Magic Gems Gourmet


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Thanks to the benevolence of a Goddess, I got reincarnated as a noble! It should have been fine, but the skill I received, [Toxin Decomposition EX], is too plain, and everyday I am fooling around at home.

However, at some point of time, I discovered that this skill can eat the magic stones of monsters and absorb their abilities, and that I am the prince of a neighboring country!

What was waiting at the royal castle is experimenting and training with abundant magic stone, in an environment that brings out the strongest power, finally, the ability of the legendary demon Dullahan is mine!

Surrounded by a clumsy fiancée and a female knight, the new life of a boy who will become a “king” begins!

author note:
The point of view start off as the point of view of the protagonist, but has changed to a third person point of view in the middle.
I am sorry for the change, but the third person is the basic way to go.
※ The difference from the book version will be the character’s name and features.

Associated Names
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Magic Stone Gourmet ~I who ate the power of the monsters is the strongest!~
Maseki gurume ~ mamono no chikara o tabeta ore wa saikyō!~
魔石グルメ ~魔物の力を食べたオレは最強!~
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Date Group Release
07/12/19 kitsuao translation(?) c2
07/11/19 kitsuao translation(?) c1
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