Return of the Former Hero


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Once upon a time, a hero had been summoned to a different world in order to defeat the demon king. After the war stretching 3 years ended the commendable hero slew the demon king. And he was forcibly deported back to earth after being dismissed.

Such bullshit!

Elves in addition to beast race, dwarfs and demon race. Even though I wanted to make a harem in the different world I saved! My dream will not come true on earth, where there is no magic at all. Thus, the hero returns on his own. Without the blunder of being extradited to earth this time, he will build a harem of his own in a different world.

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Kaette Kita Motoyuusha
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chad001 rated it
October 17, 2015
Status: --
Not gonna lie, like many WNs it's a feel-good, wish-fulfillment type. Is that bad? No it just means that you have like reading for the sake of reading. Is it ridiculously profound? No, but it's funny, and it makes you feel happier about life after reading it. It has its own charm and its own approach, trying not to spoil, to this particular genre. The translator is also on the quick side of things, so that's good. Quick warning though; if you're into stories that drag out fights across 10+... more>> chapters in Saint Seiya-esque fights, or goes Wuxia/Xianxia with how every single action/fight is equally dramatic, then this might not be the story for you. This story leans towards the slice-of-life, comedy genre with a protagonist who's already been through all the high-pressure stuff, and is here just to enjoy life. Kinda like Death March, so if you're into that, you might want to check this out. <<less
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CrossFyre rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: c81
I wondered for a long time why I like this novel so much. As others have stated its a very straight forward novel about a guy and a bunch of girls going around fighting monsters and being lovey-dovey. Okay, but hardly original. It's a tried and true harem formula. So why do I keep popping up on the site everyday scanning for updates?

Then it hits me: it's because for once the story gets the formula right. Nearly every actual harem series (as opposed to a series with harem elements) these... more>> days falls under one of two categories. One, a drama-infested "romcom" about a bunch of girls liking the same guy and then everyone's life derailing as the hero desperately avoids the slightest hint of a decision, even though the main girl is blatantly spelled out in chapter 1; or two, some hilariously overpowered and utterly perfect superhuman goes to another world and everyone jumps on his dick. Or he mind controls them to make them do it.

On first glance, this series looks a like its going to develop into the second type, but never makes the leap. The hero is very powerful, true, but only in the sense of being a high-leveled player as opposed to a hacker or worse, an admin. And while the characterization is a bit light, all of the girls have distinct personalities and reasons for being with him. And there is a complete lack of drama about the whole "harem" thing, which while obviously unrealistic, prevents the story from derailing from cute girls doing cute things. Basically, the author managed to keep in mind the things so many other writers forget. If you're reading a novel about a guy going to another world to meet cute girls, you probably want to read about the cute girls. The novel just reeks of diabetes, with the tone of the series never wavering for more than a single scene from a light-hearted adventure romp. This is the series I read after I get done with the heavy stuff. After working over a nice juicy steak of grand battles, epic quests, complicated alliances and ever-shifting allegiances, it's nice to be able to sit back and have a nice slice of good ol' harem pie for desert. <<less
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nwms8 rated it
October 17, 2015
Status: --
This isn’t really a novel, it is more like the deluded fantasies of a 12 year old Japanese boy. Harem fantasy, sub-par writing style (though I’m not sure if it is the translator or the original but I honestly don’t care), the story just doesn’t pull you in. It isn’t funny, it doesn’t have great suspense, poorly written fight scenes, poor character interaction and dialogue. Fortunately, no one would truly expect that coming into this story based on the description. I just hoped it would be a shot in the... more>> dark great read – which it isn’t. For that reason, it gets 2 stars instead of 1.

So I've read more to re-evaluate my review. I would hate to give a 2/5 and then find out it improves later on. I am going to keep my 2/5 review for the following reasons.
1- The MC is one of those super powerful guys who blush at women and acts with his d--- more than his brain.
2- The MC is a total pushover to any sort of peer pressure or social pressure. It is a contradiction to his power level - his maturity is so low that he lacks poise. It makes for shitty comedy, probably aimed at the 15 and under demographic who have not read a wide berth of novels and are reading such things for the first time.
3- Unrealistic plot. It's a harem, with sex, what plot? There really isn't a connection between the characters. They blush, they fight to 'defend' each other, then its random s*x time. It's not even erotic, still just some delusion of a 12 year old boy who dreams of getting laid. <<less
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tomptypl rated it
May 20, 2018
Status: c120
To (most of) the people leaving negative reviews: This novel is tagged as "Action Adventure Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Mature Romance Shounen." Rating the novel poorly because you don't like Mature Ecchi Harem Romance Comedies with Shounen Action Fantasy Adventures is like rating a western movie poorly because you don't like cowboys. What did you expect to find when you started reading a novel with those tags?

As far as Mature Ecchi Harem Romance Comedies with Shounen Action Fantasy Adventures go, this one is pretty good. The MC spends most of... more>> the time thinking with the wrong head, but the story does a decent job of explaining why. He paid his dues, and now he just wants to have fun, although he doesn't mind crushing whatever gets in the way of his fun. And he's nice enough to give the new Hero some pointers along the way.


The impression I got is that he was sent home by whoever summoned him in the first place, because political factions were about to fight over how to use him. He didn't fight back, because why bother? He already knew how to go back, or so he thought, and by then he'd worked up a wish list of things he wanted from Earth.

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Rknmffr rated it
July 10, 2017
Status: --
I think the most major complaint that people have with the MC is that he thinks with his dick. Well he IS only 16 ... more>>

and was a virgin until coming to this world. Like there's a scene where he is a guest at the royal palace and the maid given to him tries to attend to his needs. People got pissed off that he let her do what she was doing even tho she was like naked and blushing in front of him. I'm sorry but no one, except for a sage or someone that has had s*x on a regular basis for years with hundreds of girls has that kind of self-restraint

He's not a perverted freak who forces himself upon girls. He waits until the girls willingly come to him before they f*ck.

Also many people have reviews saying that the MC is "unmotivated to be the hero". Well first of all there's ALREADY A HERO in this world. Secondly, he ALREADY WAS THE HERO and even saved the world. Thirdly, he was used as a political tool as he was too powerful and he was sent back to his world, against his wishes so it's only natural that he would dislike the role of a "hero" as it could lead him to a similar ending again (im assuming he was poisoned or trapped and sent back).

The MC is OP AF (even tho tries to stay on the dl cuz he doesn't want to attract attention from the power hungry nobles, royalty, and clergy and be used by them. Well even tho tried to stay low key he doesn't let himself get pushed around either.


at his first location when the hero is visiting a demon kin (2nd harem member) challenges hero to a duel since she's a battle freak. Hero loses miserably and so does rest of his party (it might that he was just summoned so he doesn't much experience). Demon kin then targets MC and he easily chops of her arm and defeats her (so I guess he stays low key but he's obviously not gonna get his ass beat for that).


Dont blame him for not being in humanely clever and figure out all the secret plots (he's good at combat bc during his time as hero that's all he was allowed to do) <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BigBadBoi rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: c121
MC actually helps the girls grow stronger rather than a using them as a goddamned cheering squad.

He is OP, but within reason because he once slew a demon king when he was a hero.

He doesn't spread modern tech not because he won't but he can't, do you actually think a guy who never finished 6th grade because he was summoned when he was 12 can spread modern tech willy nilly.

He not only cares about the girls, but also has the balls to cross the line not like generic MCs which... more>> are so indecisive, it is alright to call them walking vaginas (cuz they're f*cking pussies)

It is generic, but enjoyable to read on your spare time to relax from the serious plot heavy novels <<less
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sgrey rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: c70
I am not quite sure about the target audience for this novel. First of all, it is a dumb comedy which is not that funny unless you are maybe 10? The MC just wants girls. He is having delusions and fantasies every minute of every day about every girl he sees on the street. Everything else is just a mean to get girls. So it is a perverted comedy with cliche humor that is not funny.

Second, this is a pedo novel. I would like to know if the author was... more>> convicted of pedophilia. Or he is using this novel as means to release his fantasies, maybe? MC is actively having s*x with 9, 12, 13 and 14-year-olds. Yes, some of his harem is in single-digit age. The author is actually going out of his way to justify it. WTF?

As far as I can see, there is no plot. The novel is just empty with nothing but girls, girls, girls. Also, the writing overall is just poor. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sherrynity rated it
August 16, 2016
Status: c23
This series is fun to read. That's what important. Why are you expecting well-written story with well-depicted battle scene blablabla? If so, then you should focus on reading wuxia/xianxia novels instead of this one, or in other words; wrong series, bro.

As a fellow reader, I sincerely hope you don't think that ALL novels need to have ridiculously intricate plot.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
gustave154 rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: --
Usually Harems get progressively worst with every chapter but this is the exception. I keep wanting to read more with every chapter! Badass MC with lots of cute girls that actually have personalities and agendas!! We need more of this type of Harem stories.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 1, 2016
Status: --
I agree with nwms8

Cant even finish a chapter with how lame it is. The MC is a wuss that has a d*ck for a brain.

It also lacks credibility. Hes a kid that was trained to kill the demon king and he still has the mentality of a kid that goes into too many nausiating perverted delusions.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
2Girls1Cupcake rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: c46
I really don't understand the high rating reviews I'm seeing, this novel is at best amateurish.

There will be spoilers in this review, it is needed to prove my earlier statement, but even if I say this it's a generic harem novel where spoilers mean nothing since it's as predictable as can be.

The MC is a former hero, he was summoned to a different world to defeat the demon king, after that was done he was apparently forcefully de-summoned back to Japan, which seems very likely when you look at the... more>> fact that he doesn't seem that much stronger than everyone else, even struggling against enemies known as demon kin or something, whom are neither a demon king nor a general of the demon king army which are often seen in this kind of novel.

After being sent back to Japan the MC creates a magic circle himself in order to go back to the fantasy world for the purpose of creating a harem in a different world, that's all fine, but I find it highly unlikely that he would be able to create a magic circle like this since his knowledge of the subject is instantly forgotten and his knowledge of magic in general seems extremely limited and lacking.

When it comes to the harem members, we have no s*aves so far, the reason given is that all of them had "dead eyes", this of course is a stable in this kind of novel, but normally you would see them being bought and healed by the MC, that this doesn't happen doesn't make this a "groundbreaking" novel or some other bullshit, it just seems to be out of reach of the authors writing skills. Understanding of romantic feelings and romance in general shown by the author is basically at elementary school level despite there being plenty of s*x in the novel. The understanding of feelings in general is actually severely lacking, leaving me extremely worried about the author suffering from some undiagnosed mental illness, this also results in all the characters being one dimensional.

There is the girl described as being energetic with nothing else to her, a loli that's said to be talking like an old woman, the cat eared maid and the manipulative princess, other than the princess, so far I wouldn't be surprised if even the author forgot about his own characters, they are said to have certain traits, but it's limited to just enough information to differentiate them with absolutely no personality at all. Even the MC didn't have any personality before meeting the princess, but him gaining one doesn't really turn out for the better, showing him as a spineless beta whose IQ is lower than my rating of this novel, while all his 2 braincells do is making him act like a virgin despite having lost it.

The author seems to have put a lot of thought in the premise, which I like, and the overall plot which doesn't seem bad so far, we only saw a short glimse of it possibly being the same world as he was originally summoned to despite the MC thinking it isn't, might be far in the future or the like. Everything else in between is awful though, no other word to describe it, just feels like a fan of the genre thinking "I like webnovels, writing one can't be that hard, I have a good idea for the story after all", but honestly it feels like a person liking a certain brand of smartphones, suddenly tweaking the original design and by doing that they think they can make a smartphone, without any knowledge of the parts or how they work and without putting any work into figuring that out before creating something that doesn't work and then expecting me to pay for it. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TUSF rated it
July 27, 2016
Status: c71
Our protagonist, Amagi Haruto, is a Japanese teenager who was summoned to another world a few years prior. After being used as a weapon to kill the Demon King, and being pinned as a political tool, he was immediately sent back to his own world before he could even begin to have his own fun. Driven by the fantasy of another world and the prospect of building a harem, he uses what he learned about magic to try and send him back to the magical world.

But he seemingly ends up... more>> in a completely different world, where a Demon King is still alive, and another Hero is active. All the better; now he doesn't have to worry about those pesky countries sending him away and ruining his fun!

The story is not very ambitious. It's not terrible, but it's not some great work of literature. It's a slice-of-life with some action going on to get the Not-Hero moving. The story is mostly driven by Haruto's sex-drive and the light-hearted comedy that brings. The harem itself is basically Archetype-Pokemon, where Haruto tries to get a girl out of every anime archetype there is.
I give it a 3 out of 5 for at least being entertaining, but not quite being catchy enough for anything higher. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LordGrim102 rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: --
I am calling all the 'Horny Teenagers in the World' try this novel if this is to your liking. Well the MC is literally a horny teenager, not a normal horny teenager but super over horny teenager that couldn't get enough that he will do anyone that is female and young. The problem here and other novels just like this is not about the genre and tags that is there, but the way the japanese author handle the story/plot.

Lets compare it to a good one take for example Overlord, Overlord... more>> does character development, plot development, scene by scene events, background stories, character details and introductions, world building, world logic/power, All of that is done splendidly without slack. Now look at this novel Return of the Former Hero and tell me what is the redeeming quality and I won't hear it cause it is not worth to read this anymore. This novel's quality that I stop reading is: not interesting goals, no interesting characters, no high quality conversations, not good narration, not interesting story, and no logical/reasonable MC. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Carmeops rated it
October 10, 2018
Status: c97
i don't think this novel is for me, it's just bland and uninspiring, the MC has a one track mind, he thinks with his dick, that's all, nothing more, nothing less, he keep getting distracted in everything he does because he think about getting some, constantly, even when his life is in danger while fighting monsters, he keep getting distracted by his lust, not even because he is so strong that he can afford it, no, he is literally placing himself in bad situation, over and over, by being unable... more>> to concentrate for 2 min without switching his brain power toward his penis

there is basically no story happening aside that, all plot points are just there to help him get a new girl, or giving him the opportunity to have a sexy time with his harem, even what seemed like a good start for a main villain just got disposed of abruptly, he existed only as a tool to make the harem group start travelling

there is no goal, no story, no sense of a moving plot, just messing around and having sexy time with the girls

if it's enough for you, good, but I need something more, some sort of ultimate goal, or at least interesting characters that you like to react to, typical isekai MC achieve that by showing them interacting with the world using their cheats and making us feel the power fantasy this isn't the case here

the MC is not even that powerful, he act as "powerful former hero who defeated a demon king before, so nothing can harm him" but in fact he is a glass cannon who know only two good moves, one magical and one physical, to overpower a single target, which make him unable to move after use, and except those, he is a dunce who don't like to study or train, because once again, he only has s*x on his mind, so he is half baked <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aho555 rated it
March 9, 2017
Status: --
It's shallow but surprisingly well written. Well developed characters and plot development. Nothing deep, but good enough as a fun, perverted read. Imagine Kono Suba if he actually has s*x with his party members and is actually powerful.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Alteration rated it
November 1, 2018
Status: c11
C11 is as far as I will likely make it with this novel.

As a preface, I like novels with world traversal, harems and cheat abilities/OP protagonists. For this novel I purely can't stand it due to the MC's personality (i don't know if it changes later on), when literally the only thing he ever thinks about is creating a harem, it just seems kinda pathetic.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Renaxan rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: c122
I wouldnt deny if this story are enjoyable to ride. Aside Heroic MC who need to doing good deed and save a world, we have MC who are moving out because harem and lust. It isnt bad attitude, he just does what he want to does lol (or you're like a forced hero? Everyone has different taste), and he isnt dense either. He is just something like teenage boy who become interest in lust so rather thinking something heavy, actually it is fit to his age. Tbh even myself would... more>> do like that rather become hero that save a world.

MC is op, most battle scene somehow feel dull. Story itself so light and generic like other isekai, just the MC isnt dense so its a plus point. Heroine isnt forgetable, I think every volume the girl are increased and im still didnt forget after reading this a years ago. Just, dont read this if you dont want read a light, generic-isekai+horny MC type.. Theres no heavy plot or hardship so you have been warned. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
starburst98 rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c115
i really like this because the MC actually feels like he CARES about the girls he meets. A lot of harem isekai with OP protags just seem to collect an army of women and he barely acknowledges their presence when they aren't doing something in that scene.

in this, in one chapter he buys them all presents just because he can, because he cares about them, didn't think about getting something in return. I mean, he still did get something in return, but that's because they care about HIM.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lachiel rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
This story is a extremely interesting concept of a hero gets sent back to his home world because of political reasons.. poor guy.. But he decides to fight against this and attempts to go back to it! yea... nice concept right? Well the writing is a bit off, and the story is slightly fast paced.. now while it's true that's common in web novels like this and until it gets adapted it won't get a better pacing.. it just feels like everything's moving too fast now..
While we don't know... more>> what happened to his self transportation we do know that hes still a OP hero.
I do recommend this if you like the transported hero to another world and romance.. and adventures.. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miracle rated it
January 24, 2016
Status: --
True the story is faithful about the former hero making his harem. The problem is that the author is trying to make a subplot or introdice a conflict or a big revelation or whatever that is, because that something progress only for like every 20 chapters that pass. I dont know if its just a slow development or he completely forgot it So its a bit of a tease or like too much of a hanger that damn its too much for me. So rating goes down, but maybe I... more>> can appreciate it more after more chapters get translated.. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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