Kuro no Maou


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Kurono Maou is a high school student who is sensitive of his sharp eyes and bad expression. No girlfriend but gifted with friends in his own way, he had been living a peaceful life.

But one day, without any reason, Kurono was attacked by a mysterious headache while in the literature clubroom and fainted. When he finally awoke…Swords & magic, filled with monsters, an orthodox different world summoning.

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The Black Demon King
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Grarg rated it
April 14, 2016
Status: --
Having read up to chapter 150 (the first two major arcs), I can say Kuro no Maou is decent. We have a protagonist who is strong, but not broken. His powers are well explained and he has acceptable weaknesses. The world is interesting but I didn’t give it a perfect score because I have several gripes:

1. All the villains are monolithically evil. There’s no redeeming qualities. There’s no subletly. They’re all fanatics or just downright crazy. If this continues, the story will suffer severely. 2. I’m seeing a disturbing trend... more>> in the way the author lays out plot progression:


So far, the MC has encountered two major groups of people, both of which have been wiped out. The first incidence was well done and really hammered in the nature of the world he’s been summoned to. The second incidence, however, was just downright lazy. It’s like the author though “these characters are no longer necessary to the plot” and murders them en masse via an extremely lazy plot device (literally someone OP drops out of the sky and kills everyone. Are you serious?). If this sort of pattern continues over and over, the story will get stale really quick. The violence and tragedy will cease to have any meaning and become just a joke. I hope that it will be different as I dive into the next 100 or so chapters.

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angmar1233 rated it
April 6, 2016
Status: --
Rating 4.5/5

A highly under-rated but interesting novel that veers off the usual Japanese novel cliches and more towards a light novel except for the harem and yandere characters the MC seems to endlessly attract. The world building is very thorough and the author uses multiple pov’s to do this but this makes the plot move slightly slowly, but if you can stick past the first arc, you’ll definitely see the pace picking up. Give this a try you won’t regret it, if you like plots filled with fairies, witches, wizards,... more>> gods, elves and the general theme of saving the world kind of plot. <<less
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mukkaar rated it
February 25, 2016
Status: --
I like writing style and characters, they are more "real" than usually in novels. Main plot is really good but chapters many times get sidetracked in my mind. There are too many pov's from relatively unimportant events and characters that could be easily dealt with less letters, or just left out.
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Reugros14 rated it
February 24, 2016
Status: --
@Oklaroma Mate, I think GOT is like “You died, game over”, here that representation is done in a different perspective like “Your friends died, game over!”.

The reason people call this novel dark is absolutely not because of MC. He’s just... you know not worthy of fitting that tag. The reason for calling this novel dark is everything else but MC. Yep you got it, he’s a kind, dense, still-no-so-overused type of MC.

This novel is about MC trying to survive in this harsh world, without any problems to his psyche, and... more>> always getting beaten up some too much OP enemies. yeah, those b*tches just surpass out-of-norm powers too.

In my opinion this novel is really good, readers will sometimes hate author for giving uneventful slice of life chapters, but worry not, readers will want to kill him just some chapters after slice of life gets over. I eventually smashed my I-phone.

This novel has finished it’s introductions around 150+ or something (hell yes that is one damn slow pace, but you won’t hate it), after that is somewhat side char intro’s and then from chapter 200 the story finally ensues. I like it really too much, however I don’t have time, and enough knowledge to read the Japanese raws. Neither do I have brain to waste trying to find the meanings of MTL.

In the end, the only thing I hate related to novel and not about novel is the Translator, who seems to be fighting a lot with his b*tchy RL. because of that I have to wait a lot, but the wait does bear it’s fruit.!!!!

I recommend everyone to read it and not hate it after just some chapters just because it got uneventful slice of life. That only runs for some chapters, so try to boggle down your urge to drop the novel and read till now, you will love it.

And guess wat, it has got yandere haraem, in which every girl would kill the other for kurono <<less
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Asf rated it
January 1, 2016
Status: --
Kuro no maou is one of my favorite japanese web novel out there..

The world have a similar aura to the middle/dark ages with the addition of magic powers.. It has the crusaders, witches, dark magic, demi-humans.. And much more.

There are many feelings that will engulf you along the way of the story..

... more>> The transition from a nice guy to the guy that can kill people are also within reason and it is done nicely. *Unlike some brutal xinxia MC*

I like it so much to the point of reading google translate of its raw. Lol <<less
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fir537 rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: --
Story is pretty slow paced, jumping around here and there without clear purpose. Sometimes the POV changes around to different characters, and then the time rolls back for a different POV. MC doesnt even seem to be an MC other than the fact that he has more POV chapters compared to other characters. Author maybe is being influenced by George RR Martin's series Song of Ice and Fire if you consider the multiple POVs, but is trying to not make it apparent so he slices in 3rd person POV every... more>> now and then.

Story at least from what I have read, is basically Zealots vs MC + others. MC and Others want to live a normal life, while Zealots want to kill them all for the 3Gs, gold greed and glory. Some might actually have a somewhat noble ambition (god instead of greed), but they are mostly composed and influenced by the 3.

Not a spoiler but is quite long so -


Understandably, finding a new unexplored (from the explorer pov) would make them desire it. In some ways it is similar to Europeans 'finding' (someone else already found america before them) the American continent, and staking their claim on it even though the land already have owners. Pushing in with force and invading with disrespect towards the locals. That is how the Zealots in this novel is.

MC is a normal student in modern Japan, summoned over to the otherworld, and treated as lower than human since he isnt a native of the Zealot continent. The Zealots, or the Crusaders of the Ars continent, bear high resemblence to actual Crusaders in the Medieval Era, with the same aim of 3G. Zealots treats anything other than their followers and farm animals as demons, which includes monsters, any humanoid creatures, and foreigners (humans summoned over from other worlds). MC after suffering more than a lifetime's worth (probably still less than Vandalieu/Death Mage) managed to escape to the other continent, and lived a simple life as an adventurer.

The Others, is a collection of every other character that gets a POV and is not part of the Zealot troupe. Part of the Zealot army is also among the others, and so do some of the Ars continent people. They all want to live a simple life and yet due to the 3G their life is either ruined or a mess.


All in all I will recommend this to someone who likes boring developments and lacklustre despair. If you dont, Death Mage that doesnt want a 4th Time is a good alternative to this. I read this because I have free time and am bored. <<less
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summers rated it
February 4, 2017
Status: c325
MC get summoned to another world. Instead of meeting a princesses and getting s*ave harem he gets tortured by religious nuts. This is the story, about after he escapes, to another continent where humans and demons mix, and religious fanatics persecute them in the name of their god. To me this political stuff is the best part, when it does not drag to long. There is a magic system in this book but the ins and outs of it are spread out by dozens of chapters. The girls are interesting... more>> but they fall into the troupe of being super at whatever they do, the fairy is a super fairy the alchemist is the super alchemist and so on. Its slow, because this guy never wins against anyone important antagonist and this seems to be used to drag out the story cause the author won't know what to do once this 12 big bads are killed.

I will pick this up after series is done or ads another couple 100 chapters that I can binge. <<less
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August 27, 2016
Status: c291
Personally I think the story isn't really that dark, if you want real dark stuff go see Tower of Karma. Overall I like it. The thing I find bad in the story is that somehow the MC is still your standard japanese MC after all the sh*t that has happened in the story.
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Oklaroma rated it
February 23, 2016
Status: --
I wonder why people say this novel is dark and such and compare it to GOT. I read this novel until chapter 223 and If you’re really expecting a dark novel with a sh*t destiny for the protagonist where he struggle to keep his sanity and at the same time survive in a harsh world, then you should seek something else. I really don’t know how to put itwithout giving spoilers, but I can say that those tags are wrong.

... more>>

The MC suffered all kinds of torture and doesn’t break down, he’s been tortured for months and is still someone who easily trusts others, help people he doesn’t even know and is the typical japanese mc: dense, polite, and so on. The tragedy tag seems to come from the fact that a lot o people the MC know die but most of the novel consist of heartwarming scenes between the MC and his friends.


By no means I hate this novel, but I was sure hoping for something different when I started reading it. So I give it a 3/5 for now. <<less
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November 3, 2015
Status: --
Enjoyable series but the pacing of the story is REALLY slow. The first fifteen chapters you have to dredge through to get to the main plot of the story. The author likes to re-tell the story through different POVs of the MC’s party/affiliates and the enemy’s POV. As well, the characters on the enemy side are very unremarkable and typically annoying. However, this series is one of the few, if not only, yandere heroine which leads to lots of interesting moments.
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