Suddenly Became A Princess One Day


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When I opened my eyes I had become a princess!

But out of all characters in this romance novel, why is it the princess who has the fate of dying to her own blood-related dad, the emperor!

If I want to live, I must not be seen by that emperor dad.

“When did this kind of scumbag start living in my castle?”

The man who doesn’t have single drop of blood nor tear to drop, that cold emperor Claude! Will Atanasia who had been caught by the emperor be able to survive?

“I… What do I do…..?”

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Who Made Me a Princess
어느 날 공주가 되어버렸다
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March 22, 2019
Status: c46


... more>>

the princess became unstable again during her tea party and lucas was away to get the fruit of the winter tree for him to become a great magician when the emperor heard that the princess is in trouble he run and saved the princess by subsiding her overflowing magic after ten days athanasia woke up and learned that claude also in a coma for ten days then athanasia rushed by claude side she was trying to wake him up.... after waking up claude forget who athanasia is as if he forgot anything related to her???

tell me if you want the link....??? <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: c41
I have only gone through the webtoon in raw with no knowledge of the language. But just the beautiful art and the clearly budding relation between the father and his cute, adorable daughter is heart-warming. The flow of events as the father changes from a cold-hearted man who hates his daughter since her birth caused his beloved woman's death to a daughter-con idiot who threatens to slice off arms and legs of the boy who dared dance with her during her debut is very nice.

Without having a single idea about... more>> the story, I still continue to follow this. A total 5 starer!!!! <<less
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AngelicaHolmes rated it
February 22, 2019
Status: c46
I love Claude so much, I don't even want any romance in the story, I just want Artie to be happy with her dad and they live a peaceful life


Please let Claude recover his memories, I don't want Artie switch to plan C anything but plan C! TT-T T

28 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
neisya87 rated it
March 30, 2019
Status: v51c15
i read the novel, I read the manga (claude is sooo dreaammyy... and athy is sooo cuuutteee <3) even I read the raw one!! unbelievable for myself, because of this novel I learning hangul, and bought korean's dictionary!!! and now I can read and understand korean's language a lil bit!! amazing!!

but right now the manga series is still in hiatus for f*cking 3 months!!!!! huhuhu.... will be back in may... I wish the novel will still continue even when the manga is on hiatus
26 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dnyastar rated it
February 1, 2019
Status: --
The MC isn't weak, she's just logical and her decisions is normal since she is a transmigrator that knows the plot of the story (so she's anxious for her life), as a child she is really powerless so she needs to cute her way to her father's heart and she actually achieves that. I hope people dont judge the Father to much, he killed Athanasia (in the plot of the book) since he was being controlled by his brother in a way. This novel is really heartwarming since it focuses... more>> more on their father-daughter relationship.

This is definitely worth the read especially if you enjoy novels like the Daughter's emperor. The art of the manhwa is really beautiful.

Link of manhwa: https://bato. To/series/72873


Jenette is also the older brother's daughter from Claude's ex fiancee. And the older brother is alive



Claude dislikes Athanasia since Diana died upon giving birth to her (Claude loved Diana oh so much) but he doesnt really hate her. Really just mentally controlled

23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Atb2305 rated it
June 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Very nice series.

The interactions between the MC and Claude are really adorable.

(| Spoiler | ~How Claude gets his memories back ~)

... more>>

Claude gets his memories back when Lucas stabs his head with the branch he got from the tree of something something (I don remember the name) and that knocked Claude out for a while. Anyways, not only does Claude get his memories back, but he also sees the him of the original story and is like shook. Btw, when Lucas also stabbed the MC in the head as well when she freaked out after seeing Lucas stab her dad in the head.

PS: The branch didn't leave any wounds or hurt them, this is because (whatever the tree was called) is like a tree of life and could never be able to harm or kill someone. Even stabbing it right through someone's wouldn't kill the person, so Claude and the MC are alright.

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Yukari_me rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Tbh I love this novel more than Daughter of the Emperor with the FL taking action with her own hands. Sure she had to suck up to her dad knowing the plot of the novel but once you delve in deeper to the story you will all learn the reasons behind her dad's actions and why everything became to be. This novel may seem to be the fluffy heartwarming novel type about the development between the father & daughter relationship they have but it also goes into angst mode that... more>> could make you cry. my heart broke reading that part ;-;


There was this one time when Claude had amnesia in order to save Athy from her magic outburst turning him into one cruel sc*mbag but soon he began to wonder why he cannot stand seeing Athy being so sad, hurt, gone, etc. I love how the FL never even sought for help and tried everything to solve the problem she faces, unlike other FLs. She was able to save herself when she's in danger and didn't do any s*upid stuff to make the ML shine by saving her. There was this one time when she realized like the FL in Daughter of the Emperor that before she knew it, she started seeing Claude as someone who she can rely on and smile at since she never knew what it feels like to have a family. Therefore, she decided that she won't die by the hands of her own father and planned to save him by accepting her circumstances.

Ugh seeing Athy being like this brought so many tears since she almost gave up and even thought of just continuing the original plan she had when she was a kid and leave since nothing in this world was hers, it was all the original Athanasia that died.

I can't really express my love for this novel since words can't fit it but I seriously recommend ya'll to read it and join this rollercoaster ride with us. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
July 5, 2019
Status: v64c17
Very similar to Daughter of the Emperor, from the baby start to all powerful and tyrannical father, even the loving mother nurse figure. Honestly I think this one is much better in my opinion. Rather than literally following our protagonist from birth to adulthood, there’s a time skip to her toddler years where we see how her and her father interact and watch as Atty wears him down with ageyo. The characters are a little more well rounded, there’s more talk-back between her father and Atty due to them meeting... more>> when she’s a toddler, and you get an actual reason as to why he hated her originally.

differences between the two? This one has more mentions of magic, and rather than just living her life, Atty knows for a fact that she will die by her fathers hand if she does not gain a better reputation with him. Also, the “protagonist” also shows up from the original storyline, causing worry for Atty due to the fact that the protag was the cause of dead foe the original story’s Atty in the first place.

Overall, they’re both similar and both well done. It’s just depending on whether or not you can take the pacing. If a slower pace is alright, Daughter of the Emperor is fine. If it’s not then you’ll be bored to tears and be wishing you were reading this one instead. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Loosergirl rated it
September 29, 2018
Status: v1c8
Though only two chapters have been translated so far, I struggled through the only raws that were available for free. Frustratingly, the MC doesn't meet her father until the later half of chapter 7 which means I was left hanging. Because of the status of the raws, the likelihood this will be dropped is very high.

As for the content of the first seven chapters, they were more like an introduction to the story. Slightly cute but unsatsifying since the actual story begins with the paid chapters.

Rated five stars for potential.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
akirarei rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: --
I have read the webtoon. It is very interesting and it looks like the webtoon following the novel story. I like the MC. She is not too girly but sometimes she act cute to please her father haha

Thank you so much for translating this novel ?
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
southend rated it
April 4, 2020
Status: --
In my opinion, definitely one of the BEST novels.

I discovered this through the webtoon (which I HIGHLY recommend because of the beautiful art and execution of the LN) and it really hooked me which was the reason why I read the LN too. It's a "breath of fresh air" compared to other stereotypical tropes - which are just empty stories with copied plots most of the time.

The MC and her father's interactions are really cute and the novel is really fluffy. As the novel progresses you can really feel how... more>> they have progressed and it really keeps the whole novel alive than just pointless fillers without any sense of direction. If you're finding a novel that's different, ADORABLE (!!!), and fluffy then this is you're cup of tea! This novel will really make you feel at the edge of your seats - wanting to READ MORE AND MORE AND MORE!

Suddenly Became A Princess One Day is definitely a diamond that's just waiting to be discovered! ? <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Intertwinedinside rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: v72c18
It is not that I want to complain but the webtoon is so popular so I am actually wondering why is the completed novel is not picked by any translator? Nevertheless, the story is amazing. One of the best.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tifanysaulina rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: --
I love how the relationship between the father and MC developed. I really love her relationships with other people too. Love this. I hope they can finish translating this soon!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kalmaegi rated it
October 29, 2018
Status: v4c4
It has a similar premise to Daughter of the Emperor (webtoon) which I very much like so I'm looking forward to how this novel fares.

Can't wait to see how Atti meets her dad and charms her way to being a doted Princess!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suril rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: v8c5
I quite feel sorry for the princess and want to rooting for her but I couldn't bear reading any further because the story is so similar to Daughter of the Emperor to the point that it start to make me feel uncomfortable. Somebody please confirm me that this is not plagiarism, right? T_T
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 12, 2021
Status: c123
I absolutely adore the novel it’s definitely superior than the manhwa in every way!!

Tho it hasn’t been updated for three months now I wonder what happened to the translator, can someone tell me?
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
favOriTe_12 rated it
June 27, 2020
Status: --
Okay so I literally just made an accoumt just so I could praise this manhwa.

When I discovered this, I just came for the art but reading this made me stay for the plot.

This is legit my no. 1 for almost 3 years since I first discovered it ^_^
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Arlene Grace
Arlene Grace rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: --
The manhwa who made me wanna read another manhwa. Also has a good story, I really love how the author gave name to all character (the name meaning)

They interaction is funny, kinda sad after read the novel. I drop it a while when the story starts slow and Claude SLEEPING BEAUTY is really a looong chapters. Maybe I will read it again when the manhwa is completed or the novel finished translating.

Note : I recommend this manhwa and sorry for my bad english.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SolarLuna rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: v3c87

I am reading so many manhwa's but this is still best of the best for me! I'm really thrilled of what's gonna happen next, and badly wants Claude's memories to come back. But, I am already spoiled that he'll get his memory back so I'm relieved. I swear to myself that If Anastacius hurts Athy, Imma go to the we toon world and kill him. Please don't spoil me.

The art is also one of the best that I have seen, kudos to the one who drew it! I'm requesting for an English copy of the physical manhwa book, that's all kekeke


2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Starla_Blue rated it
September 29, 2020
Status: c120
Well, I think this novel is quite different from the manhwa, which is good thing! I've always thought its be better if Anthanasia and Claude’s relationship would be deepened a lot more. I mean I love Jennette but it just makes me feel bad on the moments of her and Claude. Like it pissed me off. But I think this novel is really great overall. You should try it, you might like it!:)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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