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As the world of 〈Eclair〉is in danger as the war between the Human, Beastman and Demon race is being waged, a man was summoned to save the world, and he indeed save the world according to his mission, and returns to the Human Country. However, what was waiting for him was the trap of the Human King, who was afraid that the Hero who acquired power would take his position. Trapped, the Hero was put under transfer magic, being born again as a baby in modern times.

16 years later, he spent his high school life under the name Suzaki Setsu. He continued looking for a method to return to the different world again, even if he is bullied for beeing gloomy guy who always reads books, he continued looking for it non-stop.

But suddenly he once again stepped on the soil of the different world. Summoned by the hero summon of the Human country……..this time along with his classmates.

“War again? Sounds troublesome, don’t wanna.”

Fortunately, he was summoned to the different world of 5 years later, slipping out of the Human country, he decided to meet people such as the good old Demon King and the Beast King.

However he keeps on getting caught up in nasty plot, this is the story of the former hero who doesn’t have the motivation.

Associated Names
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A Second Time for an Otherworld Summoning
Returning to Another World After Being Summoned a Second Time
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33 Reviews

Mar 01, 2017
Status: c7
It's painfully obvious who the target demographic this is for just from looking at the tags (the bullying tag gives it away) or reading the first 7 chapters: People who like edginess, and low self-esteemed bullied middle school and high school kids that can self-insert; where they can feel powerful without putting in any effort to change themselves for the better.

While the MC is overpowered and can trump anyone in the world; everyone from the kingdoms strongest warriors to the demon lord themself... yet he deliberately chooses to be... more>> a doormat, punching bag, and gofer for sterotypical bullies (whom aren't even named) who bully him (beat up, rob, harrass... etc) because they're jealous of his relationship with a pretty childhood friend.

The reason for letting himself get bullied? Because any other option is apparently too troublesome. In the real world, he justified taking the bullying by saying it cuts into his time trying to find a way back to the other world (by reading Web Novels no less), if the bullying extends after school. He also gets bullied during breaks and lunch, which he also spends time reading novels when he's not. The only problem is, he's been doing this for the last 16 years... It would be far more time-saving and productive in the long run by taking one afternoon off from the fantasy novels and facing the bullies to tell them this is where it ends. Even if he's weak in the real world (which he isn't, he kept his powers from the other world), bullies stop bullying you when they don't have an easy target like he makes himself out to be. It's a lot more troublesome for the bullies if they're trying to bully a strong-willed weak guy that fights back and fights dirty (later revealed to have a signature c*otch kick named "Man Killer" in the other world), than an easy target that doesn't do anything. He even goes so far as to let his bangs grow in front of his eyes, which only makes him look like an even easier target. May as well have a bullseye or a sign taped to his back that says "kick me", but I digress. If only he took a bit of time out of his day to rectify his situation (and get a f*cking haircut while he's at at) --voila, he all of a sudden has a lot more free time to read during lunch breaks instead of being an errand boy.

In the other world, he justifies the bullying by saying it's to prevent pursuers from the kingdom using him (as he wants to get out of the country), which is "troublesome" if they knew what he was capable of. Here's the thing though; it doesn't bloody matter if he can curb stomp everybody! They're ants to him, so treat any pursuers like ants! The only real thing he has to worry about, is the mysterious magic that sent him back home as an infant... which I'm sure he'd be able to find out easily by using his connections he has in the castle from his previous summon, to investigate, instead of wasting time being bullied like a nerdy piece of shit, who deserved to get robbed like he did for being an insufferable dumbass.

Overall, this protagonist is lazy AF, has severely low self-esteem, incredibly weak-willed, short sighted, and makes absolutely no effort to where it counts. Oh, and he's also a hardcore sad*st that gets off ass-spanking s*ave girls and kicking guys in the balls; his way of greeting his former acquaintances. If this is his way of greeting his (masochistic) friends, I hate to see what he does to his enemies. Oh wait... we already know he does jack-all to them, like letting the bullies walk all over him. Sounds like the poster child for autism. Looks like he'd fit right in with kids who make "Death Notes" out of their notebooks when that craze was around.

Bottom line: If you like reading novels about edgy bullied kids that make you cringe, this is for you. If not, I don't think even the hot demon girl on the cover is enough to make me keep coming back.

P.S. off-topic edit: looks like novel updates is censoring "naughty" words in reviews such as "s*xy", (depending on certain circumstances of when you are viewing the site), as if that's going to keep this site family friendly or something. The same site that features adult novel titles with checkboxes/tags for: Yaoi, adult, smut, or appropriately tagged novels with r*pe, mu*der, interc**rse, s*avery...I could go on and on, but I'd be wasting my time at this point. <<less
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Nov 30, 2017
Status: c53
A lot of negative reviews. Notice the similarity of them all? They did not make it past chapter 10.

First off, the MC has a reason the be negative.

This hasn't been confirmed in the translation; he had to kill his best friend who had gone full on evil. And I mean his best friend.

The MC is the type of person who lives by his beliefs to stay mentally stable -- that and because he possesses great power that can be easily misused. He's a hero, not a conqueror. As such he won't take actions until actions are provoked. If he knows the person is bad he will prepare for said person, but not confront them until they step out of line.

The other characters have had a little development. However, some of the other, likely to be important, side-characters have not had much development. In addition to this, the world building wasn't so well either. Leaving much to be described during the situations, and many more bits left out. This doesn't detract from the story too much but it becomes more of the 'MC doing his own thing' show.

Obviously, I rated this as a 4 star. Which means that even with what I've said above, this novel is still good. The MC isn't a dunce, he knows his limits, he has his own desires and his own concerns. Lastly, it's enjoyable, and that's the important part.
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Mar 09, 2017
Status: c7
Below average. The cover and "twice transported hero" theme got me interested, but this is not worth your time.

Basically, it just reeks too much of self-insert fantasy. Too many times when reading I could hear the author going "Wow I'm so awesome". Plot development and characters don't feel natural.
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Apr 28, 2018
Status: c37
This novel is kinda weird in my book because a) the MC is supossed to be super awesome overpowered b) he’s the number one pushover.

As mentioned in the other reviews the MC is a pacifist (but not against his friends). So he let’s people hit him and proclaims he will never again kill a person, reason? He killed one of his best friends before cause he tried to eradicate 2 of the 3 major races.

Oh but yeah his BF just faked his death so psyched! MC reason for being a... more>> pacifist? Doesn’t even exist.

Also he tells his... his gf? That she can’t travel with him cause she needs to get experience with killing stuff...

Oh but he’s super OP! Yeah when he’s not fighting, every fight scene so far he has been fighting even against the bad guy/girl? minions and let each and everyone of them escape. Reason given here is that he’s just not fighting ”seriously” so they get to kill/threaten people.

We also get told the only time he get’s mad and kill people is when his loved one’s get threatened. The demon chick on the pic aka the demon lord agrees to marry some douch just for the promise that he will try to summon the MC. MC hears about it the same day it’s decided and there are 4 days to go! But wait even though the guy who gave the message could reach the village the MC was in within a few hours, it takes a minimum of 3-4 days to get back whaaaa? Then we can just teleport there! Wait what? MC had been spending days/weeks walking towards that place when he could’ve just instantly teleported? -.-

Oh but wait! MC had spent so much mana travelling that if he teleports he would need to rest for a long time after teleporting cause he’d be so spent..... why didn’t you just teleport in the first place!!!

Oh right need them 10 filler chapters... MC still arrives really late and even though his demon chick was about to be made into a s*x toy who obeyed them faithfully for but a chance to see the MC (the bad guy litterally says this). The MC is like meeh I am not bothered.

But yeah seeing as how MC logic is that bad guys will get whats coming for them cause he read it was like that in web novels so he can’t be bothered while they beat him and steal his money to go buy ice cream and go all licky licky in his face. I am not suprised.

Oh and last but not least the grand reason for bad guy killing a bunch of people and trying to commit genocide? Cause bad gurl (pretty much spelled out it’s a girl cross dressing as a guy) is a super yandere whos in love with MC so because he got a long with demonkin and beastkin they gotta go cause Tauma is N1!

The plot is just spirrallllllling out to jupiter and I have no idea anymore what the point of the story is. Is it trying to be a comedy? Then why so serious? Is it trying to be serious? Then why much plot missing?

I just don’t know anymore.... <<less
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Apr 04, 2017
Status: c8
A cringy novel, you have an OP protagonist where everyone else is ants to him who cries over killing people.

He doesn't retaliate because he's too powerful... what kind of bullsh*t is that? Is it so hard to kick them down or release some of that 'killing intent' he has that makes normal people wet themselves? Besides the fact that he was an absolute donkey back on earth, allowing himself to constantly be bullied because his childhood friend is a complete f*cking airhead who is attached to him and also turns... more>> out to be really pretty, so the bullies are jealous of him. It had a solid premise.

Who knows. It might actually turn out good in a few tens of chapters but at the moment, I'm not feeling it. There's also quite a few jp tropes that tire you out. <<less
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Jun 27, 2017
Status: c13
Honestly it's not that good. The story is everywhere and every character is 1 demensional. I can't sympathize with any of it. The MC is just trying to desperately justify himself.

"If they hurt my people I'll hurt them back" And I'm like "Dude you already know their enemies.. so why wait?" He's just stalling for the inevitable... His sense of justice makes no sense as he has to wait to take it up the bu*t first... He knows what type of people they all are, as they were the ones... more>> who killed him....

You can tell the Author has no idea were to take the story as all characters are random. I don't mind that the MC is gloomy or looks emo but he's just beyond s*upid.. lol <<less
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Apr 04, 2019
Status: c71
Porbably, the worst novel I have ever had the pleasure to read. The only way to describe this novel in words is "Mega cringey ass gay novel". The main reason why I even bothered to try this novel in the first place because of the "Male Yandere" tag, only to end up realizing is that its not the male protagonist who is Yandere but some ultra gay dude who is nuts for main character for no apparent reason.

-As for the cringey part without spoiling much, our LUL protagonist was forced... more>> to kill his best mate for some bullsh*t reasons which made him so depressed he was about to commit su*cide which somewhat explains his god-awful behavior for literally tolerating everything he faces in the story from bullying to harassment to straight up being a punching bag despite being overpowered as hell, I guess for the said protag the only way to solve problems in this world or coming to any foreseeable solution is straight up mudering/killing. So anyway, how his harem members reacts his ret*rded behavior? We need to get super strong for HIM so that he never has to dirty his hands ever again, lest he goes suicidal again like he is some kind of baby needs to be spoon-fed. I mean the whole monologue and POV stand from harem perspective is just so goddamn awful that aside from sucking his d*ck and treating him like god, they have no other personality. Also I forgot to mention, our said protagonist meets this good friend after a long time and the first thing HE DOES? Is to kick him HARD in the nuts because that's the way he greets people but STANDING UP AGAINST BULLIES FOR HIS OWN SELF-RESPECT? Oh Hell naw are you satan? Because he is the 2nd coming of Mahatma Gandhi. I mean the last thing this novel needs is MC going on hunger strike against the bullies so the they can finally see his way.

Final Verdict:- The whole novel feels like Author wrote it while smoking god knows what. <<less
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Apr 29, 2017
Status: c9
If ur looking for a hero that transported twice to the same world, hates killing, but is the destined hero that seems impotent as a man? This might be ur novel then.

When I read this, it was entertaining to a point and I wanted a good love interest and an MC that kills. Cuz y'know? The other world holds life that cheap, y'know?

This MC also has a creed of not killing, which, is brought up how naive it is. The MC wants to get away from that. To me, he`s... more>> a piece of shit. But if ur curious, go for it. Good luck tho. As such, this isnt my novel. <<less
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May 31, 2017
Status: c21
Unlike the other reviews, I find this story very interesting. I think this story really depends on what the readers are looking for or what they like. And for me, this book suits my taste.

There are somethings that are confusing though:

The MC's personality - it's confusing that the MC doesn't like to kill when he won a war

The girls - most of the girls like the MC for no apparent reason. Especially the childhood friend.

... more>>

In c12, the demon king agrees to marry a shady man just because the man says that he can summon the MC again. Like wth, you would just believe him??


Despite all that, it's still an interesting story.


Ok, I feel bad saying this but this book kind of went downhill for me. So, I'm giving this a 2/5. I really enjoyed this book in the beginning but I don't know if it's because I outgrown this genre or if this book simply s**ked. So, yeah. If you want to read it, go ahead but honestly I don't really recommend it. <<less
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Feb 27, 2017
Status: c7
The idea of this novel is great, but my opinion to much drama in this novel. The MC is reincarnation n double summoned person to the same world, but the way he think like teenagers.

He let him self got bullied in his school because he think to troublesome to defend. And because of that MC always buy foods and drinks for the bullys using his own money.

Good idea but bad MC.
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May 01, 2017
Status: c10
The premise seemed promising, a summoned hero that had already saved the world got re-summoned to the world because they like wars too much. Turns out the MC is extremely against killing so he goes off on his own to have fun in a war torn world, because when the entire world is at war you can casually go around with your friends and have a good time without being involved in anything troublesome.

On top of that you give it the Arifureta special where he's on terms with the most... more>> popular and prettiest girl in school (or at least in his class) she has one female best friend that slightly looks down MC, one muscle-head male friend that only really goes along with what his friends say (so he also dislikes MC), and another male friend that is the most "popular, handsome, and perfect" guy in the class that everyone apparently likes. There's also the group of bullies that dislike the MC simply because he gets along with the pretty girl and the MC lets them walk all over them for no reason other than "it's too troublesome to stop them". When the entire class gets summoned to the other world the popular group turns out to have the strongest abilities and "mr. Popular" decides for the entire class that they're going to help the humans wipe out the demons and beastmen and take over the world.

The doormat MC who is also apparently an OP protagonist also has the unique ability of flag setter as apparently he has a number of female companions from the other world that love him for no particular reason, even to the point where one of them, a talented knight/warrior begged him to let her become his s*ave. Did I forget to mention that he's also apparently a super sadist? Which is totally interesting, because he's an utter doormat who can't fight back in front of everyone else, yet in front of the people that know him well he's a super sad*st that loves relentlessly teasing and abusing them for no real reason. <<less
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Nov 06, 2018
Status: c65
Oh boy did I have hopes for this one.

Only to be doused in disappointment of a poorly written plot and rushed events, to the horribly dragged out talks between enemies in a fight that would put Naruto to shame.

As of chapter 65, the MC is still a garbage character. Although some stuff about him are interesting, mainly the S%&M between him and his friends and love interests, most character traits he has can't even be called traits. He is described as a master of all goddamn magic, yet uses just... more>> about nothing other than physical strength, making fights last longer than they should. Fights are also half ass'ed because of his 'creed' nonsense. Oh he won't kill an enemy, oh he isn't aware of his strength, oh the author has brain damage.

Some side characters are interesting, but are mainly blank paper things just being there. Especially the classmates summoned with him.

The true "enemy" exists because.. Well, they need a godlike villain in isekai I guess.

Love interests, they are interesting on first glance, but then you remember nothing is said about how and why. It just exists as a love on first sight (or punch in case of the beast girls).

As a story. I recommend avoiding this. It is absolutely not worth the read.

As a translation.. HAHAHAHAHAH. It's not bad, but it isn't good either. 3 out of 5 for the effort. And that's me being generous. <<less
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May 31, 2018
Status: c41
Another typical Japanese novel where you won't love the main character because of its endless defects, seriously this trend is very annoying can't they just make a normal main character, I mean it's good to be unique but if everyone is using that character profile then can you still consider that unique. I got to admit I am almost feed up with main characters of Japanese creators.

... more>>

One big mystery for this novel is how that main character manage to save the world, You can see that he is surrounded by many I mean many trusted aids yet he was still forcefully kick out in that world. He was reincarnated (became a baby again in earth) yet he still have his OP powers with him (as stated that he give divine protection to his childhood friend).

Another point is his promise not to kill because he killed a person that is the same as him. I thought at first that he have special relationship with that person like a best friend but it turns out it was just a one sided obsession from the other side towards him (the hero he killed was g*y). So now that he knows that g*y friend is still alive so why can't he kill again? (Or the author forgotten about the main reason he stop killing and just go on with the flow thinking it was unique?yeah unique b*llsh*t I say)

One part that is likable about the MC is he takes responsibility towards the girls who admire him and left them hanging for 5 years. I would drop this on spot if he was like other MC who has virg*n boy attitude towards girls. Yet despite wanting to protect them he failed every time because he won't fc*king kill his enemies to much B*llsh*ting in this novel!

OP and invincible MC with OP plot armor? So what? Everyone around him is dying because he is fc*king lazy, an idiot who can't plan ahead, and just go on with the flow


You can say that this novel has it's up and down but I don't like reading this kind of setting. I thought I found another raw diamond but I realize it was just a crude stone like other Japanese novel out their who outlast their uniqueness because of the repetitive character setting.

How idiot is the MC of this novel?


His demon lord girl almost got abducted because he wasn't time wise, A whole village disappeared including his apprentice because he didn't notice that the enemy has always been beside him and note he even give the enemy the mana potion that give the enemy enough mana to abduct a whole village (Note:This Happen again he was never aware that enemies are just beside him, it happen once it can be ignore but to repeat this setting is really annoying). He keep on using the OP skill that devour his memory and made him weak every time for simple reason like I want to save a random character lol


Basically the novel is like this


UnknownMobInjuredAppeared--->MCusesOPskill-->MCweaken-->PlotarmorActivated ---> MC save the day (lol) technically MC is useless and he can always survive because of plot armor


Regardless of my rant that is just the result of my emotion towards this novel and can simply be ignored. <<less
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Jun 26, 2020
Status: c117
SPOILERS AHOY: But really, this sucks. I've never been more annoyed at a shitty plot than this one for me to actually say it sucks.

It started off so good. We see a dude that worked his ass off preventing wars and shit, making good friends and acquaintances but he gets backstabbed by the king and is sent back and reincarnated (from the synopsis).

It just sucks after the first 20 chapters or so. Trust me, the first few chapters aren't even bad. We already know MC is better than them than... more>> to whoop their asses and kill them.

We learn about the good things he has done and how he made those friends BUT what the f*ck happened you say? It's like the author decides to say "you know what? F*ck it; gotta go fast. BOOM here's some evil guys who apparently are some human biomachines, oh and there's an earthgoddess too cause why the f*ck not. Oh and here's the main bad guy just so you know. Wait he has lost already? F*ck it, Earth goddess comes back for one last time and BAM! Here's some SUPER GODDESSES. Btw his mom is a Death God. What? The plot going too fast for you? You need some fun chapters too where the MC has fun with his friends and actually gets a break and we can get away from this shitty plot?? Too f*cking bad, he's now a God and can't go back to earth unless it's some emergency or some shit. THE END. FIN."

Remember the name of the mentor adventurer who was SSS rank? Me neither cause HE f*ckING NEVER GOT MENTIONED AGAIN! Oh yeah, remember the merchant Ruri or whatever? No? Cause the author literally forgot about her too. Legit never got mentioned again.

Oh yeah remember the divine protection thing MC gave to his close friends? No? Cause it was literally never used other than once in the beginning of the first arc.

Oh yeah, remember why he doesn't kill anyone? No? CAUSE NO ONE KNOWS! NOT EVEN THE AUTHOR! Literally no explanation is given even at the end of the WN.

Ah yes remember when he said he was going to respond to his """""HAREM'S""""" feelings by agreeing to marry? No? Cause everyone forgot about it.


The real questions are: where did the plot go? What was the author smoking? We may never f*cking know

I'd rather read f*cking smartphone isekai than this shit but wait, I've already read everything this shitty ass wn has to offer. Edit: after reading 19 volumes of smartphone isekai, I take back my previous comment. It is actually pretty good and doesn't take itself too seriously, unlike this piece of sh*t wn.

Maybe the LN is better? Idk and IDC I'm never touching this piece of sh*t again with a 10 foot pole <<less
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Nov 10, 2018
Status: --
It's too boring and the MC is kinda arrogant and the mood is like 'oh hey friend long time no see' then *awkward atmosphere* kind of thing going on here. The narration is kinda irritating. Is it the writing style of the author? The long winded kinda explanation and the MC thoughts that most of the time annoying. I've read many many novels until now but this kind of novel which irks me every time is rare and I could only count within my 1 hand those novels and this... more>> novel is added to that list.

Conclusion: Awkward conversations, Unfunny jokes/forced jokes, romance is bland, adventure is boring, Unremarkable fight scene description, and too long explanations which can be summed up or simplify but the author made it too long.

Edit: I found myself skipping several long winded sentences and guess what? I haven't even lost the important part of the story. Its like the story is stagnating and going to a full reverse of the hype I feel the moment I first read this novel. <<less
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Aug 09, 2018
Status: c27
This has got to be one of the most annoying story I have read in a while.

I understand somewhat why the MC doesn't kill 'SOMEWHAT', but what the hell is this story about how this MC is op and not op at the same time!!.

I got pissed at this chapter and stopped reading.

... more>>

the village the MC just saved when he was 100m away was teleported away. And hefreakin just watched it happen! Talking about how they should investigate it after they are teleported away, so idiotic! If you are op then act op!

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 14, 2017
Status: c5
It's really good so far. Hmmm... it reminds me of Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi, or Sai Shoukan Sareta Yuusha Wa Ippanjin Toshite Ikete Iku? Just with more comedy.

OP hero gets re summoned 5 years later to the same world. Being too OP they cant read his power level, so he makes them kick him out on purpose. For now, it seems like its going to just be a comedy novel. He just walks around doing what he wants.

{Edit} Its pretty good still, updates are slow though
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Dec 01, 2019
Status: c9
Don't read this it's very bad and s*upid, I know there are lot of people who'll say I haven't even read more then 10 chapters but truth to be told I dont need to.

He reads light novel for finding he's way out for his former world (no searching for super dimension theory or some magic pre historic cult, hell ya what will we do, we'll read light novel) and if get pass this s*upidity.

You'll find the MC getting builled by his classmates, so what he does instead of kicking their... more>> asses, he chooses to buy them whatever they wants, even though he's OP, reason so that he can save time to read LN (now I don't know what logic is that but isn't kicking them getting rid of the pest saving a lot of time in itself?).

It's decision like these that really ticked me off and this all happens in 1st chapter itself so there is rest.

Oh how genius is he? You'll find lots weak MC's out there who are better then the one OP here. <<less
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May 17, 2019
Status: --
this is getting a lot of hate but I understand why its too cliche and almost the same as the rest of isekai's but it still half yall complain about the MC being a little bit*h sometimes or it's too slow or to cruel. etc... if you hate this kind of isekai let point it to you from the start of everything. ''OVERPOWERD''what do half you dumb mother f*ckers expect, you expect him not to be overpowered and for the story and plot its a bit sh*t but its not... more>> as bad half those wimpy ass novels, mofos saying '' aw you should at least put a little bit reality into it'' Like motherf*ckers its called fantasy for a reason take you wimpy ass over to the bit*h GENRE where all the rest of your kind is :D

p.s if you got hate for me than hate me all you like cause this ni*ga here don't give a shit! hahaha :D <<less
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Feb 19, 2018
Status: --
Wow, prologue just didn't make any sense. If he wanted to stay low key, standing up couple times and getting those bullies of his back would be lot more effective and not to mention take less effort. Also searching web novels for answers, what!?

Author just wanted to include bunch of different things like bullied MC, bullies, reincarnated already etc. Totally disregarded thinking about story itself.

Not to mention him being alive pretty much two times already makes mc's personality just not make any sense. So little though went into the story... more>> so its pretty unbearable to read. Author just took bunch of different things that are popular and glued it together. <<less
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