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Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by his brother returned to his possession. Inside, he found a hidden diary in which was recorded “By the time you hear this, I guess I will be already dead….”

Obelisk, the Tower of the Sun God, a world where several universes and dimensions intersect. In this world, his brother had fallen victim to betrayal while climbing up the tower. After learning the truth, Yeon-woo decided to climb the tower along with his brother’s diary.

“From now on, I am Cha Jeong-woo.”

Associated Names
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Ranker Who Lives a Second Time
The Ranker Who Lives Twice
두 번 사는 랭커
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kkgoh rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: v2c22

Very average Korean dungeon-crawler novel written in 2017.
Nothing new or innovative, writing style/narrative is pretty mundane, poor world building.
3 out of 5 stars as of Chapter 47 (v2c22), would've rated it higher if it was more original or if it was an improvement over other similar novels.
I'd flag it as borderline shounen (ages 12-18). Besides constantly powering up, people losing limbs and s*avery, there's no deeper plot, nothing you don't already see in a Dragonball episode, Hunger Games (PG13) or tons of Japanese isekai....


MC goes into a Tower (substitute any generic leveled dungeon) to seek revenge for his twin brother's disappearance/death (substitute any reason here).
He inherits his brother's powers while developing his own abilities. There are typical factional wars/politicking among tower climbers, and there's probably going to be some bigger mystery for all this, but for the moment it's all been done to death in previous novels...


(1) Absolutely nothing innovative.
Here's a quick comparison.
"The Tutorial is Too Hard" (2016), "Reincarnator" (2015), "Everyone Else is a Returnee" (2016), "The King of the Battlefield" (2016), "Main Character Hides his Strength" (2016).

Even the revenge component isn't new, done in "The King of the Battlefield".
If it was well put together that might've been fine, but...

(2) Flawed story
-- Useless dungeon
All the other dungeon crawler novels had a raison d'être for the dungeons' existence. Save humanity, save another world, etc. Even "Reincarnator" was setup as a pointless game by a sick god that just wanted to see deathmatches between different races/species.

This novel's Tower/dungeon is to "become a god once you climb to the top". No clue why that is, or who would set it up. No mystery, nada. The MC's brother didn't care because he just wanted to find an elixir within the Tower for his mom. Even the MC doesn't care too! Readers are just supposed to accept that. We're completely disinvested in the story right from the beginning.

Even worse, it's mentioned at the beginning people became disinterested in climbing the Tower due to the difficulty. Well if you CAN CHOOSE NOT to climb the tower (since according to MC's brother you can apparently go back to the real world), and can't be bothered being incentivized to climb the tower to become a god, then what the hell is everyone still hanging around the Tower for??? Why not go back to the real world and become a badass with your newfound powers?

-- Disconnected revenge plot
The only thing left pushing the story is revenge, which isn't particularly done well either. We're not emotionally connected to the disappearance/death of the MC's brother since there was only a brief diary from his brother and the reason for his disappearance is poorly explained.


MC's 19 yr old brother ran away from home supposedly to find a cure to their mom's "chronic disease". He didn't tell anyone, supposedly because he was afraid his brother would take his place.
Maybe it's a translation issue or author wasn't thinking when wording the diary, but chronic diseases can be anything from arthritis to cancer. Since the only hint was his mom looking more haggard everyday in hospital, I'm assuming it's cancer, which usually involves a prognosis and timeline (XX months to live, etc). MC's mom eventually passed away within the five years that MC's brother disappeared.
You'd think that if you're running away to find a cure for your critically-ill mom, you'd know not to pointlessly spend years and years MIA adding to her worries/stress (possibly leading to her death), especially after you pledged to return in 6 months.
Also, maybe he could just leave a note explaining where he went? It's not like they could easily follow after him? It's an isekai!

Furthermore, in the diary, MC's brother was ranting along the lines of...
"I was betrayed by A".
"I could have become better/faster/stronger but I was betrayed by B and took an arrow/dagger in the knee/heart".
"While I was missing for 2.5 years, I find someone I love!"
"I lost everything, then I was betrayed by C. Oh and then I took another arrow/dagger in the knee/heart".

Yea we get it. You're an ass.


And it's annoying when you know there's a simple fix. Maybe just write that the mom is still alive? Maybe her condition worsened, she slipped into a coma, and that makes the need for the cure even more important, which gives MORE REASON for the MC to go into the dungeon??

-- World Building is pathetic
Lazy writing. A lot of elements are just randomly introduced with no coherent explanation. Or details are thrown in haphazardly at the end after author realizes he didn't explain it earlier.


- There isn't an explanation on how people get access to the dungeon (they just randomly receive a phone message), but apparently nepotism exists (since parents can somehow bring their kids over, which btw is a direct copy of "Main Character Hides His Strength"). i.e. There's at the very least some way to communicate between worlds. But author just glosses over it.
- Skills/weapons that MC acquires are randomly mentioned as Unique, etc, or completely missing their modifiers in their description (e.g. Unique, D+). Then there are paragraphs of exposition explaining how awesome these modifiers are. Literally "this weapon is ranked D+. Holy sh*t that's so amazing, how did you not know that?" We're left wondering what the hell the difference is between E and D since author doesn't talk about it.
- Mana can apparently do anything/everything. Modify weapons, augment physical abilities, etc. And somehow MC is the only person in the tutorial that can utilize mana in that way.
- After randomly killing MULTIPLE bosses, they are mentioned to regenerate after each tutorial (i.e. every month). Many monsters are given backstories (love for their children, etc), but no reason why they are there. Often times they are not even there as a trial, they just live in their corner of the world minding their own business. Then MC constantly goes on and on justifying why he's entitled to kill the monsters (because it's a dog-eat-dog world). So what's the point of giving us backstories to the monsters? Fillers??
- Somehow other players such as the dark elf can give out quests/rewards. Huh??
- It's REPEATEDLY mentioned players have innate abilities, which seems to be luck-of-the-draw. No amount of effort/determination makes up for it. i.e. You're either born with a silver spoon or nada. And MC just happens to have TWO silver spoons, one from his brother.


Just compare this to "Main Character hides his Strength" or "Second Life of Gluttony" where all of these mechanics were explained in clear logical detail.

(3) Pointlessly OP MC... right from the beginning
MC inherits his brother's powers, and combined with his own skills becomes ridiculously OP just in the tutorial phase (LESS THAN ONE MONTH'S TIME!!!!). There's nothing wrong with OP MCs if done correctly/humorously, but this is just totally absurd with zero humor/interesting draws. MC just proceeds to steamroll everything and everyone, even people outside of the tutorial (official tower climbers).

Compare that to "The Tutorial is Too Hard" and "Reincarnator" where we're slowly watching MC grow through excruciating trials. Even One-Punch Man had a more interesting backstory where we're witnessing an OP MC's struggle for meaning when he's too OP.
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kublikhan rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: v4c1
I don't recommend this novel:

The entire premise of this webnovel makes no sense whatsoever. MC is thrown into a game like world where people have to compete against monsters, traps, and each other for a chance at wealth and power. Sounds OK so far. But all of the levels reset every playthrough like in a game. That means anyone was has played the game once knows where the traps are, where the hidden treasures are, where the powerups are, etc. Yet even after millions of people play this game, not... more>> a single person decided to record this information down and sell it/give it away to other players of the game? Not a single person? What kind of s*upid ass logic is that? Even in this day and age you can find all kinds of strategy guides, trainers, cheat engines, streaming channels, etc for games. And these games don't even reward you with wealth, power, and godhood. Neither do they risk your life. And still people will go to any lengths to one up the competition to get any edge they can get. Yet in a game where people are risking their lives we are supposed to believe no one ever wrote a guide? At least in other novels the MC's edge came from divine intervention, resetting time, a grandpa in a ring, SOMETHING that gives the MC an edge. Yet in this novel the MC's edge is literally just a strategy guide written by his brother. The same things MILLIONS of other people could have written. Yet instead of writing a simple strategy guide to get an edge, the bad guys do other s*upid sh*t like slaughter hundreds of thousands of people to harvest their essence. Dude, MC got his hands on a strategy guide that is millions of times more powerful than your slaughter method!

Then when the MC is preparing to enter this game like world he has the chance to bring whatever he wants, including guns, bombs, etc. MC instead decides to bring a knife "to test himself." WTF? Supposedly he is going into this world to get revenge for his slain brother. His enemies have crazy magic powers and equipment, hundreds of years experience, thousands of followers, etc. Don't you think a bit of an edge in weapon choice might be warranted here? I can understand not wanting to bring guns into a fantasy world. But then all the author has to say is something like: "This world prevents you from bringing in any weapon more advanced than a knife." Instead we have the MC intentionally handicapping himself for no reason.

Then there are the guardians. These guys are supposed to enforce the rules. But they do jackshit. Veterans with crazy powers walk into the newbie areas and slaughter hundreds of thousands of newbies with not a single peep from the guardians. And apparently no one notices when hundreds of thousands of people just up and disappear.

Finally, every single thing in this world causes the MC to powerup. He gets hit with a poison arrow: "You have acquired poison immunity." He loses all his blood: "You have acquired a stamina boost." He walks into a dark room "You have acquired night vision." This guy can't even take a sh*t without it giving him a powerup. <<less
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novaes rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: v3c17
Gets worse as time goes on. It's just another one of those "future knowledge guy uses magical knowledge to become OP" only he's neither reincarnated, nor does he have future knowledge but the story acts just like he is. So mechanically, there's almost no difference!

The story itself started off with an interesting, if cliche idea, then quickly loses its way and devolves into a mess.

... more>>

Initially, MC was supposed to be in a tutorial for new people, but it quickly turns out that grossly overpowered people somehow made it in because they somehow know the tutorial exists, and get groomed for it by their families, so they sealclub the bejeezus out of everything. The tutorial is ALWAYS, the same, too, so everyone else has all these cool plans and know about a whole bunch of secrets, then everyone just sort of power-games the tutorial. Oh and it turns out the tutorial isn't even locked to newbies, either. Therefore any idiot can go back into to smash some newbs, because ???? Another massive plot hole right there.

Not that it's really a problem since the MC rapidly becomes vastly more powerful than people who have spent their whole life preparing for the tutorial.


The more I read the more I realized it's just watching paint dry as some poopsocking nolifer analogue abuses the heck out of the game with a trainer, a gameguide and rigged dice. It's not a horrible story, but it's just not good or clever enough to stand out from the crowd. 4/10 kinda meh but not atrocious. <<less
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dtfyg rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: c50
So let's start with how I came upon this novel. I first saw this novel in series rankings which I check occasionally for new novels. At the time, it had about 15 chapters. After reading the premise, I thought this could be a pretty good read with lots of potential so I left it for a few months to binge. "There's no way to mess this up" I thought. It's synopsis is already sort of a parody to the stereotypical boring regression dungeon/tower crawler theme that Korean novels seem to... more>> be unable to stray away from. At worse, it'll just be another typical brain dead dungeon crawler right?

Fast forward 3 months.

So I check my bookmarked list and see that this novel finally has over 60 chapters. That'll last me a night right? Nope.

This novel somehow manages do squirm below all my expectations. Not only is every single character a template from the regression/dungeon crawler cliches, even worse is that the novel goes out of its way to make extra plot holes and plot armor just so they can have that click-bait premise.

If this was simply regression novel, I can understand the plot. MC goes back in time and uses his future knowledge to power up. Here MC uses his deceased brother's "diary" to find stuff that people apparently are still missing after 6 years of having learnt about it.

So one excuse I can see them making is that you can't send messages into the "tutorial" or out. Though apparently MC's competitors all have been trained by their parents to succeed in the tutorial. Throughout the novel, random plot holes like these will just keep springing up because the author wants to write a regression novel. Everything just falls into place for the MC despite him making countless mistakes and OoCs.

If you just like the regression theme because you haven't read dozens of them already, even then I would not recommend this.

Instead go read "the tutorial is too hard" or the current #1 which I can't remember the name of (something gluttony/avarice), etc.

2/5, not recommended <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
May 8, 2019
Status: v1c23
This novel is similar to "This tutorial is too hard" and "Tower of God" but it has its own unique charm. The MC seems great and although it is a bit confusing how his twin gave him all this info and power while other people are not able to do the same, accepting this premise leads to a very interesting story. I hope the TL will find a place in the wuxiaworld official site as this story deserves it!
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BAttle_God rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: c112
Very overrated novel.

Only in chapter 112, it already has so many glaring plot holes I cant even be bothered to count.

For example:

    • At some point MC doesnt want to join the red dragon team because they will surely ask him to take his mask off. Then after some chapters MC tries to switch sides, (After the phoenix has died, which is pretty idiotic if you ask me, but whatever.) and joins red dragon. Also this happens after he has killed some of its players. But what happened to worrying about them taking off his mask???
    • Power levels are all over the place. MC after getting to 11 floor he can already beat people who are at floor 49. Ok.

      But you know why this can happen?

      Because the author has not set a standart of power for levels. This means we have absolutely no clue about how powerful a lvl 30 player is, or a lvl 40 player is. It just feels like author can write whatever he wants and get away with it. At this point it wouldnt even surprise me if MC could beat a lvl 60 ranker or loose to a lvl 20 player. Thats how little information we have about the power system.
    • Also what the f*ck is with players being able to go to lower floors whenever they want? For example at the tutorial Cheonghwado clan has send some players from the higher floor in order to get all the recourses. But ofcourse our newbie MC somehow manages to kill him either way. But my point is this. Any clan can send some strong members to lower floors and horde all the resources they want, kill whoever they want as well. Makes absolutely no sense at all. :)
    • Also his brother must have been omnipotent with all the knowledge he left for MC. Thats how it seems. But at the end of the day he died from being betrayed.
    • Also at this novel, monsters are not the ones hunting humans. Humans are the ones hunting monsters, if you can even call them monsters. Basically they are different species but they have intelligence and emotions like humans. But our MC massacres the monsters childs and the monsters without giving a f*ck. It seems very inhumane, because at the end of the day the reason we call them monsters, are because they should be unintelligent and emotionless isnt that so? But at this novel it wouldnt even make a difference if the monsters were actually humans in costumes.
    • Also how could his brother send him all that information while you cant exit the tower? If people could do that everyone who had some aquiantance inside the tower would be OP from the start, because of knowing the treasures, traps and more... Thats also the only reason MC has been OP so far. I guess it has to do with the watch being a special artifact maybe? But my point is the author never bothered to place this question. He has just skipped everything that has to do with this. Really hope he tells us in the future w/e.
    • Also the MC after growing up on earth, after getting to the tower, he starts killings hundreds of players and he feels absolutely nothing about doing it. And the excuse he provides? Maybe he has gotten used to it from his life as a soldier in Africa (Which we know horsh*t about). You know he is supposedly living on current earth right? Makes me wonder how much he has killed in Africa.
    • Also many people are searching for the stone heart that was lost in the tutorial, but noone suspects the MC yet. With only a little bit of brains one would know that the only one among the tutorial players who could destroy that Araghas team (Or something like that) would be the MC.
Pretty sure there are more plot holes but I just cant remember them right now.

Also the MC, well I dont like him. These type of 'emotionless' MC's

feel to bland.

W/e, its still a enjoyable novel that I would read but even giving it 3 stars feels a bit generous.
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Birdie rated it
August 30, 2020
Status: c280
What I learned from this is if you go to war in Africa, you will come out of it with the life experience of a grand sage capable of responding to any possible ridiculous situation. Idk if you enjoy the endless power stacking/accumulation type novels you'll enjoy it. If not then it's fine for a while in the beginning until the author starts to go off the rails of reasonableness and I can't accept the absurd situations the MC is able to bullsh*t his way out of. Fun until you... more>> get bored. <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: v4c3
This starts well, but begins to deteriorate around volume 3. The story is solid, with a nice twist - instead of a second life, its following the memories of the brother. Unfortunately that is all that is positive. In the beginning it starts well, with the MC grinding and getting his first cheat skill ... more>>

Vampire drain

Also if the author mentions Africa one more time as a reason for the MC being super badass, I swear... 3*. <<less
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Sainify rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: v4c11
Its good.
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13th Echelon
13th Echelon rated it
October 18, 2019
Status: v4c23
This novel is much more better than The Tutorial is Too Hard.

The TTTH has so much bullsh*t details that you won't even need to learn, and the world is not that much interesting. First person perspective sucks.

The MC in this novel has a mission and a motive, that way a reader can anticipate every chapter, every character are interesring, and the story progression is fairly good.
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Vuguroth rated it
September 16, 2019
Status: v4c7
Second Life Ranker is a novel that's both great as well as horrible. To condense it, I would explain it as a good writer that's also perverse.

The primary issues being its ridiculously high trope levels and the distasteful MC worship. If you are resistant to tropes, you might actually like the books a lot, but if you're weak to tropes... you might want to steer clear...

The novels start with the MC getting a divine source of information similar to the chinese grandpa trope. Because of this he can find a... more>> bunch of OP artifacts and secrets. The source also gives him an OP skill/body inheritance. This maybe doesn't sound much to your ears, but it's absolutely ridiculous how much the OP factors stack up. Very early on he even gets a gluttony type skill, so now he's also building stats like crazy...

The MC can pretty much sneeze and his skills will grow, and in a few weeks he's way stronger than others who have dedicated their lives to training and growing stronger - with even stronger and more influential backers than the MC's inheritance.

Now why would a pretty good writer write like this? Is he a sellout? He noticed the OP MC formula gained traction and popularity and used that to earn money..? Is he just immature..? The writing shows quite a bit of technical proficiency, so it seemingly isn't written by a naive youngster...

The MC worship doesn't just stop at being OP. He also recklessly throws himself into danger almost losing his life and forfeiting his grand plan, because he's such an awesome (foolish) dude. He'll mix preparation and traps with ridiculous fights, and no one of his rivals has a sigh of a chance at being as awesome as he is. Because in a world of survival, he's the only one using basic means of survival.

One young noble he meets as one of his rivals gets retorted once and frustratingly exclaims how the MC is such a well-versed talker... - Has he never before heard a simple retort after being brought up by some of the strongest individuals around? And having contact with them? Maybe they thought he was allergic to debating and decided to raise him completely unsocial. Everyone just folds and bows to the MC in this fashion. MC is god and the writer his prophet. Making the whole thing very unbelievable...

Looking through the forums readers keep having discussions on how to possibly swallow this, and with enough mental gymnastics maybe you can. <<less
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Yuzu rated it
November 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Alternate review, as you can easily get the gist of things from reading other reviews and the wiki.

Just know that the MC is not dragged by a female heroine at any given moment. No harem development for those obsessed with the many-wives logic and lack of romance from start to end. There are many female characters, with their own story that help assist the MC uncover the mysteries he comes faced with.

His cold-blooded nature allows him to think rationally and not with his c*otch. You can think of this novel... more>> as a mystery even given how many secrets needed to be uncovered constantly after thinking you've solved one question.

There is so much plot points the author covers that there is no room for the MC to waste on love. Especially considering how 'tight' time is for all these events within the tower. He's gotta get revenge, avenge, save and end it all.

Instead, the novel truly focuses on the theme of 'Family'. Many of the choices the characters make all stem from family, including many of the various situational antagonists that Yeon-woo faces. The characters are flushed out with emotions and personality making it more enjoyable to empathize and annoyed/frustrated with others. He spends more time dealing with his brother's past relations

as well as his father's. The whole family is what drives him.


The joke here is that although there is no female lead, the Damsel in distress from start to end is his younger brother. <<less
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Traveler rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: c284
I don't get why this is so hyped and have very good review. Although it's not bad it has a lot of inconsistencies, plot holes and forced logics.

Edit : Down from 3* to 2*. After chapter 284 or so, it's full of nonsense. The power ranking also strange. It said that he can easily beat nine dragon sons, but when he is fighting with someone who is supposedly weaker than them, he struggled/lost. Also few chapter before the narrator said that, he run away from one of them.

Edit 2... more>> : Change to 1 star. The logic is all over the place. Many things don't make sense at all. His cold blooded trait which is a passive (and his personality) that supposed to be active all the time, doesn't like he have it in some situations the author want him to act batsh*t crazy. Same goes with a few of his power. <<less
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Heraxia rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c279
Well, why 2 stars ? It's my first review, and I don't want to write a block who nobody will read, so I'll try to resume in a few phrases my view about this s*upidly overrated novel.

If I had to resume this novel in one world, it would be: empty.

The MC has a plot armor as thick as a fortress, and he becomes s*upidly fast OP. I mean, he isn't even a ranker, aka those who have gone past the 49th floor, but forget about f*cking them, he even can... more>> beat the crap out of the high-ranked ones Oo...

Another point that I find annoying is that the MC is "all-knowing". His pocketwatch not only tell him what time is it, but also f*cking everything about the tower: hidden pieces who aren't longer ones, weakness of a sh*t lot of people, how to get the OP skill / artifacts... basically the MC is following a set path and most of the time doesn't even try to find thing past what was recorded on the watch.

These two points are for me the bad points about the novel, if we forget that it is generic af obviously... I personally would have rated 3 stars, but seeing how it's so much overrated, I will only give it 2. So, as a conclusion, I would say that SLR is a good novel to kill time when you have absolutely nothing to read and don't mind big plot armor. <<less
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Ascension rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: v1c3
So far story seems quite good. And translation is decent.

It has one of the elements that I love in korean novels, the Tower genre. Those of you who like The Tutorial is Too Hard, The World After the Fall or others like these 2, will probably like this story.

Synopsis is good for this novel, so I won't spoil more than that, except to say that we have a different spin to the regressors/reincarnators genre. There's 2 twin brothers, and long story short, one of the brothers dies, and uploads his... more>> experience/life into his brother so that his brother can avenge him. <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
August 15, 2019
Status: v3c19
I don't usually read revenge novels as the MC always seem to either fall in love or form a harem, which defeats the character of a cold, ruthless MC/ruins the story, but I'm glad this revenge plot have neither!

Summary: One day, the MC receives news of his younger twin brother's death years after his disappearance and a pocket watch. The pocket watch contains his younger brother's memories, inheritance, and reasons for his death/disappearance. After finding out the truth, the MC embarks on a journey to seek revenge for his younger... more>> brother and dominate the world!

MC: a special force soldier from the military, which gives the MC a legitimate reason as to why he can level up so fast and overpower all his enemies

Side Characters: a dumb and dumber brother duo, a lil shota enchanter, a pair of martial arts sibling, and a master blacksmith

Overall: As mentioned, the MC is a cold, ruthless individual that for once sticks to his character settings, so we have no romance, no harem, no childish antics, and no unnecessary dog-blood melodrama. The MC only has one goal, to revenge his younger brother, so there is only leveling up and more leveling up to become strong. I'm here for the face slaps and fight scenes, which is exactly what I got and they are ultra satisfying. I give this five stars for successfully distracting me from real life. <<less
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Mentalperson rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: c148
Started out fairly good but falls into the same problem as many other light novels; the further the novel goes the more nonsensical things start to become. Contradictory morality, logic skips, and random power creeps
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Ironicca rated it
July 19, 2019
Status: v3c6
the 2nd novel I really like with male lead protagonist after Solo Leveling.

I really like the MC of this series, his cold attitude and his solo way of solving stages. It's weird, but I really like MCs who do everything solo with his own power without depending too much on other characters, rapidly increasing his own stats. I also love how he didn't get a cheat, rather it's just him using his head following the hand-down informations inhirited from his brother and progressing way faster than an average person.

The characters,... more>> the plot, the "tower" concept, imo, is interesting. Maybe people find it cliche, however, as for me that normally read otome novels, I found dungeon and levels are very intriguing. I could say proudly that I totally enjoy this story. Currently he's still in the finishing of tutorial (not even enter the real stage a.k.a tower yet) and from there I could see that there's still a long way to go for this novel, which is great, because honestly, I found this story addictive. It would be sad if the story ends quickly :">

Even though there indeed were some unexplained plot holes, it was bearable. <<less
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operativealyssa rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: v2c12
First and foremost, this novel is amazing! The MC is OP and has an interesting background. The side characters have their own color too! They aren't just mere canon fodder for the MC. The translation is done well too. And it is somehow similar to Tower of God but honestly, I like this better than ToG. The MC is more clever and is goal-driven compared to the MC in ToG. Highly recommend!
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phreakinsane rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: v4c27
One of my favorite Korean novels. The only down side I can even think of is no translator anymore. The story and characters were all great in my n opinion.

Hoping to see the cold hearted MC warm up to some romance in the future. But it's not something that should be rushed, as of volume 4, there is potential for a future romance and if that's the case I approve on the pacing due to his revenge goals and also approve of his waifu. (Though hope there is continued development... more>> not just a sudden relationship)

I love how he is ruthless to his enemies and loyal to his friends & family <<less
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