The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot)


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Takebayashi Ryouma, a 39 years old man with hidden past, found himself in a strange white room. The gods tell him that he has died and that they are sending his soul to a different world, a world where magic exists. After living alone for 3 years, his gamer soul loses its common sense and starts along crazy routes.

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Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko
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Date Group Release
11/15/18 Neo Translations v2 gossip part1
11/13/18 Neo Translations v2c69 part2
11/10/18 Neo Translations v2c69 part1
11/09/18 Neo Translations v2c68 part2
11/08/18 Neo Translations v2c68 part1
11/07/18 Neo Translations v2c67 part2
11/06/18 Neo Translations v2c67 part1
11/03/18 Neo Translations v2c66 part3
11/02/18 Neo Translations v2c66 part2
11/01/18 Neo Translations v2c66 part1
10/30/18 Neo Translations v2c65 part2
10/29/18 Neo Translations v2c65 part1
10/27/18 Neo Translations v2c64
10/25/18 Neo Translations v2c63 part2
10/24/18 Neo Translations v2c63 part1
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Haruko rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: prologue 1
Yeah I know that it is too early for review, but i'll write one anyway.

So.. Why do I give this novel 5* is because I love the original version of the story and I have no reason to think that reboot version would be worse, because if anything reboots are usually more polished. Some may think that this is just another boring isekai story wich is seen many times already and are not interested to give this a try because of it. So, let me tell you some positive things... more>> (to me at least) about this novel.

  • Well made characters
  • Interesting plot
  • No harem and echi
If you also found those 3 things favourable to your tastes then give this novel a try. <<less
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Dino Translation
Dino Translation rated it
February 18, 2018
Status: --
This reboot is a revised version of the original series. Basically, it focus on the removal of unnecessary (depend on how you see it) details, addition of minor plots, adjustment of the flow of the story. The main plot itself remain mostly unchanged. This is not a new story. Also, this is a slice-of-life, not a battle novel so its tempo is slow.

The original story should have many reviews already, so let's speak of the differences instead:

... more>>
  • Ojou-sama is less cheap, it takes more time (months - as oppose to a few days in the original series) for Ryouma to become her friend. Her behavior is exactly the same though.
  • Replace the obvious bad guy with an obvious good guy. I don't know if the bad guy will reappear in someway, but for now, I haven't seen him yet. You'll know who I'm talking about if you read both versions. The new character, however, doesn't do anything to alter the flow of the story. Not that he doesn't do anything, but he doesn't do anything significant; at least not yet.
  • A group of background characters got a big upgrade: the group of 6 who secretly follow Ryouma group to collect monster corpses that was left behind in the abandoned mine quest. There's various new small events, interactions with Ryouma. It's a big change. They're more than a mere group of 6 now.
  • New business ideas: it's less than a side job, he completely delegate the entirety of the business to someone else. Therefore, it doesn't affect the main plot.
  • Foreshadowing/explanation. The progress of how some of the slime turn out the way they are is explained:
    • Iron Slime, Metal Slime: they now have a bit of story behind how they came to be able to transform into weapons.
    • Wine Slime (or Alcohol, I don't remember well) : doesn't suddenly appear out of no where, but there's a proper occasion where it was feed wine.
  • New events: these appear around the time of the Treant collection request. These are entirely new contents. I'm not sure where it's going yet, however, as these happen in the time that was originally empty in the original version, I think the story will eventually go back to the original plot. As I remember, the events focus on Ryouma's interaction with other characters such as his employees, the group of 6 mentioned above, the slum, new characters, etc. Look forward to it.

As you can see, the author didn't make much changes (if any at all) to the main plot (at least not yet). The revised part progress differently, but the result is the same. The new contents fill the empty time frame (times skipped such as *6 months later*), so they're unlikely to affect the main plot, they do add more explanations as to how Ryouma developed his and his slimes' abilities though.

Earlier chapters progress in mostly the same manner as the original, so there's little meaning to read it if you has already read the original story, I think it's better to wait for later parts which has completely new events added, or read it with the mindset of rereading the story.

As for those who hasn't read the original yet, I recommend reading this version instead. Although some details are omitted, they're ones that you'll hardly missed (to be frank, I know that some parts were removed, but I can't remember them, so it should be trivial enough to be forgotten). The reboot has new contents as well, so you'll get more than you lost. Don't worry about missing out. <<less
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TerraEarth rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: prologue 1
The characters are uninteresting and the setting is inconsequential, combine that with this novel's primary genre - being Slice of Life - and you have yourself a powerful sleeping pill in literary form.

The main character feels hollow and empty and spends all his time either researching slimes or inadvertently impressing everyone around him (oftentimes through his slime research, who figured?). The side characters are, to put it bluntly, even worse than the main character in this regard.

Having a restless time getting to bed? No problem. Simply open up a tab... more>> with "The Man Picked Up By the Gods" loaded and have yourself a ball. <<less
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Infushii rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: c5
Same with Haruko over there, I read the original translation a LONG time ago. But it’s really good. Also, don’t leave after reading the first part of the prologue because you’d have been fooled. It’s not super mysterious, but the author always makes sure to make you have at least one question on your mind, and they do get answered with time. Now toodaloo. Read this stuff iz güd.
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mukkaar rated it
July 2, 2018
Status: --
I read the original and beginning was quite interesting. But it soon started suffering from the slice-of-life syndrome. It's not that it's bad, but it's just not interesting. Also, you can't really call story slow, slow would mean there is still something meaningful happening. It's more like there are large parts of novel that just don't bring anything to the story.

If you implanted some kind of progression and plot to the novel it could be great. Characters are just equally plain and don't really have personality.
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Jamerax rated it
June 29, 2018
Status: v2c37
Not bad, but be warned that if you're looking for a lot of action and a story driven plot then this might not suit you very well. As of v2c37 there is no progression or even a reason for the protagonist to even be the protagonist other than the fact that he's stronger than everyone and smarter too. Basically, it's a slice of life with some fantasy and minor action thrown in for fun. Plot is more or less none existent so that's why I rated it average at 3/5.... more>> Good to pass time but not for much else at this point in the story.

Honestly I read the Manga after this and I thought it was a bit better, unfortunately there isn't much of it. <<less
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Oukis Lips
Oukis Lips rated it
September 10, 2018
Status: --
Other reviewers have said it already; this novel is mostly slice of life. Even after the reboot, it's still slice of life, just less boring. Comparing this to Death March or Smart Phone, Man Picked Up By The Gods is more realistic, but is slow-paced.

The MC's personality doesn't include the doxophobia that Death March's has, and it doesn't include the indecisiveness that Smart Phone's has. So for those readers whose enjoyment of a novel is based on how relatable the MC is, Man Picked Up By The Gods may very... more>> well be the best Slice of Life Isekai WN for you.

However, for those of you who have already read the original, the reboot may be extremely boring. This is because no huge difference has occurred thus far (2 volumes in). The only huge difference is that the reboot has a slightly faster pace, and a slightly more detailed writing style. But what do these changes offer to those people who have already read the original? The more succinct and detailed writing style doesn't mean much to us since we still have to wait for the reboot to catch up. <<less
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FujiwaraSensei rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: v1c15
Like Dino Transla said, some of the story line from the old TMPG has been cut and putted a newer once. But still the story has been progressing so far as the MC has been interacting the Jamil Household and how greatly he cares for them.

... more>>

I like how Ryouma polite he is even though someone was extremely jealous of him at the tamer guild (which is the guild master and still not on the TMPG reboot)


Anyways I recommend you readers who wants to read this, is that don't read this for sometime so the chapters will accumulate (so you will not get a cliffhang diabetes) and just try to be patience and urge yourself to wait. <<less
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cabage rated it
August 1, 2018
Status: v1
The problem that this novel ever since the first version was how the story started good and it ended up talking about slimes and more slimes. It seems that the author totally forgot how to connect what happened in the beginning of the story and then just threw a lot of side stories. What happened to the character buildup? Why did the story went from good to bland then tasteless. And why did the story now revolves around slimes and more slimes. I don't know know what's happening because there... more>> is no connection between the volumes and the head of the story. It would have been better if there was a character development but it was cutoff not even halfway the first volume. <<less
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mllhild rated it
April 21, 2018
Status: v1c20
The story is nice and the Translator is good and has a steady track record. The release speed of the raws is sadly slow at the moment.

Compared to the original work, this one is more fleshed out. Simply put, the author got better and he has a second chance.

I'm guessing that the author will also fix his flaw of not expanding the world and factions, which lead to him writing himself into a position where a lot of build up would have been required to continue the story.

... more>>

the story is character driven, so after Ryoumas character was explored then his interaction with Elia and her friends should probably receive more time and evolve further in this version

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Kuroakai rated it
August 19, 2018
Status: v2c46 part2
Seeing the difference between the reboot ver and the original, I'm glad that the author decide to revised the whole series since it's actually much more nicer than the original version as there isn't much un-needed content and some stuff that wasn't really detail wise enough in the original is much more detail wise in the reboot ver. The only demerit (imo for me) is that he's keep on fixate on the fact that '' he's 42 '' even though he's been reincarnated to a 5 y/o boy.. Overall it's... more>> a great read for anyone that's want to start on this. <<less
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