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The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top.

Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on Earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture. In a Martial Spirit world, only those with Martial Spirit are able to train in battle qi and become a warrior.

Huang Xiaolong – born with a heaven-defying rare Martial Spirit – was mistakenly taken for common variant Martial Spirit during the awakening ceremony conducted by the tribe and thus sidelined. However, Huang Xiaolong with his common “variant” Martial Spirit again, and again displayed unnatural talent, defeating geniuses, shocking the clan and the entire Martial Spirit World

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Invincible Conqueror
Invincible in the World
Vô Địch Thiên Hạ
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spotmarkedx rated it
April 10, 2017
Status: c110
I think there is a reason that this novel hasn't made the jump from the wuxiaworld forums to the main page even after over 100 chapters have been translated, and it has nothing to do with the translation quality. [edit - apparently the jump from the forums to the website has now happened, so this line is now incorrect.

I still feel the same way about the relative quality of the original work, but wanted to add this correction in]

This novel suffers from the worst of the xianxia tropes on... more>> every side of the story. Paper-thin petty antagonists populate the world. The world itself breaks any common sense rules that you may have just to push the bad story along. The main character (MC) is hardly any better, and is as shallow as his opponents. Lucky chances continuously fall from the sky with no foreshadowing or active seeking on the part of the MC.

Perhaps our views on what is reasonable don't match? Allow me to lay it out... spoilers on the first 30 chapters or so to follow:

First, the setting.


We're somehow to believe that this family hasn't torn itself apart already? Training for a kid with better than average potential: none. Aside from teaching the MC base forms, the parents leave him to his own devices. Then, at the family competition, there is this s*upid rule of "nobody is able to interfere"... even when there is an obvious victor, who is in the process of causing their opponent permanent harm? This rule is there to make it seem unfair that the MC wasn't able to completely cripple their opponent with everyone watching, but all I could think about when this was being discussed was "this entire family is obviously too s*upid to live."


Then, the antagonists.


The only believable antagonist for the beginning arc is the MC's cousin, because he is only an age seven or eight bully. Him, I can believe. His father and the grandfather are the typical one-dimensional "give unfair advantages to an opponent" petty antagonists. Sure, some favoritism is believable, but the author takes it to ludicrous extremes. Allow the bully kid to boast that he'll cripple other children? A-Ok, and let's give him a chance to act on it. After a year has passed and the first failure has festered into enough antagonism that in their perception, the bully kid is likely to try it? Sure thing, we don't mind that either... actually we lost face last year, so that would be great!

Are all of these guys children? There is no effort by the author to pull these characters out of this cookie-cutter "xianxia family villain" portrayal.


The MC is also a mix of all the annoying xianxia MC tropes as well:


MC decides to hide their potential from everyone? Why? Not really explained. Oh, sure, there is a throwaway line buried a few chapters in where it is said that showing his talent would be a calamity in some way... but that's it. It's not like the MC found an item that would be able to be taken from them. How would it be a such a detriment? This logic isn't followed up on, it's just assumed that the reader will agree that since it is a xianxia novel, the MC has to conceal his ability.

And it's not like the MC ever even thought about telling anyone. How much effort would it be to have had the MC actually take a chapter to actually think about the pros and cons of a few different options? If they had decided to keep quiet after considering the options of being open to the overall family, or of being open to just his father and mother, maybe it would have been acceptable. But either the author didn't think about it, or couldn't make any real plausible reason for him to keep quiet, so it gets glossed over.

Add in the MC's inability to ever take a step back and the inability and think about the consequences of his actions, and you have the perfect trifecta of s*upid MC xianxia tropes.


Finally, luck:


Now all MCs will have a certain amount of this, but a good author will either space out lucky finds so that it doesn't break immersion, or have the MC actively seek dangerous situations to find the prize at the end, or (for abilities) bring it up much earlier than the ability gets used so that it doesn't seem out of place. Now let's review this novel. Again, this is all within the first 30 chapters:

MC is a reincarnator.

MC gets a super rare martial spirit that gets misidentified.

MC was a super awesome martial artist in their prior life, and their training of their old style has great benefits for their new style.

MC meets a smart spirit monkey companion.

MC is brought to some awesome rare fruits by said monkey.

After eating fruits, MC cleans off in a lake. The lake has a hidden cultivator's cave!

In the cave is a super rare martial technique and magic swords and a super rare dimensional storage ring!

Later, the MC runs into another person with the same technique and helps him since he is really injured. He happens to be super strong.

We find out that the MC also has some technique to heal broken meridians (from his prior life I think?).

MC's lucky find in the cave means he is actually the true successor of another kingdom/family of some far away land!


So do I feel this story is completely worthless? Despite all this, I wouldn't say that. I view this like the bad free appetizer that gets put on the table at some restaurants. If you are really hungry and have nothing to read and need something to kill your time until the main meal of actually good stories? This is good enough for that, at least. Despite my qualms about the story itself, the translation work itself isn't bad.

Just don't go into this novel expecting it to be anything more than Generic Xianxia Story #176. <<less
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geoff82 rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: c148
Just sloshes back and forth between contrived fights and sudden cultivation bursts. Kind of incoherent and lacks the sense of adventure. Pretty much works like:

1) Level up in stunningly short period of time

2) Kill some folk who didn't expect the level up

3) Level up in stunningly short period of time

4) Go on a trip, kill some folk who didn't expect the level up

5) Level up in stunningly short period of time

6) Go back home, kill some folk who didn't expect the level up

and so on...
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Seregosa rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c90
I don't want to say something so cruel, but this novel made me wish I was reading MGA instead, because that novel is actually probably at least several times better than this one, at least MGA kept me reading for a good 1500 chapters before finally giving up in annoyance at the forced and repetitive plot, this kept me reading for 90 half-size chapters before I almost collapsed, vomited blood and died. That'll teach me to not trust reviews and giving it a try thinking that it might be better... more>> than the reviewers made it out to be.

I'm not going to say that he's too OP for my taste. I came here expecting him to be invincible, as the title suggests. Instead we get a MC that relies only on servants/bodyguards and does nothing himself, so I feel like he's rather underpowered instead. Not going to say it's cliché, because which xianxia/xuanhuan isn't cliché as f*ck? Yet we still read them. I expected his luck, no issues for me there. I came here expecting faceslapping all the time and I don't feel like he's too cruel at all, which some people clearly do. I was also prepared to suspend disbelief at the plot being ret*rded and not take things seriously.

However, as we got on with the novel, I started to notice that it was getting worse and worse, that I was gradually unable to suspend my disbelief, unable to accept things and the way the author wrote the novel, because it was fundamentally ret*rded, all of it.

So, let's begin with the romance. There's nothing much of note there yet, but we all know who will be one of the harem members and maybe a permanent stay throughout the entire novel as she powers up with plot logic more forced than pushing a fat human through a cat door. She's currently 9, but since they first met 3 years ago, she has been clinging to him like a mentally disabled koala. She runs and hugs him, clings to him and forces him to accompany her every chance she gets and he, the mentally 27 year old MC, allows her to do so and can't say no despite clearly not being comfortable with it. I started skipping every scene with her, so it was reluctantly acceptable, but according to other comments, it will get much, much worse. His motivation to get stronger might even become the dreaded "I want to save/protect this girl" bullsh*t that I shiver at the thought of. She's just too clingy and obnoxious, I feel like vomiting when I see her.

Now then, the romance wasn't that bad although it was horrible, but the worst part in this novel is actually the MC and his family, by chapter 90, I was repulsed by and hated both the MC and all his family members. The mc's family members are all tr*sh that get in the way all the time, they have no use whatsoever and is there only to show us how damn filial the MC is, how he's such a kind guy with his family first and foremost in his thoughts! He can't stop babbling about them every time he gets a treasure, every damn time he finds something nice, he instantly wants to bring it back to his family to gift a majority of it to them, despite it having great use to him. They, on the other hand, have no real use for cultivation resources and if he wants to help them, he could do so when such tr*shy resources aren't useful to him anymore, but nah, he's just gifting all of it to them, he wins pills and stuff from being first in competitions and just grants all of it to the family. Then he complains about his strength and how he wants to breakthrough faster, but he keeps on giving away all of the resources he gets his hand on like some supreme-grade moron. It's like he's someone experiencing a drought and he's almost dying from dehydration, but he keeps on sending liters upon liters of water to other people despite them living in a place without any drought, where they already have all the water they could ever need. It's the actions of a full-blown ret*rd.

His family is also generally obnoxious even other than that. His mother is an emotional wreck that cries and screams 24/7 and can't wait to break down into a mess of tears and snot at everything she thinks might be dangerous. The MC is late to dinner? She'll cry. He's fighting someone? She'll cry. He's going out to gain experience? She'll cry. He's outside with a super bodyguard and essentially invulnerable? She'll cry in worry. God, just die. The father on the other hand isn't crying, but he's just generally useless and pathetic. He's a f*cking doormat to everyone and their dogs. He even forgives his brothers and father who mistreats them greatly and then he gets bloodthirsty and wants to get revenge for them when something happened. Well, he'll just ask his omnipotent son for that though. The sister and brother is f*cking useless and have no personality. What made me more sick is that, during the latest chapters around chapter 90, the family are way too included in the story and they're acting like some f*cking ideal family. Laughing, happy, sugar and flowers, the kids are running around giggling all the time, the MC is filled with warmth and happiness, I can pretty much see everyone skipping across the plains in utter glee and idiocy, like some excessively happy fairytale girl. I just hoped all of them would die so that we don't have to see them anymore and the MC can be more free. The author is really trying too hard to show us how filial and awesome he is according to chinese bullsh*t culture. I can't even believe that he'll be so attached to them, he came over at the age of 17, at that point you'll have already established your ego, personality, morals and everything, you won't be able to accept new people as your parents, it's just as simple as that, they'd be able to reluctantly be considered as an uncle and aunt, but real family such as parents? Nah.

Then there's the thing that he seems to actively seek trouble by dressing in rags. I'm also irritated that some mentally impaired person pops up every other chapter and screams at the MC like a f*cking monkey, as if he killed their whole family. This is even more ret*rded than what we usually find, none of them can think at all, they all jump the gun instantly for the slightest thing they find unpleasant. If we put them in real life scenarios, they would kill everyone in front of them at the restroom line because they don't want to wait and feel insulted because they have to. They'll shoot the waiters and chefs at restaurants because they didn't find the food to be delicious enough. They'll torture you to death because you said that you don't like the same tv game they do. They'll mu*der your entire family because you farted in their vicinity. They'll burn down your house because they didn't find it to be pleasant to look at. If your clothes aren't to their liking, they'll call you a commoner and cripple you. Geez, there's a limit to this garbage before you have enough.

Well, I'd have more to say about this, but I feel like it's not necessary. Suffice it to say that this is a novel no one should read, even people with bad taste shouldn't give this more than 3/5 stars. I'd give this a 1, 5/5, but since it doesn't deserve a 2, I'll just give it a 1. This isn't even good to make you fall asleep, as it's not only boring and tedious to read, it's extremely annoying so that you can't relax and will instead become pissed off. <<less
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Obven rated it
November 20, 2016
Status: --
Hi, just registered to help comment on this awesome novel. Please try not to believe what others said about this novel. It may be the same with other xianxia novels, but it has its own strengths. I won't spoil it, but others' talk about MC's parents is not true and he doesn't sacrifice his family members, unlike other novels where familial bonds are only served in the beginning of the story and do not provide any developments to his family members. I'm still looking for the similar novel which also... more>> focuses on the familial bonds like this novel (if any of you knows about this, please by all means tell me. Thanks in advance)

Anyway, it may take a long time to enjoy this novel, but please do not mislead others. Everyone is welcome to criticize it based on your preference, but please avoid giving misleading information. Anyway, no offense to others. Let's enjoy this :D <<less
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Legalt rated it
December 23, 2016
Status: c345
*Small edit* Caught up to c345 and still loving this. It's been getting more and more interesting to me, especially the MCs abilities and growth. Unlike most of these MCs that stick to sort of one cultivation path and their weapon being just a sword, fists, spear or stuff like that, he's more versatile and his moves vary, which is nice. Story has gotten a lot more interesting as his strength has grown, as is the usual case for 1k+ chapter Xianxia/Xuanhuan.

Also, if you're looking for romance, this is a... more>> VERY slight spoiler, but I'm pretty sure there are just going to be like 2 love interests or something. I prefer some semblance of romance in the stuff I read and usually no full blown harem where the MC has every female instantly fall for him, so this is also a good read if you want something like that.
I'll add this to the top so people can understand my reasoning for the 5. I've read tons of Xianxia and Xuanhuan novels. If you're like me as well, you know that they're all VERY similar in many aspects. When you come into these novels, you shouldn't really expect something incredibly fleshed out and innovative. Emperor's Domination is incredible, as is HSSB, as is Coiling Dragon and most IET novels, but they ALL follow similar patterns and you can predict how things will turn out to a certain extent. Situations repeat themselves in different ways very often, and that's not necessarily a bad thing in these novels.

Most of these have a thousand to several thousand chapters, so it's not going to be very original. What truly matters, is enjoyment. This novel is very enjoyable, which is why I gave it a 5. As far as I'm concerned, Invincible is AT LEAST better than a lot of others, at least at this point in time (c198). So, remember... Enjoyment is what truly matters. Try something out first. Look at the tags, not the reviews and ratings. You might hate a 5* novel and love a 3* one, and vice versa. Now, my actual "review" is below.

**Edit at c163** Still really good and has been holding my interest. There's A LOT of timeskips in this novel. Although MCs cultivation is incredibly fast compared to others, it still takes a VERY long time to move to the next order in the current realm. An example (Coiling Dragon spoiler)

When Linley or others get to the higher planes, cultivation takes hundreds/ thousands of years for improvements. Even early on in Invincile, that slow rate of improvement seems like it's gonna be the norm.

Anyway, other than the insanely slow cultivation (overall), which warrants tons of timeskips, the story has still been fun.

The MC is like Yan Zhaoge from HSSB, in that even though he's lower level, he has insanely strong loyal subordinates. There have been the typical villains and arrogant fools, but it's been handled very well so far. Although HSSB is probably the best Xuanhuan currently being translated (imo), Invincible is far above a lot of the other ones atm. The raws have 2400+ chapters so I don't know how it'll hold up, but if you're like me and love reading all these Xuanhuan/Xianxia novels, definitely check this out as it's honestly at the higher end of this genre (so far).

**Edit** Caught up to the current chapters (103) and I'm still thoroughly enjoying this. Review still holds... for now.

Incredibly good as of Ch. 48

The MC is super young right now, but the fact he was reincarnated helps a lot since he's not a kid, mentally. His personality and character is great so far, even if we haven't seen enough to totally determine things. Definitely confident yet not arrogant. I'd say currently 50% ruthless since it seems like he can hold back from executing people instantly without thinking about consequences, which is nice. Not too soft or too hard. I like how he's willing to learn things, especially from his "people". Might not seem like a huge deal to most, but this MC has been one of the best I've seen. Honestly reminds me of Forgotten Conqueror a bit.

Story has been nice so far. Pace and cultivation is pretty quick atm, but that doesn't hinder the story at all. If anything, it makes it better, especially when it's been foreshadowed how damn massive the world is. The first dozen or so chapters might seems a bit annoying because the MC is so secretive, but it's honestly not as bad as people make it seem.

One HUGE thing that's refreshing is that people with cultivation realms above the MC haven't really appeared. It's not like the MC against the world where he offends huge f*cking powers non stop, where everyone has the power to squash him like an ant. Where all these people have the power of Mt. Tai and everyone else doesn't know the difference between heaven and earth. It's a BIG deal since that hasn't happened... And it's fantastic.

There's a bit of romance, I guess? She's pretty likeable but they're just kids atm, and the MC is mentally an adult... Like I said, a bit like Forgotten Conqueror if you've read it.

As for the HIDDEN ABILITIES aspect, which I assume a lot of people would worry about, like me, it's not that bad and I feel like it isn't detrimental or irritating. He doesn't reveal all of his power, but enough... Trust me, it's good. Like I said before, the first dozen or so chapters are the most annoying, but I think it fits. Still, don't skip some of the important introductory info in those chapters. As for if he hides things non stop, it's a bit like Emperor's Domination. He uses his full capability on people he's gonna kill. He'll also reveal things about himself to his "people". There's an incredibly satisfying moment when he reveals something important to two of his "people"... Especially satisfying since most writer's chose NOT to reveal something and then I start raging really damn hard because of it.

I'm not a good reviewer, but yeah... This novel is really damn good so far. It's been incredibly promising and I look forward to the day when Wuxiaworld accepts this series as an official translation. <<less
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hero rated it
February 27, 2017
Status: --
Giving this a 1/5. No idea how this novel ever got more than a 3/5 from other reviews.

For me, it's incredibly generic. The typical Reincarnation + MC luck + the same old internal family / clan issue.

While I was reading it, the first novel that popped up in my mind was PMG, and well, I think that most people know how bad that novel turned out to be. Why PMG though? Well, it's pretty much because of the family issues as well as the whole spirit thing. The grandfather's reaction... more>> is even almost exactly the same as the Elder in PMG. This novel is worse though because the MC's father is absolutely useless. At least the MC's father actually tried his best to defend his son as much as possible and really believe in him. In this novel, the MC's father is utterly useless. As for the Martial Spirits, I think that's pretty much self-explanatory. Even after the family issues are resolved, the issues that the MC faces are pretty much the same. Arrogant geniuses who just keep stepping up after watching a genius get beat down. I guess that really isn't anything knew when it comes to any type of web novel though. I guess one positive thing to note is that this novel's MC isn't as chatty as PMG's.

One thing which I found incredibly s*upid though is that... (this will contain spoilers)


when the MC finally left to venture, he just left his family alone surrounded by relatives who obviously didn't like them and who he had personally created vendettas with. Since I was going to drop the novel anyway, I just checked for the chapter where he returns to his family. When I skimmed through that chapter I wasn't even surprised that the "strong" big brother of the antagonist arrived and beat up the MC's father shortly before the MC himself arrived. That was coincidentally the last chapter currently translated so I don't know how he'll beat up that particular family (and honestly, I'm not even interested in finding out what actually happens when more chapters come out) but that last chapter added another thing which I absolutely dislike to this novel. The whole "hero arrives just in time" concept which happens time and time again in web novels despite the MC not even bothering to secure the safety of his "loved ones". It find it annoying because I'd rather have someone who "means a lot" to the MC die than to have a MC who never actually develops because he always gets away with his selfishness / carelessness.


As for the author, I think that his writing skills is lower than PMG's. Why? Because everything simply felt like they were words on paperwhite. The things being described to happen simply happened and I never felt really anything. In addition to that, everything just seemed to have a tone of childishness.

Anyway, with those things said, I'm dropping this completely and never looking back. As for the people who I think would be interested in reading this novel, it'll probably be those who are still reading PMG and the likes. <<less
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Sought rated it
August 28, 2017
Status: c2931

Mortal realm arc was fine. Then the MC power-ups. Then he can kill anyone half a realm over his. And from there on, it all goes downhill. MC has power-ups that can't be explained.


In raws, he got 3 saint souls two realms before anyone could ever condense theirs, and same thing for his immortal heart, condensed two realms prior to the norm.


There is more points that make the story even less believable and make it seem like the dream of an 8th grader but oh well...

Update as of chapter 2931: the MC lost the last bit of his brain since the start of the "Huang Shuai" arc. Wherever he goes he says "become my servant or die", or just kills everyone. That happens in loops. No character development, no introspection, no thoughts.

Doesn't he ever think of his relatives? Not even one mention of them even though he left everyone that was close to him hundreds of years ago. Guess the author was "lazy".

At this moment I am utterly speechless at how low this novel is able to go down to. The current arc is probably the worst I ever read, all xianxias/xuanhuans included. I would rather see the author draw a quick end to the story than let it drag on for hundreds of chapters without an end.

If I had to draw an analogy, I would say that this novel is like a classic mobile rpg game. Every day you get some resources (two chapters) to power up your character (Huang Xiaolong), and that's the end, there is no story, no explanation, no reason.

I would give it 0 stars if I could.

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Fubarone rated it
November 17, 2016
Status: c19
So far it's just another standard xianxia trope filled story. Including the ever-so-annoying "must hide abilities at all costs". Actually, amend that to "must hide abilities at all cost, even passing up on benefits to cultivation, and getting angry over humiliation received from being viewed as weak".

MC would rather see his parents be humiliated rather than show even half his power. Plus he won't even let his parents know anything close to his actual progress. Just let them swallow the scorn from the rest of the family.

Gave it 3.0 since... more>> it's not terrible, it just has terrible things in it. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: --
This is one of the worst novels that I have ever seen. I cant imagine what is going through this authors head. How could anybody think this story was a good ideal. The MC is bland and unlikable. The villians are s*upid and petty in a dumb way. Pointless power ups keep falling from the sky. The MC doesn't even need most of them. He becomes a rank 1 warrior after training for 1 day and reaches rank 2 on the 4th day.

The author relized his cultivation speed was to fast and needed to slow it down and get more word count. The MC trains for half a month and is still rank 2. He says it will take a month and a half just for him to reach the peak of rank 2. WTF IS THIS BS GOING ON! How did his speed slow down so much. Wont it take countess years just to reach rank 9 if it keeps going up like that? The MC meets a super rare monkey while training in his backyard. The monkey takes him to some treasure that helps him lvl up. The MC should have already leveled up by that time anyway and it made the treasure feel pointless. It was also surounded by countless bones and pure yin. The MC said it had been there for countless years. This treasure was a half hour jog away from his house! How did his clan never find it! They have been there for 40 years and have a ton of members! The whole thing was just to give the MC some treasure. It felt super random and cringeworthy. Stuff like this goes on forever!

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tides rated it
June 9, 2018
Status: c1
the story is ridiculous and all the treasures in the entire world keeps appearing infront of the MC for no reason.

he is a reincarnator from earth and he has a set of cultivation techniques that has over 10000 stages. He uses it all the way from chapter 1 to chapter 9999 and it's basically better than every other skills the entire universe has created.

he is born with the strongest and never seen before martial spirits so ignore the synopsis because his spirit alone can flatten the entire universe.

the second he... more>> is old enough to walk, he walks to a lake and finds a cave with skills and weapons from another continent from a person who can destroy the entire continent he is at right now by flicking his finger. This also comes with strong bodyguards that can kill the king of the country he is in with a stare, and an entire sect too! This sect constantly sends him stronger bodyguards each time he moves to a stronger country too!


he later finds that this guy was captures and tortured for billions of years because of power struggles in the clan. No shit. You left all your weapons and stuff in the cave so durh


when he goes to another country for the first time, the bodyguard has a senior brother who is also the strongest man in the entire country!!

when he goes to school, his spirits dig up one of the strongest treasures in the entire world for him! WOW!

one of the good things in this novel is that his cultivation increases REALLY fast, but this also means that NOBODY will EVER matter because he will keep moving to stronger countries/realms. There is also 17 different cultivation realms so far in the raws (yes! 17!!!) and the raws are not even done!

200 chapters in, he also starts becoming c*cky for no reason. He will taunt his enemies by telling them about ALL the treasures and skills he has, then kill these enemies who are 1 realm ABOVE him in ONE HIT. 2 lines later, he will remind himself that he can't let anyone know about the treasures he has.

also he cultivates by eating super rare pills that drop onto his lap that nobody else can find and his cultivation increases monthly. He also has an ability to create money out of air. I'm not lying.

don't read this.

Remember this line " is that so?" if you want to read because the second you start seeing this, you know the novel has went to shit. <<less
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UnderTaker26 rated it
June 11, 2017
Status: --
Don't read this. Seriously this is possibly the worst novel I've read. I know these stories typically have MC who has a lot of luck but this is simply ridiculous. Its one thing to get a powerful spirit and have talent like that but add in a godly inheritance way too good for the effort involved and acquired way too early and a pet beast that falls for the MC for no reason whatsoever and practically exists just to give the MC more treasures even though it would be better... more>> off keeping it for itself plus one dimensional cardboard cutout villains. I honestly don't see what the translator saw in this novel to bother translating it. <<less
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Roxxman rated it
May 17, 2017
Status: c2359

So, having come up to date with the novel (at the current released chapters 2359 as of now) and seeing no one else having made a review with this many chapters i'll do one and try to keep it as spoiler free as possible.

So this novel as many others have mentioned is quite typical, but what wins it for me is that atleast it keeps some of the fantasy which I believe is the charm that I like in CN (xianxia) novels. Also as you read it you see that it takes some aspects from other novels, or copies if you'd like - the start with all the martial spirits and such feels a bit like LLS. As you proceed it is a bit like MW/TMW not only because the MC is almost invincible and beats things above his level, but also the fantasy items like: all kinds of flames, magical treasures of all kinds, different thunders and things to collect and items of legend not to mention all the beasts and mythical creatues/legendary figures. Later on the novel starts to have an air of Emperors Domination with how the MC acts in his actions. All in all it is a typical xianxia but it does it well enough to be worth reading (and binge read)

About the MC, well as said above He is the Heavens Chosen MC, the backstory of him being reincarnated, is sadly just like the usual reincarnated mcs: it's mostly used for convenience. The scripture is just there to make him OP (Kinda like AST or Dominating Sword Immortal I guess?) and to make some of his actions easier. All that said he isn't a dry cracker with no humor and isn't dull with romance and he does grow as the story progresses. As I said with how it resembles ED is that he at one point rules.. Some places not gonna spoil too much here, but during the story he becomes the ruler of a lot of places so as he goes around the world and above, then obviously he won't take tr*sh talking from some puny young master of X sect or anyone for that sake. This means during the story we will see a lot of people provoking him and him killing A LOT OF PEOPLE - seriously I think this guy easily can be in the top 5 of MC kill counts, this doesn't mean he is the bloodthirst type on the contrary he's pretty harmless as long as you don't provoke him so don't let it deter you from reading this novel. Honestly dont expect too much in the first 100-200 chapters from the MC as the author is still trying to set up how the MC acts.

As for the side characters and romance:
  • It is actually a harem as he has more than 1 love interest, most of the romance and the girls aren't too fleshed out (Shi Xiaofei best girl tho) and he has two main love interests so far with 3 others. The two mains aren't too 1 dimensional and Shi Xiaofei feels like a young wife throughout the story and another girl is also quite likeable.
  • His family is also important to him through the story and we meet them occasionally, so they aren't just thrown behind and that's it.
  • Sadly as it is for this type of story, it is hard to keep friends and followers consistent, as through the story the MC usually power spikes too much. That said he does meet plenty of friends and have masters which isn't too 1 dimensional and there is also a few mentionable/memorable characters we meet.

I guess i'll mention some of the things I found bad/annoying/a pity:

  • The Antagonists is not too memorable in my opinion. We're not dealing with the super big schemes and plots, and even if, then the MC is just brute forcing his MC power through most of it. Not to mention that they somehow tend to be soft hearted, in an otherwise pretty brutal cultivation world - while there is some deaths on the MCs sides it is never truly important characters which means a softer impact for us readers. But! The first major antagonist was decent I guess.
  • Finally no really.. Finally, maybe it was just because I read it on MTL, but the word FINALLY was used way too much in the start of the story. If, to you, the word FINALLY means using a fair bit of effort used to accomplish something, then it does not have the same meaning for the author. Cultivating to X step in no time that otherwise takes others a long time? FINALLY DONE with so much damn effort. Opening a magic treasure in two tries with hardly any time spent? FINALLY opened it wow FINALLY. Ok, I wont say too much more about it, but unless the translator spices it up, be ready for the lack of vocabulary in the start.
  • Too many young masters that keep blaring their status and provoking and retaliation. While it isn't always bad as it is like reading a young master/sect death sentence every time.
  • No real motivation for cultivation, after the start with wanting to protect his family.
  • MC cant walk outside without stepping in treasures, but this is also related with the cultivation type (and being able to move the story anywhere with how the MCs body is). Essentially this novel doesn't use the sense things / sense dao ETC type of cultivation but it's mostly just Absorb Energy/Qi to fill urself up to breakthrough.
  • Also! Grades! So many grades and levels and grades and levels and best and mid and low and so on, this novel seriously suffers from this, so brace yourselves for GRADING!
  • And last but not least the Author cheapens us with writing in full every time he cultivates, meaning it's not just "And Xiaolong cultivated for the evening" no it describes the whole process almost every time he cultivates. What does this mean? It means by the time I read 2359 chapters atleast 3-400 of them was describing him almost cultivating the same over and over. I feel like this is seriously bad from the author, I know he has to deliver his chapters but it is still largely disappointing - But hey atleast you can just scroll past it most of the time, but it still means there's actually only about 2000 chapters if not a bit less (at the time of this review obviously) when you remove the rehashing of the cultivation.

All in all, a really enjoyable MC thats confident and ruthless but still decent. With the typical xianxia setting, a few memorable characters that you'll enjoy. And while it has been mentioned in other reviews, he does actually face a few super powerhouses quite above his level later on, needing to use subordinates or treasures to face. Obviously the reason for this is to push him and give a reason for cultivating obviously as he realizes he's an ant most of the time, even if he's a super blessed MC. As for the reason he hides his things.. Well as you read further in you realize just how blessed he is and how good of a decision it is.

But do keep in mind that this novel as of now has 2k+ chapters and it does take the first hundreds of chapters to start to define itself.
Also a good novel to begin with if this is your first or second novel you are reading as it isn't too "Chinese".
I rate it 3.5, as it does come with its faults and I wont say its a gem like Duoluo Dalu etc and belongs to the OP MC list of novels.
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HeartRange rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: c980
This novel made me want to consider rating Martial God Asura 5 stars. It's that bad.

When I think about how good or bad this novel is, I instantly compare it to MGA. Why? Because that novel is also a cheap novel about wish fulfillment with simple lvl 1 to lvl 2-esque power ups, harem of beautiful girls, face slapping the ignorant, insane luck with finding treasure, always arriving just... more>> in time to save your dearests, your power resetting when moving from lower realm to a higher realm, etc...

However. This novel is shameless. It does everything worse, way worse. Let me make a quick list to compare:

The power ups
The cultivation system seems alright at first, you have interesting martial spirits and a second cultivation method that he has from earth. Later on there is even interesting things like

opening up your own pocket space when advancing to Saint realm and MC has an unique one that has multiple elements in it

. But then, a few chapters pass and you think to yourself, hey why is that never mentioned again or hey why isn't the unique cultivation thing the MC has compared to other people. And a few more chapters pass and it becomes obvious that the author just had a interesting surface level idea, but then never expended on it and it leaves the reader just with an unsatisfying feeling. Ah yes that reminds me; plotholes and forgotten elements. In this novel they are more common than the word jade beauty in cultivation novels. Usually when I read reviews after I read a novel or comments after a chapter that complains about a plothole, I never take it serious. What is almost always the case, is that the reader was skimming through chapters and missed an explanation or the plothole is so minor that it can be explained away by just thinking of the most obvious, but just that the author decided to not write it down. However I can assure you. The plotholes are aplenty in this novel and they aren't minor.

The harem
It's bad and almost non-existant. Do not expect any romance or snu snu time anytime soon, you have a bit at the start but then it is completely ignored for more than 500 chapters and then shoehorned back into the plot again. The first few 'romance' interaction between the MC and the premiere jade beauty are so cringe worthy and badly written that still a better lovestory than twilight meme is even too much for how bad it is.

The face slapping
This is probably the most outrageous part about the novel. I can just about tolerate the Antarctica temperature level IQ from 'Young masters' that are going around and pissing of the MC asking for a beating in novels like MGA. Yet this novel takes it to a new level. The face slapping scene happens way, way, way too often where almost 1/3rd of the novel is face slapping. Ahaha you thought that was all? No. This novel also literally copy pastes the SAME GODDAMN RESTAURANT FACESLAPPING SCENE 20 times with just different names. Repeating the same scene maybe once or twice is maybe meme worthy, but more than that it just becomes bad and annoying. And then the so called 'peanut gallery' gets also waaaaaaaaaay to much lines per chapter, the nobodies that are repeating the same phrase every time "Oh haha MC Is done for no way he can block that" and his own f*cking master underestimating him at least 6 times in different mini badly written tournament arcs "Oh haha the MC is talented but no way he can get first". At least novels like MGA change up the reason and scenes why a young master is getting face slapped, this novel is just so shameless that it literally copy pastes scenes. Also filler lines where the this novels version of the cliché old grandpa ghost that helps MC says one thing and then the MC goes: repeats exactly what was just said and then says 'no way' and after that the novel says the MC is shocked

Treasure and worldbuilding
Let me just make this short by giving an example how bad it is: MC wants to find a treasure and plans to utilize the library to do so. I'm like ok so are we going to see some mystery slowly unfolded and some smart deductions by or MC or something? Ahaha don't expect so much. Here is how the genius author decided to write it:
MC goes to library for 3 years scanning the books
MC has narrowed it down to 3 places
MC spends another 3 years scanning books
MC has narrowed it down to 1 place and now sets out to find

(it is really this bad I'm not even cutting much detail and details would just make it worse, like the fact that it was one of the greatest treasure of the galaxy and that no one in 100.000 years had thought of going to the library and read books to deduce where the treasure is)
Also the only interesting treasures the MC finds get plotholed and forgotten about.

TO CONCLUDE (because I honestly don't want to spend more time thinking about this novel) :

This novel is not wish fulfillment. It is the most lazy, uninspired piece of garbage that has ever graced this earth that just makes the reader feel worse. <<less
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hoa rated it
November 24, 2018
Status: c3471

i do not know the people not like in the father being week well u will know why in the more advanced chapter as that this is not his real father and the MC's real father is one of the most amazing and powerful cultivators in the universe


the real father is one of the most 30 powerful God of creation and there's only two with creation yellow dragon bloodline in the universe who are born with it, MC's father called yellow dragon god of creation and he has been captured by the other one who has the same bloodline to devour him as he has 9 billion buckets of strength and he need another 1 billion to break the level of god of creation to become the lord of the universe so that the yellow dragon make the MC reincarnated in the body of martial artist of earth then make another reincarnation to him in another body to the MC has the soul capacity of three bodies and that will help him gain more talent and more advantages in the future battle against the brother of the MC's real father.


and about the repeating plot of the MC beating every talent like they are nothing as I have explained above. It is because of his soul capacity being more than normal person by three times.

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Ray N
Ray N rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: c1413
Reason why China has Human organ trafficking if this is what their novel teaches:

"Some experts would use God King Realm Buddhist cultivators’ bodies and combine them with countless chaos spiritual herbs. After that they would refine these living God King Realm cultivator’s bodies for several decades in the furnace, forming a kind of miraculous paste..... Moreover, during the refining process, that Buddhist cultivator wouldn’t die, but would be tortured by the furnace fire for several decades, even several hundred years before he or she died...“The Buddha Paste is better than... more>> chaos spiritual pills?”..... Huang Xiaolong (MC) ’s eyes sparkled. This God King’s Buddha Paste actually has better benefits than refining a Sea God’s spirit! In that case, I must get it during the auction." Chapter 1413 <<less
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IEatPotatoes rated it
May 11, 2017
Status: c114
I really like the novel at first, it was a bit different then your typical cultivation story since they have spirits. Sadly, the main character just gets a lucky break one after another, has plot armor, a predictable story line, and picks a fight constantly. Seriously, I'm not sure if he's ever not had a fight after a chapter or two.

At first, the fights were more or less justified, but it quickly went out of hand. Oh, you thought I was lower class? Here, let me smack you around, kill... more>> you, etc.

It's not interesting to read at all at this point!

He also receives a lucky encounter constantly and basically gives his parents, who don't contribute to the story at all, cultivation material after cultivation material, without using any for himself. No worries though, he'll disappear for a month and suddenly have something new and shiny the very next chapter. <<less
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clowred rated it
May 18, 2017
Status: c89
When I started reading this novel it didn't take long before I encountered the usual Xianxia cliches. I expected it, so I was not really annoyed. At most I felt a little bored. Yet, things actually didn't stop there. The hidden talents come to light way faster that I expected, and if that was not enough, the fateful encounter happens only a few chapter after the protagonist realizes what is his true power and potential. Coincidentally he obtains powerful allies while his enemies are the usual proud, talented yet s*upid... more>> characters that come a dime a dozen. The love interest is the usual annoying, clingy, extremely pure and angelic nine year old girl that will most likely attach to the protagonist as a parasite. The protagonist is a merciless cultivator that always finds new extremely rare resources, yet he always wants to share them with his less than talented parents to help them, even though he could do much better as long as he used these resources on himself to deal with the present problems before helping them. He is proud and righteous, yet the border between bringing justice and bullying slowly disappears. The cultivation speed which should have been extremely fast is intentionally slowed down by the author by suddenly giving his enemies a power jump. It's like playing a racing game where after reaching first place the other cars suddenly receive a boost in speed. Tr*sh like this is repeated, the higher stages are already presented and most of the future conflicts can already be intuited to a large margin. Competitions between kingdoms, empires, sects, internal strife, gloats of proud enemies that will get water boarded by the protagonist, these shits will repeat until the novel finally reaches its end.

In conclusion, read it, don't read it, do whatever you want. Yet, don't expect this novel to even try to get away from the usual cliches. As long as you don't have that much experience with Xianxia, you may enjoy it. <<less
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Zahard rated it
November 5, 2016
Status: c16
So far finished reading till chapter 16

Story line: Typical xianxia. MC Reincarnates and brings a secret art from the previous world [earth].

... more>>

When he was in the shaolin temple he had learned a secret art "Body Metamorphose Scripture" which helps in training battle qi (so far) in the present world of Martial Spirit World.


He is also introduced to this strength system of "Battle Qi" and "Martial Spirits". The Martial spirit reminds me of "Peerless martial god". Hope this LN doesn't have the same plot armour "You are tr*sh" and MC reacting every single time to show he is Super Strong.


Yep, snakes turning into dragons. First it was a two headed snake then it splits to form 2 distinct dragons.


Character Building: Well, new characters are being introduced steadily. The MC's character has not been expounded so far. Other side characters behave in a very typical xianxia fashion.


Cousin tries to bully MC's sister. Gets beaten. Holds a grudge. Involves his father. The father is so s*upid that instead of reprimanding his son, gets angry towards his nephew. Cousin fights with MC at the annual clan assembly. Love interest/fiance is also introduced.


Not sure whether harem will be there or not though

World Building: Too early to say anything. The author hasn't explained it well so far.

Translation: Descent. A couple of mistakes here and there, but its alright. The translation speed has picked up. Hope the LN is hosted in a proper site instead of forum though. :) Conclusion: Read if you are NOT looking from something new. Personally, it wasn't bad and I was not bored. I will give it a 4 out of 5 for now. <<less
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SnakeHips rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: --
Before this review even starts, I would like to say that if you read the description of this novel and like the concept, don't try reading it and instead go look up douluo dalu 1, 2 or 3 and read those instead because those books are everything this one is trying to be.

When I first started this book, although I did see the similarities between this one and another, I was fine with it. I was willing to give it a chance because tons of novel copy off of each... more>> other and you can get different takes on different subjects. Even though I was willing to give it a chance however, the novel quickly ruined itself.


So first the MC reincarnates to a different world which is already a boon for many mcs. Then boom, we learn that he practices shaolin techniques (which after just watching the iron fist I was quite excited about) and then boom he finds a cool monkey thats smart and powerfull and it brings him OP fruits then boom he finds a lake where he recieves some OP asura inheritance then boom he randomly finds a injured dude who.... boom hes also super OP then BOOM that dude has an even more OP senior brother then BOOOOOOOM that dude has an even more OP master the BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM you get the picture.


The story has no idea what pacing is and to be completely honest, just feels like some jerk off fantasy the author came up with while reading douluo dalu. <<less
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Stop staring at my username
Stop staring at my username rated it
February 1, 2017
Status: c62
Standard novel but ok to kill time. I like the fact that he has a super OP position (cuz I read it just to see him show off lol), just that he can't fully utilise it. It might not deviate much from regular Xianxia but I recommend it. His latent talent is high so he can actually rise to power without OP treasures like most MCs, the treasures just speed up his growth process.
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