Lady To Queen


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There once lived a pair of close twins. Although they were so different, their friendship pleased their parents, and the two sisters always cared for each other deeply.

Their peaceful routine soon began to distort as the elder twin was chosen to become the Emperor’s queen. It soon lead to ruin, however, and in one stroke, both sisters and their family lost their lives.

When the younger twin opened her eyes, she found that she had returned to the starting point when the tragedy was about to take place.

As she looked at her sister’s radiantly smiling face, she made a vow. She would become the queen on behalf of her sister to prevent a repeat of events.

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Quý Bà
레이디 투 퀸
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carollsc rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: c49
Honestly at first I really liked the story and thought it was fun and intriguing. Not anymore tho. I absolutely hate the ML. He was just too dumb for me.

he is almost killed by the s*upid woman and yet he still loves and believes in her. He doesn’t give a f*ck about the FL and her struggles. I hate him so much

which is why I can’t read it anymore. And why I’m giving it a bad rating
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mango.pudding rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: c52
I've read up to chapter 52 and although it's an okay read, I am dropping it because new chapters don't spark my interest anymore. Firstly, the MC and ML have no chemistry. One vice of Asian novels is that they usually do the opposite of the "show, don't tell" rule. I would much rather have more subtleties in the romance and observe the development of their relationship. Instead, I'm bombarded with statements about how "The MC did something nice for the ML. She doesn't know why she did that. She... more>> knows she doesn't love him. But she doesn't hate him either." every single time I read one of their interactions. I also think the characters don't have any drive (except for the villainess). Why does the MC aim to live quietly in the palace despite the fact that there is a villainess constantly going after her, and who had harmed her family in the past? Why is the ML so complacent about the current situation in the palace? I do think the reason why may be explained later on, but it is frustrating to read about.

I will say though, if you enjoy reading about political intrigues this novel does that pretty well. In addition, the translation quality is great. Overall, 3 stars. <<less
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ESMA rated it
January 29, 2020
Status: --
I've read the Korean webtoon, and I love it! At least, I enjoy these kinds of political tensions and backgrounds. The summary for the novel in itself is self-explanatory, and I love the calm, collected female lead. Try it out!
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whompwhomp rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: Completed
I absolutely adored this novel, it kept me on my toes from beginning to end. The plot is extremely interesting and very well connected throughout the story, the characters grow with you as you read. It is a very slow buildup to the romance, which is to be expected Patrizia (FL) is traumatized by her memories of the first timeline and Lucio (ML) has a troubling childhood (Also I will give him slack here, in his mind he is in love with Rosemond and he is being forced to marry... more>> another woman to keep political supporters happy, he does slowly start to change once he realizes Rosemond isn't the salvation he thought she was).

Patrizia is an amazing FL, she is calm and collected but has moments of weakness and it just makes the characters feel so real. Obviously a lot of politics dictate the actions the characters can take, if romance is your first priority in reading, this won't be the best, the romance between Patrizia and Lucio doesn't even really start to manifest until the second half as he has to spend many chapters realizing what Rosemond is. Also Rosemond is an extremely annoying villain, but very well written, she has a tragic past and in a way is also just as cunning as Patrizia in getting what she wants even though she fails in the end. The side stories are cute and to be honest its nice to read a novel where the characters grow and struggle as opposed to everything being 'beautiful' and 'perfect', or having main characters that are overpowered from the get go, the characters here have flaws and they have to learn to accept them and move on. <<less
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Icydream9 rated it
September 14, 2020
Status: --
As a romance novel, this book is terrible. I would only recommend it if you're reading this for the drama tag.

I had to drop this because the ML is sooo unlikeable. He's literally the cause of the whole drama.

1. Sets false expectations and fake promises to his mistress. See chp 3 where he tells her, "You may be a baroness, but in the end you will be queen"

2. Mistress who is in love with the ML obviously takes it out on the Queen. Rose might be crazy, but it's because... more>> of the ML and her upbringing (lower status). ML should have put her in her place early on, instead of letting the situation excaberate. Ie. Telling Rose that she can have his love, but not the position of queen.

But no, the ML enables Rose's bad behavior and never takes a clear stance. You would think he would make better decisions given his past, but he doesn't. He is very emotionally driven and is just a wishy washy person.

If this story was written with the angle of character development for the ML, then this would have been a decent novel. But since this is written from the stance of the FL, it's frustrating that she has to deal with his baggage and BS decisions that led to the death of her family. She also has to deal with a crazy, but rightfully jealous mistress.

The romance between the FL with the ML seems so forced. How do you fall in love with a man who killed your family due to his own negligence/willful ignorance? (Blindly believes his mistress). He also never goes out of his way for her and there are rarely any cute moments. It feels like he just does the bare minimum. Aside from that, it feels like he has no redeeming qualities either. He just has a lot of baggage. He's not kind, charming, smart, funny, nor decisive. He IS very ignorant, insecure, easily manipulated, stubborn, indecisive, etc. Meanwhile, the FL is a mentally strong lady who is smart and can be merciful. I cannot comprehend why the FL would find the ML attractive, sexy, or husband material.

In conclusion, don't read this unless you just want to see drama. <<less
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biggudickus rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: Completed
"You don't need a lover, you just need a therapist ❤️".

This is the best phrase to describe Lucio, he had a very traumatic childhood with a manipulative concubine, and the author thinks that all his mental problems can be resolved with love, lemme tell you a secret honey: they can't

I had a high expectation when reading the first chapters, but after a few I realized it was just another transmigration novel where the FL is strong and knows how to handle every single problem well (like she was the Empress... more>> and a transmigrator from modern day, where we just buy medicine from the drug store and that's it, so why the hell does she know that much about medicinal plants? And no, the "I had to learn in the Empress exam" is not a good excuse).

Other thing that just let me dumbfounded was when she

The antagonist is like every other one, she looked smart at the start but nah, the author just wanted a dumb and nasty villainess to be ended in a way that the readers would find satisfying.

The only positive side of this novel is that the FL doesn't fall in love with the ML at first sight nor so fast, it's actually a veeeery slow romance. I just endured this whole teenager drama to see the Duchess Ephinery (is this her name? Dunno) finding a true happiness, she's the best character and for the first time I pitied a fictional person to the point of tearing a little bit.

Translations is good though, good job <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: c76
2 stars being generous, It's a slightly ok story to read through when you are bored. The problem of these palace-drama novels is how rarely people act as adults and actually know the meaning of the words subtlety and cleverness. It's impossible to take seriously Rosemund as the villain who wants to take the Queen seat. I wasn't expecting her to plot like a character in the Game of Thrones, but in the scale of a top-nuanced character and a screaming chicken, the author could have given her a bit... more>> of intellect and a smaller mouth so that her plans wouldnt't be painfully thrown in the face of both the reader and the MC.

The MC is ok but I don't know why and how she manages to fall in love with the King. It just happens and it feels flat. She is constantly at the mercy of her emotions, I'd like to be a mosquito to say to her 'Get a grip girl!'. It isnt enough to constantly saying you don't care for the King when not even a chapter goes by without you sighing about him.

The ML is flat and without personality apart from a tragic past who made him weak against the evil Rosemund. Considering how Rosemund is as subtle as a buffalo herd, that makes him also s*upid and blind. If not for the MC that opened his eyes, he would have never imagined how wicked Rosemund was. Roll eyes.


Talking about rolling eyes, a real good quality novel can't help but having the over used and abused aphrodisiac scene. The MC saintly sacrifices herself to help relieve the MC who, otherwise, was at risk of dying. What's the point of having a scene like that if not for pandering the occasional reader who is happy to say 'oh my god, they are having sex'.


The world building is non existing and the secondary characters are forgettable. <<less
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Avidist rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: c104
I loved the FL but I'm kind of confused the way she fell in love. Can you really love the man who destroyed your whole family? But I kind of understand the ML because of his past traumas. Still, I can only sympathize. You should learn from Arya in the villainess reverses the hourglass, she let them pay her tenfold. This novel is too frustrating. The process of love was none existent. The translation was good but the novel is...sigh
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eispurple12 rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: --

Bland. Boring. Too straight forward for my liking. I like my palace intrigues and politics complicated and unpredictable, which this clearly isn't.

And what's up with the side story? Totally unnecessary.
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Animefan649 rated it
February 17, 2020
Status: c12
I really love this story, there is a real struggle, you can feel how hurt everyone is and they all just fight to survive. The characters are so alive and feel real.

Great plot + translation, I was hooked on this story because of the manhwa but that one is coming out slow and is not well translated, so I was so happy to see this novel getting translated instead.

Read this incredible novel!!! I'm always waiting for updates and they get released regularly as well which is awesome.
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ReadBhell rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: c118
When I started reading this novel, I saw the cover and I told him, I can see that it will be very good, but the disappointment came quickly. The writer I think I wanted to give it a background of loneliness, betrayal and disappointments, at first it was going well, one with what he read understood where the FL came from and where he wanted to go, but what happened to the ML? I keep asking myself that even after reading the parallel stories, I was very disappointed, I expected... more>> more from a character like ML, I have read a lot of novels with characters from the same background, and this was the one that had the least work, at first only we see that he loves Rose with all his being, but when did he notice Fl? Even in his past life neither do they intersect, nor in the parallel stories, in other words they were not destined, and as the FL says most of the time, he does not know how to love, he thinks he does, but at every opportunity He is wrong, because he is not destined for anyone, seeing it that way makes sense, but being this way the ending that the work gives us is a bitter ending hidden under a happy ending. I would understand that that is the point, but if what the novel wanted to convey to me was that the protagonists stay together to live happily ever after, no matter what (because the way they got rid of Rose quickly, it gives a lot to say how rushed the writer was with the outcome) then you better turn around and look for something more interesting

I even read the side stories hoping to improve the plot, but the only thing they did was destroy what little taste I had. <<less
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adrynivivi rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c67
Plot: interesting
Drama: Good
Romance: meh
ML: shit
FL: strong and hardworking woman! Good

But even so I still can't like this romance not because of ML or anything! I am unable to understand the minds of people who love a person who has already killed his family and hurt his sister deeply like that! I am a person who thinks too much about my parents and siblings and I cannot imagine myself doing that. (Even if he only had the guillotine killed in the past life)
But I will not say that romance is bad just because of your romantic choices I still think it is a very good romance when it comes to this drama. Bs:I just can't read until the end already foreseen._ ((๑ 丷 ๑))) _ I feel much!
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loussi rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: cс49
So far this novel is frustrating, the s*upidity of the ML is very bad.

The attitude of the mistress is so outrageous and I don't think the attiotude of the characters is right.

... more>>

The duke could have easily killed the mistress before she had power or collected blackmail material against her instead he is her little s*ave I mean he is supposed to be a politician.


So many problems would have been easily solved by killing the mistress I really hate goody MC the most because they allow other to step over them and only react to attack theynever try to get rid of the opponent first. <<less
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Ara_Lu rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: c83
The beginning of the novel was great, but it turned into a cliché. I can learn not to dislike the ML because he also has a past that wasn't too pleasant, but I can't love him, ya' know. ๏_๏

The FL is super badass and that makes the story quite interesting so I think I won't drop it... for now. ヘ (^_^) ヘ
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Leinca rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: c49
One of my favourite novel.


  • A very strong-willed, courageous, intelligent, down-to-earth yet sensitive female lead! She and Navier (from Remarried Empress) are definitely my most favourite female leads ever.
  • very good plot with political intrigues
  • a very cunning villainess, who makes you enraged when reading
  • the Female lead's sister who might be as smart and courageous as the FL.

    by c48-49 it shows that she is trying her best to help her sister, and it also looks like she might have been reincarnated as well (i don't know, it's just a guess?)

  • the translation is very smooth to read

  • the male lead... I can't stand him. I don't feel any sympathy for him, but I hope he will redempt himself later in the story.
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Niyjanne rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c34
Ever since I came across the manhwa and knowing that it was based of a novel, I have been looking for it and thank goodness ! Finally I've found it. Reading the manhwa wasn't different from reading the novel because there were little to no changes in the events at all.

Because of the injustice of her family's execution, our MC was reincarnated to her 18 year old self and instead of her sister who was supposed to be empress, she took up her sister's spot as queen so that she... more>> will be able to stop the future events from happening again.

Patrizia, our MC, is a mature, strong headed woman. She is quick and good with decisions and she doesnt easily fall for any traps set by the antagonist. And I just love her!

This novel is usually being compared (?) to Remarried Empress (since the it's being translated by the same person). But let me just say that both novels have their own different storyline (it's really different from each other), and both are good. I do recommend this novel, it's something you won't regret! <<less
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July 29, 2020
Status: c104
I’m sorry but I need to give this novel a 1 Star in order to help release my anger and alleviate it somewhat.
I get that this novel is well written in some aspects. I truly understand Lucio and the Queen including their slow love story. For me this story was all angst and no cute fluffy moments. If you want to be angry 96% of the time Read this.


After Rosemond died and Lucio pursues MC. I thought the ML selfishly placing his Happiness over MC’s. He knew she wanted to rest away from the palace but he wanted her near no matter what even if she’d be unhappy. How the actual f*ck is that Lucio trying to make amends when he doesn’t even do what MC wants?

why does she love such a pathetic man?

She forgave him too easily and is in a constant state of suffering. Like girl just leave.

all in all I’m just mad that the ML gets a happy ending.

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Aryanicky rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c109
c109?! Really?? I'm going to burn that chapter! Why is that chapter there? It's already perfect that they got a happy ending but why do you have to ruin it? Author why? Are you torturing us readers? You're going to make us bald due to frustration! I love Rizi, all I want is to read about Rizi and wish that she got a child and all. But what's this? Why is Rosemond back?!
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neccar rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: c103
Seem like a lot of people hold hatred toward the ML due to the description and some false spoilers. So I'm here to clarify for new readers:
1. The ML is NOT a typical ML in other Korean novel who extremely cruel but also handsome and talented and bla bla. NO! He is a human being with flaws

2. The ML is NOT a tyrant: He is sometime ruled by emotion, but he is a good king and do his job properly. He love the villainess but not blindly. He respect FL and treats every matter concern FL and his lover (the villainess) with fairness.
The incident in previous life is because:


The FL family was acused of mu*dering his lover (the villainess) and an unborn inperial child. According to the law, they had to be executed.
He was tricked by the villainess. The FL sister also did sth so damaging that lost his trust.


3. The ML is weak, pathetic, spineless: not entirely wrong. He is passsive and insecure and has a poor mental health

Here is why:


He was abused all his life, physically and mentally by his step-mother (the previous queen). He was forced to kill a stranger on his 15th birthday. This stranger turned out to be his real mother. Since then, he's been tormented by his self-blaming and self-hatred, had nightmare everyday, gone insane with crying and screaming a few times a year, espescially on the day his mother died (which is also his birthday)

The villainess was like a savior to him. He felt indebted.


However, I don't think he is weak. Anyone who was in his situation may hate the world and become a psychological killer or attempt su*cide but he struggle to live, atone his sin, fulfill his job as a king and pursue happiness
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sagastile rated it
February 17, 2020
Status: c12
So it is not bad. The MF/MC is rational and interesting. Just hope the Tragedy tag is only for the Prolog nothing more. Like hope the bad things will happen to the enemies not the Main Side.

Recommend it for now. Still just the start.

A quick note: Dont think the Emperor/ML is a good one. For now.
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