Unscented Trajectory


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Lee Joo-hyuk, the eldest son of Shinwoo Group and executive director of Shinwoo Construction.

His omega died in front of his eyes when he was young, but he could not forget him and did not try to embrace any other omega.

He couldn’t ejaculate no matter who he had s*x with, so he had to masturbate at the end, always imagining the sweet scent of his omega.

Until he lays down with his own secretary and bodyguard, Beta Kwon Yihyeon.

“Aren’t you going to do anything for me? Then lie down and spread your legs.”

Lee Joo-hyuk’s dedicated guard dog, Kwon Yihyeon.

Although he is a dominant omega, his pheromone gland was damaged due to an unexpected accident, leaving it unscented

He was confident that he would do anything to protect his alpha Joohyeok, who fell apart when he was young, but he looks so different now and could not even recognize him now that his scent has disappeared.

He thought it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t recognize him, as long as he could keep his lost mate by his side.

However, Lee Joohyeok becomes increasingly harsh on the devoted Kwon Yihyeon.

“I can do anything to protect the managing director.”

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무향의 궤적
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5 Reviews

Jan 13, 2022
Status: Completed
So I read also version translated to spanish till the end. And in all honesty this omegaverse was really frustrating. If you are into toxic tr*sh seme personalities you would probably love it.

I was frustrated for quite some time reading the whole story, that set up uke put himself into with seme was so painful in some parts.

Even though it got some character development, and backstory also unveiled some missing parts towards the end of the story, it's still hardly justified seme's tr*shy behaviour towards uke.

The plot concept was good... more>> though for idea of two separeted lovers <<less
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Mar 28, 2022
Status: c37
I love this! Toxic seme? YES. Loyal to the death uke? YAH.

Bunch of circumstances bundling them together with smut everywhere? HELL YEAH
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Dec 18, 2021
Status: --
The Manhwa is further along in the story than the novel translations, so I can tell you that this is not a story for everyone BUT for those who can read this type of story I think it's interesting. The author leaves out details while giving you pieces bit by bit to slowly piece together what happened in the past and reveals why the MC insists on being beside the ML (Alpha/Boss).

It reminds me a lot of "Kiss me, Liar" so if you read that and liked it, or didn't... more>> mind that kind of story, you will probably enjoy this one too. <<less
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Dec 15, 2021
Status: c8
This will be one of the few times writing a review because I really enjoy this novel so far and there are no other reviews. I want to PREFACE/ TRIGGER WARNING that if reading about DUBIOUS CONSENT before having inter-course makes you uncomfortable you should NOT read this. Also, the ML can be seen as a scum top so if you aren't into that then you also shouldn't read this. The smut is also really descriptive so if that isn't your cup of tea, then skip this novel. Don't say... more>> you weren't warned and then rate this low because it has elements you don't like.

Now that all that is out of the way, let me set the scene for those who made it past my warnings.

MC (Main Character) = Kwon Yihyeon (Dominant Omega)

ML (Main Lead) = Lee Joohyeok (Dominant Alpha?/ Alpha)

The MC is an omega who is 'unscented'. Therefore, no one can tell he is an omega and because of this, he sneaks into the ML's work and pretends to be a beta. He does this so he can get close to the ML. (There's a past between the two but I won't bore you with my theories because you'll probably see it in the comments if you read it😂)

The ML is a traumatized alpha. He tells everyone that he once had an omega wife/partner that he loved but they died in front of him, therefore he will go limp every time he tries to have s3x with an omega which stops him from getting another partner and getting married. Now he sees omega as disgusting in a way because omegas try to get in his bed, since he is a rich CEO, even though he has that 'no omega' rule. He doesn't hire omegas to be his bed partner or business partners, he doesn't like being around them too much either although he tries to stay cordial.

The dubious consent comes when ML has s3x with the betas because they said yes to being in bed with him so that they can get rewards, since he is a rich CEO he can give whatever role they desire, but they can't take what he gives and is often upset at that. He continues even if they say no they are tired because he is paying them for the service. The ML is harsh/violent on his subordinates but he pays them very well and they don't quit so.. This is giving the ML dubious consent to just treat them any ol' kinda way. There is also dubious consent with the MC because he doesn't want to expose himself as an omega but.. Things lead to other things.


ML gets drugged and drags the MC to have s*x. The description of it at first is painfully but the ML takes care of MC in his own way. The MC wants it because he has a crush on ML but doesn't want it because he doesn't want ML to know his secondary gender. I don't know about future chapters but I think this is where ML gets addicted. He doesn't get exposed there though so he's safe 😮‍💨


I'm sure you see the problem here. MC is an omega hiding as a beta working as the ML's assistant even though the ML hates omegas.

This story is (so far since I've only read 8 chapters) about how the MC just tries to stay by the ML's side no matter the risk and how he's treated. The translator does an amazing job of conveying how scared the MC is of being found out. I can feel his turmoil of just wanting to stay close but is scared of getting too close. It's beautiful because you, as the reader, want them to communicate but at the same time you aren't sure if communication will fix their relationship. We only know how the MC feels. ML is still a bit of a question mark but that's because he hasn't unraveled their past. It's not just something you randomly bring up in conversation anyway. It isn't a quick fix talk and it isn't a quick fix misunderstanding. Their relationship has layers and since neither of them feel like addressing it, it stays in a limbo feeling so far.

All in all, I can't wait for future chapters. I love stories like this. If you got this far into my review then I can tell, you'll appreciate it too. Give it a try💜 <<less
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Feb 10, 2022
Status: c30
Normally I hate omegaverse but I find this story so intriguing and unlike the others that I keep coming back.

Our MC Yihyeon does not produce pheromones and is also surprisingly very resilient against others pheromones hence I really like how in this story Yihyeon is not influenced by these pheromones but rather by the person themselves. He's incredibly faithful to the point that people may call it a fault and for me, one of the driving forces for me reading this novel is figuring out what makes the ML Joohyuk... more>> so good, so worthy of this faith that Yihyeon puts up with so much shit. As people have said, this relationship is toxic, it's really not that great but it does improve over time. It's interesting seeing how Joohyuk's attitude to Yihyeon changes over time but also Yihyeon to Joohyuk.


At first Joohyuk uses Yihyeon as a way to vent his sexual urges. As Yihyeon rarely shows emotions, I understand that for Joohyuk it can be incredibly difficult to understand that what he's doing is wrong. It takes others pointing out how worst for wear Yihyeon is for him to finally realise. For Joohyuk, his life is often targeted by others - primarily his step-family and as such he has grown to be distant, cold and domineering thus I like how he progressively learns to have a bit more humanity and care over the chapters. This character development is quite slow but incredibly well done imo.

On the other hand, Yihyeon also grows over the chapters but maybe in a less positive way. At the beginning Yihyeon is again, very faithful to Joohyuk and you could say maybe blinded by his love for him. However over the subsequent chapters, he begins to question his relationship more with him. At one point he is keenly aware that he feels not only love but maybe even a bit of loathing for both himself and Joohyuk. I guess for me I like how it isn't a narrative of 'love will fix all' and instead shows all the ugly with it too. This definitely isn't the most romantic relationship (it's toxic lol) but I find the character growth the most interesting and well done I've seen in a while.

Other interesting points I find about this novel is the backstory of these characters, specifically Yihyeon. Yihyeon is of course hiding the fact he is not a beta but rather an omega. However from the glimpses we've seen, Yihyeon is always able to keep this ruse as he too is from a powerful family (Yihyeon isn't even his real name!).


So I've gushed a lot about what I like about this novel but I haven't talked about the negatives yet. No novel is perfect and this one isn't an exception. This may be a bit more of a quip with the translation but every now and again Yihyeon's name is translated wrong (I think it gets turned into Lee heon?) but this happens rarely so it's not a big concern. Personally I find the fight scenes not well written. Idk if that's the writer or the translation but I find them a bit long winded, hard to imagine and overall a bit boring but in the end, fighting is not one of the major themes of this novel so I can forgive it. (Btw I think the translation is actually quite well done otherwise! I have absolutely no other issue with it plus they give us chapters rather frequently so I feel very spoiled hehe).

Overall I love this novel and will continue to read it. I've heard there is a manhwa for it and personally I haven't read it so I can't attest for it but I will check it out after the novel is finished. For new readers, I'd say do give it a try but do be wary as it's definitely not for all people. I'd say NeroLotus' review has great prefaces/trigger warnings so do check it out before you read :) <<less
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