Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~


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『I’m terribly sorry…』

A god was suddenly prostrating in front of Kayano Takumi. He was apparently killed by mistake. Moreover, he can’t be reborn again. However, he is able to live in a different world? Then, let’s do that, please. The god made a mistake again and transferred me into a dangerous forest. Seriously, what’s going on? Besides, there are children here. I can’t leave them here, I will take care of them.

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Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Kosodate shinagara Boukensha shimasu~
異世界ゆるり紀行 ~子育てしながら冒険者します~
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83 Reviews

Mar 24, 2017
Status: c55
This novel started well, and I really wanted to continue reading it, as I just love stories that include children raising and the many issues that comes with it.

Unfortunately, it very soon turned out that those children are just like cute puppies that require little to no effort at all to raise. They just need some food and warmth and that's about it. So there is barely any development at all, they're like the greatest geniuses in every area and yet after 55 chapters, they still talk like little kids... more>> while being more OP in any other areas than most every adult. Even MC with his uber-cheat-like abilities granted to him by gods is barely slightly ahead of them. Aside from that... everybody is just absolutely and utterly useless and s*upid like boots.

That includes Gods and MC. It gets worse and worse and worse as you progress. It soon turns out that there has been basically little to no development at all in the many years of existence of this fantasy world. It's to the point that the most basic knowledge one can possibly have from modern world (like for example boiling rice to make it edible) is considered genuinely genius.

Lastly, about a third of the story consists of their childish talk and various onomatopoeias.

MC literally describes most of the things he encounters by "it goes booom, and then wuuu, and then shuu, and children went "Wheee!" and then we had fun!". Really, if you want to get yourself brain-dead from reading so much bullsh*t just to read a slightly cute story, then knock yourself out. <<less
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Sep 04, 2017
Status: c74
Overrated, it does not matter if it's "Slice of Life", that does not mean it has to be automatically boring.

-A protagonist who gets everything without a minimum effor and is praised by everyone for every minimal action.
-Twins that only say "yes" or "no" at the same time, and sometimes their brains are overloaded to say something else, they do nothing if nothing influences them.
-A world where the inhabitants, which I do not know how they came to create a society, only have the capacity to make meat with... more>> salt and bread, thus giving "Cooking with the protagonist (OP) and children (OP/without personality) and charmed the barbarians from another world".
-Without a real drama and plot (replaced by food).
-And most important, no child-rearing, children are self-sufficient, quiet and obey everything the MC says. There is no real conflict with their trauma and lack of parents, there is no conflict with the protagonist who takes care of them, there is no childish curiosity, no real interaction.

Edit :

I forgot, this novel has parts of "Japanese Supremacy" (not racist or xenophobic, only boasting unnecessarily) in relation to food, culture, gods and others, worse being said by characters as gods, this gets tiresome when one has read many novels with these lines/paragraphs. <<less
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Jan 02, 2017
Status: c46
A simple cute story, of oniichan and the twins. The pov of the twins is really cute that might make you vomit sugar. Oniichan is a likeable MC, he really spoil the twins which made each chapters heartwarming.

If you want a cute adventure story with cute characters...
If you want a story where slime drops jelly...
If you want a story where treasure chest contains delicious shrimps...
If you want a story where everyone loves oniichan...
If you want a story with multiple pov of cuteness and how characters are... more>> vomitting sugar...

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Oct 15, 2016
Status: c7
Okay, jumping into this relatively new novel, I was expecting something light, fluffy and cute. It was.

Although the current chapters have yet to reach a point where I can make a proper review, other than the fact that it started much like any other JP MC reincarnation novel, it got me hooked on it still since the story looked promising as well as the future character interactions looking to be quite the fun one. Give it a go if you're looking for something like Uchi no Musume!
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May 11, 2017
Status: side story 2
Well now, almost skipped a good read cause of a few unfavorable commenta here and there.

The story is not one of those - I have OP power I shall put it to good use such as reforming the logic of this world! Muhahaha!- stuff.

No, but still I really love it. Reading this cures me~ I love the adventures of the " family". I love the side stories from the views of others.

It's plot is well focused on raising the children. In all honesty, I don't know how... more>> the stories will progress... Who will join, how will the god and the MC interact more, how will the children grow, all of that stuff.

I recommend this a good read 8.7586/10 for those who just wanna have chill from life. Coz well if life throws you lemons, u grab that lemon and take a bite at it like a boss! <<less
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May 01, 2017
Status: c60
A WAFFY, somewhat fun read. Started off a bit bland, but becomes a lot more engaging after 10+ chapters.

If you want action, go read some xianxia instead. No harem hijinks, no thinking with his d*ck, no emo crap. This is largely a slice of life story. There are no major antagonists, and the few times they show up, they are quickly bundled off the stage.

MC is a bit beta and largely goes at his own pace, but is not spineless. He can appreciate beautiful women when they show up, but... more>> he doesn't turn into an emotional wreck, and neither does he lose self-control to go mol*st them. He is OP, but doesn't realize it at first. Later on, he reluctantly accepts it. There is the typical Jap WN obsession with japanese food, but it's not obnoxious about it. The author even presents a reasonable explanation for the apparent lack of food culture.


It's not that their food culture is backward. They just never bothered to develop fancy methods of cooking because they have an abundance of fresh and high quality ingredients. In our own history, a lot of fancy cooking techniques were developed in order to overcome food shortages by re-processing stale food or food that has gone bad, e.g. Thailand's tomyam, Korea's kimchi, Chinese fried foods, various types of Asian curries, etc.


A reviewer complained that this fantasy world is backward. If he means that they don't have nuclear weapons, then yes, that's true. But this is a world that is in the medieval age. They have knights wielding swords, and magicians who cast magic spells. Obviously, they won't have soldiers wielding guns.

The same reviewer complained that the people of this world are so s*upid they don't even know how to boil rice to cook it. Except that to these people, rice is used as feedstock for farm animals. Why would they bother to learn how to cook rice? It's the same thing in our own history. In some countries, radishes are used as winter feedstock for farm animals, not for human food. The people in these countries don't cook radishes for food, yet people in other countries have numerous recipes which use radishes. Radishes aren't the only such crops. Others include barley, corn, alfalfa, etc.

There's also a criticism that the twins still speak like little kids after 55 chapters. That's only natural. After all, these twins are only 5 years old and were formerly uneducated s*aves. Furthermore, the 55 chapters don't even cover one year. As for the accusation that everyone is utterly s*upid - there aren't that many characters. Although some of them are s*upid, most are just normal people - flawed, with some s*upid moments as well as clever moments, but mainly plain and average. <<less
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Jan 14, 2017
Status: --
Ok, here's the deal. The story may be considered cute but only in theory. Mostly because the way it is written makes it difficult for the reader to get attachdd to the characters. Everything is narrated as if it alresdy happend and very vaguely at that. For example, when he meets the children it seems like he just turned around, saw them and then suddenly they're attacking a boar together. Dropping it.
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Jul 02, 2018
Status: prologue
This story is basically a lather rinse and repeat of the same tired, boring sh*t every single chapter like most stereotypical slice of life isekai.

First of all, don't get fooled by the title, the children in this story serve only one purpose and that's to give a reason for all the gods in high heaven to bend over backwards and suck the mc's d*ck for the simple reason that the wind god killed MC "by accident" and they now want him to watch over the children of the water god... more>> that went out for a pack of smokes 5 years ago. For some reason all the gods in heaven keep forcing all manner of op items, cheats and legendary magical beasts onto the MC no matter how much he weakly pleads them not to do so. And then the author has the audacity to set up a status screen for the MC as if the levels and stats even mean anything or is supposed to represent a goal when he's been one-shotting all the strongest monsters right from the get-go. And the kids that he's supposed to be raising are inherently stronger than the MC and even kills most of the monsters themselves to the point where they each out-level the MC.

Basically all this story is, is:

*MC cooks*
Peanut gallery looses their shit
*MC kills monster*
Peanut gallery looses their shit
*MC brings out rare drops and op familiars sent by gods*
Peanut gallery looses their shit
*MC do*
sh*t lost.

More than 70% of the novel is about MC accidentally introducing superior Japanese cuisine to a world where literally all things are cooked after being lightly salted. Worse is that literally everyone around the MC including powerful and influential figures that are in charge of running the country have the personality and mental fortitude of 7 year olds who constantly revere the MC like a god and can never act right in his presence because the food he cooks tastes good. Also, in this supposedly other world, all characters including the gods inherently use Japanese terminology as if it were natural. <<less
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Feb 22, 2019
Status: c154
Mmm... how do I describe this novel? It starts out bad; the only reason I managed to make it past chapter 50 was because of cute kids and potentially picking up recipes. It certainly gets better as the story goes on- the problems are less frequent but they are still very much there. So if you have a serious issue with any of the following tropes, I honestly recommend you read something else:

  • no sense of "action" in the writing even when something is happening- it's very "diary-like" like someone giving you a summary way after the actual event happened.
  • Too much monologue/unnecessary info. Each chapter might have only one thing that happens (ex: MC makes a meal) that takes of 2 paragraphs, and the remaining 18 would consist of the MC's draggy thought monologues interspersed with the kids asking one work questions and him responding. I kid you not; this has happened in at least 10 chapters.
  • Side characters so dumb they could throw themselves on the ground and miss. Idk what it is, but why must authors make the world level so low in order to show off how amazing the "ordinary" MC is? Why can't he just be great at something he'd always been great at; seeing as the details of his past life are basically nonexistent, couldn't the author have just made him a chef in his past life so it wouldn't be so cringeworthy watching bakers ooh and aah over the concept of stuffing bread? That's literally something a curious child could come up with It's at the point where the MC is impressed that the adults around him can actually mix and match the food's he's introduced, as if switching out one meat for another is beyond their cognitive abilities. Here's an actual example of how brainless the non-MC characters can be from chapter ~145 or so:
... more>>

MC works out with a nationwide food merchant company/food distributor to start selling curry spice mix. President of said company couldn't come up with a good way to advertise so MC suggests a food stall for curry products in front of the shop. President is amazed at the idea he should have been able to come up with himself seeing as food stalls are very common in this world and puts it into action. I roll my eyes but, okay, whatever, I'll just pretend he had a long day. Later on, MC passes by said curry stall and purchases some meat seasoned with curry salt (curry spice mixed with salt), talks to president only to learn they aren't actually selling the salt/curry blend. President is taken aback by the earth shattering news that they can sell curry salt and *gasp* other seasonings mixed with salt. Seriously? You're not even selling a product you're currently making? Are you sure you should be president of a nationwide chain if you're overlooking profit opportunities like this? *eyes roll so hard they get stuck*


It's borderline nauseating sometimes (yet still not the most condescending world building I've seen). Truthfully, if you were to ask if I recommend it, I wouldn't know. Because its issues are so overdone to the point where I don't think the author even realizes it but, if you can look past all that, it's still an okay story about cute kids and their caretaker and it's a great waste of time. So if you feel like you can bear it, try the story out. At the very least, it' a great way to kill a couple of hours. <<less
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Apr 04, 2018
Status: c113
My opinion of this story is dropping upon every chapter that is released and translated so awkwardly that it makes me want to puke.

The story is literally:


... more>> children yelling "YAY, WE STRONG AND LOVE FOOD FROM ONII-CHAN!!"

That's literally what the story is, the MC shitting on food and common sense of the middle-ages because he can't say no upfront even though hes technically blessed by a lot of gods.

The characters are all super bland. I say this because they don't go against the MC and the only ones that do are corrupt nobles or people that underestimate him like bandits. He took out a super strong monster, cleared a dungeon with 2 kids, cooks food that's super new and delicous, and no one knows where he's from and why's he so strong.

No one has even tried pressuring him into giving up the information of how he cleared the dungeon, wheres he from, or even how he's so strong. EVERYONE JUST GOES WITH THE FLOW EVEN THOUGH HE'S SUPER FRIGGIN SUSPICIOUS AND IT SEEMS THAT THE KING LIKES HIM (not like that) !!

The plot is pretty much this:

Find new place---> defeat strongest monster in area------>keep secret unless people saw------- > make japanese dish people will love----->get someone of higher rank to like MC's cooking--------->repeat

One thing that I hate the most in this story is that whenever the MC makes something new people automatically fall in love with it even though everyone has different tastes and its a dish thats never been tried before. <<less
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Feb 25, 2021
Status: --
I wrote this because I felt the need to address some things other reviews complains about.

This story is full of fluff. It's a bit on the slow side and heavy on the cooking tag.

Takumi, the MC, is the typical OP MC when he gets to fight. But with a body created by a God and blessed with a bunch of skills and dumped in a place where B ranked monsters live what do you expect.

Takumi never gets flustered around women. He is a 25 year old man that was deaged... more>> to 20. Not a teen boy that has hormones running wild. He's probably over the age of getting flustered around women.

Second, no. They are not s*upid people with low IQ and only alive because of plot armour. Windell pretty much disappeared (honeymoon with a different wife). Leviathan was asked to take care of Allen and Elena but the Leviathan refused due to size cause duh. Also, if there's war its common sense to send out the strong ones. What are you gonna do? Send out the weak ones, have them all die or send out the strong ones had have none die? Parental instincts have no place in war. Even if they don't want to, they could still get drafted into war. Besides, it's Takumi doing most of the fighting then. The twins get to fight when Takumi deems it safe for them to fight. He stops them from fighting poison enemies as well as enemies with hard shells until the twins learn magic.

Takumi is not s*upid. He is new to this world and therefore lacks the common sense of the world. White fluffy bread is common on Earth. Cream filled bread is common on Earth. If there isn't any you gotta make it. In the new world, food hasn't progressed in years. No new food developments no new ways of making ingredients. Compared to Earth it's very lacking and as a person from Earth, it'd be hard to adjust to the bland food. So to others what Takumi makes is obviously fricking revolutionary.

Takumi's purpose is to let the twins enjoy life. He takes them to sea since they haven't seen the sea. He teaches them to count money, mathematics, etc. He tells them to fight certain monsters with magic. Remember that originally Takumi died due to Syl's mistake and is not a summoned hero. Before meeting the twins he probably had no goal other then just living like normal. Also, the kids are 5. What hardship do they need to go through? They are obviously dependent on Takumi to a certain extent. Sure they're strong but two 5 year olds just taking jobs from the guild? That's not gonna work. <<less
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Jun 23, 2017
Status: c20
I thought there was gonna be some little adventure or at least a little bit of struggle. But no, what this novel is, is a cuteness overloaded story, which is fine if there is some other side to balance it.

... more>>

Firstly, every single act the MC do that author write is like a kid trying to make a bedtime stories for another baby. No reasoning, no explaining, no hinting, almost every act makes me wanted to shout WHY? The god is prostrating, sure many is like that, but almost every time he met the god prostrating, why? All god's faction and it's retainer wanted to get to MC's good side like he was someone above the god, WHY?

The story is too damn fast, the god imbues every single basic knowledge he needs, which make MC just boring. If this was a game, MC is basically playing new game+ with every item on storage, max stat, full walkthrough, with command windows for admin. He basically made god become his servant.

It's like you are eating a strawberry cheesecake, with honey, covered in ice cream using candy cane spoon with caramel topping, with a slice of orange on top. Which is basically diabetes.



Only cute, story is boring, lots of reasoning flaws and plot hole (if there is any plot). <<less
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Oct 12, 2018
Status: c140
Loved this story! It's really cute and fluffy. The MC is OP and all the gods and goddesses love him. But I didn't feel this to be bad at all coz the story only focusses on the cutesy daily life of MC and the two kids who love MC. If you are here for action-adventure and ruthless, cold killer MC then this is not for you. But if you like a slow paced book which just makes you go 'Aah... This is so relaxing!' then this book is for you.

Translators... more>> have done a really good job! <<less
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Nov 16, 2018
Status: c138
I feel like I chew a bitter bug after reading this novel. I'm here for some slice of life but the story isn't that good. Every character is a cut out cardboard pieces that can be replaced, I mean come on, all of their reactions are all the same whether female or male. The only aspect of slice of life there are eating and playing, that's all. I've read many slice of life isekai genre and this novel falls to badly written ones. My proof of that is people or... more>> rather characters in this novel aren't really doing anything, I don't even know their level of technology if they are in stone age or medieval age cause they don't use improvisation to get to their objective. It feels like a video game instead of a story, too much restriction and such.

There are action and adventure in this genre but I don't feel any adventure at all whatsoever and the action are one sided beating of the enemies, well not that I care but the adventure is essential to slice of life isekai theme. Some people try to justify this novel as a fluffy one two three happy but this novel isn't that good at that either. You can look at the quality of the conversations of the MC, side characters (twins), and background characters and you will know that it is stagnating at this 130+ish chapter. <<less
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Oct 12, 2018
Status: c135
Same old trick is used every new encounter. Its like 'reinventing the wheel' everytime he gives earth knowledge to aetherdia people. The people purposefully made to be dumb for the MC and the story to shine and the MC is contradicting himself everytime for example : he says he needs to be careful about what he would sell cause he doesn't want to stand out but sells materials that doesn't match his adventurer rank. Also he has been implemented common knowledge in aetherdia but he doesn't even know the most... more>> commonest of knowledge for story progression sake.

Story - It is a low quality plot made by a not talented author. I think i've grown tired of reading every time the MC meets new people and made them surprise, I mean just die of being surprise already. There are some fishy logic going on in this novel. Can you imagine humans doesn't know how to invent and think of new ideas? Also the logic in this story isn't 1+1=2 but 1+1=4 here. Going to pick majesta fruit but its too hard to obtain cause no one thought of using ladder or making a climbing path? I don't want to say all the flaws in this novel but I said the main things bothering me cause the author has poor imaginations that the story is isn't good.

MC - I think the MC at early chapters as a calm and smart adult cause of the first impression he gives when he talk to a god but boy I'm terribly wrong. Its a beta japanese herbivore type of MC. Every enemy (person only) he encounters is not killed cause he doesn't want to dirty rheir hands, oh great I might as well punch a japanese man and see if he will not punch back. In a world where human rights are almost taken lightly it really baffles me that the MC doesn't change, or rather he gets worse and become a scaredy type tr*sh MC. He comes from modern day earth, he doesn't should have a sense of duty to royalty but here he is behaving like a lowly commoner fitting of a born in aetherdia.

Conlcusion - I will give up stating all the flaws of the story, novel, and MC cause there is just too many. Created by a poor talent author that lack imagination and instead of improving the story instead he lower the intelligence of humans to a monkey that can talk. Really a disgrace of a novel. But I like the side characters especiallly the twins but well you can't expect a good story thats worthy to read in this novel. Oh by the way of the 12 countries he is still at the starting country at chapter 135 and doesn't go to other country and even mention of it is none. So boring. <<less
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Nov 28, 2017
Status: c89
I like this novel a lot. It focused on character interaction and development. It is somewhat similar to the Death March in a sense that an OP guy travels leisurely with kids and and has fun. I read it after I read one depressing and violent novel and this was like a breath of fresh air after a long dive. It is mostly focused on slice of life, but it does have action and such. Also it is questionable who is more OP - the MC or the kids, who... more>> are currently higher level than him. Overall really nice casual novel. <<less
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Nov 16, 2016
Status: c30

It's not a very complicated story, but it doesn't need to be. All the characters are very likable, and I really look forward to updates. If you like UchiMusume, you'll like this to.
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Oct 29, 2016
Status: c18
Overall, I would warn that this story and the interactions between the kids and MC caretaker are too cute. The only downside is the God providing tools and it felt like that could be removed without affecting the cuteness.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 18, 2018
Status: c20
I really want to give this a higher score but I can’t stand how easily the MC is getting by in this book. The god made a mistake and gave him a new life with op skills. Fine. But would a god continue apologizing and crying? In my opinion the reincarnation with cheats more than made up for his mistake. He lost his first life but can have a life twice as good in this new one. Now the god keeps giving him riches and beasts like he’s the new... more>> adam and the only man in the world. The MC doesn’t even have to do anything. Even as a slice of life he should at least do something on his own to provide for the kids. Hopefully it gets better later rather than become the story of the #1 millenial and his kids. <<less
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Aug 21, 2019
Status: c137
The pacing is rather slow and although the story isn't uninteresting it's too easily dealt with by the main character. He acts very passively and there's very little drive pushing the plot forward. A lot of chapters are filler, consisting mainly of the main character's food exploits and some mundane very brief descriptions of small side events. The characters aren't very realistic, (namely the children who seem to be distilled cuteness without any substance, and the MC who is incredibly bland) having very little depth and only caricature personalities.

I... more>> could see this being a good time killer if you don't mind a light and superficial story, but it doesn't retain interest well.

Dropped at chapter 137. <<less
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