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A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game!

“Sergeant First Class Ha, you crazy bastard. You shot another full round of bullseye?”

The sharpshooter Ha LeeHa simply wanted to be a part of the army forever. However, due to an unfortunate accident, he became paraplegic and was tossed back into society.

The revolutionary VR game [Middle Earth] presented a new life to him. Money obtained in [Middle Earth] has real-world value! Yet, he ruined his chance by selecting the lowest-tier character!

“I’m not like the others. This is all I have.”

Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods… I’ll show all of you what a real ‘musketeer’ is!

Associated Names
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Arcane Sniper
Mystic Musketeer
마탄의 사수
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5 Reviews

New zhanxian
Feb 04, 2024
Status: --
I just gotta throw some comments at people like Grandork that thinks its unrealistic for a f2p to compete with a p2p whale or how games with achievements that give perma boosts (and bonuses to the first achievers) is unrealistic.... fellow daoist... theres a reason kr and cn novels use these tropes over and over. Its because the first generation of eastern-mmos did in fact have these features. You COULD compete with whales in the first gen of mmos with hard work. You COULD snag world first achievements with hard... more>> work. And it is realistic to accidently stumble upon achievements doing things people normally wouldnt do. In asia, most players overwhelmingly play melee. Aimming and hitting things ala FPSs mechanics is extremely rare because unlike the west, they didnt have lots of FPS games until very recently, and even now most eastern fps games feature heavy aim assist. The entire appeal of these VRMMO novels is taking gamers back to the first gen of MMORPGS where the games were considered alternate worlds by the players themselves. Fair worlds where hard work was directly rewarded unlike the cruelty of the real world where nepotism and corruption determine your success. Where do you think the trope comes from people making millions and buying houses and stuff playing videogames?It comes from what literally happened in the first generation of mmos. Before developers and publishers ran cash shops and sold power to players, it was players buying and selling rare items and currencies with one another in the first gen of mmos. It wasnt illegal then because nobody even thought it was a thing. Poor players would grind all day and sell their virtual goodies to the rich players who would drop hundreds of rl currency on hats and other silly costume drops. The first gen of mmos had pretty much everything obtainable and tradable in game. A good player could become extremely successful, this was reality! But this dream ended once government and corporation stepped in. Developers started piling things up in the cashshop and making rare drops untradable. Governments started taxing people who traded virtual goods and regulating user play time, especially for younger gamers.

It wasnt until streaming became a thing that the next generation of gamers were able to make big money 'playing videogames'. And thus the 2nd popular genre of gaming novels were created: being a godly streamer lmao! 5-10 years from now the front page of this site will probably be plastered with vtuber nft reincarnation novels because thats the third wave of rl wealth acquisition from gaming, although no where near as big as the previous two...

This story is realistic and a look into the past... or rather an alternate mmo future the 30 year old boomers desperately wished became true. Of course the mc's cheat isnt... no cheat ever is. Back it harkens back to a time when games were so much more than just mechanisms to milk the playerbase and waste their time with daily nonsense. Back when they really could have been alternate worlds people could lose all their time in... gamers really dont know how bad things have gotten if they think something that actually happened would be unrealistic or unfair... <<less
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Aug 08, 2021
Status: v1
This novel pisses me off by no small extent. Let's first get the setting straight. Middle Earth is a MMORPG with over 100 Million Active Players. Now, let that sink into your head, 100 million. That is equivalent to Maple Story at its peak. This number is important for a single reason, Achievements. Much like all of these Korean and Chinese power fantasy novels, Achievements grant permanent boost to the users. In this novel, if you are one of the first 3 to get it, you gain DOUBLE of its... more>> value. Let's start with this point and how s*upid it is. Any MMO that did this would be dead in the water in the very first year. Why? Because the bonuses from the achievements are MASSIVE and if the first players getting it get it in double, that would make the first players that no life the game (play it 20 hours a day, every day) to be at such an insurmountable amount of power that it would be literally impossible to come even close to competing with them. Have you ever played a F2P that players can just P2W? Now imagine that, but it's impossible even if you were willing to pay. Dead. Game. No Devs would ever do that. But whatever, it's part of the setting, so you can just ignore it if you want.

Now, here is where it goes from dumb to damn right ret*rded. The MC is a Sharpshooter of the Army that most likely received the blessing of God of never missing. Ever. This translates into the game, where he can hit with a Musket using his skills (lol). But this is fine, power fantasy and all... Except... He gets two achievements. Hitting a ground target from over 100m and hitting a flying target from over 100m... That's fine, right? Even with a shitty musket, that is possible! Except... He was the third player to ever get the first one and the second player to ever get the second one... Yep, you read it right. Out of ONE HUNDRED MILLION PLAYERS, somehow this MOFO is the THIRD TO EVER HIT A TARGET FROM 100M AWAY! AND THE SECOND TO HIT A FLYING TARGET AT 100M AWAY! Are you kidding me?! The current record for highest an accurate shot (that is, a bullseye) is 283 meters. But, if its just hitting a target (especially if they are over 2 meters wide) it's 1222 meters. Yep, more than 12x the distance of this "Achievement". So you are telling me that ONLY TWO PEOPLE WERE ABLE TO HIT A TARGET FROM A DISTANCE HIGHER THAN 100M?! Even a goddamn amateur can do that with a bow and arrow! And this is a game, so high level bows (and players) would most likely EASILY hit targets from that distance.

But, do you think that is bad? Nah, the worst is next. You see, this game is funny. Really funny. If 20 people are attacking a field boss and they reduce its HP to about 5%, but die or flee, the last person standing that gives the killing blow is considered to have taken down the boss alone. So he gets the full achievement and EXP/Loot. Is that dumb? Yep. But here is where it becomes VERY idiotic. The MC is level 12 here and the boss is level 62+ (let's forget at how s*upid the level difference is, since in any MMO, the MC would be dealing not even 0, 01% of the boss HP per hit). Once he DOES give the finishing blow, he gains an Achievement... The first player to ever kill a monster 50 levels above them SOLO (even though the Raid of 20+ people dealt 95% of the damage)... Are you f*cking kidding me?! You are telling me that NO ONE has ever CARRIED someone in a high level area?! The highest leveled player is 200, the average is 80. You are telling me that no one that was level 100+ didn't bring a low level 10~15 to a high level area, almost killed an enemy and allow the lowbie to get the final hit (without being in a party) ? Out of 100 MILLION PLAYERS, no one sells POWER LEVEL?! f*cking hell dude...

Yes, read this novel if you just want to turn your brain off, the author sure as hell did. <<less
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May 02, 2021
Status: c33
Overall, this is a somewhat new take on the familiar (and very popular) full dive mmorpg genre. It adds some things, but nothing terribly significant. The biggest difference is the main character: a military sniper forced to retire after turning paraplegic after a training accident. We'll ignore the very strange plot point that the government refuses to pay for his surgery to walk again... Because accidentally shooting yourself still gets you a purple heart in America, I don't really understand the logic that accidentally paralyzing yourself gets you a kick... more>> in the nuts. They could have denied him because the surgery was experimental and it would have led to the same thing without something entirely illogical. He could even still be an angsty Korean hell-bent on money, angry at the system and their selfish logic. Anyway, that plot point is dumb.

And that sort of moves on to my only overall gripe so far (granted, only 33 out of 1300 chapters have been translated so far, so gripes can grow) :

Just like in every one of these types of novels, the protagonist magically discovers something that no one else knows, but everyone should f-ing know. It's not even a spoiler to tell you that auto combat is NOT the best way to fight. But somehow no one knows. 100 million players and 4 months since release, played all over the world, with news programs dedicated to the game, and no one knows that accuracy percentage only applies while using auto combat. That is so unbelievable that it makes me actually angry. Gamers analyze the sh*t out of every aspect of their favorite games, yet no one knows this... It even states that people thought that might be the case but didn't bother to practice enough to get to that level of skill. I just went to a damn ren-fair with an archery tournament and you are telling me no one would have turned off auto-combat just so they could roleplay more accurately? No one else in the world? Don't even get me started on no one choosing the musket as a starting weapon... There are always people who choose underappreciated classes to prove themselves. And especially in a game touted for it's perfect AI and balancing, seeing a weapon that shoots once a minute and hits half the time is a huge red flag that something here is special. Ugh. Just make him better than all of the others, not the only one. <<less
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Jun 11, 2021
Status: --
Hyper realistic my a**! Nothing in this novel is realistic. Just the 100% percent hit rate is already unrealistic.

If you like op characters that can do no wrong, will not fail, then you will love this. As for me, I hate them.

What's the use of reading this story if we know the MC will steam roll every 'obstacle' that the author makes anyway? We might as well skip to the ending then.
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Grim Thoughts
Grim Thought
Mar 04, 2021
Status: c14
Nothing past the very early stages of the novel has been translated, so I can only really comment on this story's beginning, but this series is shaping up to be fantastic so far. Character interactions are vibrant, the characters themselves feel relatively well-fleshed-out, the world building is quite good for a story of the VRMMO genre, and the narrative is strong and cohesive; it has a few flaws (imo), such as the world being a bit generic, some things not being explained as much as I'd like, and one character... more>> in particular being a huge dickhead to two other characters due to seemingly petty reasons (only in manhwa right now, you'll know what I'm talking about when you get there), but none of them are very important nor are they especially noticeable to me at the moment. The manhwa adaptation is currently ahead of the novel in English, but not by much, and it looks like the novel translation will soon catch up to the manhwa's slow release schedule; as of now, the manhwa seems to be a very faithful adaptation to the novel. Overall, this was a great, albeit short, read, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this series develops in the future. Props to the talented novel TLs who are doing a great job of getting this series in English! I really appreciate you guys :) <<less
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