Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy


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I was reincarnated into the world of a novel I’d only read the free chapters.

Thankfully, the blood flowing in the body of the person I’d possessed was blue.

“The prominence of our family comes from the blessing bestowed upon us by the royal family throughout the generations.”

Maybe this is the price to pay for that. But I got a father who seems overly loyal to the Emperor. And because of that, I was forced to become a Civil Servant.

While everyone else enjoys romance, I’m just spending my days as a Civil Servant.

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Civil Servant in Rofan
로판 속 공무원
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13 Reviews

New Sertian75
Sep 21, 2023
Status: c66
Civil Servant follows the story of a man that got isekaied to the world of a romance novel he once read. Although until what I have read this barely have any relevance in the story. The beginning of the story is pretty slow and is not until chapters 20 or 30 that the story starts to get interesting.

The story is mostly slice of life but is always steadily progressing. There is almost always a chapter where we discovered something new about the MC, Carl, past that is shrouded in mystery... more>> alongside with the introduction of new characters. The novel also has a comedy undertone that is pretty funny especially the interactions between the Carl and his coworkers.

For now the best part of this novel are its characters; we start with the main protagonist Carl, who we don’t know much about his past yet but we know he is a good and caring person who also is very traumatized.

Then there are the main heroines for now, that includes Louise the main character of the novel that Carl was reading before being transmigrated on it. She described as a human capybara because of her harmless personality. And she stoods out because she’s always looking out for Carl when he is depressed.

And lastly the second most developed heroine Marghetta, who is in love with Carl and is always doing everything she can so she can gain Carl’s attention and affection. <<less
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New Kuro1079
Sep 12, 2023
Status: c60
I really like this one! MC is somewhat a war hero based on his available background and surrounded by mysteries. He is depressed for some reason (I got spoiled on this fr) MC is pretty funny too because he reminds me of Lloyd Frontera since his dream is to retire early by gathering more s*aves/workers lol.

The heroines are pretty good too imo. This one girl is taking risks by getting to know the MC first by knowing his struggles, problems, and concerns moreover she's not rushing things which is... more>> a good touch for a harem.

His colleagues are funny as well each of them have unique personalities and some are mischievous. Adding to this, I do wish this novel have more illustrations though I really like the characters :< <<less
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Feb 18, 2023
Status: c329
My personal synopsis:

MC is the chief inspector of the inspection department under ministry of finance. He was reincarnated into a rofan (romance fantasy/shoujo) novel which he only read the first few chap then drop (so he know who the og protag of the shoujo is but don't really know what will happen in future) and when turn 17, he was asked whether he wants to go to academy or go to work in the government and he chose government and after working as a civil servant for 4 years he... more>> regret it and wants to quit. He was then tasked by the emperor of the empire to go to the academy to protect and monitor the princes from other kingdom who are gonna attend school this year. The story is essentially about his life in the academy as he observed the rofan situation (og protag and her harem members) while trying to protect them from terrorists and other forces trying to harm them. Not only that but the plot will slowly uncovered MC past, show people perception of the MC, and how MC will connect and build romantic relationship with the mc's love interest.

My personal reviews and Notes:

This novel has won first place in a writing contest last year on novelpia so you can be assure of the quality of the novel.

MC skill is mainly in the administrative aspect (and pretty good at that). Other than that since he was drafted into a war in the past, he has pretty good sword skills (we never really know how good he is at sword since he usually just order his subordinates to do assassination and stuff). What we do know though is that he is really strong physically

since he once threw a spear and kill a kraken with 1 shot and his sword skill is pretty good too since it was mentioned that he was 1 of the 7 people to kill the barbarian king who at the time was the strongest in the world (in the og romance fantasy novel, he is the final boss that og heroine and her harem has to work together to beat but butterfly effect made him appear much earlier)


The novel doesn't focus too much on action and more administration + SOL/romance (although the romance does takes it time, there is a good reason behind this and you can read the additional heavier spoiler down below if you want to know more, but don't worry, MC will not remain single and will slowly build up a romantic relationship with the heroine

or heroines in this case cause the it is harem


Overall, I really like this novel and would recommend it to people who like romance, mystery (MC tragic past slowly being uncovered), SOL, comedy, and MC being badass in general (both in administration/politic and action/fighting).

Also some additional heavier spoiler for those like me who wants to know more about MC background and abilities of the novel before I decide to read:


MC was a war veteran against barbarians and he was 1 of the 7 who fought and won against the barbarian king but at a result, all his friend and comrade die in the war. MC lover, Hecate, also die in this war but from su*cide due to PTSD and trauma of witnessing all her friend die instead, which affect MC a lot and the reason why the romance here might be a bit slow since after her death, MC is reluctant to be in a relationship (which lead to some of my favorite moments in the novel where the heroine slowly heal MC wounds through their interactions. Opening MC heart and help him move forward and start a new romantic relationship with the heroine of the novel). After that, when he went back to the empire after the war he was under the first prince faction in the fight for empire succession (crown prince faction was the weaker at the time because 2nd prince grand father is a count with political influence comparable to that of the duke at his strongest time (2nd prince mother was also the 1st queen so even more power to the 2nd prince faction) but MC manage to take away the count power and political influence the through legal loop hole and at the end, Assassinate the count but mask that as a su*cide

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Mar 01, 2023
Status: c225
Ok, here goes my really honest review.
... more>>

Starting, it was really good, like for 110 chapters or so but then it all went downhill heck it reached the centre of earth touching magma. It became seriously inconsistent after that, at first u will like the MC, he is considerate and aware of his surrounding but later on he become typical dumb and dense MC which you can find anywhere else, I would dare its even worse, it was like someone turned off a switch or something in mc's head.

Also don't fall for that harem tag it's for show and is a bait, MC truly loves only one girl (marghretta) not the others, I would have been fine it she was half decent as others with proper depth but she wasn't, just ur typical doted duke daughter who is madly in love while others have gone through hardship pain and have a proper depth and background, it was infuriating.

Honestly speaking, it isn't great, typical sol type of thing which get carried on by natural interaction, mc's inner grumbling and godly sub heroines except for that it's bland and goodluck ever getting the indepth explanation of mc's past which gets mentioned alot but not properly told.

I realised the true nature of this novel too late but I hope you don't suffer the same fate as me.

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Feb 23, 2023
Status: c300
Most of the review that has been said by the reviewer above. What I can add to this masterpiece is how the characters make up like 70% of my enjoyment to the novel. Each Character interaction between the MC is crafted organic. Wdmy organic? It was created in a sense that the characters are not in paper only. They feel alive and well. This is apparent where the MC is exchanging jabs with his subordinates - The Inspection Department as well as his boss - The Minister of Treasury. Not... more>> only that, later in the story, you can see how the interactions play with the fMC and the rest of the gang.

Reluctant Worker? Check!

Stressed Teacher/Instructor? Check.

Badass Superior? Check also!

These are what you should be expecting in the story. The characters enough are what caused me to love it. Since the Translations are on the way, we can enjoy fully how these interactions will play out.

Thats it! Please look forward for this masterpiece

I also forgot to mention the romance but that will be on another time. Muhahahaha! <<less
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Jun 06, 2023
Status: --
I don’t understand the point of him being a civil servant. He’s supposed to be an medieval irs agent ffs.

  • He is one of the strongest people- even was on a war front.
  • He’s sent to oversee (bodyguard) VIPs in a school
This is pretty much a mentor/grooming fic. Same tropes and everything, for example, mentally saying “I don’t want do to do something” and then actively doing it. (This is beaten to death)

I won’t say he’s generic, but the MC does have a lackluster personality. For me, he was boring and... more>> predictable and that made reading unexciting. <<less
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Mar 01, 2023
Status: c231
A lot of sh*t has basically been said by our boy essay_kun, so I'll just write random bs here.

first off, what this novel does that is different from other novels is that our MC is a civil servant, like it says in the title, and he possesses the main body and 4 years pass like right after. They usually posses them when they are young and then time skip later or when they are around 15 to like 18 and don't time stop. But this one skip time skip and... more>> keeps our boy's past kind of a mystery (which will play a pretty big part later). Also our boy is a civil servant, every novel on noblemtl (the site you can read this on, tho it mtl, you get use to it after a bit) is like the academy's something something. But never someone who isn't a student there, our boy here is a club advisor, so not even a professors at the school.
now let's get to the characters

we have Louise and the reverse harem, don't worry since Louise is different from the annoying ass reverse harem fls, she actually knows her feelings but is scared to act on them like our MC.
she's a giant help to our boy and said so himself.
then we have mar or marghetta and her power level is way too f*cking high. She knows that if she gets angry at the Louise who is getting close to our boy, he'll be mad, so she f*cking becomes friends with her. To be f*cking honest what a pro gamer move, if it was any other girl they would've just acted annoying and hit our protagonist or somethin. Her dedication to our boy is honestly admirable and that why she's best girl and I don't think she can be topped.

plot and shit

I've already kinda briefly explain the intro, this'll be about kinda the genres. First off he is a civil servant, so expect a lot of things that has relations to politics and administration and stuff like that. Tho like every chapter mentions it, it isn't as boring as I thought, I mean yeah some parts are boring, but it pretty every once in a while. For romance, don't expect a lot in the first hundred chaps because we protag has ptsd, which is always being hinted. In like the first 50 or so chapters we already see signs of our boy being mentally stressed and stuff, later on you can pretty much piece together what happened for our boy to become like that, but it's gets better around where I am rn, so just endure for now. For fighting and action, there isn't much rn, the only action scenes that I remember is the dungeon at the beginning, the kraken, the practical test in the academy, and the nomads or the anti-church guys or whatever they were called. Otherwise that's pretty much it for the first 126 chaps, if you want more details then read my man essay_kun's review.

4.2 as of chap 126.



Nothing that memorable happens till to like 180, ofc we got some sugar in between but plot wise I wouldn't say there's much progression. Like ye there's was the thing where the "red flag people" were attacking, but honestly that whole part was pretty boring and that one of the main issues of this novel, world building. Now Imma be that guy who's like world building this and world building that but it's true this time. While the characters themselves change and their relationships, and all that fun stuff, the world or the progression of plot is still a bit lacking. Like they talked about how kagan's family is still there and shit, but we don't really see them expanding at that. Ofc the author would probably get to it in the future, my guy probably wants to situate the relationship status quo between the main cast first before getting to real shit.

now that I went on a long-ass tantrum I'll get to some character moment? Or development? Idk just some character shit.

first off Louise going crazy, and we have magic king, irina and section one or eri joining too. First off Louise and irina had their moments but after that they're barely mentioned of course there's still 50 chapters of mtl but imma read that later. We have magic king or Beatrix, for now she feels pretty standard but that's fine because she mommy and her breakdown feels a bit out of nowhere. Not in a way where I don't understand why she did what she did and why Carl got mad, but in a way where it just felt sudden. Like for marghetta, it was expected and we kinda knew it was gonna happen, since captain obvious, but for Beatrix they were just having a conversation and then boom big f*cky wucky. Other than that nothing much happened, tho seeing MC actually showing off (kinda) for once was pretty nice.

overall still a 4 and probably gonna wait to 400 chaps come out to binge again.

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Jul 16, 2023
Status: c31
Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy offers a creative twist on the transmigration genre by following a bureaucrat rather than a student. The protagonist Carl Krassius is the Chief Inspector of the Empire's Ministry of Finance who gets sent to monitor royal academy students, allowing him to interact with the main cast of the original novel he transmigrated into.

Carl is a refreshingly atypical MC, leveraging his administrative skills over brute strength to maneuver politics and uncover conspiracies threatening his assignments. His jaded personality and dry wit make for entertaining interactions with... more>> his enthusiastic subordinates and idealistic students.

While Carl downplays his capabilities, he has proven capable in combat during past wars, adding a mysterious duality to his character. Romance develops slowly but realistically between Carl and the intriguing female lead Louise, who defies typical reverse harem tropes.

The alternate POVs providing insights into side characters are excellent for fleshing out the world. The story balances lighthearted school life segments with high stakes political intrigue, maintaining an overarching sense of mystery around Carl's hidden past. <<less
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Aug 30, 2023
Status: c64
So far, it's been good. It's probably one of the few harem stories I like. The interactions are so funny, as well as the MC's thoughts and perception of everyone around him. The narration is also okay, I like how certain things and events are mentioned early on and revealed later. It feels like uncovering a golden nugget of sorts. I hope it continues and I'm excited for what happens down the line!
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Aug 21, 2023
Status: c40
Civil Servant in Romance Fantasy centers around a refreshingly unique protagonist in the isekai genre. Carl Krassius is an administrative inspector reincarnated into a fantasy world's civil service. After four years stuck behind a desk, he's dispatched undercover to a royal academy to monitor visiting foreign princes.

What makes Carl stand out is that he's not an overpowered student, but rather a jaded middle-aged veteran bureaucrat. His skills lean more towards bureaucracy, investigation and tactics rather than brute magical strength. Seeing events unfold from an adult outsider's perspective provides entertaining humor... more>> and social commentary.

Carl makes for an eccentric mentor figure to the academy students he must protect. His relationships with the female lead and others develop slowly and organically, with both parties maturing through their interactions. The romantic elements are a slow burn but avoid tiresome will-they-won't-they antics.

While Carl prefers to advise from the shadows, he's certainly no pushover, as demonstrated by fight scenes showing off his combat capabilities. Still, the novel's main draw is his unorthodox role and relationships, not epic battles.

With its quirky bureaucrat protagonist and grounded take on the isekai school setting, Civil Servant in a Romance Fantasy offers an enjoyable character-focused story. Carl's supporting role to the heroine and students creates opportunities for humor and meaningful growth on both sides. Readers tired of hot-blooded student leads will find this down-to-earth twist on the genre formula refreshing. <<less
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May 05, 2023
Status: c12
Apart from the occasional typo the first twelve chapters of the GTLS version of this series are an enjoyable read. It is told, alternating from the first person POV of transmigratee MC Carl Krassius and to the third person POV of other characters. Carl regrets his choice in following his father's suggestion for him to become a civil servant for the empire. When he is commanded to look into several high-profile students attending the royal academy, he is put into contact with the main characters of the novel world he... more>> transmigrated into, as well as his estranged younger brother, Erich, who is best friends with the female lead. <<less
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Apr 25, 2023
Status: c38
Enjoyable read. It's a novel I'm glad I picked up.

The romantic relationships are okay. Its a slow build up.

I recommend this although reading the MTLs gave me such a headache.
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Sep 11, 2023
Status: c70
I love this novel. I'm not gonna lie, the beginning is pretty slow but it gets really good after like the first 20 chapters. The first 20 are slow bc author takes his time setting up the world and the characters tho.

Now for the characters, they are all good and likeable, specially the MC. He is pretty funny but at the same time ruthless when the situation demands it. The people that MC needs to protect are also interesting, even other male characters and that surprised me. In most of... more>> the harem novels I read, male characters are mostly ignored, at least here they get more attention.

As for harem members, up to where I am right now there are 6 potential love interests. Of those 6 I like 2 of them a lot

Mar best girl

, 3 and 4 are good, and 5 and 6 are ok. To be fair for 5 and 6, as where I am right now in the novel, we have seen 5 and 6 like one time each, so of course my opinion could change in the future as they are more develop.

MC has a unique relationship/dynamic with each them which I really enjoy. I can't wait to see how their relationship develops as the chapters go on.

One thing that I need to mention is that there isn't much action/fights, at least up to where I have read. I honestly don't mind this at all, I enjoy more the character interactions and other things that happen that don't necessarily involved fighting. But I just wanted to point this out for the people who enjoy action packed novels, if that is what you are looking for then this novel may not be for you.

Btw, I am not saying that I dislike action/fights, I enjoy them but I like it when there's good reason for it and not just action for the sake of action. The fights here aren't many but I find them a lot more enjoyable and thrilling than in other novels where there's a fight with forgettable enemies like every 5 chapters.
For me, when it comes to fights: Quality > Quantity

And this novel chose Quality, and I'm really glad it did. <<less
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