Lady Baby


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Her family members died, one by one, and then a war erupted across the empire. Calliope never seemed to be able to escape death. But.


Wa….ah?! I’m crying? She had gone back to the time she had been born!

And so, to prevent the tragedy of her past life…she’ll develop fine motor skills!

*baby bends her fingers!*

and change the laws of nature!

*baby flips over for the first time!*

and to improve her communication prowess, she’ll diligently practice!

*baby says “Ga-ga-ga-ga” (though she tried to say A-B-C-D).*

She was so happy while spending time with her family and wanted to tell them she loved them…but after awhile…why is it that her family members seem to be doting on her way too much…? Calliope spends happy days with a family that squeals “how cute” at the mere sight of her breathing. Slowly, but surely, she’ll change the future.

But as she grows up and nears the time of reckoning…will she be able to prevent her family’s downfall, even at the cost of her body and life?

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레이디 베이비
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cosmicpeach rated it
January 18, 2020
Status: --

I absolutely love this novel (well, it's actually the manhwa version).

This story isn't just a rebirth story. We can still meet the "fantasy" elements in her second life, that's one of the good point of this novel.

I know for some people it was a bit creepy that our 6 years old MC already so smart, genius, and she even "discussing" politics with her brother's bestfriend. But hello she only talking about this matters to her trusted one. I mean, that tragedy happened without a notice. So this time she have... more>> to prepared at very early time.

And about the "Love interest (s) ", this is a noble story where they got engaged and married at a very early age. So I won't complaint. It's cute and pure tho. Even a 5 years old me have said something like "I will be your wife in the future". Rest assured, no, our MC didn't say something like that, she just meets a lot of Male targets.

I love this kind of rebirth/reincarnation x nobles romance story!! + thank you to the translator-nim (and teams) for picking up this novel! Please continue! 파이팅!! <<less
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December 31, 2019
Status: --
I'm not sure how the novel is.. but here's how the manhwa was portrayed:

Basically Lady Baby is a reborn-type novel. Like how all reborn ones started, the MC's previous life was tragic.

... more>>

Her family was a noble but somehow they accidentally got involved in scandal. One by one starting from her father, her two brothers and her mother died. Then while she was grieving a fairy or something decided to help her and she reversed the time to when the MC was baby and from then she decided she would prevent the tragedy from happening. Hence begin her life as a genius baby who can talk, walk, act like a wise Lady


Imo, it's basically like if a korean otome got married to a japanese isekai.. this is their baby, Lady Baby.

Their reactions be like:

A barely newborn baby can talk: " *gasp* The baby can talk! She's genius!! O.O"

Barely turn into a toddler she can courtesy and act like a well-mannered lady: "That's kinda weird... but since she's a genius so yeah"



the MC: "I. Need. To. Work. Harder! I need to protect my family! I have to stop tragedy!" --> can talk as a new born, can walk before she can even crawl and act like a real lady with thoughts she didn't want to shame her family while her peers were running around acting like their age.


That's how it was in the early chapters of the manhwa at least. I won't give this a rating though since I only read the manhwa and dropped it early. <<less
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