The School’s Idol Is Not Good at Cooking. I’m an Inconspicuous Cooking Instructor – Before I Knew It, I Had Won Her Over!


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“Don’t tell anyone at school that I come here.”

“Oh… oh. I understand.”

I work part-time as an instructor at my mother’s cooking class. Then one day, out of the blue, my high school classmate, Haruno Hinata, “The School’s Idol” came to the hands-on class.

She is a super beautiful girl with top grades and is highly athletic, and is an outstanding singer and piano player. And she is always smiling and always shows her perfect figure at school.

In fact, cooking is the only thing she is not very good at.

In the cooking class with me, the school’s idol is always showing her gawkiness and innocent joy, which she usually doesn’t show to other people.

But it’s a secret at school that she has contact with me in the cooking class.

So no one else knows that she actually has such a cute side.

This is a story of two people who gradually become attracted to each other.

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