Kiss Me, Liar


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“I don’t sleep with men. And don’t bring Yeonwoo into this.”

Keith Knight Pittman. The person who affected my life the most, but doesn’t care about me at all. Or he likes me a little, just that I have no place in his heart.

I worked as a secretary for such a person. But one day, at an or*y party he hosted. Surrounded by alphas, I was traumatized. Rather than listen to the man’s abuses and faulting me, I resigned from his company.

After one week, for some reason, Keith came to me on his own accord and asked me to return to the office…

“Are you asking me to come back?”

“Well, isn’t that what it looks like? …Tell me, anything you want.”

You. I bit my lips, barely managing to suppress that word. There are many other ways to die.

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키스 미, 라이어
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9 Reviews

Oct 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Probably the only smut story with a complete and good plotstory (aside fr "you've got a mail"). First half of the story contains hot scenes bet MC and ML.

At first, You will greatly hate the ML especially as u read the novel. In contrast, I really like the MC, he loves the ML but retaliates back (he does some s*upid things though) !! The ending...I'm glad I read it until the end. But not recommended to those who dislike dog-blood drama XD

... more>>

At first ML is a bastard and cruel to MC, I thought bcoz he is like that to all the person he doesn't love but eventually he CHEATS on MC. For ML, it is normal-changing partners but prohibiting MC to talk/accept things fr othets. But I am wrong, I am also fooled by the author. The ML IS NOT a scum but a prideful tsundere. Eventually, I do not know if I'm gonna laugh or pity the ML at the end when all the cards are laid down. BE WARNED of the spoiler. It contains about the ML

Knives pointing at ML are due to misunderstandings. In reality, he can't get it up unless it is MC that's why he is frustrated. He didn't have s*x with others in the party and with flight attendant. I'm also fooled by the author. But the ML is really prideful at first, if he clarifies those things then the MC won't get hurt. Serves him right.

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Ananya verma
Ananya verma
Apr 28, 2022
Status: --
I hate Ml, he is way to overbearing, he thinks that what ever he does is right and what the MC does is wrong.

ML goes on having s*x with so many women but still asks MC to keep record and setting for his s*x with other people. But if ML seas MC talking with other men he gets mad.

And I really like the memory loss concept.... I even want MC to have s*x with other men in front of ml. And after that I want to see if ML is... more>> big hearted as to forgive MC for this.... <<less
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Sep 28, 2022
Status: Completed
If you're looking for gritty angsty smut with tons of DRAMA and toxic relationships then you're in the right place. Trust, respect, communication, none of those words exist in this novel between the inferior omega MC and egotistical playboy alpha ML.

Of course there's a happy ending because they have a child together. Because of course they do. Everyone knows that the way to fix a broken relationship is to tie two people together with a child... Right?
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Jul 23, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of my favourite novels so I'll prolly reread this again and again and still can't get enough. The ML is a jerk who has done numerous heinous things to the MC. My favorite part of the story is where the ML starts regretting what he did to the MC and tries his best to make up for it. The ML is a good father and a husband, and their child is so precious (Spencer my bb). There are also some disturbing scenes, so if you want to... more>> read this novel, brace yourself. The translation quality is really good. *Chef's kiss* <<less
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Apr 15, 2022
Status: --
Finished the manhwa. I don't get the revenge story. They were clearly not in a relationship to be exclusive but MC does because ML is possesive and he is in love with him. But ML is clear that he doesnt want to. It does not justify MC marking ml. Devotion to someone is one thing them reciprocating is not. MC could have moved on buy doesnt stay away, and all his hardship is justified with his love for ml. ML is seriously getting the shorg end of the stick.

That aside... more>> this is 60% better than other novel or manhwa of the same theme. <<less
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Jun 18, 2022
Status: Completed
It's pretty good.

I enjoyed reading the side stories more than the main story, though xD Spencer is just so cute.
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Aug 23, 2022
Status: --
I didnt get how the MC got the idea that ML loves just because he sleeps with him a few times like all his lovers so what if you confessed to him, you clearly acknowleged that you are just his bed partner and and said that you didnt expect him to stay with him for long, but then you acted like he cheated on you when he slept with the flight attendant (though he did not, which is no of your business) , he was oblivious when he came... more>> to you in a rut following his instinct because he was thinking about you and acted like an animal and this is a natural occurence which omegas would have done too so it was not his fault , but it was not your right to mark him in his vulnerable state though it was the perfect crime , if he didnt like you he would be scoring the earth to find and kill you, because what you did to him is just like r*pe and even more so,) I dont get why the author made it that only omega has the choice to be marked or not, is it just because it is wife chasing arc, so you want the ML to grovel ? So messed up how can someone be bound to another but not the other way around, that is just ugly and unfair, your partner can cheat on you but you are bound to him for life, the other parts were so so, I read the manhua, because the translation isnot complete so some points are not clear, did ML finally know that MC was a virg*n when he slept with him and he never had any other lover ? The manhua version was very rushed, and the part when MC got robbed wasnt very clear, and we didnt get a clear close on the mc's sickness, he suddenly can run away and stay in public places, although he was still having a panic attack just a few days ago, the ML is an arrogant playboy but he wasnot unfair or cruel, it was the MC one sided love that tormented him which the ML is not to blame for, when he realized his feelings he chased after MC who got tired of his love not being recopricated, his faults were not telling the MC about the or*y party and his apathy to his suffering and trauma afterward, but he took care of the MC when he realised the damage his carelessness resulted in , he is an arrogant jerk who doesnt see anyone in his path and doesnt consider other people emotions even later when he tried to force himself on MC in that situation, he was the same insufferable jerk nothing more, he just doesnt care about the mc's emotions, he was busy figuring his own emotions and didnt find it necessary to explain to the MC thay he didnt really cheat on him, so you know the novel here is like chicken talking with duck <<less
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Aug 16, 2022
Status: Completed
For a smut story it's super hot but you have to be patient to spend up to 90-ish chapters before it goes real hard. General plot is okay but the execution and characterization is quite weak. I like the MC tho. But I think it is very unreasonable to rate this low because the couple were not really going out. To put readers in the right perspective, it's physical relationship with unrequited love and both main chars have low EQ. They are MU but both did not had verbal commitment.... more>> So FYI kids, this happens between adults even in real life. It's casual s*x. They aren't really dating. Both are grown ups for christssake LMAO. There's technically, literally, no cheating happened. MC knew it himself so he did some get-backs.

As a note, the translator used the term extreme alpha but in MTL it should be "Dominant" Alpha as it was the korean omegaverse version of SSS alpha. I think it's pretty unique that an omega had a choice if you could mark him or not. At the very least in this world, omegas had a say. They could mark their alpha so the alpha could only use pheromones to him alone but the omega will have a choice if he is not willing to let the alpha's mark stay on his own body.

Unfortunately, I had a headache reading MTL but it's a good thing that the translator is currently at vol. 3 of the four books so I will definitely reread this again after wordexerpt finished translating.

My rating for smut: 4.5, plot: 3 <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 27, 2023
Status: --
MC is not s*upid, he is just masochist ar heart. Its his choice to continually be with ML. He even numbed himself watching all the girlfriend parades coming in and out of his crush room. He accepted the emotional abused by ML. Don't forget tht MC is an independent adult that could leave anytime. But he obsessed with ML. Literally accept any sordid treatment and mean words hurled at him just so he can be next to ml. So give ML a break. The straight man has a secretary that... more>> actually lusting over him for years. <<less
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