The Reincarnated Boy’s Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~


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Katsuragi Hayato who was an ordinary student, met with a traffic accident on the way home after school and died.

Because of the woman he saved at the time, he was reincarnated into a new world by a Goddess calling herself the Reincarnation God.

The new world is the so-called sword and magic world, there are tons of strong demons, there is a Demon King, and it’s said that the neighbouring country is warring with various countries.

In order to survive in this world, he needs to get stronger, using the skill he received from the Goddess and he decides to live a life as 「Leivelt・Runwalker」

It’s a story about meeting various people and growing.

Associated Names
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Tensei shite Seichou Cheat wo Te ni Iretara, Saikyou Skill mo Tsuita no desu ga! ?
Tensei Shounen No Seichouki ~Doryoku Sureba Suru Hodo Tsuyoku Nareru!?~ (Old Title)
転生少年の成長記 〜努力すればするほど強くなれる⁉︎〜 (Old Title)
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vusdruv rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c14
First off, English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any errors.

It started so well. MC looked to be a good character and the nature of his skills was promosing.

Then came chapter 12 and the generic-ness of JP novel hit you like a slap in the face.

... more>>

He just just barely saved his elder sister (who for some reason fell in love with him with no explanation whatsoever) from a orc general which is supposed to be a strong and fearful monster and all of a sudden he's like:

“No buts. Haa~ should I go at it seriously. If I do this, my body wouldn’t be able to move, my magic power also gets consumed in one go so I don’t like it~” (This is a word for word quote)



As if this wasn't enough every single one of his sisters love him as if the concept of in*est doesn't even exist.

Though to be fair, there were hints from early on.


The character of the MC was way too inconsistent to be believable and the whole mini arc seemed to exist purely to create the situation where he saved his sister and showed off his powers.

Maybe it will get better, maybe not. Until then, I can only hope... <<less
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yamisora1998 rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: --
It has potential, however I cannot believe he talk about his reincarnation with his parent. What is his purpose for this action??Even if he doesn't tell them about that, he can still ask them to teach whatever he want. What if they stop treating him as their child? Imagine if you have an adorable child, but one day you know that inside him is an old man, can you still treating him as before? And their parents seem not to care about that even a second, I cannot understand them... more>> anymore. <<less
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SeventhTale rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c41
I wonder why this have a bad rating when this is a good example of very good generic story.

When I started reading this, I feel like I already read it somewhere, but who cares? It's another story, and there's a lot of first person POV from different characters. The development of the story is good, same with the flow of the story, it's not fast nor slow.

Our MC's power may be OP if you look at it, but the he's not that strong to win against his stepmother or his... more>> father. There are many people that is stronger than our MC around him.

I almost don't feel uncomfortable when reading this which made this a good story for me. Cliche is not bad, though too much is bad, still, in the end, it all depends on how enjoyable the story. <<less
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Lawkz rated it
March 30, 2019
Status: c60
Very basic isekai stuff, author doesn't seem to care enough to give some soul to the story. The only reason I give it two stars instead of one is because the beginning kept me entertained for a while.
The plot can be summarized by "MC does his super mega attack and kills the ugly monster, every girl falls in love with him and the villain says 'i'll get you next time' and runs away"

Almost every girl falls in love with the MC for seemingly no reason aside from "he's not... more>> a huge a**hole", MC is dense and doesn't really notice it. The RPG elements are extremely unexplored and boils down to "that person is strong and can use magic", there's little to no nuances or uniqueness and the progression boils down to a few numbers going up. The fighting boils down to whether the MC is going all out or not and he always passes out after a fight. The villains are all cartoonish and women are treated as objects even though this is a world with magic and RPG-like status where women can become strong enough to level a city, there doesn't seem to be any social repercussions.

The MC is born with a cheat of being able to grow extremely strong as long as he works hard and a fate of being thrown in dangerous situations but he still has time to fool around, there is no plot point where MC feels pressured by his situation to become a workaholic or anything similar. <<less
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naafx8 rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: --
Dropped it after the first battle arc with the demon higher up. Bull sh*t tension just to show us an illusion that the MC is a hardworker, and will prevail on every obstacle given to him. It's fine if the MC is a weakling as f*ck, but man he's got a whole ton attributes of OP-ness on him. I felt so s*upid reading a s*upid MC became even s*upidier on every seemed "hard" battle against somewhat strong enemy.

bellow is about my personal preference regarding the harem of the story.

... more>>

I'm here for the true harem end.

Here the author seemed unable to sticks to his own initial story and keeps changing the characters disposition as he see fit and easier for the story to progress. I hate the most when the author suddenly doing a time skip, and suddenly said that the heroine no longer a heroine but somebody else wive. WTF man, if it's gonna be like that don't give any background story to that character, just let her be known as a passing character instead.

So, stay away from this novel if you're hoping for the maid at the beginning of the story to become mc's waifu.

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December 20, 2020
Status: c95
The good part of the story is the main character's abilities and growth potential.

The bad part of this story is the harem.

95 chapters in and he has six fiancees, only one of whom is a decent wife candidate. The others consist of a pe*ophile, a lesbian, a gold digger, his half-sister, and a child. Other than the holy maiden the other fiancees are just annoying and useless but most of the story revolves around their antics.
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orpheus_rm rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: c124
I'm chuckling so much right now over just one thing I've come to realize: I honestly cannot remember how many noble's sons have done s*upid sh*t and been punished. How does the kingdom even have any high ranking heirs left? Haa genuinely laughing about it even though normally stuff like that would piss me off so maybe the author is kinda poking fun at the genre. Who knows?

Edit: Omg one of the villain noble son's name is Malfoy. I love it

I also looooove~ the titles in the status. If you... more>> do weird sh*t or have a reputation the title is also displayed. Use your imagination haha

Where this novel suffers are the combat scenes. The MC is not even more powerful than some of the people in his family, but at every step of the way he is obviously stronger than his opponents. Half of the "drama" comes from his inability to use an appropriate amount of force. Every fight has some amount of bullsh*t "tension" just because the MC is only strong after he uses his more powerful magic, which he never uses until his ass is half kicked. This of course worries literally everyone who cares about him and requires him to spend s*upid amounts of time recovering. Arghhh the more I read the worse it gets. His IQ during fights goes from [normal person] to [blithering idiot] -1 star just for the battle scenes. It's honestly so bad. Inconsistent and incoherent levels of power as well. And that's despite the setting being everyone has a status that displays absolutely everything about them in exact, detailed statistics. This novel would be 3.5/5 stars for me if there was zero combat. As it is, only the decent translation quality bumps it up to 2 stars. If it were any more difficult to read it would be a 1. And that's not even mentioning:

The fact that the spirits always need exactly the right amount of time to gather power for their spells for the author to advance his plot and induce false tension, again. Because of this, the MCs power levels are only able to spike when the author feels like it. There's never even one sentence saying, "Hikarin started charging her power so the spell would be ready soon." It's 10 times out of 10: "Thank god Hikarin got the spell ready in time, or else I'd be dead." Over and over and over


To Summarize

Characters: 3.5/5 Even the cliche foils are done decently. There are plenty of things to nitpick and complain about, but definitely a solid cast.

Plot: 2.5/5 Standard tropes. Nothing new.

Combat: Kill me. Just end it. Send my soul to oblivion and scatter my consciousness among the stars. I can't anymore. <<less
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DeadOpossum rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: --
This is a story about a boy who is running around saving his harem girls left and right at the last moment.

The story consists of cliche and generic plots. The language is very poor, with thoughts inconsistent and seemingly out of context. Point of view sometimes changes without warning, the same event can be described from different POVs without a reason.

The harem is very weak with one-dimensional cliche characters and girls older than the boy. Bigger b**bs = better. What kind of fetish is this.

It was boring. I didn't find... more>> anything that is different or better than other harem stories, only many points that are worse than your average harem. I dunno. <<less
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KPBaron rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: c90
I love this novel. This novel is enjoyable and there are so many funny moments that my family thought I went crazy. The MC character development is very well thought as well. He doesn't abuse his power. And he knows when he should use violence and should not use violence. He knew that he shouldn't even try to punch his half brother face even if he's angry at him, and he reflects on it. And for those that tr*sh talked this novel and the MC, you guys are s*upid, you... more>> guys don't even understand that violence is not everything, and if the MC just use his power on everything then he's just a violent addict that gained power to punch people. If you find the story boring or uninteresting then don't read it then. And why are you criticizing about the MC not being overpowered, he's overpower that he's capable of fighting those demon generals toe to toe. He had already jumped to the point where he can defeat dragon class monster and you are whining about him not being OP?! You are s*upid for thinking that idiot. Uh, I am so frustrating at these ignorant fools that just gibbering about their "highly professional" opinions while just looking from one side of human's psychological decision and moral. Jesus, why am I even getting mad over these people. <<less
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lvlHive rated it
December 27, 2022
Status: c57
Honestly I thought it was promising after the first 4 chapters but really quickly it gets into the repetition of "Oh no the enemy is so powerful how is the MC gonna win?!?!?" and then the MC decides to "Go all out" insta kills the enemy and then gets knocked out for a week because he ran out of magic over and over again.

It also falls into the mistake of having the MC be too young for too long.

At the age of 8 He killed an army of 100 orcs lead by a B rank Orc General, his stats alone put him at the level of an army commander, and he destroys both an army of 100 soldiers in a mock battle and a Vampire armed with a demon sword (which made untrained children be able to kill soldiers when they wielded it) who easily defeated the Leader of the royal magician squad while holding back and not even using magic


The MC only mentions training like 4 times and after that he gets trained by the Sword saint in the background and we just have to assume he is getting ungodly amounts of training without showing his stats, after that to be honest I dont know which was more annoying the main Fiancée (who is also the first princess) basically going "welcome to the Harem" to any female that even looks at the MC including but not limited to (His blood related sisters, another nations princess, a 6 year old cat maid, and the prime ministers daughter) OR How many times the author painstakingly explains just how Huge and soft everyones breasts are every 2 chapters.


He also tells his parents that he was reincarnated after he turns 1 year old.

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Boogle rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c60
Until the 2nd major arc, it was an above average isekai novel with a kid (8 year old) protagonist.

From the 2nd major arc going on (Academy Arc), it's a meh isekai with the exact same tropes as any other isekai of this caliber.

The idea that the MC had the potential to learn all skills / have no limit to his status but requires HARD work sounded really good, however, it was just a justification to make an 8 year old be able to beat up 100 adult knights.

I was really... more>> hoping the author would have at least waited till he was 16 or 15 to reach that level. He has no boost that would warrant his extreme growth rate apart from a vaguely worded title. <<less
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Rack.96 rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c20
I enjoyed this novel quite a lot. Especially the character interactions seemed funny and interesting.

I would recommend you this novel, if you enjoy the isekai setting and aren't too bothered by family romance.
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Xuanyu rated it
April 6, 2022
Status: c1
The story is as average as it can get a simple and fast read.

Nothing about it stand out, dense and dumb MC with broken cheat and endless pottential but even after 7 years of training at 8 years old he cannot be called true OP becauese after a single hit he goes down. He takes down 100 orc almost in an instant and then gets all suprised by the country's strongest cutting down people 1 by 1 (100 soldiers he defeated from before)

He is unable to properly use nor... more>> understand his cheats power.

Characters are one dimensional, events are cliche and badly written.

Translater keeps using japanese words here and there. Ou-sama, Chichiue, Hahaue, Otou-sama.

And instead of magic sword or magic spear tranlated to demon. Everybody has demon weapons.

Like most translaters, why do they think another world still uses Japanese?

MC keeps breaking 4 wall. Saying let me explain this "adventure guild, prins and princess, brothers but the mothers are not important so skipping them."

Might be authors first time writing. At least it looks like the work of a amateur. Everyone has a Negative IQ.

Also its dumb to be called lightning emporer when living inside a kingdom. What are you above the king already?

Mc's sister said "For me to make the Marquis family's daughter serve tea!" and panicked.

She is of the same rank, so they should just both die of thirst and not make any tea?

Entire story everyone acts without a thought like that. <<less
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semperfi201 rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: c172
I guess this one is what you'd call good enough that makes you want to continue reading it, but not good enough, or I should say average enough that there's really nothing to write home about.

Firstly, the plot is okay. Nothing bad about it. Combined with its good enough narration IMHO makes this one an enjoyable one to read. There's some kind of a pattern in this novel's character development, but fortunately enough it doesn't give me the feeling it's just blatant repetition. As for the heroines, there's always some... more>> kind of a little bit character build up each time one appears (it's not always the case though) to give them their own unique personality. But unfortunately, after it's done and all that, the heroines kind of always pushed away to the sideline. They would each have their own to shine every now and then, but well, it's the story about about the MC, mostly. And it's more focused on his growth, I guess, so I will give this a pass.

There's nothing else coming to mind I want to write about the novel here.

All in all, it's a novel that doesn't make you go bored, has good enough story and narration so you won't be holding your head in frustration, and is enjoyable enough you should feel satisfied reading this one. <<less
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September 4, 2019
Status: c75
Generic loser immature brat. That MC is. I'm tired when finding MC like this. Like when that step older brother hit his sister, by impulse he tried to punch the older brother, but getting stopped by father. Even he's had much power, in the end he just turn into typical loser obidient japanese sh*t yes man. Japan author is tend to make problem in their story, but sometimes it left unfinished. This story is written by loser I suppose. Also, overpower my ass. He can't even beat the Demon General.... more>> Not even kill the low lifes who burn the church. An isekai MC from japan who can't even kill his enemy and keep doing s*upidity is a tr*sh. The time skip also terrible. <<less
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Lolistalker rated it
October 26, 2018
Status: --
The most generic shounen novel out there!

For some people that have read hundreds of novel then it might be boring but for new people then I would recommend it, there is countless shounen troupe, so if you like shounen, you will enjoy this, just don't expect too much, all in all it is not bad but nothing exceptional either which for some people, me included might be worse off than being bad

So, read it if you have nothing else to read or you are new to the genre
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bkwrm rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: c57
Better than it has any right to be. Beyond the beginning the reincarnation aspect really doesn't come into play, just becomes a standard OP main character fantasy novel sort of thing. Once again every girl he meets falls for him, but at least they sorta have valid reasons to. MC isn't a complete ret*rd, he's slow on the uptake but he is accepting of their feelings once he finds out. Which is rather refreshing, especially with harems being a normal thing in that world.

About my only real complaint is once... more>> again an author wants to start from infancy yet treats them like full adults at far too young of an age, even taking into account being considered an "adult" earlier on in less advanced cultures. Defeating 100 enemies considered strong enough to use as a special raid group plus a leader type as a freaking 8 year old? And without having received any special increases due to his titles yet? Really?? Just s*upid. <<less
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byunisperv rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c57
The web novel is average, neither good nor bad. It is the generic isekai type wn which follow the classic template. There are no depth to the MC background and all of the other characters just somehow revolve around him. MC is potrait as dense but least not beta.
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Renaxan rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: c47
Usual generic isekai story with strong MC, harem and lucky plot stuff. He is definetely gonna be so op due his cheat later, I bet. Easily predictable too.

Well, atleast its decent for read. After all JP isekai story mostly like this. Just dont read this if you are pretty boring with this stuff, otherwise this is decent happy-go-lucky isekai.
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AlphaHunter rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: c120
Overall this story is pretty good. It uses a lot of generic plot points, but puts enough of a twist on them to make it enjoyable. Honestly, I would have given this novel 4 stars, but because of some rather subtle discrimination, especially against gay people, I had to lower my rating by a star.

... more>>

Two different times is h*mophobia a problem. First is that there are 2 gay people in the church, and both of them end up being pe*ophiles/rapist. The other problem comes up with they are talking about a marriage between half-siblings (in*est) and one of the characters compares in*est to homosexuality, making it seem like being homos*xual is worse.


Besides that, the novel does not run into too many problems. The only other problem people may have is how easily women fall for the protag, but what else can you expect from and isekai, harem story. Characters are pretty well developed, and the whole reincarnation part has really barely been talked about, but I am sure that it will become a plot point later. <<less
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