Chronicles of an Aristocrat Reborn in Another World – the Apostle of the Gods Who Know No Self-Restraint


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The main character, Shiina Kazuya is killed by a stranger while trying to protect his childhood friend’s younger sister. He was reborn as Cain von Silford, the third son of an Aristocrat, in a world of magic and swords.

Cain will grow up surrounded by Gods who don’t know self-restraint, the nobles of the Kingdom, and young women.

In order to avoid raising any flags, he tries to hide the incredible amount of stats and protections he received from the Gods. This is the royal road fantasy of a boy who is at times two-faced and at times clumsy.

Associated Names
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Adventure Record of Reincarnated Aristocrat ~ the Apostle of Gods Who Doesn’t Know Self-Restraint~
Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku ~ Jichou wo Shiranai Kamigami no Shito ~
The Rebirth of the Reincarnated Nobility
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ValorPhoenix rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: c121
This story doesn't live up to the promise of the early chapters. The gods reincarnated him to being up the civilization level of the world? Nope, that ends with the introduction of a single game. Avoid getting entangled with the king and become an adventurer? Haha, nope, not only can the MC not say no, but apparently the king's job is summoning the MC every other day to complain about how OP he is or for some random inconsequential thing.

The MC will do his best to not stand out, yet... more>> he will famously become an actual noble at a very young age, so all that accomplishes is repeatedly having "that brat is a noble/strongest adventurer?" over and over and over again. Sometimes the same scene will be written from multiple PoVs because apparently that horse hadn't been beaten to death yet.

It's a disappointingly mediocre story where things happen so people can over react to the MC. This includes all the girls that get engaged to the MC. They're there purely for reaction value and get no character development or a chance to show any charm points. If it's not that, it's everyone in the story complaining to the MC about all sorts of worthless things. Very little comedy, fun, adventure or development to be found. <<less
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King7 rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: v3c17
My review is somewhat biased and may be mixed with personal feelings. Also, may not be reliable as I only read up until v3c17.

MC cannot make his own decision. He can't even argue or refuse. He's viewed highly by gods but there's really nothing excellent about him, maybe except that he's helpful, nothing more.

... more>> Romance? Just because he's strong, women will selfishly demand marriage and he can't even say no. If people around him, mostly women, told him to do this, he will do it regardless how unreasonable the request.

Plot: 3/5 (generic plot) - I don't mind generic plot, still, it depends on how it is executed to keep the readers immersed to the story. (Bias comment: For me, this is not my cup of tea. Sorry)

Character: 2/5 feels 2D to me 😓

Harem: 1/5. They just known for an hour and they will be engaged the next hour. I bet the first two girls didn't even experience menstration yet. (Bias comment: As much as I don't like Harem genre, there are stories that is so interesting that I didn't mind the harem, I actually like the some of the FLs.)

To the translator, thank you for translating! Although brief, I have quite a journey because of your translation. I would also like to apologize for my aggresive behavior on my initial review.

I am deeply grateful for your translation. You worked hard! Thank you! ^_^ <<less
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April 19, 2022
Status: v8c9
Sigh, okay... Before I even begin writing this review I need to give you a little backstory as to why I picked this up in the first place.

I've been job hunting for the past few months and while I get called by companies (I'm not trying to toot my horn here), I'm almost never called back past the first few rounds. This has, arguably weighed on me, even though I mostly manage to hide the cracks in my day to day life. But there are days where I just want... more>> to seek an escape. Those escapades come in the form of anime and light/web novels, the latter form of media slowly dominating my screentime.

Now, my obsession over escapism is transient. I have a bad week, I hop on to binge, maybe review something and f*ck off into the sunset. So when I set about this week of anxiety driven binge session, I was looking for something that I could breeze through. Volumes of chapters, tens, maybe thousands of words to just mindlessly devour. Without paying any attention to the flavour or the presentation of the story. I wasn't here for any grand adventure or giant killing, I was here for fun.

Now, the age-old question-

Did I have fun?

Absolutely I did. This novel here is utter tr*sh, it's so bad that you can only laugh at it with pity. Its nothing new, doesn't reinvent the wheel with crazy new characters, gripping storyline or a level system.

When sober and anxiety free, it's just like grandma's britches after a hectic day- unholy and something you'd probably want to blast with a water hose. On a day when your thoughts refuse to be yours, this is the horse tranqilizer that you had been looking for. Reading this is objectively a challenge, but once you've crossed your inner sanctum of horrors untold, you'll find a whimsical story. One where a child walks the path to Godhood to defeat a fallen God. He does things that warp common sense, that bend and twist the very foundations of long standing cultures, sometimes for benefit and most times unintentionally. There are the tell tale signs of "good" and "bad" here, villains comically lacking in foresight and charisma to be anything worth of note. The good guys on the other hand get pulled closer and closer by our ragdoll of an MC, who's fate is decided by the God of plots.

My verdict on this novel, as a reviewer is that it's horrible and I would recommend you stay away. But as the guy who needed an escape, I couldn't have found this at a better time. <<less
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Aoi Tiet
Aoi Tiet rated it
December 20, 2018
Status: v2c8
Although the whole “harem power fantasy” isn’t anything new, I think there’s an element of this series that seems fresh. It might just be my personal thoughts, but I think that the series is at least above some of the other, more main stream series.
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Xuanyu rated it
April 18, 2019
Status: --
The story is poorly written.

... more>>

firstly his death was pointless and he did not even save anybody (he fought the robber head-on and got cut because of his s*upidity, even if he did nothing no one would have gotten hurt)

He is brought into the "other world" medieval with magic and no a single game or entertainment with gets conquered with just reversi.

The world is for some reason build upon the rules of an rpg and the MC stats grow 10.000x as fast and as strong as ordinary people because of "blessing from all 7 gods" all action skills and magic can be learned with just the blessing so he does not need to put in any effort.

MC is brain-dead and does not have common sense nor does the world when dealing with the MC.

Apostle and representative of gods the saint has to bow before a mere king of a country which would fall into ruin if not for MC solving a world shocking crisis every year. MC as "sub-god" has to do menial labor and trivial task.

In order to raise any and all flags, he fails to try to hide the incredible amount of stats and protections he received from the Gods instantly to both his family the king, guild master and several other people. This is the royal road fantasy of a boy who is at times two-faced (dumb and dumber with an uncontrollable mu*derous madness) and always clumsy as he is unable to think through any of his actions.

The story fails to be either funny or exciting, a potentially interesting story based upon a simple plot ruined by bad writing and horrible characters.

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HentMas rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: c28
I find my self flabbergasted that people complain about the character of a novel without seriously considering the intent and focus of the author.

This novel is supposed to be a comedy... not a super serious endeavor of fantasy with mega romantic tones or whatever...

IF you don't find the novel funny that's fine, humor is entirely subjective, but as well, the common sense of the characters and their interactions isn't unfounded or sudden, maybe people are trying to project themselves on the MC and they would have done things differently or... more>> whatever... maybe they believe it's unrealistic or that "no one would ever act that way" regarding the characters populating the novel.

I've read novels where I just can't understand or even like the humor of the author, but even then I could "See" the craft and intent behind his work, because this is NOT a poorly written novel... and it deserves a bit better than just dismissing it because people dislike the characters or the plot.

But anyway, opinions are like A-holes, everyone's got one and they all stink, so let's focus on what I really want to talk about.

World building: 4/5 everything is properly set up and developed, there are barely any exposition dumps and the rhythm doesn't falter at all, if anything I find it kinda dumb that most of the set ups are there to become the punchline later... but even if that's the case it's consistent with the tone, so I can't really complain too much.

Tone: 5/5 It's a comedy... you're supposed to be laughing at the 5 year old blowing everyone's mind, hooking up with every girl, and stuff... IF you don't find it funny I can't tell you you're wrong, but I can tell you that if you thought this was deeper or would have a thicker plot or whatever, you should probably adjust your expectations (it's right there in the title "knows no self restraint" it's part of the whole premise...)

Characters: 4/5 possibly lowering it to 3/5 depending in further developments, I liked the pranks MC plays and how he acts and rationalizes things, everyone's got their particular personality and it's properly established in their characterizations, sis, fiance's and even the adults, there is no character growth but well, that's just par of the course in Japanese novels (and why not a single one of them I've read have being graded above 4 in characters), I particularly enjoy the Dukes daughter being on top of the MCs shenanigans... it's early but I can see where everyone is regarding the other in the story... it's too early and not everyone is properly established, if the author begins to shove them to the side because he doesn't care it's definitely a 3, but so far it hasn't really thrown anyone out of the bus, so i'll stick with 4 for the time being

Pacing: 3/5 it's all over the place, it speeds up and slows down according to the whims of the author, so far there is no overarching plot other than "have fun kid" and well, fun he is having... I have a feeling the author just thinks of a punchline and then starts writing how to get there filling in the blanks, and if he doesn't have any he focuses on how OP the character is throwing him a set up among the million others that are in this kinds of stories.

Plot: 4/5 It's just a power fantasy with comedic elements the whole point is to be entertained, and entertained I was, I always am grinning from ear to ear when reading this novel because I find it hilarious.

Over all, it's NOT a bad novel, it's lighthearted and fun, if you're here looking for a super competent romantic harem novel you're gonna have a bad time, if you're here looking for adventure and exciting set pieces of monsters with a super OP protagonist you're gonna have a bad time, just... enjoy the voyage and don't focus too much on the destination because this novel is just a roller coaster. <<less
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chicken_person rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: --
This is just... So poorly written I couldn't suspend my disbelief no matter how hard I tried. I could barely make it 20 chapters in forcing myself to keep reading. Might be enjoyable if I was a lot younger and looking for a power fantasy to read, but even then I think it would be absolutely unbelievable.

... more>>

The main character is of course a perfect demigod of a human being before the age of 5. At the age of 5, he goes to the royal capital for some cliche aristocrat children's gathering, but saves the King's daughter and a duke's daughter from an army of Orcs, and of course the girls fall madly in love with him, he gets engaged to them, he is made a baron, and he's given a mansion in the capital. Let me emphasize this again. AT THE AGE OF FIVE.

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MurderInc rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: v7c24
This is my first time writing a review on Novel updates and I chose this novel in particular due to what I personally feel as unfair comments and ratings. I'll try to write this with as little spoiler as possible and more like say a trailer kinda way instead.

First off, if you're an Isekai fan it's actually very good and you're gonna most probably like this novel. On the one hand yea it's your typical transported to another world isekai but on the other it's not as typical as you'd... more>> think. Unlike other isekais this one


actually has an MC that doesnt act his isekai age. He may be 3 or 5 or 10 years old at various points but he acts as mature as his real world age and even to some extend grew almost parallel with his real world age ie lets say for example he was 30 (not true I just didn't want to spoil his actual age) when died in the real world he would reincarnate as a 5 year old with a 30 year old mentality and 5 years later when he is 10 years old he's mentality would be that of a 35 year old. Hence at various points in the novel he's well known for acting way more mature than his age.


2. Comments points out that he is OP like your typical isekai protag but he wasn't that OP to begin with. He did went through a lot of maturity and training to eventually be stronger and improved himself. So not exactly broken from the beginning.

3. Is the MC a kind hearted typical beta MC that gets pushed around? Well this one is kinda hard to answer. The shortest answer is not really. He is kind hearted. Everyone loves him and his opness. But no he isn't that nice. One comment points out that he's so nice and beta he doesn't kill and only takes people to the authorities and in fact says you can do whatever you want to his family or loved ones


really? What exactly have you read in this novel to make you come up with that completely inaccurate statement? Sure he's first priority is to resolve things peacefully like normal people does that isn't pacifism that's common sense! And if that option is out of the window heads - or in most cases limbs - fly! No. People don't get to screw with the MC and get a way with it scot-free. In almost all instances they are either dead or wished they were.


4. The criticisms on the Harem are somewhat true. The Harem in this one is pretty meh. Girls are kinda bland. Especially the first 3 girls. But don't worry it gets better towards chapter 5 onwards. One comment mentioned he gets forced into marriage with these girls but it's not like he's that much of a beta he just simply accepts with no feelings. MC is good dude and an occasional casanova at times. Also unlike your typical isekai not all the girls for him. Just well,


he tends to get only the socially higher positioned ones


4. Some of the comments saying it's a generic isekai. Yes it is and I love it. Has the usual King with nobels, monsters and various States, and adventure guilds. All of which is a must have in a typical isekai. Personally I have no complaints.

Honestly some of the comments is unfair. Sure there are a lot of clichés and isekai harem tropes here and there but it's an Isekai what did you expect? These tropes and clichés will be used no matter what isekai novel you read. Every isekai share these similarities. Are all shounens and drama THAT different from one another? Do you go to KFC and complain they sell chicken? You'd think it makes you sound cultured bashing isekais with their clichés but it comes of as idiotic most of the time. <<less
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January 2, 2019
Status: c4
This WN is not bad but where is the next chapter? Why it's stop at chapter 4? It's more than 3 month right now since the last chapter.

This is why people dont want to read WN most of the translator usually have this half-baked attitude on translating just because they dont has enough reader or fan they dropped it halfway then pickup other WN.

Please continued translated it, I appreciate it if you could. Thank you.
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RagingDs rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: v3c19
5/5 for me.

Great translation with frequent updates (as of this post) and a good story to go with it. You can't really ask much more from NU. Well worth a read. That being said this comes with a couple of caveats...

First off you really have to bear with the first 15-30 chapters as it starts out as an MTL. It's not bad for what it is, but its heavily dumbed down and edited. I get why there are a lot of low reviews for that but take them with a... more>> grain of salt if they haven't read past 30 chapters as the translations (and story as a result) get much better the further you read.

Second... this novel is not going to be for everyone. It says right in the description that this is a story about an OP character and that "This is the royal road fantasy of a boy who is at times two-faced and at times clumsy." So if your one of these idiots above giving it 1 star for being exactly what it is then I suggest moving on.

Last but not least the tag on this for romance is a complete scam so if your after romance look elsewhere as well. The translation is 150ish chapters in and the MC is still 10 years old so again if your one of the people that would complain like those comments before this about the lack of romance with a 10 year old... both eww and go elsewhere. <<less
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gegehehe8686 rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: c15
Every time I see a chapter for this popup on Novel Updates, I'm like ooh interesting, and then I get to chapter 15 again.

... more>>

What kind of crappy weak MC lets himself get forced into agreeing to marry someone, much less TWO someones when he has no real interest in them. By chapter 15 he is perfectly GOD DAMN able to burn the entire freaking kingdom down. NOONE has the ability to force him into anything. Be a freaking ALPHA not a crappy submissive wimp. It pisses me off so much.


I enjoy a good power fantasy. I like a little bit of struggle, but what I enjoy is wondering how the MC will win, not if. I don't want the MC to be arrogant to the point of killing anyone who offends him, but they shouldn't be weak and pushed around even slightly. The MC should drive the story, not be driven by it. Such disappoint. <<less
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Nstanforth rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: c128
This is a great LN. I don't see where people get some of these comments from.

First he doesn't hide the fact he is OP. He hides the fact he is OP as a god by changing what his stats show. He changes them to show he is OP as hell but might still be considered human. I mean he showcases a dragon he kills I don't see how people think he is hiding the fact he is OP.

As for the girls characters they are side characters. Their job in this... more>> is to provide a Boke and Tsukkomi. They provide a little romance but that is not their main reason.

As for comedy it is Manzai. Japanese comedy that Americans don't really understand. Not the crude humor of americans, and yes american humor is very crude. Either making fun of something or laughing at misfortune. That is the majority of american humor. If you understand Manzai you will see a lot of comedy.

As for pushover he doesn't go against the king which is normal. And if you've ever been in a good relationship you should know she is always right. Listening to your future wife is a smart thing to do. Happy wife happy life.

The one thing I found annoying was the age messup the suggest had. They fix it later but never changed early chapters. It makes absolutely no sense the way his age progression starts. It's also fixed in the manga which ii like also.

If you like an OP main character that doesn't hide his power along with some kingdom building you will like this. If you enjoy japanese comedy you will find a lot in it. <<less
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gamekidcap rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: c42
Do you like your protagonists reincarnated? Do you like them being able to form complete and logic conversations with adults at age 5 and it not be considered weird? Do you want them to be the strongest in the world at said age? Do you like when they are Betas that never talk back and can be pushed around by "friends" and "family" like they're some kind of pet? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then this novel is for you!

Our main character is all of these... more>> things and such a coward and pushover that he literally accepts being yelled at after saving a town and doesn't complain. Talk about an easy to manipulate guy! <<less
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DMR rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: v8c12
My issue with this is simple.

We have an over powered god like being... who is a complete and total wimp... he gets pushed around too easily and can't stand up for himself.

Also, the story feels dragged out.

... more>> And finally.... the title is a f***ing lie... he ONLY has restraint... like, he's way too restrained...

Putting a character who can do whatever the f*** he wants and then doing sh*t with him and constantly restraining him kinda sucks..

And he's supposed to be reincarnated... but he's stuck with all lolis.... but it shows how the title is a lie... <<less
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koshwin rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: v6c21
God of Forced Harem should be his title or God of Pushover lol

First of all the plot is ok, atleast ok compared to most of the brain dead isekai out there. It's always a love hate relationship with isekai lol... they make it okay but why do they butcher it with the shitty romance... if u cant write the romance well dont write it... dont go making 1 dimensional characters just falling in love with the MC.

Second the MC is a pushover, "romance" feels more one sided and as he... more>> gets pushed over by the female leads (Has no say at all just marry her at the end...) and compelled by their beauty or cuteness eventually (I say eventually but "falls in love" almost instantly). Well no need to take the Harem seriously but its just a bit putting off, maybe the JP readers wouldnt mind it... well cultural differences are a thing. I would say that any beautiful women if persistently tried to get in the harem he wouldnt be able to do jack sh*t about it, except the harem members opposing it.

Third its your typical overpowered, common sense wack, and dense (in understanding the intentions of the female lead) type of protag. quite common these days.

Fourth MC can't refute back at all... for god sake make a MC who can atleast refute back or say no to female lead or the even the king... he just goes along their tune. His mentality matches worse than that of a kid and he's supposed to be old enough *sigh*.

Finally props to the translator group... the translation is well done.

In conclusion Enjoyable if you can get over some (*sigh*) Dumb things. Man I feel they should revoke most of the author's use of "Romance" tag. I have seen better romance with them just being "Romance Subplot" and better Harem than this. <<less
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ridgerunner300t rated it
January 10, 2023
Status: v8c10
I found this from the Manga. I liked the Manga and thought I would like the novel. But it's been five months since the last update! I want to see at least how v8 ends. I can pretty much tell you where it's going but still.

I think it's a decent story. It's no literary masterpiece, and the overarching storyline is so stretched out that it appears nonexistent. But it has fun characters. One-offs are rare or nameless, only to fill the sideline or for a joke. It's a power trip... more>> fantasy Isekai comedy. I don't know why people are taking it so seriously. I feel a lot of Mushoku Tensei vibes from it. Insofar as it was bashed as a novel, then meh as a manga, and finally applauded as an anime, catapulting the other media forms. I hope to see the new chapter and have high hopes for this series. BUT SERIOUSLY, GIVE US THE NEW CHAPTER ALREADY!!! <<less
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Fiis10 rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: c17
I'm a big fan of the manga and was looking forward to reading the novel.

As others have said it is somewhat generic, but nonetheless enjoyable. It was interesting to get some extra detail and plot that isn't in the manga.

But why is he 5 years old?! The manga wisely chose to advance his age to 10 when he goes to the capital.

What happens is still ridiculous at 10, but at 5 years old it makes no sense. Especially the King and Duke insisting he gets engaged to their daughters ad... more>> he has 'sullied' them by sharing a room. It's a stretch at 10 years old but kind of funny, but at 5 years old...?

Stopped reading as I am freaked out by Super Kindergarteners being treated as adults. <<less
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i am born for relax
i am born for relax rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: v8c228
Harem here mean collector, bad story and full of BS.


author forget what he had been writed and make it appears again in future chapter with different story


2. Time skip is bad, author doesn't know how, when, where to cut/resume the story.

3. Predictable story.

4. Despite MC say NO but he is still doing it.



5 fiance till chapter 228 in total. 3rd princess of his kingdom, 2nd duke daughter of his kingdom, eldest daughter of elf duke also stongest in kingdom also sword saint, saintes, princess of demon empire. Also future 6th princess of human empire, and his former world (earth) class mate/child hood friend and her little sister (?), Someone frome beast kin also not join harem yet

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hdika23 rated it
May 2, 2024
Status: v8c13
Quite good novel, just average isekai with overpowered protagonist. Its quite good if you compare it with similar themed novel. If you are looking for something serious then this novel is not for you. The novel has been on hiatus without any confirmation from author. The author is very healthy maybe he/she just not in the mood to give this novel proper ending. So beware that this novel may not be continued.
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Even2 rated it
July 7, 2021
Status: v7c1
To start off my review, I should remind you all the goal of the story. The goal at the current part of the story is... more>>

to lead to the battle to the fallen god

, and not focused so much on the romance. While he romance is slightly a turn off, the rest is good. I should remind you the story is focused more on building a city,


and getting to the fight with the fallen god.


While it won't suit a lot of everyones tastes, if you can deal with the slightly bad parts, it should be an enjoyable novel. While it's the typical OP MC trope, it isn't all that bad even with it's bad parts. <<less
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