The Reincarnated Boy’s Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~


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Katsuragi Hayato who was an ordinary student, met with a traffic accident on the way home after school and died.

Because of the woman he saved at the time, he was reincarnated into a new world by a Goddess calling herself the Reincarnation God.

The new world is the so-called sword and magic world, there are tons of strong demons, there is a Demon King, and it’s said that the neighbouring country is warring with various countries.

In order to survive in this world, he needs to get stronger, using the skill he received from the Goddess and he decides to live a life as 「Leivelt・Runwalker」

It’s a story about meeting various people and growing.

Associated Names
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Tensei Shounen No Seichouki ~Doryoku Sureba Suru Hodo Tsuyoku Nareru!?~
転生少年の成長記 〜努力すればするほど強くなれる!?〜
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vusdruv rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c14
First off, English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any errors.

It started so well. MC looked to be a good character and the nature of his skills was promosing.

Then came chapter 12 and the generic-ness of JP novel hit you like a slap in the face.

... more>>

He just just barely saved his elder sister (who for some reason fell in love with him with no explanation whatsoever) from a orc general which is supposed to be a strong and fearful monster and all of a sudden he's like:

“No buts. Haa~ should I go at it seriously. If I do this, my body wouldn’t be able to move, my magic power also gets consumed in one go so I don’t like it~” (This is a word for word quote)



As if this wasn't enough every single one of his sisters love him as if the concept of incest doesn't even exist.

Though to be fair, there were hints from early on.


The character of the MC was way too inconsistent to be believable and the whole mini arc seemed to exist purely to create the situation where he saved his sister and showed off his powers.

Maybe it will get better, maybe not. Until then, I can only hope... <<less
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SeventhTale rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c41
I wonder why this have a bad rating when this is a good example of very good generic story.

When I started reading this, I feel like I already read it somewhere, but who cares? It's another story, and there's a lot of first person POV from different characters. The development of the story is good, same with the flow of the story, it's not fast nor slow.

Our MC's power may be OP if you look at it, but the he's not that strong to win against his stepmother or his... more>> father. There are many people that is stronger than our MC around him.

I almost don't feel uncomfortable when reading this which made this a good story for me. Cliche is not bad, though too much is bad, still, in the end, it all depends on how enjoyable the story. <<less
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yamisora1998 rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: --
It has potential, however I cannot believe he talk about his reincarnation with his parent. What is his purpose for this action??Even if he doesn't tell them about that, he can still ask them to teach whatever he want. What if they stop treating him as their child? Imagine if you have an adorable child, but one day you know that inside him is an old man, can you still treating him as before? And their parents seem not to care about that even a second, I cannot understand them... more>> anymore. <<less
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kikomaru02 rated it
October 15, 2018
Status: c65
that's just stupid giving your name to the enemy.

“Well, I shall retreat for now. I can go up against you if I am in my complete state but, unfortunately, I am in this pitiful state. Oops, I have not asked the boy’s name huh. Please give your name”

“..... It’s Leivelt・Runwalker”

... more>> When I say that, the look of the man’s eyes change.

“Hoh, a family member of the noble who lives in that land huh. It is getting increasingly difficult to leave you be. My name is Azel the Wise General, one of the Seven Demon Generals. The next time we meet, it will be your demise” <<less
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Rack.96 rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c20
I enjoyed this novel quite a lot. Especially the character interactions seemed funny and interesting.

I would recommend you this novel, if you enjoy the isekai setting and aren't too bothered by family romance.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lolistalker rated it
October 26, 2018
Status: --
The most generic shounen novel out there!

For some people that have read hundreds of novel then it might be boring but for new people then I would recommend it, there is countless shounen troupe, so if you like shounen, you will enjoy this, just don't expect too much, all in all it is not bad but nothing exceptional either which for some people, me included might be worse off than being bad

So, read it if you have nothing else to read or you are new to the genre
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bkwrm rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: c57
Better than it has any right to be. Beyond the beginning the reincarnation aspect really doesn't come into play, just becomes a standard OP main character fantasy novel sort of thing. Once again every girl he meets falls for him, but at least they sorta have valid reasons to. MC isn't a complete retard, he's slow on the uptake but he is accepting of their feelings once he finds out. Which is rather refreshing, especially with harems being a normal thing in that world.

About my only real complaint is once... more>> again an author wants to start from infancy yet treats them like full adults at far too young of an age, even taking into account being considered an "adult" earlier on in less advanced cultures. Defeating 100 enemies considered strong enough to use as a special raid group plus a leader type as a freaking 8 year old? And without having received any special increases due to his titles yet? Really?? Just stupid. <<less
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byunisperv rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c57
The web novel is average, neither good nor bad. It is the generic isekai type wn which follow the classic template. There are no depth to the MC background and all of the other characters just somehow revolve around him. MC is potrait as dense but least not beta.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
The storywriting is terrible. So terrible it bores me to sleep. The characters are very one dimensional; no character depth. Also the main character feels bland; a terrible mixture of clichés. I'm only reading this because I'm taking a study break.
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Renaxan rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: c47
Usual generic isekai story with strong MC, harem and lucky plot stuff. He is definetely gonna be so op due his cheat later, I bet. Easily predictable too.

Well, atleast its decent for read. After all JP isekai story mostly like this. Just dont read this if you are pretty boring with this stuff, otherwise this is decent happy-go-lucky isekai.
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