Former Demon King Becomes Savior


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 After being defeated by the Hero from another world, the Demon King went to sleep, declaring that he would resurrect in a hundred years.
 —And after a hundred years…
 As he had declared, the Demon King has resurrected. However, the world has changed in the hundred years since then.

 ”So, the demon tribe and humans have made peace with each other and are living peacefully together now.”

 The Demon King is unexpectedly dismissed from his position. The former Demon King, now a mere demon, decides to become an alchemist in order to survive. To survive, I need food. To buy food, I need money. If I don’t work, I can’t survive!
 Thus, the former Demon King, who has the strongest power and the best alchemy skill in the world, shows his original unreliable nature to save the world!

Associated Names
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Kono maou…… Ponkotsu!
Moto Maou, Kyuuseishu ni Naru
This Demon King... so Unreliable!
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toast-kun rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: c30
It's a stress-free story, and don't expect anything too serious. And it's excellent for killing time. For me, the conversation between the MC and his fungus buddy make me laugh.
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July 4, 2022
Status: c10
With only 10 chapters translated I'll refrain from rating.

The idea is good, the execution is so-so with the first 10 chapters being a painful slog to read through.


demon king seems to be kinda unhinged with little common sense which is fine, and the sidekick is a painful deus ex machina forced "world building, common sense, snarky comments, bossing OP MC around, mysterious" character who combines WAY too much forced plot and character archetypes in a single character.

The story would basically not suffer at all if he disappeared permanently after ch1.

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