Lonely Attack on the Different World (WN)


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The strongest doesn’t need cheats.

Haruka, a high schooler who spends his life as a “loner,” is suddenly summoned to another world with his classmates.

Noticing the god in front of him, Haruka was going to get cheat abilities by picking what he wanted from the skill list so that he could live in the other world――or so he thought, but the skills were first come, first serve.

All the cheat skills were taken by my classmates?!

After not being able to get any amazing skills, Haruka’s “loner” skill made him unable to join any parties. Even in another world, he’ll adventure in solitude.

Haruka, recognizing the crisis of his classmates, decided to secretly help them out while not relying on cheats. He’ll surpass cheats as he walks the path of the strongest――.

Let the curtains raise for the tale about the strongest loner’s attack on the different world!

Associated Names
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Alone on the Different World Strategy ~ Cheat Skills Were Sold Out ~
Hitoribocchi no Isekai Kouryaku ~ Cheat Skill wa Urikiredatta ~
Lonely Life in the Different World (LN)
Loner Life in Another World
The Loner who conquers the Other World - All of the Cheat Skills were taken
ひとりぼっちの異世界攻略 ~チートスキルは売り切れだった
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New noodlesandrice rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: c239
Probably one of the most unique stories I've ever read. The writing style and MC's thoughts can seem extremely jarring to most at first. But just keep in mind that Haruka is one of the most unreliable narrators you could find in any fiction.

His thoughts are just as confusing to the readers as they are to everyone else in the story, and even to himself. But that chaos isn't all there is to the protagonist. If you are able to get accustomed to the storytelling and enjoy it for what... more>> it is, you'll find the payoff to be more than worth it. Those rare moments where we are able to catch a glimpse of his inner character are extremely satisfying. At least they were to me. <<less
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Fortunos rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c107
A little bit of plot hole which is not significant. Starting with group summoning and “first come, first serve”-skill picking.

The protagonist got summon a bit late so there’re only the left over skill remain.

But God gave him “all” of them. So he’s OP from the start (except that “no party” and “EXP hard mode”).

As I’ve read till chapter 107 (raw, Google MTL) I don’t find this boring to continue reading.

And seems like around chapter 300 this novel will become 18+ so be warned.
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gottesurteil rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: c31
I want to like this; I really do. Has an interesting start and the loner protagonist is pretty decent. Almost like Hikigaya from OreGairu, but instead of unbounded cynicism, was just pretty neutral.

EXCEPT. It quickly gets awful once other people are introduced. The various classmate-clique relationships are vaguely interesting, and provide fertile grounds for interesting things to happen. But too bad since everything is seen through the lens of the protagonist, it falls apart super quick. The MC is incapable of recognizing other human beings. He's a complete caricature... more>> himself. The gyaru clique (i.e. bad girls, or popular girls, whatever you want to categorize them as) are literally called Bi*ch Leader and Bi*ch A through D. The otaku are called 'Geek Squad' and so on. So despite having a large cast of characters, none of them have names, and their only personalities are responding as tsukkomis to the MC as he forgets their names and insults them whenever he deigns to recognize their existence.

It gets worse. Chapters become nonsensical, and the ridiculous pre-harem (apparently he later does get a harem) turns into a faceless mob. There's an entire chapter which consists ENTIRELY of 'SOY SAUCE SOY SAUCE SOY SAUCE'. I'm not exaggerating. He literally assaults a shopkeeper and rants that 'they were hiding the truth of the world' to him, all the while screaming out loud 'Soy sauce'. And acts confused when they don't understand wtf he's talking about, when he says 'But it's Soy Sauce? Soy Sauce you know!' like that's an arguement.

There's a girl he saves from bandits who he literally ignores when she's talking to him. He forgets her name within seconds. Ignores her. She keeps trying to introduce her self, 5 times. He forgets or ignores her. Is this supposed to be fun... or funny?

The class president, the one character that he seems (pretends? - he doesn't know her name nor care to learn it) to respect, soon becomes a character who literally steals his money (for his own good?) nags him whenever he does ANYTHING (for his own good?) and prevents him from leaving town to level up... because he's too weak? Even though he saved literally the entire class's female half, multiple times, and was living on his own in the dangerous part of the forest for days/weeks while everyone else is starving. But yes, it's 'for his own good'.

The MC isn't a loner, he's mentally disabled with the inability to recognize or interact with other humans. His reality is literally different than everyone else. I honestly wish he'd ditch every other human and ACTUALLY be a loner, because then the story would be interesting again. He never once comes across as being lonely either; he just likes books. He has no sense of superiority or inferiority over others.... he literally just doesn't care. He could actually just be a NEET or hikkikomori like he says without any negativity. Him living in his ridiculously OP cave that he built by himself using his ridiculously OP grab-bag of powers was interesting, even if (as you can tell) it was ridiculously over the top and OP.

The dialogue and character interaction though killed this story though. As I said... I really want to like this, but I can't. <<less
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April 15, 2020
Status: c70
A boring novel. The protagonist literally became a s*ave to girls over time, with no active and fascinating goals in life. No action, no story, and no depth.
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sageinferni rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c112
So good! Perfect ten... out of five...

Great characters all around, great story writing, great arcs, fantastic comedy! Translation is a little weak, but I adjusted or it has improved.

MC is OP and no one tries to pretend he isn't, but he has a HUGE, exploitable weakness. When it is pointed out early on I dismissed it at the time, but I've come to realize it really is true. Only with time and hard work will he eventually overcome it.

As for his actual power system, well, it all fits once... more>> you figure out (or get revealed) what some of his more vague powers do. Early on it isn't really explained, which I liked. One thing I want an explanation for is that dice roll though. What was that?! As far as I can tell that was hand of the author (or maybe God?).

Also, still not sure what stat MIT is but it doesn't really matter.

Became sort of mature recently but not R18 yet.

Edit/ Found a quote which perfectly represents the MC

"But he isn't even a monster-like man, to begin with? He is just an incomprehensible man. Everyone is getting obliterated without understanding a thing, saved without understanding a thing, annihilated without understanding a thing, made happy without understanding a thing, that's the common theme here. And since no one understands a thing, how can they say anything for a report? Her higher-ups won't understand a thing even if they see him with their own eyes, and if they ever talk to him they will get so confused that they won't be able to understand even what they don't understand, so they absolutely won't be able to comprehend. He cannot be understood so there is nothing to say.
Rather, if anyone were to understand him then they are done for, one shouldn't even try to understand what he is, the only thing that is certain is that he doesn't make sense. Get it? You don't?" <<less
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Ichigoeater rated it
August 23, 2019
Status: c2
I like it so far. I'm both weary and wary of the 'harem' tag, but since he's a loner, maybe it'll be a slow burn to the annoying parts. The protagonist is a sarcastic son of a gun, which I love, and I like the slice of life aspects he's going through to survive, though I'm sure it won't last long (hope it does, though).

I'd say, if I had any complaints, it's that he doesn't already notice that ... more>>

he's super overpowered. All of his classmates only had fifty points to 'buy' the skills and items they want, which is a serious restriction when it costs all 50 points for sets like villager set A, 30 points for contact lenses, skills like walking and sensitive body, and magic spells, and anywhere from 20 to 50 points just to buy yourself potential.

The classmates who didn't buy the sets (which is items only, not skills) probably could only afford two things each, four at most if someone chose a few consumables. Not only did our protagonist get a 50 point set (Villager A), a 10 point martial art (Cane arts), and four magic skills that are 30 points each and can lead to learning more expensive spells like fireball, he also gained a home protection special skill and OP contact lenses that allow him to appraise with seemingly no limits as of yet.

Even the detrimental skills I'm not sure are a bad thing. I wouldn't be surprised if the slower leveling debuff is referring to his overall level, which, as all gamers know, is something that directly correlates to how much your skills level up. The higher the overall level, the slower it and the skills grow. I could be wrong about that being the twist, but there's one more thing that makes him overpowered that's super obvious.

He maxed out his luck twice over. No matter how strategically a person plans their character, they're screwed in the face of a super lucky ba$tard. Bet he gains new skills and items as easy as breathing because of this. Heck, it's only chapter 2, and he's already learned a couple of skills his classmates had bought on his own without meaning to. He really is an OP protagonist, the kind where logic no longer applies...

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SchmidtNation rated it
November 14, 2020
Status: c30
Currently on ch 30. I wanted to like this, I’m trying to like this. But, I was totally and completely unprepared for the conversations (?) whenever the MC is attempting to communicate with anyone. I am fully convinced the MC has a full blown, should be diagnosed by a professional, developmental communication disorder (either aspergers or expressive language disorder would be the most accurate). Do you know the expression: not on the same page? Conversations involving the MC aren’t even in the same book. I wouldn’t be surprised if the... more>> trauma of going through being summoned to another world broke his mind and he’s now going through life by experiencing it through a coping method hallucination on the level of Pyro from TF2. But, I’m gonna stick with it and we hopefully get back to him actually being a loner, because those parts are pretty decent. The world system is similar to some other works, but not close enough to be stale (and honestly, how many different ways can you write a video game based status system). <<less
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Dracublood rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c160
Okay so, this novel. You’ll see 2 stars or 4 or 5 and you’ll be flabbergasted and scared. ‘What is this novel??’ Is what you might wonder about. Let me tell you. Try it, just try it. I absolutely loved it, absurdist is a good way too describe it. If you like the beginning, try to stick through the ‘boring’ episodes. Try to embrace his thinking. Humor is absurd, references broad. You either like it, or you hate it.
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February 6, 2021
Status: c45
So I initially wrote a really long review, but I think a summary is probably better:
1) Power up fantasy, gaining lots of new skills and levelling them up, while claiming to be weak. (Trope)
2) MC believes he is not the MC but a side character. (Trope)
3) MC is both smart and sarcastic, leading to a number of humorous scenarios. (Trope)
4) MC is 4th wall breaking. (Trope)
5) Imagine the MC sees the real world, while everyone else, including us see a delusional... more>> version of this reality.
6) MC is perhaps moderately autistic, but perhaps it is just a matter of him giving up on trying to explain reality to all the delusional people around him, while also being utterly disinterested in understanding their delusional version?
7) MC will occasionally go along with others and put up with being "bullied" by other characters when his instincts lead him that way. But he will immediately wreck their plans the moment he knows he needs to do something different.
8) MCs primary ability is Luck based, this is a dangerous path for a story to take as they usually end in a train wreck, but so far the author has been riding the knife edge fairly well. Based on reviews from others much later into the story (300+) I'm concerned that the author may have fallen off this edge, but the story is entertaining enough for now that it is still worth riding along even with this foreshadowing. <<less
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lohwengk rated it
April 27, 2021
Status: c108
Translation is pretty good, but the starting of the story was rather crappy and I nearly dropped it. Stream of consciousness style plus focus on an MC with annoying personality irritated me to no end.

But after pushing through the first 5 chapters, the increase in action and the wry humour made for a much more interesting story. He has a unique way of solving problems that is quite amusing. For now, at least, I like this story as much as Death March. Satou is a much better MC than Haruka,... more>> but both stories entertain me a lot. <<less
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Bi-Polar Bear
Bi-Polar Bear rated it
December 5, 2020
Status: c20
This thing sucks balls. In a nutshell: the author is over repetitive, and all dialog is questions. The story goes nowhere, and hardly anything makes any sense. The author totally sucks. It may also be the TL doing a half-ass job.

I dunno how this thing has 58% 5 star rating. I'm thinking it's like with the Google Play Store. 90% of the 5 star, and 50% of the 4 star, ratings are done by people with multiple accounts, being paid to do it. The lower review ratings (3 stars and... more>> below) are the ones that are real and honest.

That's my humble opinion, and I'm sticking to it. <<less
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Sir Laffsalot
Sir Laffsalot rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: c58
This WOULD be an AWESOME story, but the author is TERRIBLE! His writing is confusing and COMPLETELY amateurish.

He repeats the same thing over and over and over and over, over 2-3 chapters, as well as half a chapter, or more, being the same few sentences with the same words rewritten a different order. (The TL likes to break up the chapters into many parts, making things a whole lot worse)

This is a ploy an amateur author will use to fill up space and word count (it's like a student... more>> who's given a 1000 word essay to write, and is too lazy to do the work, so he repeats the same words over and over and over and over...). When this is done over a number of chapters, it's generally due to writer's block, and he's hoping to get an idea soon. Authors also tend to do this when trying to meet deadlines. Again, this is why I say, real authors use outlines.

Things also get very confusing because the author's writing is so bad, you don't know who is doing, or saying, what. (I really wish the TL would do like other good TLs, and make a note in parenthesis, but I seriously doubt that he knows either) Also, it seems like the author is totally ignorant of proper punctuation because 95+% of all spoken, and thought, dialogue is done in the form of a question, which really kills the story.

The bad artwork on the cover, and in the manga are just clues as to how bad this WN can be.

I haven't dropped it yet though, because I like the story idea too much, and the translating team is so awesome. It's not their fault that the author totally sucks. Also like the movie, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, this WN is so s*upid, it's silly, and I hate it so much, I can't leave it due to wanting to see just how much dumber, and sillier, it can get. I hate is so much, I almost love it.

NOTE: This review was edited on Dec 04, 2020 to be made shorter and clearer. <<less
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It's best to start this with Light Novel Translations translation. The MC is a character that shines when he's with other characters. He's a loner-type character, while most other LN or WN make them disregard human life, this one is different. He has mentioned that he is fine with killing but he still holds some respect for life. It's the reason he saved the girls in the forest.

The story also gets a lot better when the girls are introduced. The MC's way of thinking is questioned in a... more>> funny way. The first chapter with God wasn't a good way of showing that, the first scene with God was the worst part that I read from this series. The girls on the other hand, they showed themselves to be competent counterparts to the MC that actually made me laugh. It's funny that the MC is at his best with others, when he always calls himself a loner.

Overall, it's a good read. The MC is competent and charming (after the first few chapters), the girls are fun to read about, and they work well together. It's a generic isekai world with a MC that is f*cked in the head (not the edgy way), girls that find out and question said MC (in a comedic way), and it has some action and adventure along the way. It's a great light-hearted comedy isekai, I recommend reading it. <<less
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13th Echelon
13th Echelon rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: c469
I like it, nothing complicated and something that I can use to consume time. This WN has so many chapters you can expect the story to change over time but still pretty easy to read something that will not annoy you or excite you.
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Laconic rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: c100
Edit:I just got a message not long ago informing me the R18 scenes actually start pretty late. 296 or something close to that? Guess I'm waiting to there.


Old review;

... more>> I came to find this because I wanted to basically find an isekai smut novel. An R18 novel? Smut means you have lots of good story, but there's also some spicy scenes. This has good story, but there's not really anything explicitly spicy.

Just a fair warning if that's what you're looking for.

I don't know why, but because of certain skills and sexual references it got considered as R18? But you just just think of it like you might a mature comedy. I will say that the humor isn't for everyone. Some will just get annoyed with the protagonist, but he's just intentionally trolling you.

I keep it as a bookmark now for when I'm in the mood for it. I like madness. Sheogorath would be pleased. <<less
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GreenRiver rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: c194
One of the best novels I've found through novel updates. The MC is "clueless", but it's intentional. He's an outside the box thinker, but it's obvious that at least some of his behavior is either intentional misdirection, a survival mechanism, or high functioning autism. As he reminds me of my friend, I'm hoping for the latter.

Generally speaking it's funny, heartwarming, and addictive.
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Bobwillrule rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c155
The story and the way it's written is actually pretty funny.

Just be warned that the Mc's thought process is really hard to understand and as most of the story is Mc's thought process, you really need to be A++++ at interpretation.

Sometimes (most of the time) you would need to turn off your brain to understand.

A good read but be warned of the headache coming your way.
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SproutlingUnderARoof rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: --
TL;DR It's a wish-fulfillment, non-cheat but actually is a cheat, stream of consciousness style narration with an MC whose social skills are comparable to that of a rotten plank of wood.

It's just a constant slew of thoughts and sentences with random references mixed in with no regard whether or not the readers actually understand them. It repeats itself every chapter and there doesn't seem to be ANY sign of improvement even to the latest one.

The Mc's thoughts are just a barrage of constant questions and assumptions with no coherence nor... more>> intelligence between them. His ineptitude in social skills are clear as day whenever he meets a classmate or any other living human being. It's filled with references and more questions, and more assumptions that even those with less that favorable abilities for social encounters would probably not find him in anyway endearing. More annoying.

The skills the MC got are interesting, but that's it. They're a cheat disgusted behind vague descriptions and names open to interpretation that it's almost laughable how anyone would think it's a not going to be a cheat.

I would give this novel a one star if not for the fact that there are worse ones out there and the translators are making it somewhat readable so big ups to them for suffering so most won't have to. <<less
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kayuza77 rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: --
No world building. Is there any reason this group got summoned to another world ?

No character development. Surely lazily name your character and just goes calling them Mean girl A, B, C etc will make them significant

Doesnt have any story direction at all. Are you want to be comedic isekai are serious isekai ? Just pick one

... more>> Self wish fulfillment story that try to disguised itself by context 'having no cheat skill' at all

Even 'Lonely' in the title doesnt have any meaning at all cause he still stay in the group

Avoid this <<less
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Temp950 rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: c111
I've read a lot of "comedy" stories here before, but this one genuinely made me laugh. Its also an interesting deviation from the usual Isekai, with a loner protagonist who attracts people to him despite wanting to be left alone. It also deviates from a lot of other Isekai as it doesn't drag out a relationship to the very end of the story and just have a bunch of lewd accidents throughout. The main character is also very different from the average protagonist, being intelligent when it matters but socially... more>> distracted and prone to confusing everyone around him with nonsensical explanations. <<less
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blindana rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: --
i don't understand how people could rate this abomination of a novel a 5 stars. I usually don't mind different opinions but holy cow, have some standard at least.

for the novel, everything about it is terrible; the MC, the story, the writing, the side characters, the monsters, the bad guys, the god, the world building, or the cow dungs... soso bad. the story is practically just unfunny jokes getting shoved down your throat for the whole time, nothing makes any sense. the characters inside acts like the author always lived... more>> in different dimension and never seen human behaviours before.

The MC is a frankenstein of ideas that the author have but failed to pull off till you don't know what to make of him and finally you just don't care anymore so you just make him act like whatever comes to your mind at the time.

alright maybe this sounds more like a rant but yeah it's bad. one of the worse isekai i've ever read. <<less
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