessive, I'd say semi-yandere, and the MC is a rather normal high-school main character, a little self-depreciating but caring, the antagonist is a douche, hatable, and I don't have enough info on the other one other then that she gets along with the main girl.

As things stand, I'd rate it a 4, maybe even a little lower. <<less
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