The Darkness Was Comfortable for Me


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“I will have the 1,000 people I have chosen go to a parallel world.”

Chaos spread once those words of God were displayed to the whole world.

Kurose Hikaru, whose childhood friend had been chosen, was killed together with her on the same day she was supposed to be transferred. However, for some reason, Hikaru didn’t die and, even though he wasn’t chosen at first, he ended up as one of the [Otherworlders that will have all their actions live broadcasted to Earth].

Transferred without any preparations at all to that accursed land, he faced threats innumerable times and somehow managed to survive with his Gift, the Dark Spirit Abilities.

“I must not die. I am sure the people on Earth are all rooting for me after all…”

This is the story of a young boy who is tossed about by the gazes of the viewers, yet eventually manages to raise his head and walk forward.

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Ore Niwa Kono Kuragari ga Kokochi Yokatta
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Havisu rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: c142
It's funny how people who hate this novel only point at the same thing:

- wimp/s*upid mc

They must be reading a lot of wuxia/xianxia, enough to be thinking that MC should all be ruthless, brave, and true to their desire, and should not succumb to their fear and trauma.

Hikaru is only 15, and despite the people around him aren't normal, he himself is just a normal kid trying to live a normal life. Not to mention the reason he's still normal despite being surrounded by abnormal situation is because the people... more>> around him put on an act as normal people when in front of him, except his parents.

Even if you're full prepared for anything that the future hold, there would always be something that are unexpected for you, and imagine hikaru, who don't even know he'll be replacing his childhood friend as Chosen to be isekai'd. Some people might think that he's lucky, but if you're asked to be in his shoes, you definitely won't be able to survive.

Also, Hikaru has a weak mentality? The one who said this should get their mental checked first.


He got trauma, he saw the people dear to him got bloody mu*dered, he was transferred against his will, he was put into the most dangerous place without being given any time to ready unlike a normal Chosen who are able to prepare for half a year, he was framed by the whole world as mu*derer, people are sending assassin to him left and right, and he knows people even went and burnt his home, he even got hate email every single seconds....

And despite all that, all he needs just a few days of alone, quiet time..

People normally take at least around a year to get back on their feets after totally fallen, but he only took few couple sleep to be somewhat functioning as human again.

Go watch Youtube, search up the interview video of people who got back to their feet after losing everything and had to sleep on the street, and you would know how hard it is to get back up after fallen so low.

Hikaru is totally like that. He fell so hard, he almost died, he was forced to isekai and forced to leave everything he hold dear in his previous life, his childhood friend and her family died a gruesome death, people blamed him and tries to harm his family because they thought he was the mu*derer of his own childhood friend. They burned his family home, his family had to be a runaway. And he didn't know if the Chosen that comes into contact with him is ally or assassin's coming to kill him.

If he's a wimp, then everyone in the whole world are wimp too, I guess.


About how cliche the stories goes..

I don't consider this novel have a lot of cliches at all.. most of what happened are just a result of action taken in the stories.


For example, about having genius twin as little sisters. Let face a fact, everyone born in this world are genius at something, it just that what they genius at are can different from each other. For his little sister, hikaru taught them what he think they're good at, and it appears that they're genius at those area. For example, Karen is good with computers but aren't so good at social and have low physical strength. Celica is good at socializing but aren't so good at computers. Both of them are like this because hikaru realized they're good at what they're good at, and so he taught then the basic of those two things.

Also, the reason there seems to be cliched event, such as how he suddenly got crystal/point when he need them the most, it's all because the god in the story intervened to keep whatever happening interesting to him. When you think it that way, you can see that everything that happened is all the result of people and god taking action.


The story pacing is just nice to me, 142 chapter and its only been a month in the novel. Some might consider it as slow pace, but if you've read Tsuki ga Michibiku, you would know that it's actually quite fast paced, it's just that its written so detailed that with everything that happened (a lot happened, I tell you), its actually just a month after the transfer.

Lastly, thanks Reigokai-sama for all the efforts given to keep the translation great and fast! <<less
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Juliwen rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: --
Replaces the mystery of an isekai with an open whimsical god livestream. No reason here just god wants to watch 1000 people go adventure in another world. You're not even special really, seeing others can kill you before you isekai and after you isekai it's not like you are given any favoritism or uniqueness or anything. ... more>>

You just got a straight up character creator menu. But you only got 3 minutes left to chose, yes this is most interesting part probably for a good while but the MC fainted when his consciousness pass over because he died? Quite inconsiderate here, you would imagine god/author would logically have him woken up after healing his body to perfect condition. Then later a barrier stone he uses even has an alarm??? Also odds are someone has a similar build among 1000 people.


Additionally your childhood friend who died with was the actual chosen who was suppose to go. I don't know if she's gonna reappear again but really in the first chapter it's establish she will be a flowers and rainbows kind of girl and it seems doubtful for her to survive in this new world yet also doubtful the author will let this plot point be left hanging. Either way he has put himself in a catch 22 of do I retcon a character or do I leave open a plot point.

MC literally didn't try it ask god about his childhood friend when he had the chance, instead asked where is the nearest city is which god obviously didn't answer...


Some other points that are neg is there are gonna be chapters completely about dropping exposition from livestream message board

managed by god.


People on earth can support their favorite isekai livestreamer by watching them. Livestreamer can earn points and buy things from a menu... the author is really writing a Korean novel at this point. Additionally you can spend currency to get survival hints... What the point of thinking... just ask for help I guess. Honestly this menu seems like a literal ex machina plot device what can it not do. List of features

It can tell the time, buy survival hints, buy a menu map, can buy monster appraisal, can buy item appraisal, as well as buy cloaking barrier stones, food, water, equipment.


Plot hole


Government literally had a list of chosen people and gave them resources. It was know that there might be crazy people trying to kill chosen. Media also basically stalking the chosen ones around. Somehow a random kid from his high school killed his childhood friend and her entire family. Like what, first of all where is the government agent that is definitely keeping tabs on you. Where is the media who want to see your last moment on earth. And this random kid, are we ever gonna be able to kill punch the ever living sh*t out of him? The authors didn't even name drop this kid.

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Nelanlan rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: c70
I have read the raws to chapter 70 at the time of this review.

I enjoyed this series this far but there are some core components of this story that I find myself deeply disappointed by, especially because I believe there was great potential here.


    • This does not come across as a cookie cutter isekai. While still adhering to the basic concepts of isekai, there isn't the overdone process of [dying -> meeting god and getting cheats -> getting harem member A -> joining the adventurer's guild -> rest of story].
    • The author makes the protagonist quite relatable or at least likeable enough through some great developments at the initial part of the story.
    • The magic system is somewhat fresh. While it could be fleshed out further, it is interesting to read about.

    • The uniqueness of this story is that the MC and other transferrees are watched live by everyone around the earth. The author shows by using bulletin board chapters as seen in other stories with games. These chapters are mostly reaction chapters that react to developments by the MC and add information about what is happening on Earth or to other transferrees. In my opinion, this doesn't work very well as it only detracts from the MC's struggles and kills the atmosphere that was building in critical moments.
    • light spoilers about MC family members

      The MC has two 12 year old sisters who are severe bro-cons while also knowing 8 languages. These sisters are seemingly capable of many ridiculous stunts. They only detract from the story in my opinion. An example of this is when in one chapter the MC is seriously wondering whether it is okay to have s*x with a woman he met and then the next the sisters are on the bulletin board thirsting for their brother.

    • Despite a great beginning, the story stagnates afterwards. While it doesn't fall into cliches and there is slow personal development for the MC, we learn little about the world and don't face any actually important developments for a considerable number chapters.
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Navarog rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: c56
Reigokai as always is a masterful translator, the quality is 10/10.

As for the story, it's also excellent. The plot is a little cliche, but it doesn't feel contrived. The world, although magical, is logical and believable, and the characters feel natural. It's not a masterpiece, but it's worth giving a shot
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Cnine rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: --
Definitely rare isekai gem that you rarely found these days.


MC family is actually the main head of yakuza family and mc's grandpa is the current head.
-the twin sister is actually grooming their brother to become their ideal husband.

-the childhood friend is actually hidden possessive, yandere character (and MC has no idea about this)

-the comment from bulletin board is simply hilarious.

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ilLUMIAnated rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: c145
This story was a heart gripping tragedy for a good while, the MC who's thoroughly traumatized by the otherworldly transfer and the hatred of the viewers finally gets to taste what affection feels like by chapter 121. The MC's sisters that stay back on earth are mentioned quite heavily in these 121 chapters from time to time, effectively building a mental image about them being a little fanatic about their brother and going to extreme lengths to protect him.

However, when their perspectives are first introduced, their entire image of being... more>> the brother loving geniuses they were supposed to be gets completely shattered.

A word of warning, I do not know how much of this I can keep spoiler free so read ahead with anticipation of unmarked spoilers.

The sisters, the 12 year old prodigies that had taken control of content creation during the isekai tragedy trip of their brother was nothing more than cold and calculated measures they took to supposedly keep their cash cow, that is their brother, alive. The only thing that they failed to realise is that in doing what they did, they failed to take his mental health into account and nearly pushed him into an extremely uncomfortable spot.

And the best part? This was intentional. Apparently, keeping the MC alive was a goal in their life plans. Whatever happened to the poor sod's state of mind was completely secondary. This is better reflected when one of the sisters internalizes the guilt (guit here being used very loosely cause I doubt this brat feels any) and puts the blame onto God for everything that has gone wrong.

I seriously don't know if the author intentionally did this to add spice to the characters or not, but it works. I am disgusted, it should be a story but traumatizing incidents like getting flamed and false accusations really hit a sensitive spot. I cannot view the MC's sisters as anything but abusers who think and pretend that their "love and affection" for their brother would be all they need to turn the MC's situation around without considering the consequences of what hiding the true perpetrator could bring forward and then flat out dodging responsibility for any of it.

My rating for book 1 or the first arc is a solid 5/5, the author manages to make a good base story to add to and carry that momentum into book 2 but douses all of it with cold piss with how the MC's sisters turned out in my opinion. I wanted to touch on the other aspects of the novel such as how good the world building is and such, but decided not to because this rant/review here is a bit too long already. Please refer to other reviews for the same. <<less
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Bobwillrule rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c193
The story is your typical isekai:

... more>>

Where MC gets thrown into a forest filled with monsters, gets points to upgrade stats/unlock abilities, you've probably seen this sometime in your life before.


The point is that the isekai is actually good! The character development, world building, and action is all at the right place.


At least its not like the other terrible isekai where MC becomes op superman instantly by discovering some hidden abilities and hides his powers because he has chuunibyou.


There is also scenes where you could read the Forums on earth, to see the people on Earth's thoughts, which is pretty interesting. Probably the main selling point of this novel.

UPDATE: The forum does sometimes start to get old

Most people are hating on the MC but hey, this is a Jp novel, what did you expect? An arrogant young master like those CN novels or a calculating grinder like those of KR novels? I agree he could be better but he's not the worst either.

4/5 for me but it's translated by Reigokai so that's a +1 for the godly translations (If you don't know his translation quality is 1000/10. Overall, this novel is not a masterpiece like Weakest mage but it's still worth your time to read. <<less
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benibomb rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: c46
I quite like it, it's translation is very smooth and you can easily just read it for hours withouth realizing.

It starts off as one of the better written isekai op MC novels where MC starts off weak and gets strong pretty quick, I'm not sure about the tone it'll have as it just arrived at a big plot point for it but i'M optimistic
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Regume rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: c36
A well written novel which takes a very realistic approach towards a person suffering from trauma and depression, I am not very good in writing reviews so I'd recommend to atleast give this one a try. And moreover after ch 5 it's translated by our great translator Reigokei-sama so you're not gonna be having any trouble with confusing translations
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Xyraph rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: c102

I should've known with the outrageously s*upid title alone.

The protagonist and the tr*sh pacing is dragging this novel really bad. There's no likeable trait about Hikaru nor he HAVE actual traits at all. The girls introduced so far are just over-done character stereotypes.

... more>> You cannot take the world building and setting of this novel seriously. Apparently God is bored and decided to dump a bunch of earthlings to Australia fantasy land and give them RPG game system then live broadcasted it to Earth. What the fvck

Lastly about the pacing, around hundred chapters later nothing much really happened. The story just wanders around with Hikaru holing up and acting like depressed sad boy and the with occasional dungeon hijinks. <<less
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Aknazer rated it
September 24, 2021
Status: c140
So, there's a few things to understand about this

1) Character development is SLOW. Part of this is good writing (after all, people don't just magically develop), part of this feels like the MC is just excessively dense (standard for a LOT of "romantic" content), and also the MC is a 15 year old boy.

2) The MC is a 15 year old BOY. Regardless of how things might have been 100-200 years ago, most of us these days really weren't/aren't mentally/emotionally prepared to deal with what this kid (and... more>> he is a kid) is going through. This can be frustrating to read at times as it's easy to say what "should" be done regardless of what would be more realistic if in such a situation.

3) The MC's reaction to girls is so contrived as to leave one wanting to backhand him. If the MC could have at least acknowledged some of the feelings but just not been interested in romance given everything that's happened, that would have been far better. But the level of his pity-party is so extreme that it can be infuriating (though I will say that I find this to be rather standard with a lot of LN/WN/manga and is in no way unique to this particular one. Really, it's often either a crazy dense MC or one that tries to shack up with anything with a slit between it's legs, with only a select few that do what I consider to be decent relationship building; without even touching on how the girls generally act).

Now, these three points can seem rather harsh, but I wanted to get them out of the way first. Overall the story is reasonably well written. Since the story is rather slow (which can be frustrating when you have 100+ chapters to read) it means that the author can show proper character progression. In fact, the MC has grown so slowly that he doesn't even realize his own strength, but this very point has kept him humble which in turn likely helps keep him alive (though his own annoying emo-party also plays a part in this).

Also as of c140, the MC has no harem even though the story itself has the harem tag. This should give you an idea of how slow it is developing. Instead it just had the first romantic interest leave the scene (she went to another town due to life responsibilities) and a new girl has just been introduced. Without looking up spoilers (so I might be wrong), I'm sure this is the start of the harem, but again it's being done in a slow manner that I find to be refreshing from a lot of such stories where a new girl is introduced and either she's trying to jump him or the MC is immediately trying to put their D in her.

Finally, remember that this is labelled as a tragedy. This ties back in to the MC being traumatized. Some of the drama from this is excessive/contrived, but I would say a lot of it is reasonable (even if frustrating) given the circumstances and the age of the MC (again, he's 15).

So in closing, this is an overall good read with nice character development and world building, but it can be slow and some of the drama is rather contrived/forced. I would say that some of the slowness comes from that that it's a WN which by nature can draw things out more than need be just given the type of media WNs are. <<less
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Valixiant rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: v109
I'll be pretty blunt with this review. It is extremely rare for me to like a novel with a "beta" MC. I can't stand when they are a pushover 24/7. However, this novel is great and runs with this type of MC very well. It's to the point where it's kinda hard to call him a "beta". Certainly, early-mid portion of the story he could be considered a beta, but he has a reason.

Minor Spoiler
... more>>

He suffered from a severe trauma that completely prevented him from talking clearly to other people or simply being gazed at. Hence the title.


Semi-Major Spoiler

Alright, with god choosing 1000 people to go to another world, and rumors floating around that if you kill one of these chosen you will be chosen instead. You would think with this combination the government would keep them protected. That was not the case. This seems like a major plot hole, because realistically the government should've protected them. The whole reason the main character gets his trauma is because Nanami seemingly had no guards.


The good thing is, this trauma worked out well for the novel. I was initially thrown of by it but decided to read it further. Damn I don't regret it at all. The story is amazing overall. The main character shows clear character development and has a very good reason for overcoming his traumas.

A unique thing about this novel is every once and awhile there will be chatroom type chapters. Again, I was initially against reading them and skipped the first few but when the story started heating up these chapters were very informative for the situation on Earth. It's also fairly accurate to real life chatrooms.

I fully recommend reading this novel, and don't be thrown off by what the character initially is like. This will probably be one of my favorite novels that I'm waiting to be fully translated.

Edit 1:

I'm a tad disappointed with the most recent developments. Even without waiting for the rest to get translated I can pretty much guess how it's going to be. I'm a tad bit disappointed because it seems like the main characters trauma will get resolved with a half-hearted situation, and it will turn into a regular beta-japanese style story. The author had the opportunity to go down the dark route, but it seems like it will be a happy ending instead. Oh well.

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Yngvi rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: c56
Author does a great job, the MC is identifiable, readers feel that the character's pain, that makes us have great sympathy for him. Development is very slow, I believe this is good, as the protagonist gradually opens up to have relationships with other people and overcomes this "fear" of feeling observed with contemptuous looks.
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kuroyashiki rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: c155
it's good though if you wish to read about a story where MC goes "I'm OP all of u submit to me or I will kill you" then this is not for you.
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Tarithe rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: c23
This literally made me cry.... Someone said this is like the typical MC that is OP and stuffs like I almost succumb to his thoughts but thankfully I read the other reviews and I thought I should try reading it BUT THIS IS SO GOOD!
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Yassaka rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: c25
First time writing a review.

Have to say, the story is fresh. It's an isekai troupe, but it gives me a new experience.

The Main Character is relatable and I believe the reader could feel the pain that the main character felt (or at least have sympathy for him).

Definitely worth to read, but the development is quite slow for now. The intersection part also bothering the main story, but gave you insight from other side.

All in all, I really enjoyed this novel.
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XtfrXpwNY rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: c152
A really great isekai, a recurrent part I found exceptionnally interesting is a slight spoiler


There are multiple transferees, and there lives are streamed 24/7 on earth, as such there are chapters focused on earth in the form of bulletin board where everyone talk about the transferee (a little like in 10 nen goshi no HikiNiito o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten'ishiteta), and I found reading those chapters deeply increasing the immersion

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Istalios rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: c180
I rate this 4/5.

The start of the story had me holding my chest with the amount of pain I felt for MC lmao. The tragedy as well as mental trauma that he went through was well executed. The magic system isn't too overly complicated, but find the magic system a bit restricting, but all-in-all good.

Hikaru is portrayed as a normal person, not some cold-blooded edgy kid like from a few novels. His character could be relatable to most of the audience/readers. His actions were to be expected from someone of... more>> his actual position.

It became a 4 star for me as there are times when the chapters were a bit boring.

Though, the best part of the novel is the bulletin boards, for me that is. I've always been fond of knowing what a person feels about certain situations, so I find this a delight.

On a semi-unrelated note, wished novelupdate had a reply function as I wish to reply on Xyraph's review.

The fellow really can't believe that a god dumped random peeps on another world for no reason other than being bored. Tf you want? Does a god need a reason to do anything? No, and the novel's not even finished yet, so we don't actually know what the god wants.

And yes, Hikaru is fcking depressed and sad because everyone is blaming him for a fcking mu*der. Which involves his childhood friend. Do you want him to just suddenly act like he doesn't care? It's obvious you just want some edgy MC, the type of kind-at-start MC who just goes 180 on his character and becomes edgy and cold-blooded after experiencing something traumatic. No getting over it or anything, no counselling, no mental fatigue.

That's about it for this review, thank you for listening to my TED talk. <<less
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PSpaulo rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: c217
Great novel!

Sometimes it's a little annoying and a bit forced, everything works against the MC, every opportunity he has to clear the misunderstanding ends up going the worst way possible, like*spoiler ... more>>

All the transferee gets a surprise video call gift to a relative from earth, despite having close sisters and a somewhat 'close' grandfather, the chosen is his bit*h stepmother that has never cared for him and doesn't do anything but compare him to his genius twin sisters, she's not even following his streams, she's just cruising around the world with the money his sisters gave her in order to get rid of her, and this great chance for him to clear up all the misunderstandings ends up just fueling it more and making him miserable from the treatment his stepmother gives him, their relationship is not close at all, there's absolutely no reason to choose her since they are not even related by blood or close to each other...


That is just too forced, author could come up with a better way to keep the train going, and there was various other events before that with the same conclusion.

The sister's POV is not bad, it's very late yeah, would be much better to throw that sooner, but its good, not very surprising, there was a ton of foreshadowing...

The board chapters are repetitive but they are pretty good, the reaction and the hate on the MC represents pretty well the cancel culture on social media.

It's a pretty good mix of isekai fantasy/real world internet/social media/streaming, pretty unique too.

Someone pointed out that the MC is a idiot for thinking about meeting with Nanami when he arrives in the Isekai, well the MC was stabbed when he found Nanami, he thought he had died too and was revived and transfered, so it makes sense to think the same happened to Nanami.

The MC is a 15 yo boy, his reaction when he found out that his friend died and that he was the main suspect was rather mild imo, he was being accused and hated by millions of people, we all know a lot of people of that age and even older and more mature people can take their own lives when 'exposed' on the internet, even things like nude photos and online bullying can make a person that age take their own lives, the MC is being hated by millions and accused of killing his childhood friend and her parents, so that reaction of his could be much worse, it makes no sense to think that was exaggerated.

The translation is well done, release frequency is good and the story is good, with good passing and twists, only con is the forced misfortune on the MC, that part could be much better, its not because I want the MC to be happy or whatever, it's fine to keep him miserable, but do it in a clever way... <<less
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August 31, 2021
Status: c117
Pros: It's not your typical isekai story and the world building is very well done.

Cons: Story development is a bit slow with all the recap chapters.
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