Moon’s Labyrinths


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His friend and his wife betrayed him. The only thing left to him was his massive debt and his precious daughter. He was without hope as he lived at the bottom. However, a last chance had come to Sungyoon. He was a ‘man without a heartbeat’, and he will explore the Moon’s Labyrinth. He’ll explore the parts of the dungeon yet to be seen!

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달의 미궁
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New novaes rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c79
It's ok. Good, not great. Quite an interesting premise that separates itself from the standard tropes in a refreshing way. Instead of isekai boogaloo, like the name suggests, there are labyrinths on the moon. The action scenes are a bit exciting and fun to read, the power system is clever and hasn't been flogged like a dead horse, but the real mark comes from dad-mode. HE has a cute, fluffy relationship with his young daughter and it bring some life to an otherwise oversaturated genre.

If that sounds like your jam... more>> you just might like it, but now for the bad. These are just gripes and not needed for the review, so I put them in spoilers.
    • There isn't enough fluff with his daughter! He keeps leaving for the dang moon, leaving me disappointed.
    • The action can be a bit bland sometimes since he's always in the same, boring cave system. No magical sights and sceneries to marvel at, just rock walls and monsters. Very damn boring at times.
    • Deadbeats and degenerates everywhere, and the only decent people that exist all seem to be part of his MC posse
    • Too many beautiful women, which leads me to the next point
    • The story is mostly ruined (personal onions) by the very on-the-nose harem elements, I appreciate the author actually set up a reason for harems in the lore, but it's sadly the familiar old korean action LN style 'romance' where the MC is surrounded by amazingly beautiful women, but he's a noble, but stoic asexual blob that ignores how pretty they are, and of course they think that's amazing.
    • He hasn't done anything yet, but the author is bashing us over the head with the harem like a kid who just discovered their birthday party horn is usable after the party.
    • The intro was a little too long, melodramatic and forced. It was blatantly obvious emotional manipulation by the author to build up the MC for the audience, but it was too unbelievable
    • The author completely neglected to set up the entire premise for the story in the ~20ch long intro, the whole moon superhuman is just sprung on us with hardly even the slightest foreshadowing
I'm literally only giving it 4 stars because fluff, and I am not ashamed! <<less
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New ShadowMusamune rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c78
Honestly really liked how well written/translated the start was. I liked how it set things up and the characterization of the main character and those around him. How it described his struggles and strength. The world around him. Then the harem elements really started to ramp up a bit. The female characterizations have noticeable slightly worsened over time, because of it. They all fall for him, because he is nice and kind. So apparently all capable men they meet are pigs in this world. I guess it would be like... more>> the nerdy kid trope that falls in love with the popular/hot person, because they were nice to them. Like they never had someone of their preferred s*x that was nice to them.

For the most part the story, world building and characters are all well done, but the harem elements do lessen the story a bit for me as they don't feel as well done. I think it's worth a read if you don't mind harem plots as the author does flesh them out a little better than some novels on here, but harem just isn't a genre that I can get into as the female/male characterizations slightly worsen for me. It always feels slightly forced. Why can't they just be friends.

Wish I had known it would turn into a harem at the start. <<less
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Valven rated it
March 25, 2020
Status: Completed
I've read this is good somewhere but I don't remember.

I need to read more for a full review, but so far nothing is new. The synopsis basically describes what's happening in the first few chapters. Other than that, it's good so far but needs some work on the content (cliches and tropes).


Read the raws, it's f*cking good. I am speechless on how great it is that I want to re-read it again; but I want to point out how utterly ridiculous NTR is. I dislike... more>> NTR, so I pretty much skim some parts. But the psychological betrayal is what really made me incredibly enthusiastic. I understand that the underlying problem in this novel can be attributed to how the author just engineers sympathy towards our MC. After his wife betrays him all the author does is put him in situations that degrade him even more. The situations are horrible but they are realistic and even then I feel like crying at times on how terrifying it would be. But this isn't a thriller, it's about hope.

The relationship between the father and daughter is (and was) amazing. I just can't fathom how perfectly shaped this relationship was and the underlying theme of oppressive reality the MC has to face. His a degraded person, but when he gets back on his feet it's because of his daughter. When things aren't going well in the story, he has his daughter. Not gonna add anything more because it would ruin it, I absolutely suck at writing reviews. It's just the emotional aspect that just intrigued a sense of self-actualization in me. Every day I read novels as a thirst quencher to a stressful school day and for me, it's the basic essence of happiness. Sometimes I watch shows, but I dispose of them since I can never follow something so diligently; I can with a book, however. My life is so obviously boring and the sense of normalcy follows an introvert. Merely going to school also bothers me, since all I want to do is read read read. Reading this story made me passionate, and an introspective made me realize.

I want to be a dad, not a lonely bookworm. <<less
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Berethgor rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: c61
Having read until chapter 61 my current problem with this novel is that the author constantly mentions that the MC has a really sad past. Many of the characters that he gets to know also happen to have very sad pasts and they share their misfortune like its some kind of merit. At some point it just becomes ridiculous when with every action the MC takes the author mentions that he wouldnt be acting like he does if it wasnt for his really sad past. Did I mention that he... more>> has a really sad past yet? Oh and the women are all beautiful if they like the MC because of course they are. So beautiful infact that the MC would totally fall for all of them if it wasnt for HIS REALLY SAD PAST!

Apart from that the fights are pretty good the setting is ok if you dont think too hard about it and the backstory of the MC would actually be interesting if it wasnt mentioned until you get sick of it. <<less
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Lord Yoshino
Lord Yoshino rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: c63
Loving it till now. Okay well, now I will try to write my first proper review.

What I liked:

MC is not op right from the start. Hints have been given that he is somehow special, he can do certain acts just a bit faster than others. But that about it till now.

The setting for MC has been properly established. Not like all his suffering ends in the first half of the first chapter. A solid ten chapters or so were spent on how he suffered because of his wife's betrayal. How... more>> he refocused his life around his daughter. His relationship with his daughter has been nicely depicted. It seems genuine.

There are scenes in which you can see that the MC after facing some life-threatening incident would be taking out his daughter's pic and whisper her name like a madman to gather his will and courage. It makes you realize just how central a figure she is for him.

The combat descriptions were really good and the author seems to have tried to establish some proper mystery too.

A cool slightly unique idea of labyrinths on the moon and I am really excited how the author approaches this.

No instant falling in love by female character till now. they seem to have their own motivations for now. Also some moderately good relationship development with the main female character for now.

Perfect job by the translators, can't seem to spot any errors myself.


All-female characters who like MC are beautiful, "More beautiful than his ex-wife". Wow like what happened to other normal women of the world. Literally every female character is described like this till now.

Every encounter with a female MC is followed by a description of how he was so tragically affected by the betrayal of his wife that he has developed a phobia of beautiful. Literally never heard of that happening to any divorced man in my entire life. It just seems like a cheap plot point to establish a harem.

His reason for his ambition to enter the great labyrinth seems so shallow. I mean I get he owes his boss but man if he loves his daughter as much as he seems to do wouldn't he worry more for risking his life when he has way less risky means to overcome his debt. To hell with his promise... Still, he doesn't seem to be taking unreasonable risks so maybe it's fine I guess.

Well, all in all, I really enjoyed reading the novel and my only problem is I can't seem to be able to get the raws to read ahead for free lol. Still, I would recommend everybody to give this novel a read. Personally I thoroughly enjoyed binging it. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
March 13, 2020
Status: c12
Cliche start but overall not too bad of a novel so far. A man betrayed by all those around him, his wife and best friend and is too dense/s*upid to notice until the end. After being thrown away by his wife and best friend, his sole goal in life is to live for his daughter. Blackmailed and unable to take revenge he attempts to find ways to recover what he has lost and possibly take revenge on the snakes that stabbed him he enters the Moon’s Labyrinth in hopes of... more>> striking it rich.

Still too early to tell if this is good or bad, but the premise has at the very least been acceptable compared to the tr*sh that has been released back in January. <<less
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Ninth.Echo rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: c28
A lot of people are complaining for the slow pace of this novel for the first 10 chapters. But for me it is not that bad. However, I agree about their comment about the attitude shown by his wife in these chapters. Nevertheless, the story suddenly picks up and became very interesting. Any interesting novels deserves a 5 star. But we can't be sure that it'll be a masterpiece lol.
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pomoli rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c87
I really like it, way better than what I thought it would be.


  • MC is good natured and dense yet not naive (there's a reason for that). He also has a sensible goal set.
  • The harem is actually interesting, the exact way I like it : it's not some s*x fest with a lecherous harem seeking MC, and each girl is developed properly, and kept as a useful character.
  • The daughter is cute and used properly in the plot.
  • The plot makes me wonder about why these gems exist.

  • The beginning was a little bit too unbelievable, even if it was used for mc's education.
  • The chapters are reasonably sized, slightly short, but author still uses too many repetitions, or at least tends to explain stuff in too much detail. It's not as horrible as the typical Chinese WN though.
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loussi rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: c72
I do like the story a lot so far, the MC start from the bottom and start to build up his power. The daughter is adorable, am not too happy about the future harem situation which I definitely feel coming but it doesn't make the story much worse
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