Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~


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『I’m terribly sorry』

A god was suddenly prostrating in front of Kayano Takumi. He was apparently killed by mistake. Moreover, he can’t be reborn again. However, he is able to live in a different world? Then, let’s do that, please. The god made a mistake again and transferred me into a dangerous forest. Seriously, what’s going on? Besides, there are children here. I can’t leave them here, I will take care of them.

Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~ average rating 4.2/5 - 308 user ratings
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異世界ゆるり紀行 ~子育てしながら冒険者します~
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Zhaernon rated it
March 24, 2017
Status: c55
This novel started well, and I really wanted to continue reading it, as I just love stories that include children raising and the many issues that comes with it.

Unfortunately, it very soon turned out that those children are just like cute puppies that require little to no effort at all to raise. They just need some food and warmth and that's about it. So there is barely any development at all, they're like the greatest geniuses in every area and yet after 55 chapters, they still talk like little kids... more>> while being more OP in any other areas than most every adult. Even MC with his uber-cheat-like abilities granted to him by gods is barely slightly ahead of them. Aside from that... everybody is just absolutely and utterly useless and stupid like boots.

That includes Gods and MC. It gets worse and worse and worse as you progress. It soon turns out that there has been basically little to no development at all in the many years of existence of this fantasy world. It's to the point that the most basic knowledge one can possibly have from modern world (like for example boiling rice to make it edible) is considered genuinely genius.

Lastly, about a third of the story consists of their childish talk and various onomatopoeias.

MC literally describes most of the things he encounters by "it goes booom, and then wuuu, and then shuu, and children went "Wheee!" and then we had fun!". Really, if you want to get yourself brain-dead from reading so much bullsh*t just to read a slightly cute story, then knock yourself out. <<less
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Casul_Reader rated it
October 15, 2016
Status: c7
Okay, jumping into this relatively new novel, I was expecting something light, fluffy and cute. It was.

Although the current chapters have yet to reach a point where I can make a proper review, other than the fact that it started much like any other JP MC reincarnation novel, it got me hooked on it still since the story looked promising as well as the future character interactions looking to be quite the fun one.

Give it a go if you're looking for something like Uchi no Musume!
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SeventhTale rated it
January 2, 2017
Status: c46
A simple cute story, of oniichan and the twins. The pov of the twins is really cute that might make you vomit sugar. Oniichan is a likeable MC, he really spoil the twins which made each chapters heartwarming.

If you want a cute adventure story with cute characters...
If you want a story where slime drops jelly...
If you want a story where treasure chest contains delicious shrimps...
If you want a story where everyone loves oniichan...
If you want a story with multiple pov of cuteness and how characters are... more>> vomitting sugar...

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Pichicha123 rated it
January 14, 2017
Status: --
Ok, here's the deal. The story may be considered cute but only in theory. Mostly because the way it is written makes it difficult for the reader to get attachdd to the characters. Everything is narrated as if it alresdy happend and very vaguely at that. For example, when he meets the children it seems like he just turned around, saw them and then suddenly they're attacking a boar together. Dropping it.
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Darxen rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c74
Overrated, it does not matter if it's "Slice of Life", that does not mean it has to be automatically boring.

-A protagonist who gets everything without a minimum effor and is praised by everyone for every minimal action.
-Twins that only say "yes" or "no" at the same time, and sometimes their brains are overloaded to say something else, they do nothing if nothing influences them.
-A world where the inhabitants, which I do not know how they came to create a society, only have the capacity to make meat with... more>> salt and bread, thus giving "Cooking with the protagonist (OP) and children (OP/without personality) and charmed the barbarians from another world".
-Without a real drama and plot (replaced by food).
-And most important, no child-rearing, children are self-sufficient, quiet and obey everything the MC says. There is no real conflict with their trauma and lack of parents, there is no conflict with the protagonist who takes care of them, there is no childish curiosity, no real interaction.
-a story to waste time
-On the other hand the translation is good.

Edit :

I forgot, this novel has parts of "Japanese Supremacy" (not racist or xenophobic, only boasting unnecessarily) in relation to food, culture, gods and others, worse being said by characters as gods, this gets tiresome when one has read many novels with these lines/paragraphs. <<less
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May 1, 2017
Status: c60
A WAFFY, somewhat fun read. Started off a bit bland, but becomes a lot more engaging after 10+ chapters.

If you want action, go read some xianxia instead. No harem hijinks, no thinking with his d*ck, no emo crap. This is largely a slice of life story. There are no major antagonists, and the few times they show up, they are quickly bundled off the stage.

MC is a bit beta and largely goes at his own pace, but is not spineless. He can appreciate beautiful women when they show up, but... more>> he doesn't turn into an emotional wreck, and neither does he lose self-control to go molest them. He is OP, but doesn't realize it at first. Later on, he reluctantly accepts it. There is the typical Jap WN obsession with japanese food, but it's not obnoxious about it. The author even presents a reasonable explanation for the apparent lack of food culture.


It's not that their food culture is backward. They just never bothered to develop fancy methods of cooking because they have an abundance of fresh and high quality ingredients. In our own history, a lot of fancy cooking techniques were developed in order to overcome food shortages by re-processing stale food or food that has gone bad, e.g. Thailand's tomyam, Korea's kimchi, Chinese fried foods, various types of Asian curries, etc.


A reviewer complained that this fantasy world is backward. If he means that they don't have nuclear weapons, then yes, that's true. But this is a world that is in the medieval age. They have knights wielding swords, and magicians who cast magic spells. Obviously, they won't have soldiers wielding guns.

The same reviewer complained that the people of this world are so stupid they don't even know how to boil rice to cook it. Except that to these people, rice is used as feedstock for farm animals. Why would they bother to learn how to cook rice? It's the same thing in our own history. In some countries, radishes are used as winter feedstock for farm animals, not for human food. The people in these countries don't cook radishes for food, yet people in other countries have numerous recipes which use radishes. Radishes aren't the only such crops. Others include barley, corn, alfalfa, etc.

There's also a criticism that the twins still speak like little kids after 55 chapters. That's only natural. After all, these twins are only 5 years old and were formerly uneducated slaves. Furthermore, the 55 chapters don't even cover one year. As for the accusation that everyone is utterly stupid - there aren't that many characters. Although some of them are stupid, most are just normal people - flawed, with some stupid moments as well as clever moments, but mainly plain and average. <<less
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MiloSalad rated it
May 11, 2017
Status: side story 2
Well now, almost skipped a good read cause of a few unfavorable commenta here and there.

The story is not one of those - I have OP power I shall put it to good use such as reforming the logic of this world! Muhahaha!- stuff.

No, but still I really love it. Reading this cures me~ I love the adventures of the " family". I love the side stories from the views of others.

It's plot is well focused on raising the children. In all honesty, I don't know how... more>> the stories will progress... Who will join, how will the god and the MC interact more, how will the children grow, all of that stuff.

I recommend this a good read 8.7586/10 for those who just wanna have chill from life. Coz well if life throws you lemons, u grab that lemon and take a bite at it like a boss! <<less
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ThreePointsShort rated it
November 16, 2016
Status: c30

It's not a very complicated story, but it doesn't need to be. All the characters are very likable, and I really look forward to updates. If you like UchiMusume, you'll like this to.
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October 29, 2016
Status: c18
Overall, I would warn that this story and the interactions between the kids and MC caretaker are too cute. The only downside is the God providing tools and it felt like that could be removed without affecting the cuteness.
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GregLuck rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c20
I thought there was gonna be some little adventure or at least a little bit of struggle. But no, what this novel is, is a cuteness overloaded story, which is fine if there is some other side to balance it.

... more>>

Firstly, every single act the MC do that author write is like a kid trying to make a bedtime stories for another baby. No reasoning, no explaining, no hinting, almost every act makes me wanted to shout WHY? The god is prostrating, sure many is like that, but almost every time he met the god prostrating, why? All god's faction and it's retainer wanted to get to MC's good side like he was someone above the god, WHY?

The story is too damn fast, the god imbues every single basic knowledge he needs, which make MC just boring. If this was a game, MC is basically playing new game+ with every item on storage, max stat, full walkthrough, with command windows for admin. He basically made god become his servant.

It's like you are eating a strawberry cheesecake, with honey, covered in ice cream using candy cane spoon with caramel topping, with a slice of orange on top. Which is basically diabetes.



Only cute, story is boring, lots of reasoning flaws and plot hole (if there is any plot). <<less
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makenai89 rated it
December 1, 2016
Status: c37
It's the leisure story of an OP oniichan with his cute adopted siblings in another world. Full of joyful moments and warm-hearted interactions, but there's not many twists nor hooks in the story, and conflicts are resolved too easily. Characters are rather monotone. A nice choice if you want slice-of-life stories, but really, there's nothing particularly notable so far.
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
September 22, 2017
Status: c77
Super-duper fluffy cuteness is the main theme of this series. The MC's interactions with a pair of twins he picks up and raises is really cute. Then, he also gets all of these cute familiars as the story continues. He changes the world with his culinary skills and tends to impress everyone with how OP he is. If you want a light read that makes you smile gently without worrying about any romantic drama, then this is a nice series to kill time.

It is not dramatic. The MC starts off... more>> OP and only becomes more OP as the series goes on, so he doesn't struggle against anything and never gets cornered. He doesn't face any major challenges, and there isn't any suspense in this series.

It would be nice if the MC weren't so OP and wasn't a Gary Stu, but the fluffiness makes up for it. <<less
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UnderTaker26 rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: c20
I really want to give this a higher score but I can’t stand how easily the MC is getting by in this book. The god made a mistake and gave him a new life with op skills. Fine. But would a god continue apologizing and crying? In my opinion the reincarnation with cheats more than made up for his mistake. He lost his first life but can have a life twice as good in this new one. Now the god keeps giving him riches and beasts like he’s the new... more>> adam and the only man in the world. The MC doesn’t even have to do anything. Even as a slice of life he should at least do something on his own to provide for the kids. Hopefully it gets better later rather than become the story of the #1 millenial and his kids. <<less
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sgrey rated it
November 28, 2017
Status: c89
I like this novel a lot. It focused on character interaction and development. It is somewhat similar to the Death March in a sense that an OP guy travels leisurely with kids and and has fun. I read it after I read one depressing and violent novel and this was like a breath of fresh air after a long dive. It is mostly focused on slice of life, but it does have action and such. Also it is questionable who is more OP - the MC or the kids, who... more>> are currently higher level than him. Overall really nice casual novel. <<less
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Misaki Yata
Misaki Yata rated it
August 28, 2017
Status: c73
I give it 5/5 for the translation 5/5 for story and 5/5 for fluf!! Its honestly a super cute novel and a bit different from the usual isekai reincarnation novels with the super OP! MC's and all. While he's not super strong (I think 'cause he doesnt have all that many trump cards or anything just some super handy skills for the most part) he still is powerful enough like all other isekai MC's but he's more of the world's staff than a character in it with him being the... more>> gods retainer and all.

Honestly it's just fluff fluff fluff awww kinda novel than anything really with a super calm~ character who's not secretly a crime-boss/sociopath and all. It's super chill and lots of food (like a LOT to the point a God blesses him for innovating food LOL) and honestly the side characters r not cardboard cutouts and are hilarious especially when they go after the MC for food XD

If you're looking for a good plot with an awesome badass MC proving everyone that he's awesome and getting revenge on the world, etc. Etc. Pack up and get out the door and never look back, like at all. When I said the plot was good, I meant it with the slice of life genre. Check the tags. There aren't any women throwing themselves at him cause of his protagonist aura and nor does he show off or anything, check the tags, but it's a fluff read for anyone who's looking for something to heal themselves, definitely worthy!!!>/////<

cute is justice!! (≫.<) / <<less
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trippy-chan rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: prologue
Actually, Isekai Yururi Kikou is a cooking manga...I'm kidding! Mostly. There are abundant descriptions of delicious food and recipes throughout this book. The MC is basically reinventing everything he's ever eaten into this new world lol.

... more>>

The God of Fire (to whom the domain of cooking belongs) even gave him a huge reward for singlehandedly innovating new cuisine in a world that has literally been stagnated in this aspect for hundreds of years.


This is just a really feel-good piece. If you want to feel refreshed and happy, this is a perfect novel to read. <<less
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Grarg rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: c42
I honestly don't know why this story has such high ratings. Among isekai, it is very poorly written and the translation isn't that great either.

The MC is accidentally killed by god and dropped into a world with ridiculous specs, which is pretty standard as far as typical isekai stories go. However, plot progression and conflict resolution, which usually is supposed to have a beginning, middle, and end, only have a beginning and an end. There's almost no interesting middle at all.

The kids that he picks up are literally dropped into... more>> his lap. He is teleported to the world and the kids are literally right in front of him. Any other problem he just waves his hand and his OP powers solve them instantly, with barely any thinking or planning. His personality is blandly selfless, which is not that interesting.

As far as the isekai genre goes, this is a very bad example and there are far better novels out there. Would not recommend. <<less
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Kyodaiki rated it
January 2, 2017
Status: c41
It's a slow moving cute story that is reminiscent of a slightly slower paced Death March. I felt the need to review this for that reason alone. It stays unique and separate from the long-running WN, but it certainly falls within the same unique genre.
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January 17, 2018
Status: c96
I just saw they started the manga adaptation of this :) I hope it's gonna be cute like the novel. I really like how the children wandering around.

The story until now is a nice slice of life of godly beings travel journal. Nothing can be too op to protect the children and the companion beasts.

The problem, only just a bit, is the cooking sessions, sometimes it's just too much.

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Nvelist rated it
November 16, 2017
Status: c87
Cuteness and fluffiness is all over this little twin siblings.

A good breather away from all intense violence, blood and war.

Well except this two in a tiny bit who can instantly KO any opponents.

A nurturing adventure pacing in delightful scene over the clouds and under the trees.
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