Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi


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High school student Amatsuki Iori was summoned to a different world to fight as a brave of salvation, but whilst he was trying to save the world, he ends up being killed by the companions whom he wholeheartly believed in.

It was then, when Iori thought that he already died, he came to his senses only to find that he was re-summoned to the same world, but in the future.

Back again as a brave to subjugate the demon king which his former self had failed to defeat previously…

Then, he noticed, that among the guys who ordered him to fight as a brave, the figure of one of his former comrades could be seen.

「……I will make you regret having betrayed me.」

A girl then appears before him as he is consumed by hatred, but not any ordinary girl – she is the former demon king who is also aiming to take revenge.

The brave man who abandoned his heroic ideals, exchanging them for a burning desire to take revenge and the former demon king who seems ready to join him in his new-found quest.

Associated Names
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Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi ~Shitsubou Shimatshita, Yuusha Yamete Moto Mao to Kumi Masu
Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuutan
The Tale of Revenge of Hero on his Second Coming ~ Fall into despair, Resign as a Hero and Allied with the Former Demon Queen
再臨勇者の復讐譚 ~失望しました、勇者やめて元魔王と組みます~
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42 Reviews

Oct 05, 2016
Status: v3c4
So this novel got underrated so much I have to defend it. Why are you even comparing this with Nidome, sure they all about revenge but with different characters. Kaito lets all the hate devoured him which is a good thing for a vengeance based novel, it lets you feel the joy and madness of a broken person on a quest for vengeance. What about this one then, Iori also got betrayed and thought he has broken, but he's not. Which leads to the torturing scene a little soft but... more>> that's not wrong since he hasn't broken yet. He just want a sorry (also the death of his betrayal or so he thought) and more importantly he got Elfi which can become a healing factor to make the good out of him. As much as I hate to admit but this story will self destruct if it continues to force the vengeance part, I am ok with it being the plot but put vengeance as the theme is not going anywhere with the MC this soft (except if the author throws a big boom and let Elfi die when she and Iori are in the relationship, that will be a trigger for the next, maybe even madder Kaito, and vengeance can really be pull out from the novel) I highly recommend this novel not as an vengeance base but an adventure base, don't read Nidome and come here complaining since Iori isn't as broken as Kaito. Give it a try but read it with the thought of this is an adventure novel, it will be a lot better. Overall:

Plot: 4/5 since the MC not fit for madness vengeance
Writing: 5/5 good job from the translators (only when you read it fast thou)
Character: 4, 5/5 again Iori not fit for madness but Elfi best waifu
Theme: 1/5 wrong choice when forced vengeance as the theme
Originality: 4/5 have similarities with Nidome but different in a lot of things
Potential: 5/5 this can become 1 of the best adventure/romance novels or a very forced vengeance one <<less
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Jun 26, 2016
Status: v2c2
This is lukewarm compared to Nidome no Yuusha (like stale water to molten lava).

I don't feel the madness, the anger, that guilty pleasure when you see your enemies suffer as you cut their limbs one-by-one, the fear in their eyes as they beg for life.

I don't feel the evil. If you like a revenge story treated with kiddie gloves, this is for you.
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Dreamer Cookie
Dreamer Cook
Sep 18, 2017
Status: v2c19
I am giving this novel a 5 stars. I'm not a professional critic but let's just say, 5 stars because of enjoyment.

People compare this LN to Nidome no Yuusha even though the only similarity is that it's a revenge story and the MC has a girl by his side.

This LN has a sadistic scene and sadistic MC however, it's still soft compared to Nidome no Yuusha which is good. Unlike Kaito, Iori isn't broken and actually has a sanity. Sorry guys but watching Kaito's revenge pisses me off like watching... more>> a Netorare.

This novel is much more satisfying for me. The MC dies and gets reincarnated into the future unlike Nidome no Yuusha where the MC gets reincarnated into the past (or from the starting point). Because Iori got reincarnated into the future instead of the past, it is much more a satisfying revenge seeing the betrayers remember who Iori was and gets payback.

I mean, you guys get it right? In Nidome no Yuusha, Kaito gets reincarnated into the starting point, and no one remembers him so seeing him kill all of those shits is not that satisfying. Moreover, Kaito is broken and an insane f*ck while Iori is sane which actually makes the novel 100% better for me. Of course, that's just my personal preference.

Overall, if you are looking for sadism or insane MC then read Nidome no Yuusha. If you are looking for a revenge (still sadistic although not as sadistic as Nidome no Yuusha) and a sane MC then read this novel. Both novels have nice waifus btw but sorry I prefer Elfi.

Also, it has a fine translation. It depends how good you are at English and where you're reading it from. You can download traitorAIZEN's PDF of volume 1. The rest can be read in Norvablog. <<less
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Apr 25, 2016
Status: --
It is like Nidome no Yuusha, but instead of re-doing the past, he is re-summoned in the future. The MC is a lot softer, he has not kill any humans, but has no problems killing non-humans. Not has good as Nidome, but still worth reading.
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Nov 26, 2016
Status: v2c16
I was expecting a lot because since the description resembles Nidome no Yuusha. I was hoping for a similar dark story overflowing with gore and malice that will make me root for MC in his madness to get revenge on those who betrayed him. But unfortunately, it became a huge disappointment.

The author clearly doesn't understand the concept of revenge and the emotion that comes from being betrayed. And what's worse was the MC being tricked again and again by those who betrayed him in his previous life. And it's hard... more>> for me to consider his actions as 'revenge', it looked more like silly pranks. And then it turned into a generic adventuring story.

Don't waste your time reading this novel, it's not worth your time. <<less
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May 08, 2016
Status: --
Vengeance story, but without the over the top cruelty. Good, that’s not my thing.

Expecting a bit of comedy here and there. So far, no stats in it. Which makes it an OK read ;)
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Apr 06, 2017
Status: --
So, before talking about the story itself, let's get the main debate of the reviews out of the way. It is a story about revenge and it does contain a good amount of savagery/sadism. The MC does accrue a good number of kills with and without torture. It is not "violence-p*rn" nor anything of the kind.

In my opinion, although I do not mind a little bit more of violence (I kinda enjoy the guilty pleasure of seeing the enemies suffering), the novel contains a good amount of violence. However, the... more>> MC is not a meat-brain, and does not go around killing anyone who stares at him with a weird face (CN novels, I'm looking at you).

Comparing with Nidome no Yuusha, you could say that the gore is way toned down, but so is the chuuni and wangst, which, for me, makes the story more believable. Don't take it wrong, there's still a enormous amount of drama and psychological pain (for instance:

in the middle of volume 2, the MC and companion are talking with an adventurer thinking about revenge, and the MC companion says: "Keep your eye on what you value, revenge is for those who have lost everything"

). But this drama is scattered through the interactions, so the MC (and his companion) don't feel like a "revenge-machine", and the "comedic" scenes feel less out-of-place, you can feel that the MCs are more than a one-dimensional character focused on revenge.

Aside from that, the quality of the translation is good enough. There are some mistakes and awkward phrasing here and there, but it fully readable. The premise of the story is also interesting, and it progresses with a good pace. I'm just taking a star out because some interactions feel kinda forced, although the author has managed to (so far) avoid creating an harem. <<less
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Dec 15, 2016
Status: v2c17
Well, personally I'd say this series is way better than your run of the mill psycho story from neighboring series. The biggest reason would be the fact that author took the re:summoning route rather than reset route, that was because:
1. Character prowess:
-Re:summon: The only one got his power resetted was the MC, other than him had their prowess stay as it is.
-Reset: All of the character (including MC) got their prowess resetted. (Not to mention if the MC already got a cheat from the resetting process).
2. Betrayal 'fact'
-Re:summon: The fact that he was betrayed was already a fact for the MC and anyone involved with it. So you could say these charas were already 'guilty' by the time the MC was re:summoned.
-Reset: The fact that he was betrayed was a 'fact' only for the MC, and for the other chara that was a 'supposed to happens at future fact'. So you could say that they were still 'innocent' by the time the world got resetted.
3. Bad guy
-Re:summon: The bad guy aware who the MC was and what the MC intended to do, moreover they even got their ass together to 'crush' the MC again.
-Reset: Perhaps (the supposed to be) Bad guy know who the MC was, but they didn't know what the MC intended to do and they just stick their ass there while waiting to got stabbed by the MC.

Other than that, it's MC's personality, deep down he was a good guy so I thought he would changed that much even after got betrayed. And rather than venting out his anger to anyone he met using any random justification reason, he simply focused it to his vengeance targets.

If I should say my complaints about this series, that would be.... I can't put it into words right now so I'll hold it for editing this review later.
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Jul 23, 2016
Status: c7
A fairly slow paced, PG-13 revenge story. Like others have said, it is an extremely toned down version of Nidome, and has loads of painful cliches. Biggest reason I'm dropping it however is the translation quality; it's just barely readable with grammatical errors in every other sentence.
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Jul 07, 2016
Status: v1 intermission
Unfortunately this is really badly written. Besides Luser, not a single character really has any individuality after an entire volume, and even he is not really "fun" just the one who has the most definitive personality. This is just one of the driest works I have ever read, utterly mundane.
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Jul 08, 2016
Status: c12
For story with revenge as theme, it's too vanilla. MC keep spouting kill word but only killing mob characters so far while main target still live as pain in the ass.

Not enough edges in this novel.
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Oct 05, 2016
Status: v1c13
This is a story about hero, who got summoned again right after being betrayed and killed by his companions. Later he find out, that somehow 30 years had already passed and want to take a revenge, but in process we will see, that this story is not that simple. This is not a pure vengeance story, like Nidome no Juusha, our hero didn't seem to lost himself in revenge, and I got a feeling, that this will be more like Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, there some airs of it.

Also, don't be... more>> deceived by some of comments, story isn't so kind, like some of commentators has said, revenge and stuff are just not a main point there and our hero successfully chopped off some heads as far as I have read it.

Well, to summarize - this is a good story and is worth a try, just don't be deceived, this is not about "the Revenge".

P.S. I'm sorry for bad English. <<less
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Aug 27, 2018
Status: v4c14
This novel tries so much but well its just.... isn't. This is a light hearted novel which weakly follows the concept of "revenge" but is more of a comical show of two heroes and heroines adventuring and performing some childish or rather illogical decision. The world building is weak, we are only given names of towns and city where the MC will goto or the villain resides it and thats it. The side character is weak, you probably wont remember most of them after couple of chapters. The character development... more>> is a joke, despite getting betrayed by everyone he is still the same goody two shoes guy he once was. Nope, nothing has change, now we just have some extra villains to execute. Also did I mention you this weird thing. Well in past life everyone seems to have betrayed him well but now in this life everyone is seems to be helping him? hell some adventurers who just met him for some brief moment were ready to even sacrifice their life for him?..... This novel is just too damn inconsistent with human nature. <<less
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Nov 21, 2016
Status: v2c15
A story about revenge (yeah it's the background story if you don't think so reread from the first chapter, both the hero and heroine have their own grudge) but there's no malice, no torture, just slight hatred, a little bit of prank and harassment well you can't even feel the anger of the MC

The story becoming more and more like generic Japanese reincarnation story where the MCs are OP and tried to save people. It has a nice opening tho, I hope people start updating their review, Good for... more>> kids and wasting time, nny much better for now :v <<less
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Apr 01, 2016
Status: --
I like the story a lot. It is similar to nidome no yuusha but I think the story has a little faster pacing. I hope this does not turn out in a harem I like the heroine a lot and in my eyes she is pure waifu material.

I cant say anything more because as I write this only 7 chapters are translated but I have a feeling that it will turn out to be a good story
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Apr 20, 2017
Status: v3c7
Well this novel show clearly how to under-exploit good ideas.

This is a story about a guy who got summoned into another world as a hero, saved the killed the demon king, got betrayed and killed at the end.... To get summoned as a hero another time, in the same world 30 years later. And this time, he decide to take revenge againts his old comrades.

The setup of this story is quite classic, but a good one. What the point of changing a good recipe?

Yes, I think that writing is... more>> similar to cooking. Even if you're making a good meal, using a great recipe, if you use bad qualities ingredients, it won't have a good taste...

Here a list of the pros and cons of this novel (it will be more clear than metaphors) :

The good things:

- Using a good recipe (as I said upward).

- The way how the female lead character is developped:

The female lead charcacter is the the previous demon king who also got betrayed. She got her body cut down in five part, and each part was sealed inside a labyrinth (and yeah, it didn't kill her). When she meet the hero again, she's just a flying head, trying to recover her body.

Well the MC is weakened as well, as he can't muster his power of hero anymore. The two of them decide to team up and to take revenge againts the ones who betrayed them.

What I like about her, is her personality, especially her inhuman sides: She's fying head and
she's hinding it by making subsitute of a body with magic. And I love the way how she likes make the MC freak out when she dispel her magic body, leaving only her flying head.

It's very refreshing to see a non-human female character who does'nt act like a normal human.... And not like a random japanese, highschool girl from manga/anime!!! [god know how much I hate it!]


The bad things:

- The change of personality of the MC: Don't get me wrong I'm not criticinzing how the MC is developped (which is quite alright), nor disaproving his change of personality. What I didn't like is how fast the MC changed. He changed from“I want all races to be able coexist together. I can forgive people who did bad things. I'm gonna bring peace!” to “I won't forgive anyone who wronged me. I'll kill everyone who get in my way. I'll have my revenge and make my ennemies cry mercy before killing them.” in several days.... I don't mind the change of personality at 180° but people don't change that fast!

- How the nemesis are developped (nemesis = ennemi/rival) : Well to be more precise, they are not developped at all. They all have the same reactions, the same lines. Just imagine a random japanese deliquent from manga/anime, disguise him as a mage, a wolfman or a oni, and you've got all the great nemesis you can found in this novel. The fight againts them are so BORING and it sadden me to find the fights againts monsters way more interesting).

- How some nemesis are introduced: I really don't like how the author make appears a nemesis you've never heard before in a convenient flashback from the MC and then makes the MC and the Nemesis meet 2 – 3 chapters later. It makes me think that the author doesn't have a clear plan for his story....

- The NPC feeling of the sub-characters: It's not like they're not developped, they've got some backstory and personality (contray to some novels where they don't even have a name), but they never have an important role. They often give indication about world, the lores, the factions of the story, they give weapons, advices to the two MC or make them look good.

- The writing: Well I'm not fond of this kind of writing the author uses. It's the kind of writing where the dialog replace narration.

And that's all! It sounds logic to me, but this review is only my personnal opinion. It's totally not impartial.

I note this novel 2, 5/5 (which go sadly to 2 because I can't chose 2, 5) :

Let me be clear I don't hate this novel, the setup is good and it has a lot of potential. It just enrage me to see how this potential is under-exploited.

But at least this novel didn't make me quit at the middle, I've read until the last released wich is already a proof that it has some qualities.

Pfew, I wrote a lot. I hope this review helped you, and please, don't mind the gramatical/spelling mistakes. English is not my first language. <<less
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Dec 20, 2016
Status: v2c18
I will be frank, if you are looking for hardcore torture and a relatively psychotic MC who happens to attack whatever that moves, go read Nidome no Yuusha, it is a good read with a slow translation pace. This work here is more of a typical hero trying to get back on the people who betrayed him, and like a typical hero, he is a goody 2 shoes. So no going batsh*t crazy hacking here and there, just your regular torture-the-ones who-do-you-wrong and nothing else. Also, the premise is a... more>> future run, not a redo, meaning the asshats are future asshats and MC still a gullible heck with a goody goody heart. MC helps people along with reverse dullahan maou is something I can accept, he is not broken from the betrayal, just dented and hell bented (wanna pun but failed) on getting back on the asshats. The asshats are not s*upid and will find MC and put him down for sure. Maou is grief-strieken as asshats are into necro with her companion's corpse so lol on that point.

This is supposed to be about a broken hero, a bodyless maou and their journey to revenge, it is there some of the time, most of the time is just MC goody goody like typical hero. So please just read Nidome if you do not like the story about Tate no Yuusha.

PS: the illustrator should just go draw a vanilla doujin instead, because the art does not fit well. <<less
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Western Spy
Western Spy
Apr 06, 2018
Status: v1c6
A major disappointment when I start reading this I thought its going to be like nidome no yuusha where the MC is is truly insane for revenge while in this one I don't feel any chills or even the feeling the MC is gone insane

He even spared and being fooled by his "friend" again

Overall major disappointment for me
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Sep 21, 2017
Status: v3c14
This story is very... moderate. I can't feel the desire for revenge from the characters, even though they keep saying it's what they want. They are robotically going through the motions. The story does a lot of telling rather than showing. There is hardly any hint of blood lust. It is as though their desire for revenge is completely insincere.

The main leads are also quite flat, personality-wise. The MC is as generic as they come. Although he says he wants revenge, he still acts as a super-nice guy saving everyone... more>> along the way. That would still be okay if he at least had an ethical struggle with his decisions, but he's not even worried at all. The character has hardly developed at all from the beginning of the series. The female lead has an interesting background, but she also comes across as incredibly flat and has had little development. There is no tension between the two characters. Not a single drop of chemistry to be had. There is no suspension, no tension, no question of betrayal, no secret motives... They both just wear their hearts on their sleeves and have identical goals of revenge against the same people. There is no drama to look forward to with their interactions. None of the side characters make the series any better either.

The story does not have enough comedy, action, or creativity to make it interesting enough. That said, someone who wants a mellow adventure series staring an OP protagonist and the maou might like it more. This story really lacks in intensity. <<less
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕
Jul 15, 2016
Status: c6
I don't feel engaging reading this..

MC is killed by his companion, then somehow in the future got summoned back as hero, in the same kingdom, using similar name from the past, with exact appearance in front of one of his past companion, and in anger punch him in face, still unrecognized.
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