No Moral


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Yoonshin is a lawyer who defends the weak and powerless for the public good. Sehun uses underhanded methods to gain the upper hand and come out a winner.

They end up working as partners. But they don’t fit. They’re like fire and water. Yoonshin doesn’t agree with Sehun’s ways, and Sehun seems to doubt Yoonshin’s competence to get the job done.

But perhaps working together is just what they need to learn more about themselves and overcome each other’s differences. And when they do, Sehun finds himself opening up to Yoonshin.

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7 Reviews

New harupin
Nov 21, 2023
Status: Completed
I rarely give masterpieces as compliment plus I have low expectations to plot w/ smut tho this one for sure is a Masterpiece, REALLY MASTERPIECE among the others that i've read regardless of target audience/genre

I can't explain it with words and while a lot of people (from what I've seen) love this novel, it's still under appreciated.

First of all, the law firm setting is such a great device for the the main roles' personality and synergy. The usage of conflicts and problem solving is so well written in both court... more>> cases and romance. Not only that, the characters were being consistent yet growing at the same time esp Sehun (i love yoonshin (and her sis) tho, dont kill me sehun)

Lastly, the relationship building of the 2, Yoonshin and Sehun was a very delightful road to see T_T. (And as an enjoyer of enemies (?) to lovers and tsundere, this was executed well) They just went up to one of my best couple list 👏👏👏 I love them, STRONGEST AND SWEETEST COUPLE WOOO. I felt empty after finishing this

2 things that my selfish self wanted were Yoonshin and Sehun letting the sis know their relationship (bcz sec tak and mihee is aware of the 2 but the family isn't lol) and some overseas trip side story


Yet still, I won't ask for a better ending T_T

The fact sehun of all ppl would say love at first sight got me WOOOOO And Yoonshin smiling for that AAAAAAAA


My fav lines would probably

Sehun's vulgar lines, got me laughing to the core. He's unhinged with his words LOL


The tension of the 2 tho

Yeah they fwak a lot but even if they just stare at each other or say each other's first name, seggsual tension is still sooo high than other outside series characs that fwaks lol, The tie kiss was probably my fav lmao

Srsly the Top 1 highest seggsual tension I've ever read than other romance in all media lol



Sweet moments tho without the tension, I love the grocery part, swing, the ring ofc, Sehun calling Yoonshin's name in a sweet manner in front of everyone in the office, how yoonshin translates Sehun's indirect love remarks in his mind and responds with "I love you" and Sehun's rare direct words of affection


(Big props to the translator, hard earned my points for tappytoon lol) If only tappytoon got comment/discussion section, it's fun reading ppl's thoughts <<less
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Oct 06, 2022
Status: c61
To say that 'No Moral' is a good novel would be an understatement. I've been an avid reader ever since the first few chapters were posted on Tappytoon, and I don't think that any review would truly do it any justice. Even so, I'll try to explain what you can look forward to while reading.

To sum up this novel with a few mtl'd tags from RIDI Books: sweet & loving top, wounded top, handsome top, sweet & loving bottom, proactive/committed bottom, in-house romance, reunion, 3rd person POV.

For starters, this is... more>> a romance in a legal setting. But I find that the legal aspects are explored in detail, and you can tell that the author has committed to a lot of research to make it as immersive and realistic as possible.

The novel begins with the MC, Yoonshin, being accepted into South Korea's top law firm 'Doguk' at his sister's behest. He is taken under the male lead's wing, with the male lead, a.k.a Kang Sehun, being a senior attorney who is both feared and deeply respected in the legal industry. As the summary implies, it's no smooth relationship between the two, and they bu*t heads quite often. Sehun doubts Yoonshin's capabilities, and Yoonshin struggles to accept that Sehun uses underhanded tactics to secure his victory in the courtroom.

But what's absolutely stunning about 'No Moral' is the development.

At first, you might dismiss Sehun as a megalomaniac, and a mere as*hole with a superiority complex, and I wouldn't blame you. But there is depth to his character, and there is a reason for his cold exterior. Sehun's development is particularly striking, as he goes from a cold superior who views love as a waste of time to someone who is absolutely devoted to his lover.

And this change doesn't happen overnight. If Volume 1 focuses on their developing attraction, then Volume 2 provides explores Sehun's struggle to understand and accept his feelings for Yoonshin. He doubts Yoonshin's intentions, but, even so, he can't keep away from him.

Yoonshin is just as remarkable. I've grown used to seeing docile MCs in many stories, but Yoonshin is the farthest thing from being meek and submissive. He isn't afraid to question Sehun's motives, and he has no qualms about saying what's on his mind. His direct and sincere nature is what makes his relationship with Sehun possible, as he is upfront and honest about his feelings. I doubt Sehun would've acted on his feelings if it weren't for Yoonshin, actually.

Now that I'm halfway through Vol2 with Tappytoon's weekly releases, I can say that their relationship after they start dating is absolutely delightful. From their first time to a few chapters dedicated to exploring Sehun's past, Yoonshin is so sincere and so sweet that his gestures will make you feel ever so fond of him, and Sehun is so endeared and so devoted to him that he might just become your favorite love interest from the K-BL genre.

Relationship aside, the key conflict in this novel is the

impending divorce case that Yoonshin's sister will be going through, and Yoonshin's plans on helping her with it.

This complicates things, and it's one of the reasons why Sehun distrusts Yoonshin's intentions in Vol2. Even so, I've read enough of spoilers to know that they talk about it eventually.

Vol3 explores their dynamic as they navigate their work life. It features several minor conflicts and it is a conclusion to the key conflict in the earlier volumes. Sehun and Yoonshin learn to respect each other's boundaries, and their main story comes to an end.

That being said, there are 03 side stories which are very lengthy. But what I adore about them is that they focus on their relationship in the future.

A MAJOR spoiler for side story 02:


If I recall correctly, Yoonshin spends most of this volume trying to put a ring on it. Yep, you read that right. He gets them matching rings, and he spends so long getting them done that he neglects Sehun. They have an explosive fight and then they make up. And at the end of it, Sehun speaks of the moment when he fell in love with Yoonshin. That's the gist of it.


There's so much to look forward to, and the two of them can't seem to keep their hands off each other. But something that I really, really love about 'No Moral' is that they don't necessarily do a 180 in their personalities for the other person. Sehun doesn't turn into morally upstanding citizen at the end of it. But that's not to say that there's no character development.

Even though Sehun is in love with Yoonshin, he knows that Yoonshin accepts his arrogance and all of his little flaws. He makes little changes to accommodate Yoonshin in his life, and that's the kind of rhythm they fall into. His core personality stays the same, though he's a lot more affectionate and sweet to Yoonshin (and Yoonshin only).

Honestly, the things Sehun does sometimes... it's like he's had YEARS of passion bottled up, and now that he's found someone to love him for who he is, he almost doesn't know how to hold back.

Aside from this, the side characters are a delight as well. There's Mihee, who is one of Sehun's work partners, and Secretary Tak. Secretary Tak is a sweetheart with horrendous timing. I can't count the number of times he's c*ck-blocked the two leads, but he plays a pretty important role in helping Yoonshin understanding Sehun's many facets.

So, what can you expect from reading 'No Moral'?

    • A lot of uncomfortable moments in Vol 1, where Yoonshin struggles to get used to his new workplace. Sehun is extremely ruthless here, so he might come across as unlikeable. Even so, don't stop reading there! He redeems himself very well.
    • A lot of s*xual tension pre-relationship. Even though this is a slowburn romance, I was never bored while reading Vol1. There are lots of moments where their relationship grows and they come to understand each other better than before.
    • A lot of heartwarming moments in Vol2. It starts off a little frustrating with Sehun trying to suppress his feelings, but the way he comforts Yoonshin is so sweet and so, so lovely. And when it's Yoonshin's turn to comfort Sehun, it's just as heartwarming and beautiful.
    • Intimacy. Lots of s*x scenes and erot*c moments between the two. Their first proper s*xual encounter is extremely passionate and worth the wait. And I know that the s*x scenes in the special stories are top notch as well.

      There's foodplay, there's phone s*x... you get the gist of it.

    • Some insight into South Korea's legal industry. I am, by no means, an expert on the law, but even I can tell that a lot of effort has been put into writing this. You don't need to worry about not being able to understand legal terms, because most of them have been explained as well.
Both WordExcerpt and Tappytoon offer the novel in English (but the translation provider is WordExcerpt). If you're confused about which platform to use, I'd recommend Tappytoon. The episodes are longer and it's only 200 points per episode (which you can easily collect by watching ads).

But if you're worried that you might regret spending your points on it, you can test it out by reading the WordExcerpt chapters for free.

This novel also has an ongoing manhwa, which has an English translation on Manta! So, if you'll be able to experience Sehun and Yoonshin's love story in a graphical format too.

All in all, it's worth the read, and you'll definitely enjoy the ride. The author, Tehanu, has done an amazing job of bringing this love story to life. <<less
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Apr 29, 2022
Status: v3c24
The summary of this novel doesn't do it any justice. This is a good novel. Not writing it in a first person perspective is another plus point for me.

As of now, the translator put it as ch43 but it's actually on v1ch6?7?, can't remember the detail. The point is, the translator had cut the chapter too much. This novel consists of 3 volume and 1 bonus. Because the translation is too slow, it force me to buy it from Google play and use papago. Although the mtl is all over... more>> the place, I quite enjoyed it.

Although sehun seems like a rude person, he does love yoonshin from what I can gleam of the mtl. So give this novel a chance.

It shocked me that this novel got such a low rating. If you want to enjoy the novel graphically, there is a manhwa for this novel. And everyone is good looking 😅 <<less
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Aug 28, 2023
Status: Completed
First off, the English translation is complete, albeit not free, which is always a pain but kind of expected for a KR novel. As of right now, the WordExcerpt chapters are free up to Chapter 79, and then I would recommend using Tappytoon for the rest of the chapters as they are longer and I also could not for the life of me figure out how to purchase chapters on WordExcerpt. Picking up on Tappytoon, the chapter you'll want to start on is Episode 38, where the free chapters end... more>> on WordExcerpt! (It used to be free up to Chapter 166 on Wordpress, so if you are able to read up to there, the Tappytoon chapters pick up on Episode 67!) Thought I would put it out there for those of you who don't want to purchase any unnecessary chapters :)

Anyways on to my review~

When I read people's reviews saying that Kang Sehun was going to become one of the most devoted and loving MLs, I was so skeptical, I literally could not believe it. Who would think that this cold, unfeeling block of ice would make a complete 180 by the midpoint of the story and turn into the most loving, tender, and devoted lover of them all?? I am still in shock, like the lines this man would say had me shaking. He's so romantic and devoted and supportive and also...


the dirty talk??? Hello??? Sir you cannot just say all of that in PUBLIC. My brain devolved into incoherency so many times just from the sh*t this man would say. He is completely unrestrained, of the likes that I have truly never seen. Like I cannot tell you the amount of internal screaming that this man evoked in me, the words that came out of his mouth... like good lord.

Truly the filthiest ML I have ever read lmaooo who knew that he would have this side to him please I could not have expected this from the way he talked in the first volume of the story, but my god by the midpoint of the second volume he was on fire. Every other line was just pure sin and this isn't even mentioning the s*x scenes... like I had to take a breather at times because of how ML was going absolutely feral hahaha


Also the way that Sehun defends Yoonshin —

after the divorce proceedings start going, and basically puts his own job on the line for Yoonshin?? Insane. When he told his superior that he would leave the company with Yoonshin if it came down to it, I was just in complete shock, jaw on the floor, brain empty. This was the culmination of so many chapters of conflict for him, and it was actually incredible how well executed the shift in his perspective was. He really turned around from when he was basically trying to kick Yoonshin out at the beginning, to defending him at the cost of his own livelihood.


I am insane after reading this. My mind is consumed by the ML. I can't function. What even is this story. Saying it's good is an understatement. The character development of the ML has me in actual shock. Once he decided he was going to pursue Yoonshin, he pursued him. The decision was so clear from how his words and behaviors shifted after he accepted his own feelings. Like I have never in my life seen a character change this much and also make so much sense the whole time. Nothing felt ever out of character for him. It all just flowed so naturally, the change happening over the course of so many chapters and paced so well. I'm in awe. After finishing the story, I have got to re-read, because the change is drastic I tell you. If you feel that ML is too cold and unfeeling in the first volume, please hold out because the man that he becomes by the end, by virtue of being with Yoonshin, is so worth it.


There was only one potentially problematic scene where Sehun goes a little too far with "rough" s*x, but the way it was handled omg. Yoonshin right after communicates clearly about what he didn't like, and tells Sehun he doesn't want it to happen again and that Sehun should tell Yoonshin his feelings more clearly next time before taking it out on him physically. And then Sehun apologizes, agrees with Yoonshin, and it really does not happen again. Sehun doesn't say anything about how Yoonshin asked for it (even though he did at the beginning) and he takes responsibility and communicates his feelings in the moment clearly. It's honestly such a beautiful moment that shows the level of trust and care they have for each other.


Also I've been raving about the ML for so long but don't get me started on how much I love the MC. Yoonshin my baby... he's so bold and righteous and upfront. He says what's on his mind and he is so honest and true to his feelings. When he starts becoming interested in Sehun he immediately tells the other man, and he never once shied away from telling Sehun exactly how he felt about him. Without his boldness I can't imagine how their relationship could have ever progressed. I just have so much respect for the MC, he really doesn't let misunderstandings lie and he's so emotionally mature and sincere. He's such a strong character, in all the ways that truly matter. He allows himself to feel sadness, and he doesn't let his sadness overpower him. The empathy and compassion that he shows ML is so beautiful, and it's clear that the two of them are truly made for each other.

Yoonshin has clearly been brought up in a loving home and has an extremely secure attachment style, and while Sehun is extremely avoidant at first, once he decides he's in it for the long haul, his feelings are extremely transparent and he has no problem communicating his feelings. Honestly the two of them make me so happy, and the chemistry they have is actually insane. Sehun is so affectionate and he's clearly been extremely repressed because once he opens up, the passion that he has for Yoonshin is unrestrained. Also the arguments they had made me crack up they were mostly so unserious. The banter between them is really something else, it's sometimes serious but the intuitive understanding that they have of each other makes it so that it never goes too far.

The way that Yoonshin is able to understand Sehun's feelings from his actions is also just so amazing, as Sehun hasn't ever really experienced unconditional love and spoken his feelings aloud. Yoonshin is so patient with him, and he's so truly grateful for every time that Sehun expresses his true self. When Sehun first confesses his love with words, Yoonshin literally just freezes in place, overwhelmed with feeling, and I really just felt the love between them so strongly. The romance in this story is really really well written, and though I'll admit the latter half of the novel reads like a PWP (but with plot hahaha) it works for them. They're both just so in love with each other, they literally cannot keep their hands off of each other. The number of times that they went at in public spaces, good lord. How did they keep this a secret for 3+ years while also working together?? Unbelievable.

On the topic of intimacy too, Sehun is literally feral in bed. There's no other word to describe it. He's actually the horniest MF to exist. Some of the scenes I literally had to put my screen down and stare into the void, because my god. Though Sehun is usually the one who leads, Yoonshin is very much an active participant, and he's also just as h**ny hahah like I can't imagine how the two of them are able to get any work done when they're both just constantly undressing each other with their eyes. Probably why they had to implement a s*x ban when Sehun had an important project, but then Yoonshin literally drags the man into a closet at work after Sehun is done because they cannot wait until they get home to f*ck. Like please how are they like this. I swear they will go at it on any surface in any location with any lubricant, it makes me laugh just thinking about it. I really need them to get caught at some point because it is unreal that they have not been seen.

I have so many feelings about this couple, and I really just cannot recommend this story enough. It's a very easy read and the s*xual tension is to die for. Definitely one of my favorites.


If nothing else, I wish they would have eventually revealed their relationship to Yoonshin's sister! I imagine they did it soon after the ending of the side stories :')

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Jun 22, 2022
Status: c50
I usually avoid reading professional type manhwas and novels like lawyer and doctors because the romance takes backseat.

Totally happened again! I was sooo frustrated waiting for progress between the MCs. I couldn't take it anymore after 50 chs so I skipped to ch 70. There was something there.... not much tho. I think the lack of progress is due to one ML being really scared of liking someone so he tries to ignore it.

But, even so, I was so addicted after sitting through 50 chs...i wanted to go back and... more>> read it again. Probably will read again after a few weeks. <<less
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Mar 10, 2023
Status: Completed
English translation (main story) complete.

I had lots of fun reading this story. It has various elements I enjoy:

  • legal setting
  • grumpy (cold ML) x sunshine (sweet MC) trope
  • rivals to lovers vibes
  • plenty of smut
  • 3rd person POV
Quite well-written and translated. Plus, the author's references to Dickens' Great Expectations (a classic novel I am very fond of) were nice. Overall, a relaxing, pleasent story worth reading.
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Nov 30, 2022
Status: c167
It's really good. Even thought the MC and ML do not get along at first, their interactions are really something to look forward to. They are polar opposites. Therefore, they do tend to argue a lot but with affection wkwkwkw. I love how the author shows us the glimpse of life into a firm. It's really exciting to see what the MC will do or what the ML would do or to for say, what the brother in law is planning to do? How the MC is going to handle... more>> it and etc. Honestly at first I thought the MC was going to continue being naive which in fact did develop a small irritation in me when I first started reading it. But he grows in character along side with the ML who happens to be closed off, cold and merciless due to his past circumstances. The MC and ML are quite similar in some way making them attract to each other strongly. There is slight angst by the way. BUT ITS WORTH IT. You get lots of fluff after. The MC and ML cares for each other a lot. I feel really bad for the MC's sister though like I mean she is hot but her circumstances wuwuwuwu SHE CAN MARRY ME INSTEAD. Yknow so anyways...

YOULL ENJOY IT ! Give it a try. Giving this book a 1000/1000 also I'll be searchin for the ongoing chapter translations and update back yeah? p.s. *searching frantically* <<less
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