Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy


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I was reincarnated into the world of a novel I’d only read the free chapters.

Thankfully, the blood flowing in the body of the person I’d possessed was blue.

“The prominence of our family comes from the blessing bestowed upon us by the royal family throughout the generations.”

Maybe this is the price to pay for that. But I got a father who seems overly loyal to the Emperor. And because of that, I was forced to become a Civil Servant.

While everyone else enjoys romance, I’m just spending my days as a Civil Servant.

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Civil Servant in Rofan
로판 속 공무원
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New RandomStufffff rated it
June 11, 2024
Status: c172
This novel is amazing, it quickly became one of my favorites.

1. Fresh and Unique Concept:
- Mixing the daily grind of a civil servant with the wonders of a fantasy world is such a unique idea. It feels fresh and different from the usual fantasy stories out there.

2. Relatable Protagonist:
- The main character is someone you can really root for. They’re relatable and grounded, making their journey through a magical world all the more engaging.

3. Detailed World-Building:
- The author does an amazing job of creating a vivid, intricate world. You can really picture the settings and feel the magic intertwined with the mundane aspects of civil service.

4. Captivating Storyline:
- The plot is well-paced and keeps you hooked from start to finish. There’s a perfect mix of action, romance, and political drama that keeps things exciting.

5. Great Humor:
- The book is full of witty dialogue and funny situations that add a light-hearted touch to the story. It’s the kind of humor that makes you smile and keeps the story enjoyable.

6. Natural Romance:
- The romantic elements are woven seamlessly into the story. They feel natural and add depth to the characters without taking over the main plot.

7. Strong Supporting Characters:
- The supporting cast is just as well-developed as the protagonist. Their interactions and roles in the story enrich the overall experience and make the world feel more alive.
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New rodolfom24
May 30, 2024
Status: c145
This novel is Gold. It has lot of layers to read through.

For starter I love the comedic undertone the main character uses while being overworked, it just resonates so much with the normal life people live on daily basis.

The story takes place several years after the main character is transmigrated in a fantasy romance novel world, of which he read only the starting chapters. Despite his efforts he remains entangled in the main plot. He takes a double role of reliable subordinate and even more reliable superior, and while we... more>> follow him we can see how he created a life full of connections with different people.

As the story progress we start to discover the depth of the characters, while discovering their backstories, and piece by piece we come to know what the MC did during the years before the start of the story, and how that affected him and his view of life and love.

All the characters are so human and well done that reading their interactions is a real pleasure.

Absolutely recommended. <<less
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Essay_kun rated it
February 18, 2023
Status: c329
My personal synopsis:

MC is the chief inspector of the inspection department under ministry of finance. He was reincarnated into a rofan (romance fantasy/shoujo) novel which he only read the first few chap then drop (so he know who the og protag of the shoujo is but don't really know what will happen in future) and when turn 17, he was asked whether he wants to go to academy or go to work in the government and he chose government and after working as a civil servant for 4 years he... more>> regret it and wants to quit. He was then tasked by the emperor of the empire to go to the academy to protect and monitor the princes from other kingdom who are gonna attend school this year. The story is essentially about his life in the academy as he observed the rofan situation (og protag and her harem members) while trying to protect them from terrorists and other forces trying to harm them. Not only that but the plot will slowly uncovered MC past, show people perception of the MC, and how MC will connect and build romantic relationship with the mc's love interest.

My personal reviews and Notes:

This novel has won first place in a writing contest last year on novelpia so you can be assure of the quality of the novel.

MC skill is mainly in the administrative aspect (and pretty good at that). Other than that since he was drafted into a war in the past, he has pretty good sword skills (we never really know how good he is at sword since he usually just order his subordinates to do assassination and stuff). What we do know though is that he is really strong physically

since he once threw a spear and kill a kraken with 1 shot and his sword skill is pretty good too since it was mentioned that he was 1 of the 7 people to kill the barbarian king who at the time was the strongest in the world (in the og romance fantasy novel, he is the final boss that og heroine and her harem has to work together to beat but butterfly effect made him appear much earlier)


The novel doesn't focus too much on action and more administration + SOL/romance (although the romance does takes it time, there is a good reason behind this and you can read the additional heavier spoiler down below if you want to know more, but don't worry, MC will not remain single and will slowly build up a romantic relationship with the heroine

or heroines in this case cause the it is harem


Overall, I really like this novel and would recommend it to people who like romance, mystery (MC tragic past slowly being uncovered), SOL, comedy, and MC being badass in general (both in administration/politic and action/fighting).

Also some additional heavier spoiler for those like me who wants to know more about MC background and abilities of the novel before I decide to read:


MC was a war veteran against barbarians and he was 1 of the 7 who fought and won against the barbarian king but at a result, all his friend and comrade die in the war. MC lover, Hecate, also die in this war but from su*cide due to PTSD and trauma of witnessing all her friend die instead, which affect MC a lot and the reason why the romance here might be a bit slow since after her death, MC is reluctant to be in a relationship (which lead to some of my favorite moments in the novel where the heroine slowly heal MC wounds through their interactions. Opening MC heart and help him move forward and start a new romantic relationship with the heroine of the novel). After that, when he went back to the empire after the war he was under the first prince faction in the fight for empire succession (crown prince faction was the weaker at the time because 2nd prince grand father is a count with political influence comparable to that of the duke at his strongest time (2nd prince mother was also the 1st queen so even more power to the 2nd prince faction) but MC manage to take away the count power and political influence the through legal loop hole and at the end, Assassinate the count but mask that as a su*cide

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Kietai rated it
March 1, 2023
Status: c225
Ok, here goes my really honest review.

Starting, it was really good, like for 110 chapters or so but then it all went downhill heck it reached the centre of earth touching magma. It became seriously inconsistent after that, at first u will like the MC, he is considerate and aware of his surrounding but later on he become typical dumb and dense MC which you can find anywhere else, I would dare its even worse, it was like someone turned off a switch or something in mc's head.

Also don't fall for that harem tag it's for show and is a bait, MC truly loves only one girl (marghretta) not the others, I would have been fine it she was half decent as others with proper depth but she wasn't, just ur typical doted duke daughter who is madly in love while others have gone through hardship pain and have a proper depth and background, it was infuriating.

Honestly speaking, it isn't great, typical sol type of thing which get carried on by natural interaction, mc's inner grumbling and godly sub heroines except for that it's bland and goodluck ever getting the indepth explanation of mc's past which gets mentioned alot but not properly told.

I realised the true nature of this novel too late but I hope you don't suffer the same fate as me.

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CazeYuif23 rated it
February 23, 2023
Status: c300
Most of the review that has been said by the reviewer above. What I can add to this masterpiece is how the characters make up like 70% of my enjoyment to the novel. Each Character interaction between the MC is crafted organic. Wdmy organic? It was created in a sense that the characters are not in paper only. They feel alive and well. This is apparent where the MC is exchanging jabs with his subordinates - The Inspection Department as well as his boss - The Minister of Treasury. Not... more>> only that, later in the story, you can see how the interactions play with the fMC and the rest of the gang.

Reluctant Worker? Check!

Stressed Teacher/Instructor? Check.

Badass Superior? Check also!

These are what you should be expecting in the story. The characters enough are what caused me to love it. Since the Translations are on the way, we can enjoy fully how these interactions will play out.

Thats it! Please look forward for this masterpiece

I also forgot to mention the romance but that will be on another time. Muhahahaha! <<less
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June 6, 2023
Status: --
I don’t understand the point of him being a civil servant. He’s supposed to be an medieval irs agent ffs.

  • He is one of the strongest people- even was on a war front.
  • He’s sent to oversee (bodyguard) VIPs in a school
This is pretty much a mentor/g*ooming fic. Same tropes and everything, for example, mentally saying “I don’t want do to do something” and then actively doing it. (This is beaten to death)

I won’t say he’s generic, but the MC does have a lackluster personality. For me, he was boring and... more>> predictable and that made reading unexciting. <<less
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Ravenpeko rated it
March 1, 2023
Status: c231
A lot of sh*t has basically been said by our boy essay_kun, so I'll just write random bs here.

first off, what this novel does that is different from other novels is that our MC is a civil servant, like it says in the title, and he possesses the main body and 4 years pass like right after. They usually posses them when they are young and then time skip later or when they are around 15 to like 18 and don't time stop. But this one skip time skip and... more>> keeps our boy's past kind of a mystery (which will play a pretty big part later). Also our boy is a civil servant, every novel on noblemtl (the site you can read this on, tho it mtl, you get use to it after a bit) is like the academy's something something. But never someone who isn't a student there, our boy here is a club advisor, so not even a professors at the school.
now let's get to the characters

we have Louise and the reverse harem, don't worry since Louise is different from the annoying ass reverse harem fls, she actually knows her feelings but is scared to act on them like our MC.
she's a giant help to our boy and said so himself.
then we have mar or marghetta and her power level is way too f*cking high. She knows that if she gets angry at the Louise who is getting close to our boy, he'll be mad, so she f*cking becomes friends with her. To be f*cking honest what a pro gamer move, if it was any other girl they would've just acted annoying and hit our protagonist or somethin. Her dedication to our boy is honestly admirable and that why she's best girl and I don't think she can be topped.

plot and shit

I've already kinda briefly explain the intro, this'll be about kinda the genres. First off he is a civil servant, so expect a lot of things that has relations to politics and administration and stuff like that. Tho like every chapter mentions it, it isn't as boring as I thought, I mean yeah some parts are boring, but it pretty every once in a while. For romance, don't expect a lot in the first hundred chaps because we protag has ptsd, which is always being hinted. In like the first 50 or so chapters we already see signs of our boy being mentally stressed and stuff, later on you can pretty much piece together what happened for our boy to become like that, but it's gets better around where I am rn, so just endure for now. For fighting and action, there isn't much rn, the only action scenes that I remember is the dungeon at the beginning, the kraken, the practical test in the academy, and the nomads or the anti-church guys or whatever they were called. Otherwise that's pretty much it for the first 126 chaps, if you want more details then read my man essay_kun's review.

4.2 as of chap 126.



Nothing that memorable happens till to like 180, ofc we got some sugar in between but plot wise I wouldn't say there's much progression. Like ye there's was the thing where the "red flag people" were attacking, but honestly that whole part was pretty boring and that one of the main issues of this novel, world building. Now Imma be that guy who's like world building this and world building that but it's true this time. While the characters themselves change and their relationships, and all that fun stuff, the world or the progression of plot is still a bit lacking. Like they talked about how kagan's family is still there and shit, but we don't really see them expanding at that. Ofc the author would probably get to it in the future, my guy probably wants to situate the relationship status quo between the main cast first before getting to real shit.

now that I went on a long-ass tantrum I'll get to some character moment? Or development? Idk just some character shit.

first off Louise going crazy, and we have magic king, irina and section one or eri joining too. First off Louise and irina had their moments but after that they're barely mentioned of course there's still 50 chapters of mtl but imma read that later. We have magic king or Beatrix, for now she feels pretty standard but that's fine because she mommy and her breakdown feels a bit out of nowhere. Not in a way where I don't understand why she did what she did and why Carl got mad, but in a way where it just felt sudden. Like for marghetta, it was expected and we kinda knew it was gonna happen, since captain obvious, but for Beatrix they were just having a conversation and then boom big f*cky wucky. Other than that nothing much happened, tho seeing MC actually showing off (kinda) for once was pretty nice.

overall still a 4 and probably gonna wait to 400 chaps come out to binge again.

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GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
February 7, 2024
Status: c126
This series is pretty good in my opinion, but unfortunately it does seem to suffer from some of the typical shortcomings of harem works. The MC is a cynical government worker in a fantasy world, overworked and constantly saddled with the most annoying jobs. His work entails financial auditing and the destruction of entire noble families, often through straight up mu*der, if they're determined to be against the best interests of the Empire... Those work responsibilities go with the same job for some reason, idk it was explained at some... more>> point but I don't remember their excuse.

Anyway, all the important characters are very well-written, it's just... this is one of those novels where, if she's got two x chromosomes, has a name, and isn't already married, there's like a 99% chance she's going to fall for the MC, ignoring minor issues like her compatibility/chemistry with the MC or it making sense for the plot. Really, I can only think of one female character important enough to be given a name and not already married (as far as I know) that isn't crushing hard on the MC, and that's his childhood nanny/his mother's best friend.

Other than the excessive harem aspect, however, it's a pretty good read. For the most part, there's a sort of comedic undertone while our cynic MC is stuck babysitting a pack of foreign royalty that all have absolutely zero regard for the consequences of their actions, whenever he isn't playing errand boy/assassin for the crown prince of his own country. Then, every now and then, things take a turn for the serious and emotional, dealing with topics of loss and PTSD-like symptoms. These characters aren't 1-dimensional tropes with a single character trait and no thoughts given beyond that. They're fleshed out characters with multi-faceted personalities.

The MC isn't just cynical because "lol exhausted office worker, end of thought". He's cynical because he's the sole survivor of a su*cide squad that put an end to the war his country was going through. One of the other members of that squad, btw, his fiancee actually survived the war but then took her own life afterwards.

The heroine of the original novel MC fell into doesn't form a reverse harem just because she's the dense heroine of a shojo novel that unintentionally pulls people in with her relentless positivity but fails to realize they're romantically attracted to her because the plot demands she have a smorgasbord of hunks pining for her affections. She unintentionally puts up a barrier around her heart, forming a series of shallow friendships but subconsciously fearing developing anything closer than that, because as a child, her sister that she loved resented her for monopolizing their parents attention to the point of committing su*cide.


if you can look past the way that almost every character with a functioning set of ovaries is automatically head-over-heels for the MC, these characters have personalities and motivations that make sense for the lives they've lived. All-in-all, this is a good story, only slightly marred by the harem... to be clear, I don't hate harem stories in general, it's just that not every character in this harem really fits, whether it be their chemistry with MC or from a narrative standpoint. <<less
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sovieee rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: c64
So far, it's been good. It's probably one of the few harem stories I like. The interactions are so funny, as well as the MC's thoughts and perception of everyone around him. The narration is also okay, I like how certain things and events are mentioned early on and revealed later. It feels like uncovering a golden nugget of sorts. I hope it continues and I'm excited for what happens down the line!
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April 22, 2024
Status: --
Well its a rom-com *kinda*, the comedy bits usually incite some giggles, but not enough for the 'rofl, lmao, etc' reaction, quite good story if you like some little misunderstanding rom com troupe, but the action or battle moment with the supposedly the novel protagonist group adversary, the villainous groups quite lacking as they would gone in short few chapters when they finally met each other, bit of bummer tbh as the MC portrayed as highly skilled and strong combatant even though he is a finance civil officer, wasted potential... more>> there imo.

At some point the rom-com feels bit too much, ik this is a romance novel, but it feels it lack spices, too much 'sugar' contents without some other spices in between to keep it going would make one feel bored of the taste. <<less
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Maou-kun rated it
January 22, 2024
Status: c123
Fantastic. There are those common novels where you see the protagonist's journey to defeat the villain, right? But here you see the protagonist's journey resolving his feelings after defeating this villain, accepting the tragedies that happened, meeting new people and so on and so forth. It may seem lukewarm, but incredibly, it isn't. Fantastic, I repeat.
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Nuage rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: c120
I tend to agree with Kietai (another reviewer). The novel feels fantastic until around chapter 110, despite some pacing issues, and then it's just bullsh*t (especially the contrived plot). The main character is inconsistent and delusional. That aside, the characters and their interactions are very fun (females in particular, because this is a harem story), the world building is enough to understand what's going even if it's not particularly original. Though, having "executive managers" in a medieval fantasy story? I have to laugh.

The MC, Carl, has always been complaining about... more>> his situation, but at the beginning he still seemed smart and competent. I mean, his real thoughts never matched his words but it could be explained away, especially as he founds ways to make things fine in the end. The setting presents him as the strongest in the empire, hardworking (the perfect s*ave, really) and smart (he goes toe-to-toe with ministers etc..). He's kinda selfish, but he wants to do his job right above all.

Then the novel became about absurd rationalizations of the MC's actions. For the past 20 chapters, I've been actually wondering if Carl is in fact delusional, if he's an unreliable narrator. I'm serious: half the cast [especially at work] is unable to speak plainly and he must make ridiculous interpretations of their words; when he's off duty, he becomes dense as hell; he's not trying to find solutions to his personal problems. It's like he's given up on being a person, and becomes an empty vessel to make the story happen.

I am very disappointed. <<less
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November 3, 2023
Status: c37
enjoyable and unique. I only have one problem with it, I'm not sure if it's the translation or what but sometimes I'm not sure if it's MC pov or what. Also, the story is heavily focused on us being inside the character's head and hearing his thoughts, ex. MC does a lot of things in a month but we know what he did through his dialogue with himself or complaining, so there's no background and setting the scene, we just directly hear mc's thoughts and so we know where we... more>> are and what's happening, it gets tiring after a while.

However, if you get used to it then it's all right. <<less
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Kuro1079 rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: c60
I really like this one! MC is somewhat a war hero based on his available background and surrounded by mysteries. He is depressed for some reason (I got spoiled on this fr) MC is pretty funny too because he reminds me of Lloyd Frontera since his dream is to retire early by gathering more s*aves/workers lol.

The heroines are pretty good too imo. This one girl is taking risks by getting to know the MC first by knowing his struggles, problems, and concerns moreover she's not rushing things which is... more>> a good touch for a harem.

His colleagues are funny as well each of them have unique personalities and some are mischievous. Adding to this, I do wish this novel have more illustrations though I really like the characters :< <<less
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Pratt_42 rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: c31
Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy offers a creative twist on the transmigration genre by following a bureaucrat rather than a student. The protagonist Carl Krassius is the Chief Inspector of the Empire's Ministry of Finance who gets sent to monitor royal academy students, allowing him to interact with the main cast of the original novel he transmigrated into.

Carl is a refreshingly atypical MC, leveraging his administrative skills over brute strength to maneuver politics and uncover conspiracies threatening his assignments. His jaded personality and dry wit make for entertaining interactions with... more>> his enthusiastic subordinates and idealistic students.

While Carl downplays his capabilities, he has proven capable in combat during past wars, adding a mysterious duality to his character. Romance develops slowly but realistically between Carl and the intriguing female lead Louise, who defies typical reverse harem tropes.

The alternate POVs providing insights into side characters are excellent for fleshing out the world. The story balances lighthearted school life segments with high stakes political intrigue, maintaining an overarching sense of mystery around Carl's hidden past. <<less
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chencking rated it
March 25, 2024
Status: c143
It's a fun read. Most of the chapters are comedy in a style that reminds me of Running Away From the Hero, but there is a lot of character growth as well.

The basic premise is that our MC, Carl, transmigrates into the world of a romance fantasy manhwa. However, due to the butterfly effect, ... more>>

the Empire is much stronger than it likely was in the manhwa. (It was likely semi-collapsed by the time the novel begins.)

As a direct result, the 5 love interests in the manhwa are forced to be diplomatic and the fluffy romfan manhwa turns into a political intrigue story in this novel.

One thing to keep in mind while reading: we are getting most of the chapters from Carl's pov and he is an incredibly unreliable narrator. He not only gives misleading narrations; he also misreads other characters all the time. Moreover, he is

depressed and suffering from ptsd, and it shows in his perception.

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Kleini rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: c51
Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy turned out to be a pleasantly enjoyable read, despite some minor flaws.

The premise of a civil servant transmigrating into a fantasy world provided a nice twist on the typical action-focused stories in this genre. Though the protagonist does end up being inexplicably strong in combat, he spends more time using his administrative skills in refreshing ways.

The pacing could be better, especially regarding the romantic subplot. But the heroines are charming, and I liked one of their budding relationship with the MC.

While the supporting cast started... more>> out unremarkable, they grew on me over time. In particular, the MC's subordinates provided some solid comedic moments that made me chuckle.

The world building provides enough unique flair with the political intrigue to not just feel like standard medieval European fare. And the overarching plot kept me engaged with the entertaining mix of action, mystery, and romance.

Overall, while Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy isn't necessarily groundbreaking, it exceeded my expectations. The novel does a good job blending genres into an entertaining story. The protagonist is likeable, and the romantic tension shows potential. I became invested enough in the characters and plot to want to keep following along.

For readers looking for an enjoyable light novel with a twist, I recommend giving this decent read a chance. It provides enough fresh takes and engaging characters to stand above the average story in the genre. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes next! <<less
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Hitori Saigomade
Hitori Saigomade rated it
April 20, 2024
Status: c145
Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy is probably one of the best takes on a Fantasy Slice of Life that I have read, the story is usually light with enjoyable comedy and interesting character interactions without shying away from getting serious when necessary and tackling problems in a realistic and non-forced way. The characters are well developed and Carl especially is a surprisingly profound character who is not perfect. While the story does not focus on action, Carl is not weak by any means

... more>>

with him easily killing a Kraken in one shot sufficiently early on in the story


but he is by no means the strongest. The premise of him transmigratting in a novel that he has only read the free chapters of is a refreshing change to the usual since he doesn't know everything that happens and can have more genuine interactions with the characters since he doesn't know them inside out but provides him with enough information that he can have an insight on the original MC, Louise, that no one else in that world can.

Overall, very fun read with an awesome translation. Would definitely recommend. <<less
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anonyzaki rated it
April 20, 2024
Status: c141
I stumbled across this gem by chance and ended up bingeing the whole thing in just a few days. The premise of a modern office worker getting reincarnated into a romance fantasy world as a civil servant immediately caught my interest.

The story follows Liu Zhiqing, an overworked and underappreciated bureaucrat who gets hit by a truck and finds himself reborn as the only male civil servant working at the royal palace. What ensues is a hilarious yet heartwarming tale as Liu navigates the complicated dynamics between the beautiful noble ladies... more>> vying for the prince's affection.

The romcom elements are on point, delivering plenty of laughs with outrageous misunderstandings and comedic timing. Yet the story also has surprising depth, tackling themes of gender discrimination, overcoming prejudices, and finding one's self-worth. Liu's steady character growth from a passive nice guy to a confident man comfortable in his own skin is immensely satisfying.

The translation is excellent, with only a few very minor typos that did not detract from the overall reading experience. My one gripe is that the ending felt slightly rushed, leaving some plot threads dangling. But it wraps up the core story arcs quite nicely.

All in all, Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy is a delightfully fun and surprisingly thoughtful read that I'd highly recommend to fans of romcom novels set in fantasy worlds. It's the perfect palate cleanser for when you need a break from grimdark and angst-fests. Give it a try if you're looking for an entertaining escape! <<less
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Snooty rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: c100
I came into this novel thinking it was about a really smart office worker who reforms inefficient government systems... What I got was a FBI/CIA assassin on an undercover mission as a teacher in an academy. Was the word "civil servant" lost in translation?

Overall, it's ok... I guess.

The protag sounds like a stereotypical JP protag (even though it's a KR novel). He has no ambition, hates his job, and is pretty much dragged around/forced to do things by other more energetic characters.

The world building is terrible. With the 5 guys... more>> that crowd around the ogFL (it's an otome game), all being from different nations, they could have done a lot more to explore different cultures. It's just weird, it's a fantasy world, but they're doing mundane things and living an average school life. Like baking cookies and shit. <<less
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johncaraon rated it
December 19, 2023
Status: c102
I like it. It's amazing how the author lightly narrates the story. I tend to avoid school life and romance but I like a slice of life that's why I tried and read this. Anyway, I find the pink-haired girl annoying around chapter 40 onward. You know, the usual protag type. Sticking their nose even if not needed. Too many scenarios like that and I don't know why but when THE MC entered the circle, he became dense and somewhat dumb. I mean the tag has Dense Protagonist but it's... more>> worse if the MC did not start as one. He was pretty observant of the people and his surroundings at the start.

When the pink-haired girl is not in the story, it's superb. The pink-haired girl's halo is too strong. But deep inside I know the pink hair girl is needed since this is her story. Aside from that which is extremely and strictly just a matter of taste. Another aspect I like is MC's interpersonal.

Overall, it's an okay read. <<less
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jashanpreet kaur
jashanpreet kaur
November 14, 2023
Status: --
Polygamy? I know in some cases, nobles or royalty may have many wife or concubines but I hope it's not in reference to MC. I don't even like multiple live route or love triangles let alone polygamy.

It has a tag of harem !! Is it actually harem or multiple love route or a mistake in tags since there are times when wrong tags are accidently added as well. I hope that's the case.

Harem is mentioned in the genesis translation page of novel.

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