The Twin Siblings’ New Life


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I was five years old now.

I was born again as a prince and princess abandoned in the palace with a twin in my previous life.

We have been abused and abandoned only because our biological mother is low-born.

Her death gave us a chance to escape.

….. A day after we decided to run away, the emperor, who left us with our biological mother to be abused by her hands and left us in an abandoned castle, suddenly came.

You haven’t been interested in five years, but why are you so nice to me all of a sudden?

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쌍둥이 남매의 뉴라이프
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7 Reviews

Dec 18, 2020
Status: --
The premise, per se, is interesting enough. However, execution-wise, it could have been better.

The twins' seeming naivete and innocence is more irksome rather than adorable. For someone who has been abused so severely and has been made aware that the nobility frowns upon illegitimacy, it's weird that they almost immediately take a liking to a noble who showed them some tiny amount of kindness and politeness. I expected them to be more wary, just like how they're suspicious of the imperial family, despite the kindness that their half-siblings and father... more>> has shown them.

Also, there seems to be a disconnect between the fact that they are reincarnated from another world, where they are older and could be said to have seen and experienced more, and their lack of awareness. Why were they reincarnated? How does that play into the story? It's like a huge unanswered question mark that is irrelevant to the story. <<less
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Sep 23, 2020
Status: c21
I found this after reading the manga and let me just say that the MCs are cinnamon buns. They deserve the world and if you don't agree, just give it to them anyway. I'm much further along in the manga but this is just as good as I remembered it. The POV is written better in the novel but I do like being able to see the children's' expressions in the manga. The way they are drawn is adorable and I can't envision them in any other way now. I... more>> really recommend this book to anyone who just wants to smile. Or cry, I cried really hard nearing the end. <<less
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Jan 05, 2021
Status: c34
Unfortunately the links are dead...
But I wanted to give my thoughts about the story anyway.

As far as the manhwa goes, (that's the version that I read) the story haves a lot of flaws, mainly because the plot revolves about miscommunications, people complain about several things regarding the story, mainly the portrayal of how someone with PTSD or abused children act, should act, would act.

But this goes far beyond the "portrayals" because the plot revolves around a single device, and that is, "how to make the parent redeemable"

So the... more>> author forces several set pieces without rhyme or reason, because he spent a LOT of time trying to justify the notion that the twins shouldn't open up to their parent at the start of the novel with abysmal pacing and terrible misrepresentations.

The author didn't know how to make the redemption impactful, so he resorted to "miscommunications" and "forced obliviousness" of characters that seemed to have good heads on their shoulders, to avoid resolving the conflict until it was almost beyond redemption... unfortunately, this was done "because if not the redemption wouldn't be impactful" not because "the plot organically grew that way" or was "created" that way, the author knew where he wanted to go and how far, but didn't have the tact or appropriate plot devices and set pieces to get there, so he just forced everything to be portrayed in service of the redemption arch... even disregarding previously set devices and plot points... This haves nothing to do with how someone "should" act or "would" act, this goes completely against what was already established in the story, that's what people find obnoxious, not the actual portrayal of how abused children acted, because I think their portrayal was well done.

The "Reincarnator" aspect is unimportant, Twins that died at 18 in their previous life, but haves no impact on the story other than making the children think like grown ups and having a special... connection between them that is just used to portray their thoughts... it's just used as a device for characterization and isn't relevant for the actual story (It would even work without it considering the setting and the world building the author stablishes at the beginning), at first it was interesting, until you realize... it doesn't matter at all on the story and might as well forget about it.

The problem is that the novel touches parts that are very sensible and then forces a redemption arch that feels super conflicted with how he did the story at the beginning.

It was simply done poorly... it lacked tact and proper characterization of different things, I don't know how it was done in the novel, but at least in the manhwa, the parent disappears for around 7 chapters... again, without an actual explanation or characterization, he just says some lines and then *poof* gone until he needs to redeem himself.

So... I very much loved the characterizations and portrayals, but... the author forced the conflict too much to reach the redemption arch... as a storywriter, I found that to be the biggest problem, because everything else was very well done, until you realize that with a simple "what are you thinking?" from ANYONE in the story, EVERYTHING would have being resolved way before it reached such extreme.

IE: the dad asks someone he trusts about his kids, turns out, he not only is the... worst... but he has also being shown to have little to no contact with them... and the dad hears him and listens to him, even when what he said is... ridiculously false and easily discovered... just asking ANYONE ELSE would have shown what he said to be completely false, his other sons, the nanny, the maids, hell even the twins themselves!... that's what made this incredibly obnoxious... because when you notice this you realize that this was forced to have the redemption arch.

I won't put stars because this review is from the manhwa, not the novel. I wanted to read the novel but sadly it's dead...

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Oct 11, 2020
Status: c34
The author shows trauma so well. Since we read how the twins think, I feel their hurt so much I dreamed about it last night. My heart just breaks when they talk about what happened to them.

It's such a good read but be prepared to get hurt. But this is really promising. I can't wait to see how their family would heal their hearts.
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Jan 29, 2022
Status: --
Well I see many people complaining about how the "reincarnation" part of the twins didn't help much in the story except for their mature mentality unlike 5-year-old children, and I would like to object. I used to think that way too, when I (read the manhwa) and didn't see that mentioned anymore the further the story goes (I'm reading the translated novel too but it's more slow-paced than the manhwa). But after thinking hard, I realized that it was necessary to include that "reincarnation" thing. The twins were together for... more>> 18 years in their past lives, and they were so close that they even got into accident while they were together, in other words, they had trust built up already. In this life, in an unfamiliar world, unfamiliar language, they were helpless against abuse, and had no one else but each other to rely on, their relationship turned into that of physical and mental dependence. What I mean is, had it not for their past lives and the past experience of being twins, they might not have complete trust and be relied on each other more than normal, and more than other pairs of twins like that. We have seen many cases (at least in anime, manga anyway) of twin siblings' relationship went wrong, have we not? It's not like simply being twins will ensure that they would feel/experience/think the same (that depends on the author to be honest).

Well, I have nothing else to say except for the thing I wrote above, and the fact that there are some minor plot-holes regarding the situation of the twins' birth (honestly it feels like the author tried to bleach the royal family's sins about why they didn't have any interest in the twins before, but, they got their own redemption arc and it was ok, I guess).

Overall the novel was kind of confusing because the behaviors of the second prince and the emperor when they first met the twins were strange even with the manhwa's knowledge, regardless of the translation. I recommend reading the manhwa instead, it's more to my taste since they were very cute cuddling and protecting each other.

Edit: I read the translated novel some more and it seems there are some differences between the novel and manhwa.

In the manhwa, the twins opened their heart after crying and telling their father how much they suffered, and got his apologies. In the novel even after doing that they still have trouble opening up. Also, about their mother, in the novel she approached the emperor revealing her true identity, he wanted to use her, so he made her an adopted daughter of a baron, not knowing that she took his blood to conceive his children, and the twins' automatic healing ability is taken from her. The manhwa seems to have this process in reverse (she was an adopted daughter, then approached him etc...)

Anyway, the novel seems to explain things better, but the manhwa creates better flow (especially when the author consistently makes it so that the twins continue to misunderstand for a long time). I recommend reading both if you love the manhwa. The link in NovelUpdates is dead but there are other sites posting the translated novel. <<less
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Unrestrained Lawn Clippings
Jan 20, 2021
Status: --
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Nov 10, 2021
Status: --
I've read the webtoon and I think the reincarnation part was highly unnecessary because both of the siblings never act differently from their physical age so honestly it was useless making them be reincarnated other than the telepathy thing.

(Also did not a single person think of checking up on the kids when under the care of that abusive b*tch? Why??) (also their reasons are so poor, I just can't tolerate it.) (I understand the kids response to trauma as being unable to trust anyone cause I too have been... more>> through it but what about the adults? Why not actually look after your kids safety and well-being?)

Also communication is important! My god so much would've been solved just by simple communication...

Welp I will continue to read though. Let's see how much of a disastrous journey it can be. <<less
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