My Childhood Friend Who Rejected Me Is Coming on to Me!


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Yukiya, who has had a one-sided love for a long time, confesses his love to his childhood friend Kanae. The result was a disastrous defeat. Kanae had someone else she liked. It was Souta, another childhood friend. It was the first time he experienced the pain of heartbreak. However, Yukiya’s confession, which was sleeved up has a huge impact on her…

The delusional strong hero with a broken heart, the childhood friend heroine who is popular with her childhood friends and the self-proclaimed “loner” rival who is actually a great rival–a love comedy involving a triangle of childhood friends!

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Ore o Futta Osananajimi ga Guigui Kuru
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9 Reviews

Mar 09, 2022
Status: c12
Lol so one of the recent many misunderstanding novels where the fMC shoots herself in the foot. Everything so far has been a shitshow and it's basically kinda a troupe now?

First is the MC. We don't know much about him because the story makes him a side character of the first 14 chapters of the novel that is about his love life? So far there is nothing about his him that makes him distinguishable and charismatic as a character, nothing that hints to why the heroine is falling head over... more>> heels for him. If I have one thing to say about him, it'd be "typical JP MC".

fMC was weird for me because basically she was fond of this popular guy, and then when she rejects the MC she becomes like "f*ck the popular guy, I like the MC now", makes me think that author must have skipped a character arc or some sort. Why did she like the popular guy in the first place, and then suddenly throws her fondness towards him outta the window and pretend like she had never even had the hots for him? Oh wait, she fell for the guy because the story wanted her to I guess. And then lastly, we have this one-dimensional unlikable popular guy who is a typical narcissistic douchebag who wants to hinder the two MCs relationship because he wants the fMC to join his harem and thinks the fMC has already become his girl. The synopsis describes this popular guy as a "great rival" but wtf do you mean by "great rival" here, author? Here is another thing about the fMC that I don't like. She knows that this douchebag popular guy is bullying the MC but does nothing to stop the guy and only cares about her obsession with the MC, which to me, makes her not much better of a character than the popular guy. She just comes up as quite a selfish girl as well.

Idk which direction the author wants to take this story to. But good job making some of the characters extremely unlikable for now I guess. And why am I still reading this even though I just wrote all of these negative points? Well, the same reason people are addicted to junk food I guess. Your expectations are so low now that everything comes off as interesting despite being as cliché and generic as it gets.

Edit 1: Ah yes, something I forgot to mention, which is that there are quite a number of filler chapters that are basically the same event told from another character's perspectives. Some find this tolerable, and some might find this unpleasant.

Edit 2: Holy crap the popular dude and his harem are so cringe. They are in some sort of council that isn't like a circle of friends, but act like knights of the round table. F*ck off, author. These are just high schoolers, not some cardboard kid shows' villain and his cronies for god sake. <<less
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Sinner Angel
Sinner Angel
Mar 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Warning: this contains spoilers

First my overall opinion: This is a good read if you have some free time available, not the most original, I know, but enjoyable. I also like the multiple POV used to tell the story, so we can understand the involved characters without having to make assumptions about them or being fixed on a character's opinion about the others. I can't say anything about the translation though since I read it with GoogleMTL (yeah, I kinda became a sucker for the format "She/he rejected me and now... more>> she/he is repenting" kind of story lately and didn't want to wait)

So well (SPOILERS INCOMING) we got the MC1, FMC, and MC2 as the story's focus, all of them are childhood friends from childcare age up to now at high school.

So far MC1 has been simping FMC like forever but finally decides to confess to her, but is rejected because she loves MC2,


so MC1 decides to give up and cheer on her love


but later on she realized that she f*cked it up because the one she truly loved was MC1 and not MC2,


whom she truly admired as some kind of idol or shoujo manga's MC and thought she "loved" him because he is popular and everyone around her said that she was surely in love with him


and becomes proactive at chasing after MC1, but MC2 believes that she has to love him because she is his childhood friend


*cough* amanogawa kouki *cough*


and must enter and moderate his harem for him, so he starts sabotaging MC1 so he will distance himself from FMC


not that she will allow this, since she became almost a clingy toxic gf without even dating MC1 yet


To conclude this, is good that we don't have a self-destroying MC1, nor a indecisive FMC


since she went and locked on on MC1 at full force from the moment she noticed her true feelings


and everyone will concur with me that MC2 deserves some serious punching btw


not that he won't get what it's coming for him though

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Feb 22, 2022
Status: c5
I happened to be logged in so here is my review

As far as these stories go this isn't really that well written nor interesting, the author is clearly going for the classic opposite of the real main character archetype that we've been looking at for the last few months. What makes this one better than the others is that the main character isnt as pessimistic or hopelessly self edgy which makes the story a simple romance story with misunderstanding. If the story maintains its current feel good status I say... more>> its worth reading for someone who likes filling in their time with meaningless short series such as this one

Also another tip be sure to remember the character names because you will be lost if you skim read a part

tldr; its cute, kinda decent MCs and is not the usual edge <<less
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Aug 28, 2022
Status: c28
This is a netorare story, so read with a precaution.

If you're asking for a well written characters, then this is not for you. Its clear that the author is quite a newbie when it comes writing sensible and realistic personalities and focused more on the premise. And it gets better by the end on the novel. Now then if you don't want to waste your time I'll spoil everything:


I want to say this first, the true genre of this novel is Netorare. But not just any Netorare. And while it might look like netori, it's actually a netorare. But with the antagonist as the victim.

The story begins by a rejection from kanae, the female MC, after she got confessed by Yukiya, the male "protagonist". As she said she likes her other childhood friend, Souta. But after the confession, she realizes that Yukiya was the one besides her all this time and the one she truly love. So the story continued with her chasing after Yukiya and forgets about her affection to Souta

Souta is a guy with with high spec since he was a kid and he was a popular guy. But it turns out that he is actually a narcisstic guy with a delusion that he's a "protagonist" of a harem novel that he often reads. So he immersed himself in this settings of a harem protagonist that keeps every girl around and never choose anyone. And he thought that Kanae is also a part of his harem. And he was so obnoxious and deluded and tries to separate Kanae from Yukiya because he thought that Kanae likes him, and must keep being a part of his harem. And she certainly liked him at some point. Because he was a "popular" guy so kanae got swept by everyone around her and admiring souta, until Yukiya confessed to her.

The story ended with everyone betraying Souta, as he realized that no one actually likes him. The girls that confessed to him actually chooses him as a second option to Yukiya, but because Yukiya likes Kanae, they settled with Souta. And in the end Kanae got together with Yukiya. Only on their wedding day Souta realizes all his delusions and regrets it all. Hence the netorare.




All in all, the characters lines of thought were written bizarrely to fit this netorare scheme. And the story is deceptively written like a common cliche of a rejected protagonist and a heroine that realises her love for the protagonist, with multiple PoVs, but the story is really more of a cautionary tales of a deluded person that doomed himself. You can either read this story as a fluffy romcom, or an NTR story. I think the true message the author wants to give is actually "stop reading too much fictions and face reality

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Aug 15, 2022
Status: c28
This is my first Review so please bear with me.

contains minor spoilers

First the Story

... more>> A boy who is rejected by his childhood friend Because of what she was in love with another boy But in the end she realizes her true feelings and we will see how their relationship develops.

It's an interesting premise and curious to see how she begins to realize her feelings for him while he tries to deal with the rejection while still loving her.

Score: 9/10


Souta: The main antagonist of this series He is the typical loner MC who has an unexplainable harem even though at the beginning he shows despicable behavior with a desire to beat him up in the end he manages to redeem himself.

Kanae: She is the main heroine of the story at the beginning she rejects the MC because she was in love with souta but later she realizes her true feelings, it is interesting to see how she realizes her feelings while carrying a sense of guilt and tries to get closer to him.

Yukiya : He is the main protagonist of this story.

He is in love with his childhood friend Kanae, is rejected by her, then has to deal with the awkwardness of rejection, while being pressured by Souta.

Rating: 8.5/10

Overall I'd say it's a good time passer and I liked it a lot so my final score is 9/10. <<less
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Mar 06, 2023
Status: Completed
Not really all that great. The story itself is pretty cliche, but the characters are terrible. The only barely decent character is the ML, and perhaps the FL’s mother who helped her realize that she loves the ML. Yes, she may have only had a few scenes, but at least her personality was pleasant.

FL was unbearable, only mellowing out once they got together. As for the others, more in particular the girls who claimed to like and confessed to the other childhood friend, are a quite mean-spirited. That guy surely... more>> brought humiliation upon himself, but they’re equally at fault.

I believe that well written characters make a good story, and this novel simply did not deliver on that front. This is a barely decent read when you’ve run out of options, but otherwise it’s not worth the time. <<less
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Jan 14, 2023
Status: --
Not really sure what to say, it's kind of a silly story. The Majority of it is just FML running around like a headless chicken trying to figure out her feelings while the ML just sits there and watches and the second ML fakes like he's a harem protag or a ancient emperor who needs his 'wife' to manage his concubines.
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Jul 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Cute till the end... Thankfully the FMC is not deluded and goes for the kill when she knew MC is the one she really liked and didn't create more misunderstandings.

... more>>

Ironically, I stayed till the end for the deluded friend of the couple, the one with severe chuuni disease and thought he got an actual harem (lol).

That social su*cide scene is way damn funny and still didn't made him lose hope when he lost the 3 girls.

It is explained that it's actually the MC is the one the 2 are actually initially gunning (one got dissuaded since MC is just too devoted to FMC and the other wanted MC to be the member but is busy with the club)...

And the last ditch effort is so cute when it backfired immediately when they took a counter pic with them together and told him they are now living in one roof already LMAO


7/10 for me since the latter part carried this so much it's pretty much a goodie comedy. <<less
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May 17, 2022
Status: c28
Surprisingly good.

By the title you'd expect it to be your average "XXXX dumped me, so now I have the irresistible D, and every single woman will get pregnant by just looking at me, and XXXX wants me desperately, but IDGaF".

But no, it's a kind, bittersweet, funny story about a boy who got dumped by his first and only love, a girl that realises her mistake and becomes a borderline yandere, and a boy with a severe case of Chunni.

... more>> Pretty good read, if you have the time, give it a chance.

BTW, author throw punches at a bunch of novel stereotypes, in a pretty good way. Isekai stereotypes are the funny man and this author is the straight man. <<less
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