Kisses Make Me Grow Taller


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Due to an experiment that ended in failure, the genius physicist Bai Rong, traveled to the interstellar era thousands of years later, and had unexpectedly shrunken down into the size of a tiny tiny man who was barely the size of a palm…

After quickly being treated as a cute and obedient star pet, he was sent off to be auctioned and was even bought out by a man who appeared to be extremely terrifying and violent….

[After having just been bought] Bai Rong (takes cat paw gloves off in rage): Damn it! If anybody wants to sell meng*, they can do it themselves! In any case, I’m not going to do it!

[After discovering that He! Can! Grow! Taller! After! Touching! The man!] Bai Rong (pulls out the cat ears that had been thrown to the bottom of the bed and wears it seriously + puts on a well-behaved innocent face): I … I’m very behaved and cute. If you’d like, you can touch me more … hug me more …and…and….kiss me more!

*To sell meng: To act cute

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Little Potato
Little Potato rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Fluffballs 8.5/10. Is this a really good story? Debatable. Is this a really bad story? Not really but it's biggest redeeming quality is the fluff. People who don't like MCs with golden fingers should probably stay away from this novel because almost everything comes easily to MC.

Overall Rating: 3/5 but + 1 because of fluff so 4/5

Characters: 4/5
Bai Rong, your MC, is your standard OP character who pretends to be really manly when he's actually really MOE, and your ML, Mu Chongyan is your standard kuudere character who dotes... more>> on the MC. For some reason, I find ML to be really bland as compared to other MLs. I also really didn't like the villains in this novel because they felt so shallow I didn't see the point in having them. At least, there are a lot of shippable characters in this novel.

Story: 4/5
I really liked this story at the start because the fluff game was so strong! Especially with MC trying to sell meng to ML (secretly touching ML and even asking for kisses kyaaa) while MC thinks ML doesn't know but he does in fact know and tries to keep a stiff face. The story also develops ok until we reached the middle part around ch 80 where villains' plot is exposed. I skimmed this part because it got so draggy I was beginning to lose interest. Then, the pace started to pick back up around ch 100 when MC nearly reaches his full height again (yes it took 100 chapters) and the fluff pumps back up again.

I didn't realize this until I started translating it myself but I have three major issues with the author's style of writing. (It's a personal peeve)

1. Overused sentence structure
Author has this distinctive liking of using the particular sentence structure. 'After/While/some description doing xxxx, MC/ML does xxxx and xxx' It doesn't seem to be much and it's alright if it's sprinkled throughout the chapter but in this author's case, it happens for almost consecutive paragraphs, and it bugs me so much during translations.

2. Redundant use of words
The word 'pronouns' apparently doesn't exist in the author's dictionary. An example of this is using specific long terms or descriptions such as 'AS Virtual Spell Card Union' are reused 3 to 4 times in one paragraph, making it unnecessarily long and redundant.

3. Too many unnecessary details
A detailed story is nice yes, but overly detailed sentences that don't really add value is just making extra workload for the translator (also it makes the sentence sounds so long and clunky)

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idkvan rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: c37
Not my cup of tea personally. The author tries to convince the reader that the MC has a super high IQ but he doesn't seem to really act like it. He can learn how to make power cards easily but in every other aspect his IQ and EQ seem to be in the negative range.

Also, the author has this running joke of how the MC views himself as this manly big muscle man when he's this super cute chibi figure. It was amusing at first but the joke got old... more>> pretty quickly. It's used almost every other paragraph how he's convinced hes all tough and manly and then he cowers and gets frightened within the next couple sentences.

If you don't mind these things then the story is actually pretty okay to read but for me it got a bit tedious. It's all up to personal preference. Maybe when I get super bored and have nothing else to read I'll finish this but for now I'm dropping. <<less
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BaiYihan rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: c86
The MC is a little chibi with a negative EQ and super high IQ. He's great at learning how to pilot mechas and making energy cards but he's an idiot when it comes to anything else. The author can't seem to decide if MC is an idiot or a genius. He pretends to be a star pet (a robot) and the ML is his owner. The ML doesn't think anything is wrong with his pet even when MC is acting completely different from a pet. He just thinks that his... more>> pet should be perfect because he's his pet. It's cute at first but it gets kind of old when that's the excuse for everything the MC does wrong. <<less
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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: Completed
It's very fluffy!!

This novel is an HE

(Happy Ending)

... more>> The MC is so meng.

I just can't get over how his image of a "tough guy" is. 😂 I mean, he looks soft and cute but he thinks that his image should be very masculine with a moustache guy. The MC thinks that he's the one who's attacking and calls the ML his "wife"

I can't. 😂😂😂😂 He's quite simple since the MC was a product of experiment grown babies. He was never close to his parents and he was always involved in lab works, so he's pretty much clueless and naive when it comes to romance.

But it seemed that he didn't question his sexuality since when he accidentally saw the ML naked/half naked (mtl guys, it's a bit confusing) the MC said to himself that "a man must take responsibility." so as the main attacker, he'll be responsible for his "wife" 😂 (He's probably corrupyed the the dramas that he just recently watched. The MC was influenced by this since it's his first time watching tv dramas. It was like another lesson in life for him. The ML was like: "No, these things will corrupt you." 😂)

The MC, Bai Rong is the shou.

Now, for the ML, Mu Chongyan.

I like his setting. He's very cold but soft at heart and was confused at his feelings at first since it's his 1st time liking something (someone). And to be able to feel something like love for a "star pet" is really admirable. He's considerate towards our MC but his *coughs* perverted ways *coughs* get exposed once the ML and MC confirm their love.

Mini Spoiler


I think that this will be the ML's fetish. Lol.

When the MC was still a small star pet, he usually wears cute attires.

A tiger, shark, dinosaur, orange cat, etc.

The ML remembered it once the MC mentioned that he missed it.

But then the ML's mind went to the 'zone' 😂 He imagined our MC wearing animal ears, paws, and tail while being naked.

It almost made the ML have a nosebleed. (He bought so many costumes, omg!)

And he duped the MC into thinking that only a "tough guy" can wear the costumes since it's pretty revealing once the MC asked why it was so different from the costumes he used to wear.


The only questionable things that I see?

1.) The MC was experimenting something before he transmigrated, right? But after that, there was not much mentioned about it. The field that he took was very different from what he was used to. (It's quite understandable once you think about it as the MC finding something that he likes to do) The MC was quite OP with this since he has a super memmory.

2.) The ML's background. It was mentioned that the ML was still a college student but already fought a war so he planned to file an advance graduation slip something. This continued on for many chapters since a lot happened and was only settled midway.

3.) The Star Pets. There were other star pets that were mentioned. Like Wald's star pet (The ML's best friend) but after the MC grew to a certain height, no star pets were mentioned. Except for Kuku. (He's very cute btw.)

So far, that was all the things that stood out to me. And yes, this is a smooth flowing, no heavy drama novel.

The bad guys are really meant to be hated. I agree that the psycho guy at the end of the novel is really worth hating.

Some characters were redeemed but still not forgivable.

I do like the side couple parings. They're so cute.










This is an mpreg (?) well, males can have a test tube baby so male couples can have their own baby and choose the gender.

I just have to say that it's quite funny since when the ML's family was like: "So when are you going to have a baby?"

The ML ate vinegar. He didn't want to have one in like 30 years since he felt that his time with the MC is not enough. 😂 I think that they had one 50 years later. 😂 The lifespan if the interstellar people are long so it's understandable. <<less
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solomaize rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: Completed
If you're craving fluff then this is your go to. MC is doted on and spoiled by ML from the get go. MC finds amazing abilities that helps to make money (not that they need it). Basically the leads are winners in life. It is a fun, easy read, no conflict or misunderstanding among the leads. Bad guys are unapologeticly bad, you are free to hate them. Especially that one dude towards the end, author outdid herself with that loony.

Down side - all the crabs walking across the page. Also,... more>> MC is liked/ coveted/ admired by everyone. It gets a tad annoying. Just a tad.

Only MTL if you are hardcore, or don't need to English in your daily life. <<less
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