Memoirs of the Returnee


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It was a useless ability, right till the very end. That’s what Shion thought as he was dying. Among all the tr*sh, it was the tr*shiest that could only record.

Even when the Libra family was taking his life, his ability, ‘Notepad’, could only record.

But then, with his return, the amplification of the Notepad occurred. Not only recording and storing, but also recalling memories.

All the conditions were prepared.

“My future dream is to be a guardian knight of Libra.”

Now, Shion is about to record their downfall from the closest place to his enemies.

[Memoirs of the Returnee]
Associated Names
One entry per line
hoegwijaui memojang
Notepad of regression
Regressor's Memo Pad
Regressor's Notepad
회귀자의 메모장
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New chestnutriceandkamehameha rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: c198
This one is probably Jee Gab Song's masterpiece. I always thought the setting in the Villain Wants to Live was something super unique and the plotlines were quite good, but no matter how far that story went there was a sense of something missing, this novel is one that has built up on all the things from his previous works with, so far, absolutely none of what makes it bad. The story is great, the characters are not one dimensional at all with each of them following different motivations and... more>> goals, the plotline and world setting is unique and fresh, it's a self contained system that is very loyal to the rules it has set for itself. The best part of it all is that all kinds of possible misunderstandings are handled right away and the story consistently seems fun. By all means, this one is a 'mature' work.

I can go on and on about how fun it is and how much I like it, so instead I'll talk about some of the common complaints in other reviews.

1) MC is a pushover, bootlicker, idiot, unlikeable:

100% troll reviews. Shion is a very nice protagonist and gets better as chapters go down. He isn't a mu*der hobo which is likely what's making many of these kids seethe. It takes a while for him to adjust to his place and for us to adjust to the very different world setting, but once the focus truly goes on Shion and his goals, he quickly becomes a very fun protagonist and kind of the best lens to see the world through.

2) The World doesn't make sense:

I don't understand this point. The world is very mystical, it follows the rules it has set for itself very strictly. There is a lot of mystique in things. I see that a lot of people these days absolutely need explanation for everything, this work, in my opinion keeps the 'magic' in its definition of magic and that reflects the best through the world. It never goes too far to stretch the thread of suspension of disbelief too thin. I think it is done well.

3) Slow paced, slice of lifey:

It isn't exactly slow paced as it is dense. You see a lot of stuff from the beginning of the story, it is very happening in very little time which makes it seem slow paced. The fact that there are some info dumps doesn't help. That said, it has the perfect mix of tension and relaxation, and it's definitely not an issue of things going too slow since a lot is constantly happening.

4) Notepad is a strange ability:

Yes. This is a very valid critisism. Notepad is a loose power that isn't exactly following any determined rules. I personally think it was a good decision from the author and makes things very fun, but if you are someone who absolutely needs quantification behind every ability, then you might have some qualms with Notepad. It is fun nonetheless and I am certain won't work as a deux ex machina wherever it counts.

5) Characters suck:

Absolutely not. The characters are the best part of the novel.

6) female leads suck:

You might think this for exactly one person in the beginning, Elise. But that character's transformation is done so well that Id bet everyone would want her to be the main heroine.

The other female leads are good. They're funny, quirky and all of them have their own ambition.

7) It's Jee Gab Song so there will be a lot of annoying misunderstandings.

Believe it or not, there was a moment very fit for a misunderstanding. If it was in The Novel's Extra or Villain Wants to Live the misunderstanding would have easily continued for a hundred chapters if not for the whole novel. And this time, it was resolved, in a grand total of 1 chapters all thanks to a mature dialogue with a side character. Unbelievable for one of this author's novels, but it is so. There is still a vague one sided misunderstanding that can't exactly be called that, but I don't see it being a problem in the future either since the MC has been very clear about his stance on the character and the event.

Overall, I think the rating currently is too low and not really reflective of how good and mad fun this story is. Would highly recommend. <<less
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New zekund rated it
November 27, 2023
Status: c37
If you are used to the pacing of typical light novels/web novels, this one will feel slow paced or not enough progress toward story. The author takes too much time with establishing the characters, the world, the conflicts, even daily works (cutting firewood). But the catharsis from conflict resolution feels too tiny or delayed.

People usually treat these novels like eating junk food: quick, easy and gratifying, but this one is being prepared like full course meal. Already chapter 37 and it felt like nothing really progressed due to too much... more>> focus on setups and details. It also seems to avoid empowering MC early. This might be appealing to some readers who are tired of OP MC but due to being established as very weak (sickly) MC, sometime when he accomplished something, it felt like power levels are not clearly defined.

But if you like slow paced story, hate OP MC and have good patience, you might enjoy reading this. <<less
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Albirr rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: c108
Up to date with the MTL and damm, I can alr see the train wreck that Gab Song is setting up but tbh, I sorta respect that he’s not starting to add all this drama at around 100s of chapters later like how he usually does.

when it comes to the MC himself, he’s not as chad as MC from Villain wants to live and infact he’s closer to the MC from novels extra. It’s sorta annoying because I was hoping Gab Song would stick with a “smarter” MC but oh... more>> well.

when it comes to his powers, he’s def more OP compared to Novels Extra and Villian wants to live but I actually like that more. Usually Gab Song says his MCs are “weak” but in fact they are usually always strong when the plot wants them which feels sorta cheap. I like what he’s doing rn because he’s OP and he’s taking advantage of his cheat to be OP, so his wins are nice because he uses his advantages to his max and it doesn’t feel like a force from the plot.

when it comes to the Heroines, you can tell the drama that Gab Song is tryna set up and he doesn’t even try to hide it, in fact there are hints to his Harem members right from the first chapter. Tbh the drama can be exhausting and annoying in his works but honestly main reason I read his works is cause of the train wreck drama and tbh I’m enjoying it and it has me coping that it might be good, but Gab Song has disappointed every time so I’m tryna have low expectations.

overall, at chapter 108, and not much has happened but I’m coping it’d be good in terms of the ending. <<less
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rattlesnake753 rated it
September 17, 2023
Status: c70
As of chapter 70 there is not even one likable character, it is amazing how the author was able to do it I am very impressed 👍 The MC character is really inconsistent, what is worse he is entitled, not very sharp (but thinks himself pretty clever), takes the high moral ground (but he worked for the Libra and also in the underground- so also hypocritical) and is over all a self-righteous talentless prick with delusion of grandeur that doesn't work hard ... more>>

well he has a freaking cancer

, but he is even too tired to read! 98% of the "important" cast are women with such an dislikeable attitudes that I want to slap them to death. Communication between characters is lying under the bridge and crying, most of the cast has zero chemistry and all of them are failure as a human being. The novel overall gives a pretty stuffing/frustrating feeling and together with a slow pacing it gets irritating quickly. Well it is nicely written and translated. <<less
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Rustbin rated it
September 21, 2023
Status: c142
Very similar to this author's previous works, so if you want more of that you'll like this one too.

Many tropes in the author's previous works come back: love/hate relationships filled with misunderstandings; MC using his skill to become a skilled artist/craftsman; even the name of the maximum security prison in this world is re-used from a older webnovel.

Like with Toika's novels, this author's stuff is basically all the same but I gobble it up anyway.
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Yalex rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: c55
The story is fun and entertaining, like the other works of the author. It has a flaw for which I don't think it receives 5/5. This is that the MC is such a pushover. Like he gets scorned all the time, which is obv not his fault but nevertheless a bit frustrating. This is not the problem however. The problem is that the MC saves the ones that scorn him. He even puts his life on the line for it. Call me petty, but if someone is constantly looking down... more>> on me, insulting me and incites bullying, I would not try to save them.

"That girl, who hates me so hard she will probably try to kill me the moment we graduate, she is the reason for my mother's death, the girl that I hate to the core, the one who never shows and ounce of gratitude, let's save her from this crazy prisoner."

Nahh fam that won't do. <<less
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halfbakedd rated it
September 3, 2023
Status: c100
I don't know what fantasy is waffling about in his review but it seems like we're reading different novels. The MC is far from overpowered, his ability has a huge drawback, the fact it has a small capacity of storage. The MC is also never described as handsome, he's a short (though he does get taller as his body develops), bald guy who's unkempt. So far there is no romance, and the story is focused on drama mostly. The interactions with the school "celebrities" seem organic in the way that... more>> their connections are out of necessity, not desire. The mc's past life is revealed in bits and pieces as the story continues to flesh itself out and as new characters are introduced. The interesting story paired with the quality translation and constant releases make for an easy novel to keep up with and read.

The biggest problem for me is the beginning portion, but when it gets to the college board it starts gaining momentum.

I would recommend <<less
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Saitama15 rated it
September 30, 2023
Status: c57
The setting is absurd. They have everything we do: smartphones, cameras, the internet, etc., yet they lack guns and still maintain a nobility system with knights.

The power levels are unclear. I can't gauge how powerful the main character (MC) is. He often appears weak, yet occasionally displays his strength. It's ambiguous.

The story doesn't progress smoothly. The academy arc is disappointing. There are constant assignments, and the MC relies on his unique power to pass them. It's monotonous.
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m33ggy rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: c40
The writing is good, the translation is good, I have no problem except for one thing — the characters.

Meet the MC! He is an emotionally fragile person that will literally lick your toes if you give him a penny. In his first regression he was a very loyal subject to the household libra because that household is the patron of their orphanage. He was used by that household and was mu*dered by them too. Then with a light of miracle glittered upon his fate — he regressed, hooray!

He told himself... more>> he won't be a pushover, won't be used by anyone and will get revenge but as I read through the story – I highly doubt it.

He did have a backbone and did not let himself get pushed by his classmates. But he was still pliant as ever, especially to the main heroine (I forgot her name lol). He deluded himself that he himself needed to be a knight in shinining armor to this beautiful princess, but the said princess did not even care if this f*cker died. I thought that she did something so worth it to get this treatment (well she kinda did since she saved him in the first regression; but the MC said she only did it out of pity. It's like she treated him like a pitiful beggar and gave him some spare change - so I don't know).

Well theres also the second heroine (again I forgot the name) but she was annoying as f*ck — no I meant every character in that whole novel is an annoying as*hole — they all loathe the MC an extreme rate for no justifiable reason. The only lovable character to that novel is the old man in the bas**ent, so I say, make him the heroine of that novel because he deserved it.

I pity the MC because he lacks any sort of love and will give his all to any person that will give him any sort of basic human decency. That is why I called him emotionally fragile — with how this is going I doubt he'd get his revenge and probably fold if the libra household gave him enough love and attention.

I love romance and harem tag but honestly with the characters here, it is better for the MC to be cold hearted and remove this tag, but if the romance is reserved for the old man well~ 😏😏 (jk)

Well that's all. <<less
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Macaron rated it
August 14, 2023
Status: c50
Original (3.8/5)
... more>>

Update: C83 (2.5/5) I really want to like this novel but it's hard to do so when the characters are all over the place. I'll keep reading but just know that the story is just getting worse the more you read. Highly disappointed thus far.


TLDR: I like the author, messy start, good progression, interesting story.

I LOVE Jee Gab Song! Although he had a rocky start with monster, he's been getting better and you can tell! Anyways, I really do enjoy the novel so far.

To quickly sum up the novel thus far, the main character dies and comes back from the future with the ability 'Notepad' that's been seriously juiced up through Peronium, an item produced by Libra (main antagonist-company) before going back in time. He travels back to when he was about to drop out of magic highschool and decides to take an alternative route into college. Afterwards, he's mainly just trying to survive in a highly competitive and malicious environment due to classism and just general hatred from focal characters in the story.

So far the story is really interesting and the story is actually starting to ramp up at around chapter 40, but therein lies the problem. The novel doesn't have the best start. It's a bit rocky right off the bat with the clunky conversation between the protagonist and his killer from the original timeline, to introducing the main characters are... Not the best.


Take Elise for example. Her initial description came from a side character in the form of a highly ambiguous and downright confusing manner that boils down to 'She really doesn't like the MC'. Furthermore, her interactions with the MC towards the start of the novel just makes her feel as through she's some sort of phantom who's personality isn't drawn out yet, to the point of having barely 3-4 lines every 2 chapters.


However, all of that does start to get better later on. As is with most of Song's works, he has a slightly weak start but the story fleshes out a lot more as you progress with the novel. <<less
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November 16, 2023
Status: --
Engrossing, but forgettable.

The power that the MC has is one of those vague plot related power ups. For example, the power to write notes and keep them morphs into the power to record anything he sees, to the ability to copy anything he sees, then into the power copy abilities of any object as well as improve any object. It’s so lazy of an ability.

Its just too plot breaking and along with the random vague limitations, I can’t take the story seriously. The set up to the story is we... more>> have a MC on a revenge quest after his death in a previous life, and so to become an insider on the company he wants revenge, he goes to school with the elites fighting his background- a poor cancer ridden orphan who can’t use magic.

The problem is he can quickly and freely learn from his recorded memories- so he can master swordsmanship, painting, scriptwriting etc. Instantly. The writer throws a bunch of random scenarios at you disguised as tests for the school, and while that’s initially fun, it’s ultimately just filler.

In addition, certain characters feel forced into the spotlight, namely the main female character, who is really irrelevant to the overall main plot.

Ultimately this is just another tr*shy Korean power fantasy located at an academy. <<less
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Dojmopo rated it
November 27, 2023
Status: c193
This novel has got it all:

  • Absurd romantic subplots, hate/love relationships straight out of a Korean drama
  • A lively modern fantasy world run by a sham parliament & corporations filled with psychopaths
  • Resourceful MC who is actually an underdog, like literal human garbage at the beginning.
  • Cheat abilities don't get too advantageous.
  • Good incorporation of core themes
  • Constant foreshadowing
  • Fun interactions between side characters
Some people like to complain about the loose power system and the MC's cheat, but I'm fine with it, because what he achieves with it ultimately doesn't break my SOD and affect the balance... more>> of the world. There is nothing wrong with a soft magic system based on asspulls as long as it ties in with characterization, plot, and overall believability. A hard magic system isn't inherently better.

Some things I didn't like were the themes of unaliving. Occasionally it was executed well, but other times it was forced. I consider this to be a minor issue because it ultimately doesn't have much involvement, the author doesn't have to portray a sensitive topic the exact way I want it to.

The other thing I didn't like was how the author sunk my ship. I don't consider myself a shipper by any measure, but you cannot just spend 100+ chapters developing a heart throbbing hate/love relationship and then drop it like this, and then have the gall to puppet the heroine's metaphorical corpse around like she's still going to end up together with the MC. It's ship baiting, awful stuff.


It's quite easy to miss this, I think most reviewers didn't get it. Basically the heroine Elise gets trapped in a time loop with a future version of the MC. They spend 2000 days together and gradually fall in love. Elise can leave at any time and solved the puzzle behind the loop, returning to their timeline, but didn't tell future MC because she wants to be with him. They are bored with the time loop zone so they promise to write each a novel. Elise writes a novel called "Short Story that wants to become a Novel" as a metaphor about their life. When Elise finally has to leave as future MC's consciousness is crumbling, the narration states not so subtly that this love and Short Story will not be a part of the main plot. Literally the author confirming that she will not be the main heroine. After this, Elise also loses her memory of the time loop. The two carry on their tsundere dynamic as usual and the author continues to hint at romantic developments. What. The. F*ck. This is actually sinister. It should be illegal to bait like this. Rant over.


I am only reserving the fifth star because the author is known for bad endings. If it really is bad, I'll downgrade it to a 3. <<less
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bozakir rated it
November 14, 2023
Status: c21
Maybe I am a bit too nitpicky but this is a "because plot" novel.

"Notepad" power is not a notepad power. It's whatever plot demands power. It started as a thing that let him remember the future because he wrote it as a diary meticulously and I was willing to overlook the attached magical battery from the future. By chapter 21 it's something that lets him remember his entire past life, copy paste power of a magic microscope in his eyes, copy paste mana heart into a body.

Our poor sickly orphan... more>> somehow knows multiple celebrity young masters most who hates MCs guts. Yet so far they didn't do anything to him, despite MC constantly backtalking and antagonizing them including breaking their stuff. Normally on a decentish novel I'd trust the author suspend my disbelief and expect it to be explained in future. But since author is pantsing the premise with plot notebook I can't. <<less
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yousufahmed12 rated it
October 20, 2023
Status: c167
Should you read this. Yes if you have nothing else to read.

What this novel does good. Drama. Especially between the females characters and protagonist.

What it does terrible at. Villian. Their isn't a good enemy in the story.

Plot is everywhere and confusing. If someone told me to describe the arc of this story I really can't. I typically measure it by how close the female leads gets to the protagonist.

Reads this if you like romatic drama not for the battle scene. This would make a good slice of life actually
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Oksureiguess rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: c89
If you're already familiar with the author's other novels and enjoyed them, you're likely to experience similar enjoyment in this one as well. While it starts a bit slowly, it gradually improves, and I hold high hopes for its potential. Additionally, the translation quality is improving, and it seems that the translator is also revising older chapters.
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cbboss rated it
October 21, 2023
Status: c168
Another Gab Song masterclass. Essentially a new take on the novels extra. As with his previous works 'The novels extra', 'the villain wants to live' and 'monster wants to level up' this is yet again a solid novel. It is not the most unique but if you liked his previous novels you will for sure like this one.
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Teddy1337 rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: c152
Too much drama per letter in this novel. If you think at some moment that finally MC achieved something good and is not so doomed as in his previous life, know that author has fooled you and there will be another disaster or drama plot twist just in the next chapter (or even in the next paragraph lol).
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
pomoli rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: c148
It's very good, but more uneven than The Novel's Extra. But I don't mind, it has all the ingredients of stories I love :

  • Tragic MC in a second chance story who also develops beyond his initial revenge goal.
  • Very slow romance.
  • A nice harem vibe, well made with an interesting female cast. This time they all start as total psychopaths in the making, and it's nice seeing them deviate from that and become better through mc's influence.
  • Interesting adventures.
So I can forgive the parts I liked less :

  • Very abrupt transitions sometime.
  • Non stop action, it's too much.
  • Academy arc that seems to stretch and go everywhere, somehow unfocused.
  • MC is a little too abrasive for my tastes.
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Myxir rated it
September 19, 2023
Status: c76
"I do not like fantasy, because all problems can be solved at any time by magic!" - average person you recommend a fantasy novel for the first time

The MC of the story get nearly all the attention, as he tries so solve one problem after the other in his quest for vengeance. However the way he does this is very unsatisfying to me, because he constantly makes up new powers.

No foreshadowing or logical explanation simply I should be able to do that, let's try and I can.
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M.A24 rated it
November 24, 2023
Status: c40
This novel is garbage. Its sore attempt at cultivation novel but failure in any imaginative format. Making up average "young master"ish characters. He makes women in this novel so hateful that it like an attempt at creating vengeful incels.

MC is just garbage. Which is ironic because thats what everyone thinks of him, and author somehow reciprocated that feeling so well to the readers as well. Props for that I guess.

The primary reason I dont like this novel is because I know these women will end up as his love interests.... more>> I just dont like that. Its like "oh she killed your mother, father, sccared you, bullied you your entire life but hey at least you will get to fk her I guess"

?????? <<less
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Asthal rated it
November 14, 2023
Status: c182
This is good I enjoyed it through the MC and Heroines quite likeable to me, still shame there's haven't any notable antagonist which you could guess from this kind of novel or if you know the author others work well enough

the novel itself were MC centric so for the first 100 chapters it's basically show how the MC try to live in his world after regression, And because of it, it's makes others chara lack monologue and depth.

most of readers when they read it they would think the chara were... more>> human piece of sht like we could take example from one of the heroines circle Elise (my absolute favourite heroine in this novel btw),

which for the first 100 chapters makes the readers wonder wtf they hate the MC so much which later got explained.
It's actually quite surprising to me that I absolute hate them then comes to loves them just cuz the author gives a little spice called depth and monologue.

Welp I would rate this 8/10 would absolutely recommend to others the story itself doesn't require you to use high level comprehension just relax and enjoy it. <<less
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SpyreFyre rated it
November 3, 2023
Status: c176
Yes the action isn’t the strongest point of the novel, with it often lacking some depth or being short lasting. But everything else is amazing. In some of the Author's other works at time it felt like there was too much happening too quickly, here the slow pace helps the novel, allowing the author to develop multiple plot points without the story being too convoluted. Also the development of the relationships between character and slow romance has been great, with it not feeling rushed. So far it’s been a great... more>> novel that has realistic development of relationships between characters and at times it can make you feel emotional. I can only hope it doesn’t have a bad ending like the Author’s previous works. <<less
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