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There’s a legendary Bishoujo Game that has become popular among Japanese gentlemen.

Its name is “ Magical★Explorer” or Magiero for short.

The game’s protagonist has a cheat-like power with12 different beautiful heroines to flirt with, including additional 12 heroines from the DLC, a harem of 24 beauties. I have become that protagonist!………………Not. Instead, I have become the third-wheel character who always laughing like an idiot next to him.

Of course I was in despair at first.

Of course. If I am the protagonist I could have all 24 heroines for myself along with unparalleled cheat power. However, since I am the third-wheel there’s no heroine that would lay their eyes on me.

But now I couldn’t care less about the protagonist and his heroines. Why? Because I discovered magic. While I was using it, I have become interested in it. I want to master it. I want to become the strongest. Thus I have decided.

I would abandon half my role as a protagonist’s friend to train my magic and then I would beat the hell out of that cheat who can solo the Demon King.

………..I was training with that thought in mind, but somehow I keep getting closer to the heroines and furthermore, I don’t know why I keep encounter events like I am some Eroge’s protagonist.

Associated Names
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Magical★Explorer – It seems I have become a Friend of the Protagonist in an Eroge World, but because Magic is fun I have abandoned the role and train myself.
マジカル★エクスプローラー エロゲの友人キャラに転生したけど、ゲーム知識使って自由に生きる
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New merddin rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: c136
Way too overrated. Like other reviewers mention the idea is great but the execution is subpar at best. Instead of a proper novel this feels like a set of independent stories, where cliched developments are used to show how amazing MC is.

The annoying thing is that author manages to constantly bait you into thinking that something interesting may start soon, but it never does. All foreshadows are resolved in the most boring way possible.

I would not even mind a typical harem but unfortunately author fails at properly delivering even that.... more>> Character development is non-existent and there is no romance, instead you get to read why each heroine admires MC.

Lastly, the summary given on NU has absolutely nothing to do with what is happening in the novel. No magic research (just bashing everything with magical scarf) , no rivalry with original protagonist (they are best bros somehow?) and the fact that MC transmigrates into a game character is is used only to fix up inconsistent storytelling.

Translator does a great job though. <<less
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P-911Interest rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: c21
Magical Explorer is a novel about a character who transmigrates into the body of a very pitiful mob within a dating simulator inspired world. What drew me to this novel so well was the MC's childlike curiosity and fascination with magic, the potentially cool and versatile ability the MC gains in the beginning, the mob's background story, and the expectation to see the MC change or even wreck the original plot of the dating sim alongside its perverted cliche's.

Unfortunately, all of these novel's appeals were suppressed as the story moved... more>> on. The sole reason is the fact that my expectation was left unfulfilled; the MC doesn't try to exert caution towards the annoying plot devices used in harem manga/novels nor does he try to change any part of the novel for his own benefit, but instead replaces the dating sim's main character entirely; he gropes women's butts and boobs, peeks at their naked bodies, and is even assigned to live with some women despite the significant dangers surrounding said women, all due to the omniscient powers called accidental coincidence and the author's irrational logic.

Summary: I am ultimately disappointed with this story so far. The beginning of the novel went so well, with the MC showing promise in developing an interesting personality and the story potentially subverting the tired and annoying tropes commonly seen in harem novels/mangas in clever ways. The MC was even explaining the mechanics of the these annoying tropes before embracing them soon after! At the end of the day, the story is bogged down with these harem tropes, the MC betrayed my expectations and failed to develop any personality with real depth, and the story has failed to let the MC develop his powers or advance his plans at a decent pace since it's too busy with implementing said harem tropes. Even the original mob character has more depth in terms of story background and personality than the MC (this is possibly the saddest aspect of the novel).

I will still read a bit more of this novel since I still have hopes that the remaining charms of this novel (MC's cool powers) will pay off, but likelihood of that happening is low due to the author's obsession with harem tropes. <<less
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Mabbo rated it
August 20, 2019
Status: c94
Five stars means perfect, three stars means it's mediocre. I take the middle way and give it four stars.

TL;DR This novel is rewarding. Every chapter spent on progress pays off.

Now, I feel that some of the reviews don't do justice to this novel. This novel is really full of tropes, but also knows how to subvert them. It takes a game setting and exploits the blind spots many authors chose to avoid.

... more>> > Main Character

MC is someone from Japan who, by means and motive unknown, reincarnated into the body of a side character from an Eroge. In one aspect, he's overpowering other characters. In other aspects, he's flawed and needs other characters' help. His nature is of a pervert. However, he takes pride in his gentleman manner and logical reasoning, which somehow gives a reason to him not to lay his hands on his step-mother, step-sister, and his housemates.

His design is unique with the four meter tall scarf--which he calls as Stole--that he uses to fight.

He is, without doubt, a shonen manga protagonist material. Saying he is a hard worker won't be enough; working hard is the only thing he knows. His target is to become the strongest man in the academy and, by extension, strongest man in the world. He doesn't go back to his words, and once he sets upon something, he won't stop.

> Other Characters

The novel has various unique characters. Some stays to their archetype, but all of them feels alive and there. Until the end of 2nd Arc, the main focus is still on MC, so it's still unknown how they handle their own problems.

One most unique character among the batch is the the protagonist of the Eroge world. In some setting, this role is usually filled with someone from Japan like the MC, while in other settings, it can be just some ignorant individual. This novel takes the second approach. What makes this character special is because MC doesn't steal his thunder only, but he also cultivates and develops him.

So far (2nd Arc), the harem only consists a handful characters. None of them fell in love with him out of the blue, they all have their trigger and reason. Conversely, a character who holds no affection to him in the first place won't become his harem member.


A good example of this would be Catherine /Kato Rina (Eroge Main Heroine). MC deliberately lost a fight to her in order to make Iori Hijiri (Eroge protagonist) get closer to her. However, she went overboard and made him lost consciousness for hours. She is very apologetic about it, and now friends with MC. Till the end of 2nd Arc, there is no sign of her joining his harem.


MC is a stubborn person and frequently being misunderstood. His conducts are seen as dangerous and pushing to the limits. However, he does what he does, and none can convince him to stop. That is why, his harem tends to hold meetings among themselves, wanting to be useful for him more than he is for them.

Interactions between MC and other characters are, more often than not, based on either misunderstanding or prejudice. However, no smoke without fire. MC is indifferent about the position he is in and focuses more about the game plots. This results with other characters not being able to see what he sees and can only judge him by his outer self.

> Story Elements

The story starts a few days before the Eroge's first scene. It exploits the blind spots the Eroge has and establishes a solid foundation of relationship between MC and the key characters.

The author tends to avoid useless repetition, but they still fall to it. More than half of the entirety of the novel is exposition, mainly about monsters, dungeons, and the original game's system. Elements from the original game are brought to real life, but not all of it. I still don't understand about the level system he often brings up, does it exist or not, but maybe it's due to my lack understanding of Japanese. Other than that, elements such as skills, hidden rooms, warfare tactics, even the most mundane element like the position of their seat in the class, these things are kept to be the same as the game by an unknown power that even the MC wonders.


At some point, MC acquires a Tenshi (angel) subordinate. In the original game, it should've been a Homonculus, but due to reason unknown (possibly, the monstrous amount of mana he injected to the "egg") a Tenshi hatches instead. The Tenshi claims that she was supposed to be an assistant of a Dungeon Master or someone else who works "behind the curtain", thus MC who is a "normal citizen" to acquire her is strange. This indicates that things are not as simple as they looks like.


> Conclusion

This novel is just a Shonen Action with Ecchi genre. Probably not the best of the cut, but surely is fun. <<less
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Lamo Lamp
Lamo Lamp rated it
September 29, 2019
Status: c25
I tried, seriously I tried, but I can't.

Well premise first. The first time I stumbled this series, I was like 'wow great, a man reincarnated (?) as a protagonist's support character', interesting. And rather than become the protag side kick he decided to beat him and become the strongest, oh did I mention it's a harem, I don't mind though

Next is story. The first couple of chapter, the MC with his sad 'background strory' tried to build his foundation to become the 'strongest' which is good. Then everything is changed... more>> after the first capture target introduced. Like P-911Interes said the rather than become a unique character in itself, he rather replaced the eroge protagonist himself. The way author tied the characters by generic plot common in echi anime/manga, e.x. 'Accidentally' trip over and touch the butt/boob, came out of the bathroom naked and 'accidentally' showing his glourious dick, and many more, rather than, I dont know little by little over time knowing each other.

After that it seems the story goes focused more on raising the flag here and there. Like I said, I don't mind harem, but the story heavily balanced more on harem side and with the plot device, it became worst.

For character, boy oh boy here we go. Very flawed character, indeed with flawed character author could develop his character more. But if it's to flawed, the development of the character become weird. Well, imagine a guy with down syndrome training with sword, suddenly next year he became master, illogical.

Though at this point, me, having only 25 chapters there is no real character development. What is irking me though is, the MC line of thought. He was a member adult working society, but the way he think was like adolescent boy, I didn't notice a single trace of him being a working adult.

The MC cousin is a teacher in his school. I understand having unique character is one of a story attractiveness, but seriously washing rice with detergent? Did she wanna kill her family? A teacher? Like that?

Oh, the maid/knight, when there accident that she showinv her g string collections, she just punch the MC and go 'kyaaaa', a royal servant assaulting someone she should have to protect. Many thing I want to point about character, but at this point I am just b*tching.

About grammar. I mean what can I say, there are probably many grammatical mistake from my comment here. Still, it's easy noticing other people mistake than you own, I mean, I notice grammar mistake here and there in this translation. But meh I don't care, no problemo for me


Interesting premise destroyed by inabilty of author to deliver his story with a pinch of generic plot line, with a slice of generic boring characters on top <<less
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August 3, 2019
Status: c38
When you read about a transmigration into a mob character, you'd expect a subversion of the original theme and/or story. A clash with the original MC and all. There's none here.

It's just a replacement of the original MC with the new transmigrator MC. The s*upid harem plot devices being mocked a few paragraphs before still happens to the new MC right after being mentioned: Girls coming to live with him for little to no reason, accidents where he fondles a girl's ass and boobs, several beautiful women gravitating around him... more>> by 'chance', excessive convenience and coincidence with every encounter he has, etc.

This is a typical japanese Harem with flat characters, unreasonable cliche plot devices and a dense MC with no agency that it's always at the right place at the right time. It's not a satire where a mob characters sees and/or subverts the absurdity of a harem plot devices.

I don't like this typical Japanese Harem Formula at all, but a lot of people do, and it's ultimately a problem of the 'transmigration into mob character' that can give a wrong expectation, hence why I chose not to rank it.

Edit: I lasted until chapter 40 before completely dropping, hoping the novel would get better or that the action/fantasy parts began. Well, they didn't.

There was 1 action scene at the start and everything else was the MC meeting and having slice of life moments with all kinds of women, where all the cliches I've said above kept happening.

I'd just add 'entering the bathroom to catch one of the women undressed' to the list, since it happened 2 times already. No plot whatsoever in 40 chapters except (.) (.) plot <<less
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akhdanp1234 rated it
October 18, 2019
Status: c11
I only read 11 chapters but my impression is that its just another cliche and generic JP novel with beta MC. The synopsis is false. MC act like your usual generic JP protagonist with "accidentally touching boobs". And the way he acts really pissed me off. He needs a party but he refuses to party with the heroine even though on the previous chapter he mention about partying with them. Oh my god! I don't know what does the MC wants to do.

And the MC can't really use magic. He... more>> has a mana pool surpassing even a "witch" but he can only use enchanting and the thing he enchant is his body and scarf. He can't use any spells like fireball, water spear, etc. So the part about him training magic is kinda false, it's more like training his body and scarf manipulation skill.

In short, the MC is your generic JP beta MC <<less
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pomoli rated it
November 14, 2019
Status: --
Dropped. The summary is very misleading.
Kinda boring, I thought I'd see an underdog MC but the MC is having zero difficulty.

He's supposed to be focusing in his magic and ignoring the girls, but instead has cliché sexy situations after sexy situations with cliché girls, and I say that as someone who likes romance and harem. It's just boring when there is no challenge.

Also, being transported to another world and having no reaction, it was very badly done.

Basically one of those stories that would be better being an actual manga... more>> instead of a web novel.
Good translation with the occasional Japanese word mixed in as a downside. <<less
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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet rated it
October 4, 2019
Status: c29
While I enjoy harem novels I must say that this is one that is worse than CN harem novels.

What could be a decent novel is ruined by the author making this a novel where it's all about the women and their little lucky accidents. One example is him seeing his cousin naked because he didn't knock on the bathroom door so he tells himself to knock next time which he does yet the time after that he doesn't knock anymore and happens to see the guest that's living with them... more>> naked. Oh he also got a skill from wanting to see through her towel.

Characters aren't fully developed at all and are just thrusted into the story with minimum development at all.

MC says he wants to focus on magic and be at the very top yet focuses on the women 24/7.

I understand it's a eroge novel without the eroge but it's just amateur writing at best since author doesn't know how to balance the harem since he just keeps tossing women in with their cardboard personalities, had hopes for this novel since it seemed interesting but the authors writing skills ruined it. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Havisu rated it
January 12, 2020
Status: c123
Tbh, this novel deserved 3 or 4 stars depending on the readers, but I gave 5 stars rating to this novel because some of the very low rating reviews doesn't truly justify the plot in this novel.

Some reviewers said the MC who should've be an expert in MagiEx game should already knows whats gonna be happening and yet failed to do so. Well yea what do you expect when some external factors were mixed in the plot? Of course, the original plot gonna change duh. And no matter how you're... more>> experienced in something, if the plot changed you won't be able to make the full use of your knowledge.

Also, the MC started as a side character in the game who the history background are really vague, so how the hell would he knows what will happen to his character before the game even started?

And how is he so calm and collected when the terrorist attacked a hotel just beside the shop he's been at, able to judge who's suspicious and then even follow them into the hotel? Well simple, he's still thinking he's in the game, thats all. I would do so too if I am in the game, it reeks of event plot, might even be a secret event. Hell why don't you ask "how could kirito be calm and collected when he knew in those game if he lose his life, he died for sure"? In this novel MC don't even know why he's there, not even how or what will happen if he died there, so of course given that he's in game, he gonna think its an event before actual story. And since the actual story gonna have him meeting with the real MC, until that time he might be protected by plot armor.

And lastly, please don't be a shitty reviewer who compare a novel which is not a cup of your coffee to a novel which you liked. Its like saying "your shitty shoes are worst compared to my sparkling white shoes", when your shoes might looks like craps in other people eyes. Nobodies actually cares if you stated a novel with similar premise as the one you're reviewing, it might be good for you, but not necessarily for others. It might even be dropped by other who liked this novel instead. So stop comparing a novel to another novel, cuz you gonna be bias. <<less
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Light novel junkie
Light novel junkie rated it
January 31, 2020
Status: --
Tbh I mostly enjoyed this because it's not as if the MC isn't primarily seeking to usurp the eroge MC of his position in that world but more he's thrown into a scenerio many of us would like to be in ourselves. Not the MC who has to deal with the bullsh*t but a close by character who when possible can assist his favored characters and stop them from experiencing terrible scenerios. People rant and rave about "typical isekai harem mc" but apparently never notice that he only involves himself... more>> with his favourite characters who are about to have some terrible experince, not to take the harem route but purely because he likes these characters. How many of us (readers) have read a story and really liked a character or characters only they had some horrible event occur to them? And many of us would have wanted to have changed that event? He can and does do just that. The only reason for 4 stars is not enough chapters @, @. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ReadsWebNovels rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: c22
Quick Summary: Inoffensive, uninspired, and boring.

Longer Summary: The summary promises an eroge-spoof that actually focuses on a character's drive to improve in spite of a disability (with magic.) What you actually get is an eroge that is unironically as eroge-like as possible. Pretty much, every eroge trope ever is used and I'm only 22 chapters in. This is just a by-the-numbers eroge that constantly talks about by-the-numbers eroges as if it's going to do something unique, creative, or different. Spoiler, it never does.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Renaxan rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: c61
Story is about MC who got isekai'ed again into isekai which is eroge, not even otome anymore LOL. He become eroge MC side friend, instead fullfilling his role, instead fascinating with magic and aim to defeat the MC.

Character all are clear, we got several explanation about their background like MC pitiful background, ludi as princess, etc. There's also POV of othet character about MC. I admit MC is clueless and act too chuuni, but this also make the story kind of enjoyable.

Talk about plot, it seems pretty simple as similiar... more>> to eroge event. As our MC true gentlemen who got knowledge about all things on the game, its not surprising he taken advantage of that. The things is, he also share it with his harem and he didnt really know he already created harem beyond eroge MC.

Cons, it would be MC attitude. As that 1* rant, stated MC isnt act mature at all. Also plot armor goes strong on MC side, and he still clueless. Aside from become strong, he didnt really have aim actually. Also


there's no 18+ scene so far. What? Its eroge. Why no adult content exist here? XD


Overall its really light enjoyable novel for ride. Dont think to much, take the perspective of MC. If you also eroge player, you might like this like myself does, since this novel provide plot similiar to eroge. If you want to try eroge which have similiar system as this novel, try kamidori alchemy meister.

5/5 for enjoyment. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
gahara31 rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: c16
The premise is promising.

I've come with expectation the story would unfold like "The otome games is tough for mobs" or "My death flags show no sign of ending" or at least the MC would have vision for himself and work himself towards realizing that vision.

But no, instead I got rambling from the author with inserted some random facts every now and then which have no relevance whatsoever in the story. The MC who supposedly one of the hardcore player of the very game he transmigrated into, looks like only have... more>> superficial knowledge about the game world. Not to mention the way he interacted with the girls is like those dumb dense typical harem protagonist who only alive because of plot armor, aren't you supposed to be side character?!

looking at how much 5 starts this series got I tried to keep on reading but no, this is painfully, badly written, and I've got enough. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bluehm rated it
October 7, 2019
Status: c80
Umm yeah, this one gets full score imo.

Quite a few people are complaining about mainstream reincarnation in a game or sth "oh no, I reincarnated as a game character, now I must follow the original characters actions or crises would descent upon me" but this one doesnt, you know?

Well, at first it seems to go that way but later on he doesn't give a flying fck about it.

... more>> Don't rate something after just a few read chapters, please...

Aside from that, I still do have some problems with the prota, like he's dense (but fortunately not as dense as e.g. Kurono from kuro no maou and Naofumi from Tate no yuusha) , he tries to avoid the heroins at the beginning 'cause they're the MCs heroins and not his (he's the MCs friend character if you didn't know) and he overreacts sometimes..

BUT! he's real hardworking, grinds like hell (I love it, not the written protocol of the grinding but the fact he does it), gives not a damn about other people's opinions and a bit later in the story he gave up on following his original characters setting and actions since he noticed relative early that he already messed it up and he doesn't get the cause, so... sht happens huh.


He's the most hated guy in school because he's all nice and "flirty" with the school goddesses (heroins) while he strolls through the schools halls with his messy getup and girls and an indebted female teacher sticking to him like gum under your shoe. Hilarious, I tell you.


The heroins we've seen so far all have their unique cliche setting, which is not bad at all since it's intended to be cliche and that's what this works author cracks the jokes with, the prota is.. not your typical beta isekai prota but not anything completely new either. He's definitely likable so it's fine.

Story is not unique either but my favorite in this comedy game world reincarnation theme + it's Eroge Gameworld and not Otome, which I like.

There's a dungeon you'd need to offer 3 used panties to get it opened up.

It's funny seeing them standing at the entrance and the heroins reactions towards the prota (who knew damn well, they'd have to do so)


The description here sums it up pretty good and everything else would spoiler too much I guess.

Translations quality is not perfect but still perfectly easy to read.

The translator is awesome, he sometimes puts pictures inside the the text to explain some Japanese slangs or things you wouldn't get otherwise and it helps! thank you translator!

Also he puts some memes or gifs inside if it works with the story.

His 'editing' was sometimes better than the jokes of the story.

This novel together with this translator are very recommendable, as long as you're fine with cliche, harem, sarcasm, op MC, isekai and special editing of the translator (or also: people with humor).

Not gonna check for mistakes because wrote more than I intended to but I'll re-rate if author messes up. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NearlyPanda rated it
December 24, 2019
Status: --
This is one of those novels that started out with a good premise then failed on execution. Started out interesting enough. The MC and narrator went on a short rant about contrived situations in harem and adult games which I can relate so interest is still pretty high. Then we learned that MC is re-incarnated as the protagonist's forgettable friend, okay, not the most creative situation but not used as often so still got potential. Then we learn about the super depressing and traumatic background of this side character which... more>> can either be trying to hard to be edgey or just flesh him out, can go both ways. After that, the whole thing goes down hill fast.

Next, the principle of the magic school suddenly show up, tell him that they are related and they will be living together with her (who is a hottie btw) and another capture target and both of them are totally cool with it. Oh incidentally, the principle told the MC that she won't be around much since she have a lot of work and left him with a huge wad of cash that is part of his inheritance. WTF, the MC is Bruce Wayne now? Weren't there a short rant about the contrived situation in harems anime early and now it dive head first into the cliche pool.

The straw that broke the camel's back is the explosion scene later on. The MC is hanging out and an explosion happen near him. The MC pick himself up, looked around, found someone suspicious then follow him which lead to a flag event. Again, WTF? Is the MC originally a experienced first responder? A professional soldier? In law enforcement so use to high stress situation? Why the hell would some punk kid have enough experience to remain calm in what is basically a terrorist event and have enough presence of mind to pick out one suspicious individual. Then made the decision to follow him? <<less
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AnotherNEET rated it
January 22, 2020
Status: --
I have seen people ranting quite a lot about this novel being boring af, cliche af, typical shounen harem shit, typical JP beta MC, boring side characters, fighting part is disappointing, etc. etc. So... Just to be clear, have you all ever played an eroge before?

Tl;dr: eroge player thrown into the eroge that he knows best and acts like a true "gentleman" in the situation

Longer version? None, because the sentence above summarized the whole thing, and it is done quite well, hence the 4 stars

I can see the point of... more>> those complaints, and I would like to question the sanity of those writing them, because I think they miss the whole point of this novel, which is how a normal member of the society who also plays eroge suddenly gets transported into the eroge he knows like the back of his hand, and decides to bring out his "gentleman" soul. The author is trying to recreate tropes in eroges and making fun of them while also partly sharing how he would act in those situations through the MC. So what did you guys expect through the description? Unexpected cultivation in an eroge? Seriously?

The only reason I gave it 4 star is that this is supposed to be a dungeon crawling eroge and yet barely have we seen MC in a satisfying action scene but other than that, just put yourself in the shoes of the MC and it would make sense perfectly. So give it a try if you have played eroges before, and if you haven't, played some eroges then think again about what you would do before ruining such a good novel by enforcing your own ideas.

Edit: the

dungeon 40 floors rush

finally brings combat to the table. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 15, 2019
Status: --
Well the description betrayed me, I was expecting that he would avoid the heroines and that will be the main point for them to be curious and fall for him but he's the one the seeking for there attention, totally ruined my view of him hahaha like a maggot but I like the story
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tempdos rated it
October 12, 2019
Status: c88
I think my greatest misgiving about this series is that its synopsis is misleading.

Like, yeah, the main character is aiming to be the strongest, but apparently suffers from a constitution that makes 'emission' type magic (think any type of magic performed at range and outside of bodily contact, from magic missiles to barriers) impossible. Normally this would create an interesting handicap where the character might devise creative methods to use magic at range, and judging by the synopsis implying he wants to master magic you might suspect that, but it's... more>> not the case here.

The character instead gives up on magic almost entirely, and the author even spends a portion of the story talking about how it's pointless for him to even attend advanced academy classes as they all deal with powerful attack spells he will never be able to use. Instead he focuses on enchanting a very long stole (the long scarf you see the MC wearing in the Novel Updates' series image) to act as an additional pair of appendages. He calls the enchanted stole ends his 3rd and 4th hands, and uses them to block attacks and punch enemies respectively. He is entirely melee focused and the most magic he ever really uses, beyond some basic body enforcement and the enchanted stole, is a water or fire element enchantment on the stole that makes some punches or blocks with his 3rd and 4th hands more effective. Other than that he uses a katana, but apparently is similarly untalented in its usage and can only use 1 (one) move with it.

There's a point in the story as a reader where you have to wonder what's the point of him attending this magical academy at all, and indeed the character himself actually starts skipping nearly all the classes because they are useless to him. Given his critical shortcomings, which apparently cannot be resolved, you might also find yourself having difficulty suspending your disbelief that despite being so explicitly described as talentless he impresses and surpasses much more talented individuals that train just as hard and almost as long as he does. It's like everyone describes and acknowledges he sucks at the katana and can do jack sh*t with it, only to find two weeks later he's a sword master with one particular move.

I also find it a bit confusing when the author initially describes the MC's character in the game as middeling tier at best. A gimmick character people only really used as a tank by equipping him with 4 shields, and even then was considered a handicap used only to make the game more difficult. But then later pretends like the MC's character is somehow a fully viable choice to beat the game with.

Despite all this and the continuous mixed messaging with the showing and telling, I still gave the series 4 stars (Albeit 3.5 might be more accurate in my estimation) because it's a fun read. However, if any of the above comments on this series' storytelling considerably bothers you then I wouldn't recommend picking it up. <<less
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Rezco rated it
October 2, 2019
Status: c94
First of all, actually I don't want to give this novel review but someone already give one star or two is absolutly ridiculous, or because he/she only read chapter under 30 or don't like harem theme or something what u expecting?

  1. I don't know, but generic plot or temple is fine come on man with most Japanese novel 85% its always generic if u saw theme (harem+school life) so reader who want baddass of MC with epic battle shounen manga, or pure romance with many drama with tear jerk story? (In this novel u can't have that just search other novel

    In the novel MC main target is become op character and become number 1 in his school so his main focus in story is mad training and crazy beat dungeon all day being solo or with his harem party to catch up cheat character of eroge main player (iori) because he know so well if not training extra hard he can't beat his (iori) cheat growth.

    Its same like the synopsis he similar to prontagonis of eroge novel in story bcoz, he half abandon role of clown for prontagonis and he will get closer to heroine.

    Summary:Story is fresh not so fast not to slow I'm enjoy it, comedy and joke it generic/template but it fine bcoz it funny (80% manga/novel/visual novel/game have many template joke so fine for me it like daily drink a water or like math formula... So u can complain much isn't it) so far MC act so reasonanble and likeable, and good friendship with many heroine (if he not act like prontagonis I will drop this novel) the tranlate is good and fast thanks for fansubber ^^

    Sorry for bad english :v
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ExQAlph03 rated it
August 11, 2019
Status: c26
Well, I'm just making this review since people are already giving this bad marks when their reason isn't really that valid. And really? It's still so early in the series and people are already giving it bad rating review.

Honestly, it would make more sense and be more acceptable if they are aware like hawlol but no, sigh, whatever.

Hopefully people will just ignore those bad reviews and see for themselves about how this novel is, even if it doesn't meet your taste or expectation, don't say something else when the description... more>> didn't even say that it is like that. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
July 27, 2019
Status: c94
This is another one I've read on syosetsu. In short, it's funny and ecchi, but not too ecchi because it's on the SFW site. I feel like you'll appreciate it more if you've played h-games before - the ones with actual gameplay - or if you've read and liked a few ecchi harem comedies.

This is not the kind of novel that needs a long explanation. Ecchi + Harem + Comedy with some action. There are many like it. This one is good but not good enough to stand next to... more>> the best of the genre. <<less
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