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Every novel has a low IQ supporting female that serves as a foil to the female lead’s good and beautiful sides. She’s the stepping stone on the path of love between the male and female leads, destined to live her life doing s*upid things until her tragic end.

One day, all of the villainous supporting females came to their senses. They began to rebel! And quit! For the sake of world order, the System found a human to take their place.

World 1: The female lead risks her life to shield the male lead while the supporting female quakes in a corner (and watches the show)

Male Lead: ?? So you never loved me.

Supporting Female: He finally found out, looks like my job was a success. The end of the year bonus is mine!

Male Lead: ?!

A fun and breezy quick-transmigration story~

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Miss Ruby
New Miss Ruby
May 7, 2020
Status: c131
This is actually a really fun read. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Ye Wei is basically trying to do her job and in the process, wrecks a few things. What I really loved was how the male leads were not brainless. Most of them could think for themselves which honestly surprised me because in most transmigration novels, the MLs do not have brain cells when it comes to the heroine. All in all, I'd recommend anyday
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Moonson rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: c79
Everyone should give it a try! Its really hilarious novel and the plot is obviously different from any other quick transmigration stories.

Our Ye Wei is the "vicious-female-agent" whom roaming different world to gain her conciousness back in her real world. She needs to gain certain credits to be able to wake up from her vegetative condition. But then, what makes this novel interesting and different from other similar plot stories is, Ye Wei is very "plain and honest". Lol. She was very "dedicated" to her vicious female role and trying... more>> hard to "fused" herself well into every realms. Though mostly, her "plain and honest" character making the stories goes wrong lol.


Imho, the author is brilliant. The character Ye Wei become the realistic form of human nature, that being selfish, unbearable, vicious, vengeful are all human nature. Theres always reasons in every actions, and every realms in the story just shown us that Vicious Female side always has their own stories to tell.

If you're looking for an easy read, with less dramatic (give yourself a break from passionate and rolling in the sheet oriented characters, awkward love between confused teenagers, or heart cutting scenes in a mellow background) such tiring and confusing plot, then you should give it a try.

Its still ongoing though. The first few stories are pretty much an introduction of Ye Wei true nature and how the realm system works. But later, the stories are getting better and better. Though its a comedy, but everyone should prepare for the dying plot that happened on every realms (a warning for underage readers, for the sake of mental health awareness issues).

Overall its a good novel for young adults, refreshing plot, adorable character of Ye Wei, generally short chapters for every realm, and nice analysis on every characters point of view.


Thank you for the translation and good luck! <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: c95
I don't understand why people rate low. This novel is one of best hilarious world hopping that I couldn't stop laugh. Each arcs ending is so sad that I couldn't stop crying. I love MC so much and her well character. She is cute, funny, shameless and clever. Her character is so likable and realistic. The way she doing her mission is so professional. Her task to play role of vicious supporting character, match MP and FP, make them development feeling for each other. She play vicious woman well but... more>> she barely passed cause the MP care for her. She complains that the MP must be too weak because MP focus on her instead FP, which frustrates MC as she only wanted complete mission fast and die.

Arcs five is so saddest and tragedy. I crying, I feel sad for original host and her grandma. I crying when MC die with her grandma. Such a heartwarming, saddest moment. Only her grandma is true family. Other family are so fake, selfish and disgusting. I actually hate how her blood family judging their own daughter and love fake daughter FP. Lucky MC didn't forgive them. She only regard her grandma as her true family. As she is only who is kind to her.

There were total of five arcs, it's still ongoing. I really love each arcs, I couldn't stop laughing reading this novel. This novel is refreshed and unique world hopping. Very different from other novel. Don't missed this gem. Heavy recommend this gem novel. This novel is from same author of Quick Transmigration With Female Lead Aura. Heavy recommend both funny my favorite world hopping novel. <<less
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mochispinky rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I have to say this author is really good. Both of thier books are crazy good and humorous.

All the arcs are amazing but Arc 5 just broke me. The raw desperation, injustice and hatred Wei portrayed of the orginal character is so good. So sad she went along with grandma.

Also the most satisfying thing in both novels is ... more>>

MC doesnt does not end up with any shiety MLs in both of her real lives. She is her priority and I so love this self love concept.


I hope the author comes up with new works soon. <<less
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hanma9068 rated it
March 16, 2020
Status: c95
This is a decent novel. The humor made by Ye Wei whether intentionally or unintentionally will crack you up xD but beware, the ending for each world will make you cry!! Well, at least I did!

Tbh, I'm not a fan of stories with "systems" or "mission" in it because I don't like how they make the characters only do things because they were told to do so, which is, the feelings in it aren't real. But since this novel main focus aren't about romance (because Ye Wei isn't the main... more>> protagonist for each world), I can read this freely.

So far, I've just finished the 5th world. The most saddest world to me would be the 2nd world/arc. The ML is really pitiful. He didn't even do anything wrong. 😢 The way Ye Wei died in every world didn't even make the people around her happy (since she's a villainess, everyone should feel happy when she died, isn't it? No? Oh well), but instead make them either sad or guilty lol Ye Wei seriously work hard in a wrong way or I guess she just wasn't cut out to be a villainess at all haha.

I really can't wait to see her other mission and still wondering how many world in total would there be. I really want to know the real Ye Wei's story. <<less
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shanagi rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c125
I really like the character of MC in this novel. She is focused on the job, not dilly-dallying at all. It's a shame she doesn't fit as a villainess that something goes wrong even though she did her best in being vicious. Last I read, MC is on her own body. Looking forward to reading what will happen next.
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
February 9, 2020
Status: c77
This is such a cute transmigration novel. The MC is a very hardworking girl that wants to finish her job in order to wake up (she's in coma) in her original world. In every arc she makes the perfect acting and plan, but someone would always misunderstand her making her perfect vicious character become white washed hahaha it's really freaking funny. I just wonder when will her own ML come to spice it up even more. I have high expectations on this one
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