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CN (4.3)
103 Chapters Every 9.1 Day(s) 3030 Readers 28 Reviews 05-09-2021
He is Xi Liang’s legendary emperor: a decisive and ruthless king; a man of supreme wisdom; a cunning strategist.... more>>
CN (3.8)
161 Chapters Every 3.6 Day(s) 897 Readers 4 Reviews 05-06-2021
She is the daughter of the Cang Yue Kingdom’s head general – Wu Ruo Jun, with extraordinary marital talents, yet was unfortunate to be befallen with the extermination of her clan. Although disguised as a man, and taking on an alias identity as Shang Jun, and living together with her younger sister while depending on each other, and on the way hiding the urge to seek revenge. She meets Mu Rong Shu Qing, establishes the Misty Hills Estate, and have been taking a stand in resisting Cang Yue.... more>>
CN (4.5)
219 Chapters Every 14.1 Day(s) 9003 Readers 96 Reviews 05-03-2021
Life is unpredictable. Her husband loved her stepsister, deposed her as Empress and even forced her son to death. In that Cold Palace, she was forced to drink poisonous wine. So in the next lifetime, she made a promise to never do good deeds and help others, to never step into the palace and to never become the Empress!... more>>
CN (3.8)
33 Chapters Every 17.3 Day(s) 1307 Readers 7 Reviews 04-27-2021
He asks, “You really can't remember me?... more>>
CN (2.3)
3 Chapters Every 76 Day(s) 142 Readers 0 Reviews 11-16-2020
Years later, the grandchildren gathered around their grandmother in front of the fireplace, listening to her telling a story during winter time.... more>>
CN (4.3)
61 Chapters Every 5.6 Day(s) 977 Readers 11 Reviews 10-19-2020
There are always moments far in the past that remain forever engraved in our memory. The last decade of the 2000’s was chock full of unique memories – memories of The Little Tigers, The Bund, and the Four Heavenly Kings that brought us great emotions now rest with the dust-covered journals of our youth.... more>>
CN (4)
77 Chapters Every 3.7 Day(s) 1165 Readers 4 Reviews 10-05-2020
In the age of fragmented reading, the warm love life with healing power is well received by readers. Gu Weiyi, is warm, good at study,... more>>
CN (3.8)
257 Chapters Every 1.9 Day(s) 3267 Readers 35 Reviews 07-14-2020
For the wine to be drunk on her wedding night to actually have been a cup of poison and for the one to poison her to be her husband, who would believe it?... more>>
CN (3.8)
389 Chapters Every 33 Day(s) 3958 Readers 13 Reviews 07-01-2020
Huang Beiyue is First Princess residence's only legal daughter, yet she's known as a useless waste throughout the whole country. But when the twenty first century's most dangerous assassin opens her cold eyes and finds herself inside Beiyue's body, the whole world is up for some chaos! The sickly young miss exposes a ruthless and ingenious edge, shocking countless men and women who all then admire her. ... more>>
CN (3.8)
47 Chapters Every 70.9 Day(s) 1431 Readers 3 Reviews 03-27-2020
5th Book of the A Mistaken Marriage Match series. ... more>>
CN (3.9)
117 Chapters Every 14.8 Day(s) 2246 Readers 10 Reviews 03-09-2020
For generations, the Su family has only boys. So when there is finally, finally, a girl born into the family, how can she not be the precious pearl in 10,000 eyes? If you guard her with your palm, what if she gets squashed? If you put her in your mouth, what if she melts?... more>>
CN (3.7)
3 Chapters Every 203 Day(s) 183 Readers 0 Reviews 10-18-2019
Li Li had a scar within her heart,... more>>
CN (4.4)
218 Chapters Every 45 Day(s) 6144 Readers 52 Reviews 07-17-2019
A two year old ordinary cat travels through time to become a thousand year old demon cat, Hua Miao Miao.... more>>
CN (3.1)
33 Chapters Every 51.3 Day(s) 200 Readers 0 Reviews 07-09-2019
In the Tang Dynasty, demons and spirits fought and made trouble. Wars waged and people suffered. While hiding with the spirits, he was captured by... more>>
CN (4)
164 Chapters Every 24.3 Day(s) 4465 Readers 29 Reviews 06-25-2019
She is a quiet and gentle business woman, Bai Yifan. Due to a strange bracelet, she crossed to a different world and become a wealthy woman – Murong Shu Qing. The past unruly temper disappeared and replaced with a fresh elegance, calm and quiet temperament.... more>>
CN (4.1)
103 Chapters Every 62.1 Day(s) 2873 Readers 22 Reviews 05-06-2019
In the prehistoric times, the 200,000 year of Tian Yuan, the flower deity Zi Fen dies after giving birth to a daughter. Before she passed, she fed her daughter the Unfeeling Pill, ordered her subordinates to keep the girl’s birth story a secret and to imprison her within Shui Jing for ten thousand years. The girl’s name is Jin Mi.... more>>
CN (4)
162 Chapters Every 56.6 Day(s) 2213 Readers 12 Reviews 02-08-2019
The archaeologist "red-haired witch" made too big of a disturbance while excavating tombs, gloriously becoming a martyr in the midst of the grave chamber's collapse. Seventeen years later, she had transmigrated into the Five Regions Continent. The delinquent Meng Fuyao who struggled to survive in the lowest rungs of society, cast aside her boyfriend who was about to marry another person with a slice of his five fingers. ... more>>
CN (3.8)
14 Chapters Every 109.5 Day(s) 1095 Readers 3 Reviews 07-24-2018
She is a daughter of a marquis. People only know her as the timid and cowardly young maiden, unaware that her other identity is the imperial capital’s famous, who awes the world, “slender gentleman“ is her.... more>>
CN (4.4)
40 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 3037 Readers 28 Reviews 07-19-2017
Chu Jian and Jian Bianlin are childhood friends and grew up together almost from when they were old enough to remember. Since long ago, Jian Bianlin has loved Chu Jian, and that has not changed even now that he is a highly popular idol singer and actor. To Chu Jian, though, Jian Bianlin is just Jian Bianlin—her good, good friend, like family, but nothing more. She knows about his feelings for her and feels guilty (for various reasons which you’ll read about) about not returning those feelings. This has put a strain on their relationship over the years. Eventually, her heart softens and she gives in, promising to be his girlfriend, to give him an... more>>
CN (3.9)
64 Chapters Every 165.1 Day(s) 2271 Readers 11 Reviews 09-25-2014
Fairytale version – At a random matchmaking session, Xiao Yi picked up a warm, gentle and sweet little white rabbit. So, he carried it home and took care of it, the little white rabbit became bigger under his care, became more playful under his care, until one day, the little white rabbit became a mother tiger.... more>>
CN (4.2)
51 Chapters Every 18.8 Day(s) 3648 Readers 29 Reviews 08-06-2014
This novel is about low ranking staff Shan Shan being oppressed by the Big Boss. She keeps fighting but keeps losing. So she finally stopped struggling and obediently surrendered…... more>>
CN (3.6)
0 Chapters Every 1516 Day(s) 490 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
The ancestral grave of the Su has great feng shui; others bow and beg for sons, but they can easily have nine. When they wanted a daughter, Su Ran Ran is born. As the only daughter, she’s treated and treasured like a princess, rendering her a bit mischievous and spoiled. To help protect her from her brothers’ bullying, she’s sent to Zhu Mountain as a disciple.... more>>