Mr. Jing and His Little Husband


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Jingyi has transmigrated! Jingyi has traveled from modern times to a rural village in ancient times. The Jing family in Xiwang Village is kind and amiable. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jing, are caring, and the two younger brothers are lively and adorable, albeit a little poor. But what’s the problem with that? Jingyi is determined to work hard and strive for success. Stall selling -> Buy land; Open a shop -> Buy land; Buy land, buy land, buy land! Jingyi declares, “No matter what business I do, buying land is my priority.” 

During his journey of hard work, he encounters his destined little husband, “Chuxia… hehe…” “Chuxia… hehe…” 


Chuxia: My husband can be clever and charming in front of others, but in front of me, he’s just like an eight-year-old.

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nuyanata rated it
July 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Can't wait so I mtl it.

It's so good, comfort and lovely. Because author pick good topics to write about MC and he not talk to himself too much? So he's likeable not narcissistic or eccentric type. He very kind and seem like to do volunteer work 😂

Story concept is about love other and live/enjoyed the good life. Not have many conflict/ face slap. (Author just focus on good peoples hardly write sh*t about bad guy's thinking.)

MC love sharing and not one man show guy. When he do something he... more>> will share his thoughts and do it together with his family and neighbours. All interactions's good.

He give free recipes to friends and country so everyone can live better. He not covet someone else work, make money from it blindly, he make money from the things they do or have and good at and get rich together.

I love how author use positive words/ways in the novel. Such as MC ask around before trade, when other give a price, it's fair, he not take advantage bully other.

Not look down on ancient people, enjoyed outing and have good meals at local restaurants. He not the only one who can made delicious meal😂

It's daily life /slice of life kind of novel. So sloooooow paced.

I like how author give them time to do things, it's common but hardly see in cn novel.

Cooking is time consume. It's not 5 minute craft recipes. No street food turn into fine dining thing.

I hope I can find more novels from this author. It's comfort to read. <<less
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Iesheta rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: c40
This is a slow romance novel. I would suggest to wait and read till double digit chapter before forming an opinion. The story flow may seem slowpaced in the beginning but as it contiues we get more things happening in a single chapter. I personally think the first few chapters could be summed up in 1 or 2 chapters and we could focus more on the romance part. But it seems the author focuses on ML's family matters as much as our lead couple's interaction.

The interactions of ML and MC... more>> are interesting. It does seem worth the wait. MC and ML meet at

ch 10 and as hinted in the summary the seme is enamoured by the uke instantly. It was love at first sight for him.


The seme is quite caring towards the uke and his family. It shows the bond between ML family members and the story progresses about their journey as establishing their business and family life continues.

The translations are well done, though I would have liked if there were faster releases. It sometimes becomes hard to read mtl so I have decided to wait for the translations to read further ahead. <<less
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October 23, 2023
Status: c55
I won't rate it, only got to chapter 55 and don't think I will continue. If I did, it would only be 2.5.

The story is a bit too slice of life for me. There is a lot of mundane parts that I just skipped over.

The MC seems a bit aimless, or at least we aren't privy to any of his actual thoughts. He has 2 businesses by ch 55, and it's been 2yrs, but he still hasn't figured out how not to be classified as a merchant, nor does it... more>> seem he cares anymore? There is also something about him that bothers me, not exactly sure what it is. He almost seems like a typical shounen MC shoved into a danmei.

The ML is okay, we don't actually get to know much about him other than he is a very pretty ger who blushes a lot.

The romance is.... okay I guess. The MC only fell for ML because of his looks and really can't get to know him because of ancient restrictions.

Their interactions are few and then BAM time skip and they are getting married. That was around chapter 53, I think.


The author also seems oddly fixated on having everyone believe MC is special because he can talk well even to small officials. Seemed weird to keep bringing it up and also his speech didn't come accross that educated. There are just some parts were the author tells the reader instead of shows.

The translation is fine. I would prefer ger used instead of brother, but to each their own and I do appreciate the translation. <<less
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September 27, 2023
Status: -
I'm not going to give a rating since I couldn't get past chapter 3. The reason I'm writing this review is mainly because I don't quite understand what exactly didn't click with me about this book and also as a mental note to myself.

I think one of the reasons might be that I don't think it used the basic story telling tool a "hook" which is supposed to make the reader interested in following the story from chapter one. The main reason I gave up reading was that I felt... more>> like nothing has happened through the first 3 chapters and I had nothing to expect. Well I learnt that MC's brothers are 7 and 10 years old since it was mentioned at least 3 times. o-o

What I mean is, it seems to me that MC knows how to hunt, wilderness survival, is a good person, his family likes him, he's going to make money. Good, that's nice. But also I feel like I can expect the same in the future. He's still going to be good and making money. Just with a love interest. I have a hard time getting in touch with this characters personality since being "good" is not really much of one and by chapter 3 I feel like the book should give me some more character traits... Or maybe the writing didn't click with me and I just didn't catch what the author was trying to convey. I'm not sure;

I don't think the book has set up anything for me to expect. I don't dislike slice of life stories but even those should have some point of interest, if not in plot then in character's personality. I feel like the beginning of the book is very important and this one just didn't give me much to work with...

I'll leave this here for now and I might come back to this book later to give it another try since the story might pick up in a few chapters and completely change my mind. o.o <<less
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Yoya rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: c80
I really enjoyed the slice of life at the beginning and it was fun to see the little everyday lifestyle and the new characters. In the second half tho there's not much of that, and just focuses mainly on building wealth. Of course I wanna see the main leads be successful in their businesses but after a while it seems that the plot just skims through the development and goes straight to the next level. I dropped at 82, the invention of creating ice in the midst of summer was... more>> just too unbelievable and too much of a plot hole. Then it moved on to ice product delivery and I was like wtf. There was a good amount of development between characters initially but after the middle ish of the story it kinda drops off. Now there's rarely any mention of the og side characters.

update: I kept reading and skimming thru the chapters just for the sake of finishing it but really? Martial arts and the imperial family? As a little unknown farmer? Nah <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
October 21, 2023
Status: Completed
So far really nice.

MC has smooth journey, but well deserved one. Doing business with his family as best as he can. With Calm and Maturity, he's Thriving!

Love both MC and ML's family. They all very Good and want the best for their kids.

... more>> The Romance not that Slow, but not the main either, so far it was put nicely there though.

Can't wait for the Married life and all.

Btw so far it has well Justice Served scenes that was not Exaggerated and truly Satisfying!

Hope the rest of the story is as Good and Satisfying! 🙏 Finished at 25 December 2023:

It's truly about Business theme. Slice of Life but a Business. Romance not the main point but MC and ML always Lovely dovey and really good. The family feels also nice.

To some people it might be boring? Because it doesn't have Faceslapping whatsoever.

It does have MC being Merciless against bad people though. As in Physically caught the bad people and break their bones. That was still great scene! 👀 But yeah, it doesn't have Faceslapping whatsoever. It has Villains in the background and they did get defeated. But yeah, they do play in the background.

No s*upid nor Frustrating people. It's just a Nice novel and really Light. With good ending and Great Fun extras.

Anyway all in all, I'm ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOVING IT!!! <<less
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Masha sen
Masha sen rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: c25
This is soooooo funny heartwarming

Writing style is funny and harmonious 😏☺️

Line like

There must be something fishy going on. This is a signal for me.

With ML signals about his lover to his mother😆
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Rollandx rated it
December 20, 2023
Status: Completed
If you read it without paying attention to the ML pronouns, you might think he is a girl. Well, I'm not kidding, this story is just a BG story covered with the term 'ger' to justify its 'yaoi' or 'shounen ai' tag.

I can never associate ML with a male from any angle. All his descriptions in this book describe his as beautiful, gentle, able to give birth, not allowed to be close to men if he is not married, etc.

Of all the Chinese novels containing the term 'ger' that I... more>> have read, this is the one that least fits the 'yaoi' tag. If you're a pure yaoi fan, I don't think this is your cup of tea. <<less
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glitteryjoon rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: c1
Honestly, this wasn’t as bad as I think it could have been. Although it was pretty simple and straightforward, as long as you’re not looking for anything dramatic or intricate, this is perfect.

I enjoyed the simplicity of it as well as the various elements of a modern person transmigrating to ancient times. I feel like he was able to put forth money making ideas that didn’t sound completely outrageous like other novels of this genre has done. I also loved that he focused on his village and helping them all... more>> make money in some way or another.

The romance really wasn’t as slow burn as it’s claimed to be. In fact with in the first 20 chapters he meets and starts aiming for the ML before getting married. So idk why it was deemed as slow by the translator and couple comments.

I will say that I get tired of these sort of novels randomly incorporating palace intrigue like it’s a necessity. Where this novel is concerned, they could have just made it a matter of businessmen trying to sabotage one another and left it at that, I’m not sure why it had to have princes and sh*t in the mixed but whatever.

3.5 <<less
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