Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant


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He is Xi Liang’s legendary emperor: a decisive and ruthless king; a man of supreme wisdom; a cunning strategist.

According to legend, he once conferred the love meant for the three thousand concubines in his harem onto one woman, while the world watched in envy.

According to legend, he once executed a hundred people for her, turning the palace into a purgatory overnight.

According to legend, he ultimately sentenced that same woman to death by execution…

A conspiracy that swept through the country resulted in her tragic end. This lifetime seems to be a repeat of her past life. Can she escape the clutches of fate to attain true love in this life? In both lives, she was the Emperor’s wife, but is that ruthless man really her true love mandated by Heaven?

Did she really die, just like that?

In the end, beyond the veil of lies and mysteries, who exactly was she? Was she a woman that he truly loved, or was she merely a chess piece to be used in his political machinations?

The stories passed onto later generations remain fraught with conflicting opinions.

Associated Names
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zai sheng yuan: wo de wen rou bao jun
再生缘: 我的温柔暴君
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blushingpandas rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c269
This novel makes me so mad, s*upid female lead and as*hole male lead. I get that this supposed to be angst novel but I just had enough, how many times the female lead almost died and injured until he "wakes up and realized his love". How do you suppose to care when the female lead doesn't even have dignity and male lead who's a heartless bastard but then I guess they matched, a sad*st and masochist.

The author is so not consistent. If both of them doesn't remember their past life... more>> so the male lead loves the female lead slowly like a snail, why the female lead falls in love at the first sight when male lead treats her so bad from the start and keeps torturing her physically and mentally. It doesn't make sense. On top of that, the author makes the second male lead so good to her and love her. But female lead just like to be tortured so of course, she chose the male lead. Orz.

It's like repeating their situation from past incarnation so what's the point when the male lead is the one supposed to make amends and regretting that he treated her badly in the past incarnation and then do the same thing. I know it's said it will end happily but the journey is not worth it <<less
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milkandbiscuits rated it
September 10, 2017
Status: Completed

I marathoned and read the raws because I couldn't wait and now I'm trying to calm myself down from all the feels. This is a very intense story. From c1 we're introduced to the female lead's execution and there are so many questions unanswered, driving me crazy. So many hidden emotions, and now when I re-read these chapters after knowing all the answers, everything seems so much more tragic.

Then we dive into a long flashback from when the main characters first met, to when they fell in love. This part was so beautifully written, a roller-coaster ride of emotions. So much sadness and happiness and anger and despair and sadness and then happiness again, because of everything that happens between them. Why is their love so difficult?
The main characters are so human and relatable, because they're so flawed. None of the 'I'm so clumsy haha' kind of flaws, but real, human flaws. We see how the male lead slowly falls for the female lead, from when he is unconscious of it, to when he finally realises of his feelings, to when he makes the decision to prioritize her above his own life and everyone else, to when his world starts to revolve around her. In a way it makes everything in the beginning and middle worthwhile, because of how steadfast the male lead is to the female lead AFTER he truly falls for her.
To have such a man love you - maybe this is why some people will love the male lead, despite his coldness and cruelty during the time when he had not fallen in love with her yet.
I'm having severe withdrawal symptoms now and I can't think about anything else other than the two of them. Going to give the author's other story a try.
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November 30, 2017
Status: c23
They say love comes in different shapes and sizes...

You get shamed, tortured, r*ped, emotionally manipulated, die but hey it's ok, 'cause that's how the Emperor shows his love.

Who am I kidding? f*ck this novel. ML is the scum of the earth if you ask me. If one or two things which was done to the FL were done to me, you'll never ever redeem yourself again, ever. Not in this lifetime, nor even in the next life or the life after that.

I don't even understand why she f*cking likes... more>> ML. Or even how they'll fall in love. They say it's a happy ending, but how can I be happy when the ending's with a scum?

Maybe ML really isn't a scum, but you cannot deny the things he had done. What you do is what makes you. He does scum shit, he is scum.

But all the fault does not entirely lie on the ML. MC is s*upid. They call it naivete, or she just isn't suited to the palace and shit, but I call it s*upidity. If you have an ounce of thinking you would know and understand that Emperors or royalty were beyond reproach in those times, yet MC, walked the f*ck out of a banquet in the presence of royalty, went to pick a fight with a favored concubine, even putting herself in place of the servants. Now tell me, if that isn't s*upid. She is courting death.

Well, I gotta at least give it to the book for being a meta, the book knows she is s*upid and it's a fact. <<less
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April 18, 2017
Status: v3
Writing a review to encourage more readers to read! (I'll update once more chapters are up.)

The ANGST IS REAL in this one. If you're up for some pain and suffering but with a happy ending, start reading this. The translations are good! Here is the Translator's note that explains the theme of the story better than I do:

"This is not a story about a strong, overpowered female lead who time-travels and kicks the asses of everyone in ancient China. It is not a story about revenge. This is a... more>> story about two people who, in their second lives, go through a lot of sh*t to finally get together. ? This book is considered quite 经典 (a classic) in China, but it’s also famous for its angst from beginning to the end. The ending, however, is very sweet and satisfying, so the entire journey is very cathartic. ❤ Generally, if you like your romance to be very intense and will make you cry as much as it’ll make you laugh, you’ll probably enjoy this novel. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: --
This is worst anger hatred novel. I hate ML and MC. ML is such aashole bastard heartless useless he tortured MC again again. What kind of MC love tortured when he tortured her she still protected him and love. Such b*tch. Not worth to read don't wasted time to read such anger torture novel. I warn you
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DOHere rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: c60=160
Don't think I'll ever like the male lead
... more>>

When he didn't believe in her and thought she had a child with another, he tortured her until her legs became a bloody mess. He physically and emotionally hurt her a lot of times, tho other will say he was forced to because of the circumstances and him being an emperor and so on. But the fact remains that she was hurt and tossed back and forth throughout the years, whereas he remained high and aloof without a speck of dust. He'd never her go in peace, but keep her by his side, even if she has to suffer for him.


My character list:


Xi Liang Imperial Capital

Now: Nian XuanJi (nicknamed Xiaoqi='little seven') ❤
- ml's Imperial Consort, 6th daughter of a minister, pretty, resides in Fengjiu Palace, the host was poisoned to death by the Empress Dowager
- in the 16th year of Emperor Qingjia's reign, her father, Minister Nian, conspired a rebellion, causing her entire clan to be executed. Though she escaped death, she was demoted to a palace s*ave. Yet, before long, she reinstated her position where she continued to enjoy glory and splendor until his 17th year of reign, the 1st day of the new year, she was executed
- time-traveled from the 21st Century with Xue LiuJin's help
21st Century: Zhu Qi ❤
- 8th child, reincarnated from the past, time-traveled to her current body, liked Lin Sheng
Past: Hang Zisu ❤
- an immortal, 7th and youngest child of the Celestial Emperor, ml's Empress, but was not favored by him. Died to save ML and his favorite consort, Mo Cong
- reincarnated in the 21st Century
Now: Cui-ya ♥
- became mc's loyal servant after she was rescued by her
21st Century: Jia Yuhuan ♥
- mc's closest friend
Past: ♥
- mc's loyal servant
Diefeng (~17) - her maid
Hefang ꐦ - her maid
Lu Song - eunuch tasked to serve and secretly guard her. Later revealed to be a disciple of Xian Yantai
Xiao Lüzi, Xiao Shuangzi - eunuchs

Now: Long Fei-li (birth name: Youzhi) ❤ ♚
- Emperor Qingjia of Xi Liang Imperial Capital (from the age of 7), 9th son of the previous Emperor
- reincarnated from the past
Past: Long Hao
- Dragon King. Only realised his love for MC after she died
- later, he reincarnated to find her in the next life
Xia Sang ♡ - his head attendant and bodyguard, loves Long Yuzhi (ml's younger sister)
Qingfeng ꐦ - his bodyguard and junior in martial arts, both loves and hates mc
Xu Xi Xu - loves Wen Ruyi's mother
Lu Kai - high-ranking eunuch; Xu Xi's disciple, but loyal to ml
Duan Yuhuan - head of the imperial guards, Yue Jingying's husband
Xing Jixiang - head of the female servants, especially stunning, her dainty face pale as snow, her beauty even eclipsing Consort Hua's angelic features

1. Bai Zhanfeng ♥
- General of Xi Liang's army
- mc's admirer and protector, loves her and acts like a big brother to her, looks like Lin Sheng
2. Bai ZiXu ♥
- a complicated man with hidden motives, a poor scholar who has been living under the roof of the Nian family, likes MC, Bai Zhanfeng's friend?
21st Century: Lin Sheng
- mc's crush, a complicated man, young professor
Past: Xue Liujin ♥
- King of the Snow Wolves
- was rescued by MC and loves her. Later, he brought m's soul from the 21st Century into her current body via time-travel
- he can transform into a little wolf, which later became current mc's pet
- reincarnated into 2 current bodies
Bai Zhanzhi - Bai Zhanfeng's father
Kang Ning - Bai Zhanfeng's mother
Wuqi - Bai Zhanfeng's good friend
Qingluan - loves Bai Zhanfeng

Now: Wen Ruyi (birth name: Wen Xinyi) ♥
- head of the female attendants, Empress Dowager Wen's niece, shu miss, Consort Hua's half sister, ml's and Long Zijin's childhood friend, pleasant looking
21st Century: Xin Zhuizhui
- mc's friend, left after MC guaranteed a huge sum of money for her and the creditors killed MC, birthmark in the shape of a teardrop at the corner of her eyes
- time-traveled to her current body
Past: Mo Cong
- ml's favourite consort
- part of her soul reincarnated into the 21st Century and part of it into her current body

Now: Long Xiuwen ♥ ♔
- Prince Yunyang, ml's 7th brother
- loves MC, appears to be a scholarly and refined man, but is in fact ruthless and ambitious
Yu Kouzi - eunuch affiliated with Long Xiuwen
Past: ♥
- God of War, military commander under mc's father (the Celestial Emperor)
- loves mc

Long Zijin ♔
- Prince Lingrui, ml's 10th and closest brother, his features were handsome and well-defined
- loves Wen Ruyi (his and ml's childhood friend)

Long Yuzhi ♥ ♕
- mc's close friend, ml's younger cousin
- the only daughter of the late Emperor's younger brother, and had been orphaned after her father passed away from sickness and her mother followed him in his death by slitting her throat, had been raised under the care of the Empress Dowager
- was born a frail and sickly child. From a young age, she had been sent to become a disciple at a martial arts sect in order to practice martial arts and strengthen her body
- often hangs around Xia Sang (ml's head attendant)

Empress Dowager Wen ╬ ♕
- reigning Empress Dowager, with a strong maternal family backing her power, poisoned to death mc's host
Yu Kouzi - eunuch
Long Liyu ♔ - Prince Zining, her favoured son, 3rd prince, not as intelligent as the other princes, handsome, sinister expression, likes mc
Wen Rukai - her younger brother
Fang Chufan - her supporter

Empress Dowager Ru ♕
- ml's mother, wrongfully imprisoned by Empress Dowager Wen
Grand Empress Dowager ♕ - ml's grandmother

Yu Mixiu ♛ - Empress, resides in Luanxiu Hall, beautiful
Minister Yu - her grandfather, a powerful official
Wen HuaMin ꐦ - Noble Consort Hua, Empress Dowager Wen's niece, di miss, Wen Ruyi's sister of a different mother, exquisite beauty, resides in Qinfang Palace
Noble Consort Hui ꐦ - daughter of Rong Meng, a Commander General; resides in Liuli Palace
Wen Xinyi - Consort Yi, Empress Dowager Wen's niece and her personal attendant, loves ml, resides in Xuesong Palace
An Jin - Concubine Jin, shu daughter of an assistant to the Magistrate of Qiurong County, resides in Qiuying Pavilion, picturesque beauty, smart, cold, aloof
Ah Shi, Ah Su, Ah Ya
Luo Jin - Concubine Luo, one of the 2 women who look like mc
Lady Wanyi - one of the 2 women who look like mc

Nian YongHhua - Minister, mc's father, an ambitious and powerful official who colluded with the Xiongnu to rebel, favours Nian Yaoguang
Madam Nian ♥ - mc's 'mother'
Nian YaoGuang - Concubine Nian, mc's elder sister of a different mother, prettier than mc
Madam Ru
Nian Songting - Minister Nian's adopted son and a military general
Nian TianShu - Minister Nian's 1st son
Nian Kaiyang - Minister Nian's 2nd son
Nian TianYang - Minister Nian's son?
mc's 6 years old brother ♡

Duan Yuhuan ♡ - Commander of the imperial guards
Yue Jingying ♥ - his wife, military commander who is highly skilled in medicine as well, mc's friend

Cui Nishang ♥
- highly skilled physician lady; loves Long Zijin

Ning Junwang - military commander, led the battle against Yue Luo

Lin Sizheng (~60) ꐦ - minister of Justice, ml's tutor when he was a child

Yu Jingqing - Right Minister

Xia Hou Chu - Minister in the Ministry of Civil Office as well as a high-ranking official in the Imperial Hanlin Academy, his father is the Minister of Rites, scholar who had ranked 1st in the imperial examinations conducted during the 14th year of ml's reign

Zhang Jin ♥ - in the Imperial Examinations, Zhang Jin had ranked 3rd and was posted to the Imperial Hanlin Academy. Later, he would be conferred the title of Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Rites; having recently been transferred to this inferior position: soldier tasked to guard the imperial prison. Later reinstates his position as a Minister
Liu Shimin - his wife and cousin, was once rescued by MC, beautiful
Fang Huaqing - taken as his concubine because she resembles mc
Mou Quan ╬ ☠ - one of the prison chiefs, his sister had previously been married off as a concubine to an accountant in Prince Lingrui's residences. Soon after, Mou Quan was promoted to his current position, audacious, wanted to r*pe mc

Murong Lin - Murong Pei's sister, an assassin, loves Long Xiuwen
Murong Pei - Murong Lin's brother, an assassin


Prince Zuoyou ♔

Yue Luo

Na-ming Tianlang ♔ - 2nd prince, high cheekbones, deep-set eyes and a straight nose, extraordinary handsomeness

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joyfan rated it
October 15, 2019
Status: c40
Translator did an amazing job. Even with the summarized version. I do enjoy the politic and plotting. Things are often complex and multi webbed. I do sympathize with the characters in the earlier part of the story but as you learnt more about them.. I cant help but feel vexed.

Also, MC never learnt from her mistake.. At times its so laughably s*upid. At multiple occasions she admitted that she had been exposed to drama and novel about ancient time.. YET SHE NEVER LEARNT FROM THEM? Did the only thing she... more>> learnt from pop culture is to be as foolish as the cannon fodders? Without the plot armor.. I am sure the author will need tonnes of phoenix down to inject her with to complete the story. At the end of 40 chapters, I even believed MC must be a closet M with how much she kept inviting trouble to herself. In newer QT novels, she would be the hateful FL that got crushed for being too s*upid.

ML is PTSD ice cold psychopath/sociopath. I am not sure whether to call him smart or s*upid.. I think he kinda expected too much from MC IQ, he often does not explain to her his reasoning or even jump to conclusion for her words and action.. Not considering the reasoning behind it. Perhaps its trust issue too, from lack of communication. Anyway he often employed unnecessary violence.. He reminded me of those emo kids that are having puberty just with more political power and martial art skill.

With these two pairings.. Eh welcome to ancient SM club. Where the author is trying to make you vomit blood from being angered. <<less
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May 31, 2017
Status: c16
This book rips my heart to shreds but I just cant stop reading!!! The writing is lovely, completely draws you in from the get go. Helps that the translator is doing a great job.

Initially, there were events where the ML acts ruthlessly towards the MC and I hated him with a vengeance. But as you read on, you see his behavior is a farce and he truly does care for her. Unfortunately he is not in a position to show it. Many books talk about compromises a sovereign has to... more>> make to keep their position. However, this is truly the first time I felt that even a mighty Emperor may be put in situations where he is completely hopeless, where he cannot snatch his happiness, having to put on an act to save the one he loves.

I know we're only 16-odd chapters in but I have a feeling I'm in this for the long haul. It gives me the same intense feeling I felt when reading Hua Xu Yin, which is one of my favorite tragedy-ish novels. This one is a HE though, so I'm really looking forward to it.

4 Stars at the moment. Will re-rate once the novel is complete. <<less
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goyangi rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: --
Two years ago I found this novel and fell in love with the plot, the characters and the angst. Sadly it was dropped and I was so sad. I see it's picked up again, so I wanted to leave A comment to give you moral support. PLEASE...I BEG YOU DO NOT DROP THIS NOVEL!!!!

THANKS for your hard work!
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graphit3 rated it
September 11, 2017
Status: c23
Different from other reincarnation and timetravel novels. The book starts with the end of the MC's second life when she is sentenced to die. The story is fast paced and I have so many questions! Not much revenge here, mostly romance. One moment I'm crying and the next moment I'm happy because of the ML.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 30, 2017
Status: --
A time travel novel with a twist. The heroine is not kicking ass as one of the reviewers mentioned. No amazing skills to her. Just an ordinary girl who is nevertheless strong and determined, in love with the emperor. In the beginning the emperor is quite cruel to her and I stopped reading. But the language us beautiful, the translation gorgeous (one of the best I have ever read) and that draws you in. Abd the angst... there is so much angst. Of lovers who love each other but... more>> are destined to hurt each other because of circumstances. Fortunately this is an HE, so there is hope at the end <<less
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sharlnina rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: chapter 18
So far, so good. Even if this was unusually started in reverse it's still suprisingly awesome. This has too much angst and a little bit fluffiness. But still ? Thanks for the author, of course, and to the wonderful translation of the translator of this novel. Looking forward to the future chapters. :)
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nevelvir rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: c54
I got to say, this novel is well translated.

Yet, I still decided to drop this because it angered me so much I feel suffocated everytime I read.

Just like some reviewer had said, I think that the MC is just too st*pid and ML is a scum. I can't handle it anymore.

Maybe this kind of masochistic relationship is just not my cup of tea. So, sayonara.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
snowple rated it
January 15, 2018
Status: c40
I really love this story, I keep on repeating every chapters because its very well translated and this story is very hard to let go I am looking forward for the next update because the story is getting more exciting. This story breaks my heart but it warms it up at the same time, because of this story I am having confused feelings, I dont know what to feel sometimes I hate the ML but I cant help loving him and the idea of the ML and MC being finally... more>> together. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
klaxir rated it
May 13, 2017
Status: c14
This genre is not really what I usually read but I gave this a try because the summary sounded interesting. All I want to say is, my heart has been broken from chapter 1 until now. I wasted too many boxes of tissues, and this is only the beginning. Even though the male lead seems very cruel, from the little glimpses we get from his pov, we can see that he does love the female lead, maybe a bit too much actually.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lazil rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: c45
This is a classic with all emotions and characters multidimensional!! Tried to MTL after it was dropped but that only spoiled the essence of this novel and thus wishing for someone to pick it again..

Cheers and thanks for picking this @Lissuland... your transalstion is ?
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
paneer rated it
February 18, 2022
Status: c15
While I know I'm early on in the book, the story so far has been suffocating and the male lead absolutely disgusting.

I've read a fair share of novels with unhealthily possessive male leads and were able to stomach and enjoy them but the reviews and the title led me to believe that although he was cruel for his nation he would still care for the female lead.

However, if caring is

imprisoning her and then forcing himself on her, dislocating her jaw, while she's heavily pregnant and shackled by her legs encased in spikes all because he believes that she was unfaithful (she was not, she was r*ped).

then I don't care for it. I'm not sure how people are managing to justify it and I'm shocked that people are. Sure, he tries to help her in certain ways but that act was entirely out of selfishness and anger. The female leads loving him throughout is disheartening to read.

Furthermore, I don't believe the author deals with the concept of time travel and reincarnation well. Again, although I'm early on, I don't think that good writing would have you utterly confused about what's going on regarding the timeline and being wishy-washy about it - instead, I'm having to look up spoilers to understand what's going on.

I may try to continue it in the future but for now, I'm dropping it.
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m__a rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: c35
I couldn't stop myself from posting a review. I'm actually mad that there are bad reviews.

I have to say it, people don't read the tags! Guys it's a tragedy novel with r*pe and whatever else idc.

Give this incredible novel a try and don't look at those horrible reviews, I'm telling you this is really ti make you cry, and is as angsty as it could be. It's a pity there's people who don't know how to appreciate it.
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Catcat rated it
May 22, 2018
Status: c12
What a masterpiece. This novel makes me cry a river but I can't stop reading it. Hope to read another work of this author. The translation is great btw.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 7, 2018
Status: --
I dont know what to say I dont hate it but the ML so breaks my heart and im the kind that doesn't want the herione to humiliate herself but be strong so this was a bit too much for me so I stopped for awhile and now wanted to come back after my feelings have calmed down but just dont dare too I like this novel and it was so interesting in the beginning but it just was too much heart break that u feel like im the one... more>> that all of that had happend to the translation is so good that it attracts your attention even if u dont want and u know im the kind who wants the ML to fall in love first because I fear these kinds of pain even though I kinda hate the ML I still kinda like the novel so I'll try it once more and seriously every time I read this I end up screaming "which chapter is it that he falls in love with her!!!!" hahaha <<less
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