Everyone But Me is Reborn


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Her father is a coward and senselessly filial. Her mother is weak and gullible. Her elder brother is a wastrel.

When she married into the Wangfu, she suffered and was coldly treated. And by the time she was in labour, she was fated to die with the unborn child in her belly.

This was supposed to be Ning Nuan’s life.

However this time, everyone but her is reborn.

Ning Nuan is at a loss. She felt that her dad has suddenly become the pillar of the family, her mother’s temper became fierce, and even her elder brother, who would only walk the dogs and play with birds all day, has begun picking up books and reading them carefully.

There is also that juvenile that shows up at the wall of her courtyard everyday, calling her “Ah Nuan, Ah Nuan” with an honest face.

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Panda93 rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: c55
It follows the summary. And that's a bad thing. Her father is foolishly filial, but after rebirth he got better. Her mother was a weak persimmon anyone can grab, but after rebirth she's now fiercely protective. Her brother was a useless waste, but after rebirth, decides to put his nose to the books and study.

Even her husband, the prince who married her, neglected her, and then inadvertently killed her because of that neglect is reborn as well and now wants to entangle her yet again (in the name of making... more>> it up to her of course.)

Oh the author spends chapters being an apologist on the ml's behalf;

"-uwu, this ML was known as a waste prince who was also taught to be spoiled and wasteful, and his selfishness was taught and cultivated by those around him, and the reason for why he treated the MC so badly in their former life was because her brother was such a useless, trouble finding waste, and he listened to all the other concubines forced into his back court, and no one ever really cared about him, and so all of his negative traits can be excused because now he regretted treating the one person in his life who actually cared about him so badly, and he regrets and wants to make it up to her now, so just like; Like him y'know uwu. Oh, and it's not like he doesn't know that he should stay away from her- it's just- he can't let go of her after all- isn't he just so romantic~~ It's not because he's still that selfish, self centered princeling who's used to getting whatever he wanted with minimal fuss at all~~"

and the poor MC, she's just your girl from the boudoir, who's not been reborn or anything, and people are just puppeting her with their own thoughts and machinations.

But the author likes it that way, otherwise, with the character design of her MC, it wouldn't make sense if she also remembers personally her fate and yet decides to walk right back into a marriage with a inept, unfaithful man.

Her character?

Mc's character isn't weak or s*upid or ignorant. Even in her former lifetime, because she couldn't rely on her family, she became very smart and capable. In the former lifetime, she managed to get praise and acclaim across the empire for being such a smart and capable princess. From everyone's mouth, no one could stop lamenting how it was just a shame that her husband didn't know how to value and respect her.

Her beauty made a spoiled waste of a princling ruin her prospects, because he fell in lust at first sight, and he ran to his father to get an imperial decree.

MC is just a very pitiful character who gets tossed and turned in the winds of fate while a smirking, smug, incapable dreck of a male lead gets to have his golden finger of a pet monk who can see their fates.

But if you guys like plot lines in which the MC gets tormented in her past life, and then her ML knows to regret, is reborn, and then decides to make it up to her when he should just leave her the hell alone,

Then I think you'll like this.


Damn. I gotta say, the other reviewers really made me rethink my prejudices towards the male lead. I like to think that if I get a second chance to correct whatever wrongs I've done, I'd be happy too.

... It's just that I haven't forced anyone to marry me, realize too late that I couldn't cope with the package deal that was their family, ghosted my significant other without actually explaining that they disgusted me now, cheated on them, only to realize later that said person I ghosted died of an accident.

Hell if I did all of that, I'd avoid them and never show myself in front of them again for fear that the timeline will correct itself. And that's if I had only the most minimal amount of affection and regret.

And so what if this ML didn't harm her with 'malicious intent?' He wouldn't even be in a position to hurt her, if he hadn't gotten an imperial decree to force her to marry him in the first place!

He was the one to force himself into her life in the first place.

The mc's family are "grasshoppers on the same string." Whether or not she marries, they have that bond of blood. Her family holds that familial responsibility to the MC. They are the ones who were honestly just too s*upid to know any better. Filial piety in those times could sentence you to death.

But the ML, spoiled rotten princeling or not, was still a prince in the end. He just never swayed from his thinking that people around him are there for his pleasure.

Now, if he really cared for her as he seemed to think; all he needed to do was leave her alone in this second lifetime.

But hey, I get it. He was also a poor, spoiled rotten kid at the time. Now that he's grown up, what's wrong with him taking responsibility for his actions?

Here's a scenario; You're from an upper middle class family who is seemingly affluent. Only you don't realize that your parents finances are tied up with your shitty uncles' hairbrained businesses. You go to school, the popular guy notices you, he announces to the whole school that you're his girl now. No one says sh*t cause' his dad is on some sorta board of directors. You start going out cause why not right?

only later on he realizes how annoying your family is for whatever reason,

he breaks up with you. You're sad but fine with it, nbd. Later, in a series of unfortunate events, he somehow accidentally knocks out your two front teeth and breaks your nose in the process.

He skeddaddles. When you confront him, he turns it around on you, saying it was just an accident. Why are making such a big deal about it?

You realize that your parents can't handle the medical costs. You spend the next some or so years enduring the bullying and ostracization from your missing teeth and crooked nose.

Later on, when you're both adults, he comes to you while doing some journey of self-discovery b.s.

He says that he feels real bad that he hurt you then. But it's not completely his fault because he was just raised that way. He says to you; "-but you're cool with it right? It's not like I did it on purpose. I actually really liked you then, I was just too immature to realize that you're the only person to actually sincerely like my selfish personality.

You forgive me right? Let's get back together? Oh, by the way, I know that you've got a whole bunch of guys sniffing around you, but don't worry, I'm helping you out by vetting them for you. They're not good enough for you you know?"

-but hey~~ this guy didn't actually hurt you on purpose. It would be unfair if you let your family make amends but not this stranger right?

Don't you feel flattered? Don't you feel so special? Hey, all the pain and misery you endured don't matter.

Oh, what was that? But the MC doesn't remember that he did all those things to her so what's wrong with her falling in love with someone who seems to treat her with such sincerity and care?

Hey. She doesn't remember. But the ML does. And he doesn't think that what he did to her mattered enough in the long run, to keep the hell away from her in this second life.

Deep down, in this ML's heart, as is shown from his actions, he doesn't believe that what he did or did not do for her in the past is bad enough to overlook his own selfish need for her. His ego that tells him that he has the power to make her life better and more complete, is more important than she is.

Ultimately, he still considers her an object to win, to coax, to indulge, to convince himself that he is better than he was before.

This story is just one long power trip for the male scum character and ultimately a tragedy for the MC. <<less
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Xia Yu
Xia Yu rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: --
Finally. It happened! I cannot believe it! Only God knows how long I waited for this side of rebirth stories to be explored by authors!

You know how in every rebirth story, the FL is wronged, horribly so most of the time (you have the impression they used Empress Dowager Lu as their inspiration for the villains). And how her husband or family is either the source of her torture, either blind to her suffering. And once she is reborn, she generally works hard to gain her husband's love, to provoke... more>> feelings of affection in her parents and family, to save a brother who is going to waste. Or before the villains of her past life even made a move, she pursues them with hatred (becoming herself a convincing rendition of Empress Dowager Lu - but that's ok because FL-saintly-glow effect), which is morally wrong on so many levels - Minority Report with Tom Cruise explains what happens when people are condemned based on their intentions, rather than acts.

But what would happen if the people who have wronged a FL, have come, through their past life, to the realization of all the evil they might have done (willingly or unwillingly) and see their rebirth as a chance to (1) never be manipulated again into committing evil (2) make it up to the FL in the new life (3) turn their lives around? Some people argue that the ML should not have a second chance since he screwed up in the previous life, I would argue back that most rebirth stories are based on FLs having screwed up in their previous lives and we cheer for them to do better next time and learn from their mistakes.

I like how this author goes against our preconceived ideas and double standards. And how she takes her time to make a point I agree with: we are the by-products of our environment. It is truly unfair to expect someone who has known nothing but humiliation, violence and has been convinced since his birth that only humiliation and violence is what those around him deserve in turn, to remain a white, saintly lamb. In our societies, we have laws to control our actions and these laws ensure that deviant acts be prosecuted. But what happens when a Prince had been taught nothing but callousness and on top of that, is above the law. The ONLY way he would ever learn empathy and understand what he did was wrong would be when everything backfired. But it would be too late for all the people around him. As was the case with the ML.

Just for introducing this new nuance to CN rebirth novels, this work deserves a 5/5.

Wouldn't you wish to have a chance to go back and, instead of offering apologies, undo the evil you might have done? Or go back on bad decisions you have taken? I most definitely would!

The same way I would be rooting for the reborn FL, I am rooting for her formerly-callous husband, her formerly-biased mother, her formerly-meek father and her formerly-lazy brother! Go, go them!

Besides that... Great quality of translations. Nothing to say. Definitely better than when I translate. Good job, translator! <<less
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wookraeth rated it
October 28, 2020
Status: c1 part1
I originally liked this series because it's fresh. That is... Until I read other reviews and was told that the ML is the ex-husband who wronged the FL so hard in her past life.

I'm pretty sure I'm totally biased, but just, no thanks. I just can't swallow the idea of a story where we're going back to square zero even though in FL's defense, she knows nothing of it. I can't help but gritting my teeth pondering over the thought.

Very good translation though.
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dramamonster rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Good read, interesting concept. I read the translator's chapters, then MTL'd to the end.

The set-up is similar to the first life in Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Miltary Lineage, except in this story, it's not the FL that is reborn, it's her family and Prince An. The three branches of the Ning Family live together under the Old Madam. FL is from the First Branch, and her little family is suppressed, bullied and schemed against by the other two branches.

At the start, FL's mom is spineless, her dad is... more>> weak, and her brother is guileless. FL does what she can to protect them. FL's mother is reborn and tries to protect their family too, but struggles against her weak husband and careless son. Then FL's father is reborn and wisens up and he tries to control his foolish son. Then, FL's brother is reborn and mends his ways.

In the alternate timeline, FL's family (Warning Huge Spoilers:)

was framed and fell badly. As a maiden, FL's reputation was ruined by the other branches, so no one wanted to marry her.

Prince An, the Emperor's younger brother, had a terrible reputation, as he would take the blame for the Emperor's sons, leaving the Emperor's sons with a clean reputation. Prince An thought the Emperor and Empress Dowager really loved him. But they were actually scheming against him from the start. They even arranged his marriage to the FL with a bad reputation.

Instead, the FL and Prince An fell in love and had a blissful marriage. The Emperor and Empress Dowager conspired to stuff their home full of concubines, misunderstandings, and poison, culminating in the FL's "accidental" death in childbirth. (Just to be clear, the only woman Prince An ever slept with is his wife, FL, he was always faithful.)

Not until Prince An was poisoned by the Emperor and Empress Dowager and he was reborn, did he realize that his marriage had been badly sabotaged and his wife and unborn child killed by the Emperor and Empress Dowager. Prince An begs a religious master to help and protect the FL.

After Prince An is reborn, he initially plans to leave the FL alone to live a good life, but after seeing her realizes he still loves her too much to let her marry someone else. In order to live a good life with the FL, he has to gain resources and scheme against the Emperor and Empress Dowager who want to kill him. FL's family also decides to join in rebelling because of how the Emperor and Empress Dowager killed the FL in the previous life.

It's actually pretty comedic to see clueless Prince An trying to court the FL again. In the previous life, they already had a decreed marriage, so the FL was inclined to accept him. In this life, she's still an unmarried maiden, so she just thinks he's a weirdo, and her entire family tries to block him and marry her to someone else.

Eventually, they all confess to the FL about the future (which they call a dream they all shared), and the FL considers it and is willing to marry Prince An. It also helps that he's so straightforward this time, in order to avoid the Emperor and Empress Dowager's schemes from sabotaging their relationship.

It's also nice to see Prince An face-slapping and ruining the plans of the various villains. I liked how Prince An revealed the Ning male cousin's plot, had all the would-be concubines arrested away, and subtly face slaps the scheming Emperor and Empress Dowager.


Unlike other rebirth novels, where the FL is reborn and gets revenge and success, FL has a more passive role here as everyone else is reborn and is busy trying to compensate the FL for their mistakes and protect her from her tragic future. Especially after the FL's marriage, the story and character development are more about Prince An and her brother, rather than the FL. The FL doesn't have to scheme or revenge, because her family and Prince An do it for her. She just has to live a good life, and decide what she wants. Still, it's a good, quick,

happy ending all round, and the Emperor and Empress Dowager's desire to kill Prince An is satisfactorily explained. The epilogues explain the OTP's married life, and the other explains the brother's time with the bandits and how he met his wife.

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FattyTabby rated it
October 10, 2020
Status: c66
What a prick.

So entitled.

Just because they're reborn, could they just blame all of it to the ML? Just by saying they're sorry to FL can make all their past mistakes erased? If they can, why can't the ML do it too?

... more>> Especially the brother. What kind of dumass-ary is that? Just because ML wronged his sister in the past life, he think he can do whatever he can after half-heartedly apologized to his sister? Wait, he didn't even say his sorry to her, neither to his parents.

He didn't even reflects regarding his action and continue at the same s*upid pace. Just thinking using his empty brain can do no different.

Instead, what did they all do?

Using and doing anything to prevent FL to be with ML. Just that. Even if he helped them a lot (all the time), he is still the bad guy and after knowing what happened in the past, man, they're dumb and self-centered. They're just as guilty as he is.

FL is pitiful then and now. <<less
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jklm rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: c25
Interesting yet frustrating at the same time.

I liked the freshness of the MC not being the one who is reborn. And the reborn mom is pretty cool. You would think the plot would be hard to maintain, with so many people being reborn, but because they are not all reborn at the same time things aren't too simple.

The frustrating part is that the MC's family before being reborn were too s*upid, and the evil relatives s*upidly evil. Like, it's unbelievable the extent they let themselves get walked on by the... more>> malicious people around them, and frankly, not very pleasant to read. Yes, it's nice that now they start to stand up for themselves, but the shamelessness of their enemies is a bit too much (and doesn't even always make sense.)

Also, there is nothing satisfying about the ML. I would much prefer it if he were a cannon-fodder to be curb-stomped, rather than a reborn apologist in no way deserving of the MC. In the end, my disgust level was higher than my interest level, so I will not be reading any more of this. <<less
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lazymonkey rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Updated review - A really good read. It is a story if you are looking for living well and happily in reincarnation setting. Generally, the reincarnated individuals gets totally absorbed in revenge and face-slapping enemies. The revenge and face-slapping happened here too but characters were not totally consumed in it. The dynamic between MC and ML after they confirmed their relationship was good. This time around they actually communicated which was absent in their previous life. Also, there is really good character growth in MC's brother. Earlier I was most... more>> annoyed with him but later on he grew up a lot and actually was the first one to team up with ML. 😁😂 My only complaint in this story is they really dragged this whole ML is bad for MC. Even after they got engaged, there was instances it was going on. For example,


When their wedding preparations were going on. Empress Dowager again tried to play dirty trick by sending concubines to choose for ML. And ML was not in his palace at that time. So his stewart didnt allowed them to come inside, especially knowing that it will cause trouble. So these ladies just set in their carriages in front of his gate and this caused huge commotion in the city. When ML returned he quickly handled the situation saying all these are assassins and got them arrested. Because it caused such huge commotion, he wanted to explain the situation to MC and went her home. Again her mother didn't allowed him to meet her. Because oh-he-is-so-bad. I mean comeon' get over your prejudice. Anyways, ML wasn't stopping. He met MC sneaking in. 😁 And MC totally understand what happened.


Previously till chapter 65,

My rating for this story is 4.5 as of now. It is quite a refreshing take in reincarnation trope. As of 66 chapter, in my opinion main characters are Ning Nuan's mother, father, brother and ML. Our MC, Ning Nuan is at backfoot in this initial part of story which I think is because "romance" hasn't been properly introduced in story as of yet. Currently, everyone is trying to do their own thing to prevent the tragedy of previous life.

Pros -

1) MC's Mom


Maybe she was the first one to be reincarnated and was immensely protective of MC, I have much more favourable opinion towards her than MC's father and brother. And she is really savvy this time around.


2) MC

Maybe readers will feel that MC is not doing anything in story but she is the main motivation for all the people around her. Her happiness is something that everyone wants. And given how bad her previous life was, I think she deserves reaping benefits without doing anything. 😁 3) ML

Frankly, I have a habit to read reviews and spoilers before going for story. And I didn't had much expectations for ML to be great. I had thought he might arrogant, cold faced typical ML but surprisingly he is far from it. He is witty, polite and charming. Like MC's family, the reason for his downfall is trusting his family members. So he deserves this second chance as much as MC's family. About previous life,

ML genuinely liked MC. The thing which lead to all the tragedy was their lack of communication. Anything else can be blamed on others but their relationship failure was fault of both MC and ML. ML was out when Empress Dowager sent concubines to his newly wed abode. And MC, not really knowing ML's character accepted them assuming he asked for them. And when ML came back and got know about it. He thought MC doesn't value his affection, got angry and said some harsh words. Now tragedy is right after that the villians played a trick and started rumour that he really slept with them. And MC wouldn't listen to him. By the time things got stable again, his reputation among his in laws and others was stinky. And that where MC's family prejudice against ML comes from.


Cons -

1) MC's family prejudice against ML

They keep blaming ML for making MC sad/death in previous life. But they don't think that if not for them, after marriage she wouldn't be going around cleaning their messes in previous life when she should have concentrated on her own household and getting to know her husband. Especially her brother,

while she was pregnant, he got prisoned and she was again looking for ways to help him. But no!! Everything is ML's fault, even though ML told him to clean up his act previously in order to not create trouble for MC. I seriously felt bad for previous life MC and ML, they had their own faults but "family" was their bane.

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Hanmy rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Actually, this story sounds interesting. But, It's not as good as I thought.

FL character, Ning Nuan suits my taste. She is not overpowered FL. But, after reading more than 50 chapters I think she is too weak. She is the FL, but I feel this story is not about her, but her parents and brother.

To be honest I don't dislike ML. He and other ML characters from other novels have something in common as ML. Even though he wronged FL in the past, but it's not that bad (moreover he... more>> tried to make it up to her). Both of them love each other until something happened and their relationship worsen. FL and their son died because of queen mother and not long after ML also died. Later, FL said that she didn't regret marrying ML both in past or this life.

And let's talk about main characters. For me FL's parents and brother are main characters. They are reborn, have past life memories and their characters suddenly change. At first I thought it would be good but later I think they are selfish. In the past life they wronged FL so badly as her family, parents, and sibling. FL lived with them more than 15 years until she got married. I think it's even worse than her life with ML (I think their marriage in past life no more than 3 years because FL got pregnant in one year and supposedly next year she gave birth). In this life they want to make it up to her. Because of sad ending of FL married life in the past, they try to prevent FL meets ML. They forget, they can change and so can ML. It sounds I bias toward ML, maybe yes. FL's parents, brother and ML are reborn. All of the them wronged FL in the past. Parents and brother want to make it up to her but why ML can't? Moreover, ML falls to FL earlier without past life memories. It would be unfair if all reborn characters try to change bad fate of FL but ML can't.

After more than 100 chapters I can see progression of characters relationship. It's good all reborn characters become one team, they change to be better and make FL life better than the past.

FL and ML married life is also getting much better than the past. Later, they are compatible as a couple, support and understand each other. FL asked ML to told anything to her and he did. Honesty, trust, and openness in marriage are essential. Without them, spouses are likely to misunderstand each other. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: c38
It's rather fun. Yes the family pre rebirth is painfully s*upid and the relatives are shameless and competing to be the straw that breaks the camel's back but that makes it so much more fun when the story turns around. There's not many stories that have made me hate characters like this. The only problem is that so far karma hasn't been served.

The plot is also on the simple but fun side of spectrum. A family that had been calculated into ruin by pretty much everyone around them gets a... more>> second chance. Needless to say they pull out the stops to make things right and you get drama. Done well it's great fun and this novel does it well.

The cherries on top are the writing and translation. Both make it exceptionally enjoyable to read👍👍 <<less
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September 24, 2020
Status: --
I would probably give this story a rating of 3.5 stars.

think the story should have pulled back a little from the romance and kept it's pace, or kept its current level of focus on the romance and sped things up a little more. As it is now, too much time is being devoted to dragging out the drama of the ML and MC being kept from each other, both by the MC's family members and by the ML himself. So many chapters are just the ML going back and forth... more>> on insisting he has to stay away from the MC so she can live a peaceful life without him and following her around, doing things for her, and agonizing over the idea of her marrying someone else. I'm not saying it's not a legitimate struggle; it absolutely is and that conflict the ML is experiencing is a great character dilemma, but it shouldn't be his only dilemma. The story would have benefitted from showing more of him dealing with the two-faced imperial family and other people and politics. Instead his entire world revolves around the MC and after reading fifty chapters of him being wishy-washy about what to do regarding her, it gets very very dull, spilling over into annoying.

Same for the other reborn characters. The MC's parents and brother too spend dozen of chapters talking about the MC and how to keep him away and fixating on nothing but the MC's marriage. Again, a good conflict for them, but as the central conflict it is not compelling enough to sustain how long it draws out. There are things outside of this that the parents and brother mention (such as the brother befriending a poor scholar who he knows ends up becoming a top exam scorer), but it's an unfortunate case of telling and not showing, when everything about the scholar and the brother's relationship being given to the reader via the brother recapping it to his parents. What a missed opportunity!

That being said, I think there's still a lot more good here than bad! Like many have said, the concept of the MC being the only character who isn't reborn is a fresh and interesting take on the rebirth/revenge trope. I also like how their rebirth is as much of a bane as a boon to the characters. They keep leaving in the past (or 'original future' rather) instead of living in present circumstances and it actually hinders them quite often, especially in their relationship with the MC. I think that is a very fascinating dilemma; this struggle to maintain a balance between learning from the past vs living in the past.

I also love love the MC. A couple of the reviews have called her weak and I think that's very very unfair. Firstly, this is a rebirth story, not a transmigration. The MC is an ordinary girl from a traditional era. Moreover, she isn't even the one who was reborn! So she has no reason or basis to be scheming or hardened. In my opinion, she is an amazing example of a strong and intelligent historical noblewoman (sans any of the rebirth/transmigration elements). It's to be expected that her behavior is informed by the traditional values expected of women... she's graceful, well-behaved, respectful, obedient to her elders and parents, and spends most of her time in her own boudoir. However, she's also very intelligent and well read, she stands her ground against her vicious cousins and delivers plenty of face slapping to them whenever they confront her (she held her tongue before, because her mother and father told her not to fight with them and she is a proper filial obedient girl, but once her parents stop forcing her to yield then the kid gloves come off). She gives advice to her brother and cautions him against his bas behavior, she doesn't let anyone take advantage of her or infringe on the rights and respect that she is due.

Her dynamic with her reborn family was another interesting dynamic in the story. They changed for the better, it's true, but the mental disconnect between them remained as strong as ever. Her family went from not looking out for her at all to being over protective, but in both situations they failed to communicate properly with her or take her thoughts and feelings into account on the decision making process. The ML also makes this mistake, however latter rectifies it and starts to look at and communicate with her properly, even telling her about the previous timeline and what happened.

And despite my complaints above, I actually do very much like the ML. Like the other reborn characters, he was blinded by two-faced family members in the first life. Moreover his marriage to the MC suffered from breakdowns in communication on both their ends, with the ML in the first timeline assuming the MC didn't care about him because she was outwardly poker-faced and indifferently accepted it when the Empress Dowager sent him women right after their marriage. The MC also assumed that the ML wanted the women sent as concubines and that's why she didn't object. They were newlyweds who didn't understand each other well yet and jumped to conclusions instead of talking to each other and that contributed a lot to their issues in the first timeline. But the ML an honest and sincere person, and very intelligent when he's not blinded by his own emotions or affections. I felt genuinely bad for how hard everyone, himself included, was trying to keep him away from the MC.

Of all the characters, I think my least favorite was the brother. Even after his rebirth, he's a reckless idiot. It really took a lot of stretching to accept that he could/would punch a prince and then get away with it with no repercussions. Luckily the ML was reborn and so didn't hold it against him, but if he hadn't been the brother could have landed himself in prison just like the first timeline and caused more trouble for the MC and his parents.

To those who are interested in reading, unless you have a lot of patience I would suggest either MTL or waiting until there are a good number of translated chapters; there's a lot of drag in the beginning that can get tedious if you're waiting for releases between each chapter. But if you can binge through, it's a good story with interesting characters and a unique take on a familiar set up. <<less
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potatosince1992 rated it
August 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm gonna be generous and say that it's actually not that bad.

This is the first time that I've read being reborn to be a double edged sword. Sure, the 4 of them can use the "dream" as cheat sheet, but also that they live in the past too much, they make decisions that misses out MCs feelings, even disregarding it and hurting her in the present timeline. I like that, it's interesting. So I am giving this a high rating.

What I also like about the novel is that even though... more>> 4 people were reborn, they were not too OP. The 3 retained their personalities, the mother reverted back to her 'original' personality before she was oppressed by her in-laws.

More than being reborn, it felt like they just had a dream. They were still prone to the errors of their true personality.

What I don't like, was that it's a tiny little bit boring. And the Prince, well, he's too stalkery. He's not the worst, and he's actually sweet just, I just don't feel the romance tbh.

MC was right to doubt MLs feelings because it seemed like who he was in love was the her in his "dreams". There are times that he seemed to not know her at all, because he keeps using his knowledge of her in the past. Which was very frustrating to read. But then, as I said, the 4 of them was prone to living in the "dream" than in the present. <<less
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kmr rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Everybody gets what they want except FL. From the get go her choice is stolen from her. She even gets back with tr*sh ML. Lame ass story
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Nah rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: c17
This is a review to chapter 17

My appreciation is goes to the translator who invest him/her time for sharing the story. If there is a special column for the translator, i'll give them a good rate for the understandable translation.

Now, the revies for novel:

... more>> I can't stand the s*upidity of the characters. And looks at how the progress, it seems when the father and brother already regain their sense, everyone but the FL main family and the ML has a problem with their brain.

Still, anyone have their own perpective and taste. This novel is not for me.

For you who plan to read this novel, give it a try and judge it yourself. I hope you did not have disappointement like mine. <<less
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MajorGPuff rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: c45
Interesting plot!

It's refreshing, yet nauseating, to read how foolish all the reborn character used to be :') I cannot help but cringe. Phew, poor nuan nuan (of the previous live).

It's still an ongoing translation, but I don't really refresh the site 5x a day, eversince the prince got his memory back. It seemed like an attempt to whitewash him, idk. I'll just wait for more chapters to pile up.

And also the translator is raz, they always do a great job translating. It's such a relief to read their work!
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Zemmiaphobia rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: c32 part1
So far, I think this story is really funny! I love the MCs family, they're a very colorful bunch of people and there is never a dull moment. At this point, there isn't much of the ML yet but I like what I've seen so far. I was on the fence about reading because of the lower reviews but having taken a chance, I actually like it a lot.
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April 22, 2021
Status: c89
Its a very good read. New type of rebirth story. But I hate how her parents always blame ML for everything. Its not like they were very good or they helped her very much. Infact most of her problems came from them. And I think ML is much more helpful to her than them.

And even I dont know why but I hate her maid xiangtao.

Still its pretty good story
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Hiraru_13.4 rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: --
I have read till ch.18 part 1 and the translation is very good. Apart from this, the storyline and character development are gradual but insightful. Hence I recommend this to those who enjoy the development of character.
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August 18, 2020
Status: c2
Umm... I guess it’s good. At least the first few chapters are good. It just started and only her mom had been reborn till now. I like the MC and I think the novel has nice prospect. Though I think her main family’s people were dumb but at least they loved her in both lifetimes. Her brother is a waste but he's also a bit adorable. I don’t know about the ML cause he hasn’t appeared yet. But I think no matter how bad he was, if he didn’t harm... more>> her with the intention to harm her, he should get a second chance. And to panda93, I don’t have any opinions yet but since the guy is innately dumb and doesn’t have any experience (and it’s a popular genre), we can just not hate him for courting her like that. <<less
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