Indulging in Carnal Desire


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Chu Jiao had always suffered from the quick changing nature of human relationships since little and had never tasted the feeling of being doted on. She was suddenly informed that her existence was only a few strokes of a pen in a novel. All her suffering was set by the author in order to make the male and female leads succeed.

She wasn’t willing nor could she accept the truth.

For vengeance, she bound herself to the “Supporting Female Carnal Desire System”. In order to survive and go back to the original world, she needed to kick down the female lead and take on the mission of catching the male lead and to clear the conditions, she needed——bo-body fluids?

Originally, she only planned to use her body without the intention of losing her heart but she never imagined that she would over and over again meet people that would carefully place her in the palm of their hand and spoiled her dearly.

They paid her with sincerity so she might as well return it with deep feelings.

Ultimately, she discovered that everything was actually love.

As the stars move and the time turns, you’ll like me no matter what I look like.

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50 Reviews

Little Potato
Little Potat
Jan 04, 2020
Status: c41
[UPDATE] The official source of this novel POPO, has been taken off. If you're reading the raws on a third party site, please note that there is not one raw site that is complete. You need a combination of two raw sites.

Translator here!

If you've been looking for smut with a decent quality of plot, you're in the right place. ;) I've only finished translating the first arc so far so my review will only be pertaining to that (it may change if I finish translating the other worlds _ (ˇωˇ」∠).... more>> In fact, the first arc is what made decide to pick this up and translate it.

Characters: 4/5

My only iffy was that the villainous characters weren't explored well. I would've loved to see a bit more background on the villains and their thoughts but then again each arc is quite short (41 chapters) and focuses more on smut (this is a smut story after all¯_ (ツ) _/¯)

Story: 5/5
There's actual plot ensuing in this story and I personally found the feelings between the ML and FL to be really heartwarming. In fact, despite many of the reviews saying they only gave it a 5 for the smut, I actually gave this a 5 based on the poignant plot itself. In terms of smut, I love that there are various different coitus plays in different settings and it is not the usual short 'papapa' scene you see in other novels. It's also written very explicitly and in-depth which is a huge plus in my book! I mean, how many of those can you actually find translated here?! You may find questionable or immoral content in the novel (I personally don't mind because one, fiction and two, I've seen worse so I'm desensitized to it) but I usually put a warning on top and in bold as well too! So if you chose to read on despite that, that's on you.

Writing: 5/5
For a smut story, I honestly couldn't believe that the words the author use would be so eloquent. One chapter of this may be shorter than your average quick transmigration chapter, however it took me TWICE as long to translate AND edit so it really speaks as to how much trouble I find myself in, trying to find the right words to express the meaning across the readers.

Overall, this was a good find and I don't regret picking it up! I hope you all enjoy the stories here too! <<less
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Dec 26, 2019
Status: c39
Since the first arc is almost complete, I'm writing the review in relation to that. This is going to contain spoilers of the first arc. I'll update it if the novel improves.

The first arc is so damn morally questioning, I can't even imagine how the hell can anyone like the male lead? As a person? Respect him, even?

Now, imagine a scenario. You have a 25-year-old brother who is a highly respectable army guy, handsome, well-off, nice guy. Now, you and your SO tragically pass away in an accident but you... more>> feel relieved because your brother is there to look after your 5-year-old daughter who was the apple of your eye.

It hasn't even been two days and when your brother takes your daughter home, he touches her chest while bathing her (well, not enough for you to turn in your grave), GETS HARD TO A TINY HUMAN'S BODY, looks and appreciates your daughter's private parts, calls her TINY baby nipples 'red pearls'. Forget that the daughter has an older soul, forget it, because your brother thinks of her as a child! As. A. Child. And gets hard, makes the kid give him a hand job, let's the kid lick his pre-cum, stays SILENT. HE DOESN'T STOP THE CHILD.

Five year olds don't even reach your waist, they are like till the middle of your thighs. Can you be sexually attracted to a child that small? And the male lead is tall as hell, so the MC reaches maybe his knees. Can you imagine getting hard and being this disgustingly aroused after seeing a child that reaches your f*cking knees? To make it even worse, she's the daughter of his dead brother who died maybe two days ago. What the f*ck.

And before anyone gives the argument of "but that was a single incident, they started doing s*xual things when MC was fifteen". LIKE THAT MAKES IT f*ckING BETTER. Ever interacted with a fifteen year old? They're mentally immature, not developed emotionally, although they might feel like adults, they're children at heart. The uncle is thirty-five when he f*cks her. Forget that he's hot, forget that, imagine a thirty-five year old man lusting after his 15-year-old niece since she was five. Imagine.

To make it even f*cking worse, he admits to having wet dreams where the MC is a child and oh my lord, he calls her "his little flower". f*cking ew.

That's how his morals are f*cked up. The s*x scenes are alright and that's what makes it a little better. I can only hope the next arcs are not this f*cking gross. In*est is another thing, but pedophilia is the worst.

I can be alright with in*est to a certain level but not pedophilia. It f*cking disgusts me. Imagine someone lusting after a freaking five-year-old and getting hard seeing that small body, f*cking disgusting. What kind of a brain hole does the author have? Couldn't she have made them adults, at least? Ugh.

The only good thing till now has been the translation. That's it. I really appreciate the translator's efforts.

Edit: The second arc is so much better. Master x Disciple. In the cultivation world, this kind of a relationship is taboo but these kinds of things don't apply to us so it's not a problem - just consider it to be a Teacher x Student thing. The ML is kinda cute here. :) Stars for the first arc (previous rating) : 1.5

Stars for the second arc (updated) : 4.3 <<less
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Oct 14, 2019
Status: v4
"As the stars move and the time turns, you'll like me no matter what I look like."


this was said by the male lead *-*


I picked this to read mainly because of this one sentence. And I'm a sucker for romance and star crossed lovers shit.


author leaves a note at the end of every world and she says there's a reason for the transmigration so fingers crossed.



I've just finished reading the first world (raws since translations arent up to there yet, not mtl) ;; if you can get past the

(WARNING. this isn't for everyone) uncleXniece thing they've got ongoing, everything else is pretty well done. Especially the smut scenes lol. No joke, it's really well written, and tons of it. Albeit too much for me but oh well.

As the plot entails, it's about our girl who ends up taking the role of each supporting character in each world, kicking the 'supposedly' female lead and getting together with the ML. There are a total of 8 different worlds with different types of characters so you get a range of setting and personality types of our MC and ML

*THERE WILL BE in*est.

Click spoiler for all the different types of worlds in the novel.


Huge credits to the translator for picking this project, and the well done translations!

  • Strong, Old-fashioned, Tsundere Second Uncle X Bizarre Small Loli
  • Cold-faced Iceberg Apprentice-Doting Master x Lovable, Charming and Obedient Disciple
  • Big Director Suppressing His Love for Furry Things x Sticky Soft and Small, Adorable Cat Spirit
  • Two-faced Cunning Father-in-law x Good-looking Widowed Daughter-in-law
  • ROC's Stern Bigshot Warlord x Willful and Spoiled Miss Jiao
  • Overbearing and Fierce Barbarian Khan x Smart and Sincere Princess
  • Wise Future Emperor x Cross-dressing Charming Eunuch
  • High IQ Infatuated Scientist x Naive Android Girlfriend
Little excerpt from world 1 : I briefly translated it so excuse that.


"You know.. My flower, I need to be responsible for her... She's so small and fragile... Yet so naive. With only four little thorns, to protect herself and resist the enemies..."

" I dare not let her be by herself... So... I will find her... Protect her..."


WORLD 2. This was one I was really excited for, the martial realm! I was wondering how s*x would be incorporated in this lol. But how they went at it was wow. My heart is a softie for the partings so I did get teary eyed. again



" jiao Jiao..."

"Next time... remember to fall in love with me, just a little bit earlier"


WORLD 3. She meets him as a child. This one was pretty smooth sailing.

it's more prominent in this arc that all the male leads are connected as it seems like our male lead here has a secret. He also knows she's transmigration worlds.


WORLD 4. Relationship here is a bit messy but after reading through it, it's not as bad as it sounds.


male lead is an illegitimate son, mother was an entertainer, , got pregnant and brought back. Main wife schemes and she ends up being sickly and dies. Main wife has 2 sons. Realises that ML is outstanding so gives the 2nd child of her eldest son to him to raise. Scheming behind that when they kill him, the child can get his property. Too bad child ends up being sickly and main wife wants to finish using him up, so finds someone to marry the kid. That person is our girl. Brother was lied to that as long as he marries her of, he could get a court rank (because male lead is friendly with the emperor). Lo and behold, male lead comes back, doesn't know about the wedding, thought it was to him and consummates the marriage with her lol. The plot after this is bascially male lead brining down the main house while she watches on the side, with a little lending hand.

"next time, I'll find you first"


WORLD 5. Tbh my favourite arc because it's all just pampering.

WORLD 6. Barbarian Khan x Princess. Dudes a tsundere here.

Update: it's been a while and I stopped after catching up (world7) . Looks to be completed now so I'll read again and see.
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Jul 08, 2020
Status: --
The first arc makes me quit this novel. The MC is five, actual five when they did the do (not penetration but bj, which is still the same cause hello????? 5 years old???? And 25 years old man?????)


How the ML could even feel the tiniest bit of attraction for his five years old NEPHEW is disgusting. I don't care if they didn't have any more s*xual relationship until she's fifteen, just the bj in the first few chaps is already stepping outside of my comfort... more>> zone (not in a good way either).

The uncle waiting for his nephew blablabla is not romantic at all. Its predatory. I feel so much disgust for the ML that I can't even continue reading this novel anymore, and this is very surprising cause I'm usually ok with a lot of f*cked up stuffs. I know that the MC is technically not a child cause she has grown up mindset and all that but the uncle doesn't even know that. The uncle thirsting after his 5 years old nephew is just 100% PEDOPHILIA, and I am really really uncomfortable with how predatory all of his actions are. Sure, the MC was the one who started the seduction thing but when you are 25 years old, stopping a mere 5 years old from touching your d*ck because she's "curious" is kind of a common sense.

I haven't read the other arcs and I'm not planning to do any of that. The first arc turned me off so fast that I don't even have the desire to even attempt to read the next arc. <<less
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Aug 04, 2020
Status: c117
OK, straight off the bat. You see the tags. I see the tags. We all see the tags. We all know what to expect from this series. Well then, is it able to exceed expectations? Jolly yes! But is it Mango approved? NO.

The smut aspect of this series is definitely right up the top, both in terms of the descriptions and the actual settings. However, there might be a few which could trouble some readers. The TL has marked such chapters, so you can just ignore them. Just for its... more>> smut, it would deserve to get 4/5.

But 5/5? What does it have more than smut? Comedy? Not the traditional kind. it is difficult to explain why this series is fun at times. Is it the antics of the protagonist? Is it the interaction with the male leads? Is it the language used? I honestly have no idea. But this series manages to effortlessly shift from intense, passionate smut to chill slice of life fun stuff.

But why is this not Mango approved? For one, while the series is fun, it is not particularly funny. It does have its moments of genuine slapstick, but it is not quite enough. The plot itself is pretty standard fare. There are multiple such world-hopping based series out there, so if you ask me if this manages to stay unique out of the pool... I will have to disagree. This is a good read to while away time in an NSFW fashion. Nothing more than that. <<less
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Oct 05, 2019
Status: --
Story: 5 smutty stars

Characters: 4.5 smutty stars

Pacing: 5 smutty stars

... more>> Translator: 5 smutty stars

For a smutty factor of 5.

I have to give review despite not finishing this yet using MTL. It just deserves notice.

After reading the chapters released, I was immediately hooked and I had to MTL this like my pants is on fire. The author has a way with words that draws you in and there is depth with the smut. It's actually comedic in some areas. Despite the somewhat red triggers that may throw people off, such as in*est and loli, you shouldn't worry as this is a love story.


There is a brief petting when she was still a loli, but the author phrased it so well that you actually forget she's in the body of a child. There is a very strong First POV that blends well with the narration.

I'm not gonna argue about moral compass, if you can't handle it, please skip it. The story is still good even without reading that part. There is a (reasonable) time skip and they did the deed when she was older.


I went to read this novel expecting the usual smut and actually gaining more at the end.

Moreover, a world-hopping adult smut novel! We only had two so far, how sparse the genre of adult smut is within our collection of web novels. The s*x is awesome, believe me, even when I was MTLing this, the feelings were still able to reach me. How would it be, if it was properly translated then?

Kudos to the translator. She is very good, clear and clean in translation. What's more she is one of the best translator that has the hand to transmit well the comedic undertone of the text. The comedy is not dry at all!

This novel is really hot and witty, and has a good story line too. If you want something different in the field of smut, try this. <<less
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Jul 19, 2020
Status: c35
I can’t read it. The first arc took 30 something chapters and it was so tedious to read sometimes, even with the smut. But that’s not the main issue.
Everybody has their own bottom line of what they will like to read or what they will pass. For me it’s kids and smut. I don’t care if there is a 29, 50, or a 19 year old inside a child’s body. The fact that there are ambiguous things with a child makes me get pedophilic vibes. I don’t like it.... more>> I can’t read it. Oh, and I can’t forget

The dude is her uncle. Uncle. Not biological, but still.


I skipped around in the 1st arc because I didn’t know where it was going. And began reading arc 2. The MC is 16 years old in a weird vague situation. Why can’t she be 18? Or 20? Or 26? Maybe it’s just me being picky. Me not being comfortable with the 1st arc makes me more sensitive towards 2nd. It feels odd to me.

i like smut. But this just feels like im taking a bite from an ice cream cone only to find out a moment too late that there are also pickles and bacon fat in it. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 04, 2020
Status: c117
read the tags.

if you can’t handle any “disturbing” themes such as those written in the tags or even those warnings written before the first chapter begins then don’t read this light novel. Simple as that. The tags are there for a reason. Don’t just feign ignorance and read the novel only to come back to write a review about your morals and opinions about it if you didn’t even bother reading the rest

anyways, moving on. I love this novel so much. I love how the author built the... more>> chemistry of the FL and ML in such a heartwarming way. I think that normally, when it comes to reading chinese ln smuts, it feels flat because I don’t really feel anything from the characters since it simply focuses more on the lust aspect, but THIS. Damn. It’s s*x with feelings which is honestly 100% more hotter than just plain s*x in general. Adding to that is the overall plot and the satisfying face-slapping moments. (The H scenes are also hot af, which is why IICD is my go-to smut novel)

i’m also the type of reader who doesn’t cry even if an important character dies, but I honestly did shed some tears reading this. Why? Because I really felt sympathetic for the characters which is a huge plus on my book.

lastly, like the translator mentioned that basically described my entire impression on the novel, i came here for the smut but got so much more in return.

note: I also love how the translator made an effort in adding the glossary for the second arc which really helped me a lot in understanding the concept. &Lt;3 thank you. <<less
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Nov 06, 2019
Status: Completed
Came for the smut, and was very satisfied with the smut.

Like I've said in another review, I don't have high standards for R18 novels. I'm here for smut, and if there's lots of it, I'm pretty much satisfied LOL.

Anyways as the tags have duly noted, the first world has some questionable content considering it's

... more>>

A way older uncle banging his way younger niece


But like meh lmao I've read more questionable stuff, so it didn't bother me.

The story is a QT story with the heroine jumping between worlds. She takes the body of the "second female lead" in each of the worlds and aims to get the "bodily fluids" of the male lead and defeat the "main female lead" of the original story. At the end of each world, it's pretty clear that there is an over-arching plot and that the


ML knows who the MC is irl


I've read it to the end and the one thing I enjoyed about this story is the fact that the MC does not shy away from seducing or sleeping with the ML, instead she jumps into it without any fear at all.

Unlike a lot of other R18 novels, esp the ones I've read that are QT, the heroine always just wails and cries about having to sleep with the ML the entire time, despite the fact that it was the exact requirement they signed up for like wtf are you b*tching about??

I'm sure this stems to some kind of weird conservatism that women shouldn't like banging men that's really common in East Asia in particular, but like, I hate it lol. It's really, really exhausting and annoying to have to read 5 chapters long of the heroine being like "oh nooooeesssssssss" and complaining about having to bang the ML when they signed up for this. Like good lord. Especially worse are the QT stories where the heroine just NEVER gets over that and spends EVERY SINGLE ARC complaining for 10+ chapters to the System about how they have to bang the ML how dare the System make her do this!!! I can't. I CAN'T OKAY LOL.

This one is nice in that the MC has no problem going at it with the ML.

I only have two major gripes with the story.

The first thing that sometimes annoyed me was that it seemed like the MC didn't learn and would still run off on her own or drink things the enemy would give her, and therefore get drunk on aphrodisiacs etc like you'd think she would learn?? But nah lol they gotta make it so the ML can save her cus she was too dumb the first time to learn I guess.

And the second thing was how abruptly some of these stories ended. Like, I would feel like I was at the climax of the story and then I'd head to the next chapter and the title had the word END in it. Like, are you kidding me? And then I'd think well if the chapter is long enough it's fine, right? Nah, they'd be like maybe a little bit longer than your standard chapter but not by much. Some of the stories, especially in the later arcs, just ended so abruptly in my opinion. For some stories, I felt like there wasn't a satisfactory ending to the second female leads (aka the "main female lead" in the original stories that the MC QTs into) which kind of made me annoyed.

But otherwise, it's a good story. There's a lot of smut. That's kind of all I'm asking for.

... That all being said, I was actually super surprised at the ending of the story LOL like, it went in a direction I definitely wasn't expecting.


Especially with the reveal of who the FL was in the original world, and who the ML was.


In a lot of QT stories, normally the ML and FL are two like star crossed immortal lovers who are finding their way back to each other or people who knew each other in their original world but WOW LOL. I was not expecting the FL's original identity hahaha. It was interesting, and it also explained why the MC kept transmigrating


into secondary female leads instead of the main female leads like she was originally supposed to


So yeah. If you like QT stories and you like R18 stories, I'd recommend this story. The smut was satisfying and finally, we have a heroine who doesn't cry endlessly about having to collect bodily fluids even though that was the exact thing they signed up for lmao. <<less
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Aug 31, 2019
Status: --
The first world was difficult for me to read... kept expecting feds at the door or something.

there is sketchy behavior with a 5 y/o..... dont excuse it with her being an old soul or some such; she is in a 5y/o body and I kinda skipped on through that!! ???

but apart from that, not bad...i wanna get to world 4 so bad though.... mtl baby!
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 18, 2020
Status: Completed
What I really liked about this one is that it had a genuine plot along with some well written smut. It doesn't have fancy ass flowery words generally used in c-smuts and is also not limited to the papapas. It actually explores the feelings between the ML and FL and mainly doesn't involve r*pe. The FL enjoys it that's the biggest plus point for me.

"As the stars move and the time turns, you'll like me no matter what I look like.

This line so very well describes the whole story. Though... more>> they all are different bodies but they all have same soul. The FL starts out as an insecure woman but through the love and pampering of the MLS she gains confidence in herself

The translator has done a wonderful job in translating this. My rating is solely based on the quality of smut and the flow of plot. So if you're into Smuts with good plots this one is for you.

Yes the first arc is a bit uncomfortable as it has pedophilia. So you can skip it. This is my personal rant.

This is a smut story people. It explores all the elements and themes of smut world. If you're iffy about the in*est part then just skip it. This story is made to cater a wide range of people. Some people are into in*est (there's no need to judge them) and some are not. Morals are something you'll never find in a c-smut novel. And it was actually the FL who seduced her uncle as it was her mission. He actually didn't have any of those feelings towards her. But the FL manipulated him and was quite aggressive with him. He did regret it after that but FL continued to manipulate him by acting like a little wife. So we can't completely blame the ML here. And if you think age 15 is paedophilia in a cnovel, then all the historical c novels are the same where the MCs are 14-16 year olds. After reading so many c-novels, I've just come to ignore the ages of the protagonists as it makes it difficult for me to enjoy the plot. It was clearly written in the plot of the novel of this arc that the ML was into lollies (the actual FL was also of same age). I get the point that it's morally not right and I also stand by it. If you're jilted by this then just skip it as there are other arcs for you to enjoy. <<less
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Apr 25, 2020
Status: c73
From my opinion... this would be completely up to the taste of the reader. You either enjoy reading smut that could sometimes be seen as immoral or detest it (which then I advise you to not try to bother reading).

Just note that s*xual interc**rse is only limited to our FL and ML so you don't have to worry about FL being a total sl*t as she is only ever with the fated ML (personally I also detest MC's sleeping with tons of people so it's pretty reassuring to know that... more>> it's a one on one relationship throughout the arcs). Also note that you would encounter relationships that border immorality e.g.

niece and uncle relationship

but as long as you don't mind that then it's an sufficiently enjoyable read considering that you would also like the smut theme in the novel.

To conclude, the title of this novel was quite misleading from my perspective as I thought 'oh no the FL is gonna turn to a total sl*t due to this watever carnal desire system' but surprisingly it was completely different from my expectations as this novel is filled with love aside from the smutty aspect of it all. All in all, you either like it or dislike it. Happy reading~ =^w^=/~***** <<less
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Aug 23, 2021
Status: --
Didnt like the first arc. No, im not just talking abt the ML being tempted by a five year old's body despite being described as a morally upright man. And that 5 year old is his niece whose parents just passed away. I'm also not just referring to the underage s*x. Rather, I didnt like the hypocrisy of the ML and the FL and how the og FL was mistreated and sl*t shamed when the 2 have done worse.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 09, 2020
Status: Completed
Are you searching for the holy grail of a smut novel that has an engaging plot? Look no further. While the plot isn't a masterpiece, it's well-thought-out and exciting! The smut is hot and the relationship is very loving. The different relationships in each task world add a level of spice. PLUS there's a really big twist at the end that I DEFINITELY did not see coming, wow. The MCs character is charming and self-reliant, the ML's character is sweet and doting, the smut is spank-bank material, and the plot... more>> is interesting! Nothing to dislike here!

Ok, maybe skip the 1st arc and come back to it later - the 1st arc has some uncomfortably immoral moments in it, still if you push past that this novel is amazing! <<less
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Dec 01, 2019
Status: Completed

Just for the smut ;)

Much better written than a few other QT adults novels. Especially the s*x scenes

... more>> I remember reading another QT adult novel and whenever the ML penetrated the FL it was always "as if there were a thousand tiny mouths sucking on his manhood"

How in the fudge nuggets does that even work lol? Anyways go ahead and read it to satisfy your carnal desires.


Alright yall I just finished it and it is amaaaaaaaaazing.

The ML is so h**ny lmao, always spicing things up in the bedroom.

The ending was surprising but I expected it due to another reviewer.

Anyways, read the tags yall. Morals don't exist here!

Enjoi Adieu! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I felt guilty reading this especially the first few chapters with FL as minor age (despite her mental age)... but the writing of the author really made continue. I'm glad that I didn't drop, bc the plot twist was great.

Actually, other than age matters and in*est part esp 1st arc... Actually, all arcs were really worth bingeing especially stringing and hinting clue with ultimate ML's background and plot twist.

Also, the smut parts were extremely graphical so some readers should be warned (LMAO)


... more>>

1 - Soldier Uncle x Young Niece (Modern Time)
2 - Master x Disciple (Cultivation World)
3 - Company President x Cat Demon (Modern Time)
4 - Official Father x Daughter-in-Law (Ancient Era)
5 - Big Boss Governor x High School Student Fiancée (New China Republic Era)
6 - Tyrant Khan x Spoiled Princess (Ancient/Barbarian)
7 - Emperor x Crossdresser Eunuch (Ancient)

Original World: Crazy/Infatuated Scientist x Naive Robot

Defected World that needed repair: Boss x Employee (FL's world before and after her world hopping)




There's actually only one ML.

Xiao Qi, Chu Rongshen, Ling Yue, He Sinian, Lu Zhen, Yan Zhan, Hu Luoyan, Jing Chen === > all was consciousness of Chu Chen (Ultimate ML) the crazy scientist who "crazily" in love with the robot (Chu Jiao) and created worlds so she can know and experience "love". In each worlds, he only regained his real memories after FL confessed her love to him.


History of ML and FL


FL was a robot who took care of young ML after his parents abandoned him. FL as robot supposedly only got 10 years usage but persist until ML became adolescent... but got mechanical problem later on so the government have to dispose her when she got defect. However, ML was in love with her and treated her as his only family. He spent time searching for her and later find her in some disposal site. Afterwards, ML fixed her. When he became renowned scientist and improved her system and added emotions... however, FL can't identify "love" so ML created worlds for her to personally experienced based on her favorite novel book plots with ML and FL as "supposed" leads.


OG Heroine


Chu Jiao was supposed to be the heroine of storyline not cannon-fodder. But Li Meng, the assistant researcher who infatuated with Chu Chen (ML) and jealous of a robot then created disruptions/virus in Chu Chen's consciousness making her the heroine and made him fall for her instead of Chu Jiao... luckily, ML got backup which is 419 system. Bc if Li Meng succeeded, the ML will be trapped in fake worlds bc the mission of "him and Chu Jiao falling in love" failed.


My only one confusion or plot hole of novel


After both ML and FL's consciousness left each worlds, is real characters continued the plotlines???

I just confused if FL and ML's little bit of consciousness were remained in each worlds... bc characters still acted same like them.

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Dec 15, 2019
Status: Completed
It's a good read. Might go against your morals (in*est).


... more>>

might not be in order since im just writing it on top of my head

1. Employee x ceo

2. Niece x uncle

3. Apprentice x master (cultivation)

4. Cat demon x CEO (kidnapped when was a kid and met FL as a cat

5. Orphan x govt official

6. Princess x barbarian king

7. Father and daughter in law (son is adopted)

8. Eunuch x split personality emperor

Their original world is where robots existed


The very beginning before all this sh*t happened


MLs parents always fights and soon divorced. He has a robot and forgot the name which is the FL (WHAT?!) Soon she breaks down and leaves a farewell message. ML is super sad since she's the only one who accompanied him all his life. Govt ppl took the robot since its tr*shed to be recycled. He took the memory card and rebuilt her. She awakened but she became a newborn type. She's more human due to advanced technology bythe ML. But she doesn't feel love. Next, fake FL shows up and be like "send her to different worlds so she can experience love" ML was like ?. Anyways, guess what? Fake FL is a bit*h lol she puts virus to Chu Jiao and tried to manipulate ML. Brainwashing him that he loves the fake FL. Did ML give up? Nope. All through the worlds, he looked for CJ. He always gave hints whenever she's about to transfer like "ill see you" " ill find you" stuff. So yeah, FL is a robot that ML is trying to humanize.


Do I recommend? Yes. If you don't really mind the stuff, it's a good read. The scenes are sweet af. No cold ceos. Only gentle caring MLs. <<less
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May 27, 2020
Status: Completed
warning : in*est at the beginning. Some of you may not agree and concern of the ML's moral. This review might contain possible spoiler.

If you are concern or disagree with the first arc, I think u can proceed and just pretend the first arc didnt exist. My thought exactly on the first act relationship.

... more>>

realisticly and honestly, what the ML do as the FL's uncle is plain wrong. You must also know that he actually restrained himself. He try not thinks of his niece like that. But the FL also the one who initiated it first and keep teasing the ML so she can finish her mission. There is no r*pe. I do not blame ML or FL. As I suggest better skip it but it's very worth reading the first arc.

Their smut START as FL already grown up.


Don't worry its actually has a good plot. Lots of snu snu (or smut) with great plot. Honestly for the first arc, I actually cried because the FL is a very insecure person. The ML treats her really good and truly loves her even though he knew their relationship is wrong in the first place. She cherishes a lot her time with the ML even make a make a promise to herself to return back to this world. The first arc impacts me so much and I can't force myself to read the next arcs. It's my favourite arc in this novel (for the story not smut). Im so glad the author even writes an extra for the first arc !!!This novel contain a lot of fluff and smut. The plot is great. I love how after more world hopping and experiences, the FL becames more and more confident with herself.

I also loves when it turn out its the ML who behinds all of this.


He loves her so much. She's the only family he has. His most precious treasure. The FL's true identity also shock me. It just shows how far the ML willing to go just for the FL.

I disagree that the plot & characterization is non existent, yes it's full of smut but its has plot, it has characterization. I didn't remember much because I already read this (mtl) a long time ago. For me, I think you need to read until the end.

I truly recommend this for the plot also the smut part. Hey the author did a great job writing this.

Edit : typos & also to type more <<less
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Apr 24, 2020
Status: c70
Um... not my cup of tea actually...

I give it 1 star for reasonability and quite bold choice of roles for characters. And 1 star for not-a-yandere male lead.

Plot part is ok. Character development part is also ok. Relationship part is ok as well.

... more>> The thing that I didn't like is smut part. I think it's quite cringy for a SMUT (that supposed to be an erot*c content mainly targered on females) to still worship same things as originary p0rn.

Big (very nig, very huge) d!cks and vigorous, beast-like peneteation, dirty talk. I don't know from what in the world side should it be se×y. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume
Oct 05, 2022
Status: c190
The author pulls a clever (?) move by posting the most controversial content first, and it's truly trigger worthy. This immediately filters out readers who can't handle a certain level of smut and lowers expectations on all fronts for the following arcs. The author then has the ML draw a line with the MC (which for once was a relief), deliberately taking a step back to make the reader more comfortable. The climax then provides the first hints that the 'original plot' (or at least the og!FL) is not as... more>> simple as it appears to be, adding a level of mystery to the plot. Within a few arcs it becomes clear it's almost too easy for JiaoJiao to seduce the ML, as if they would fall in love regardless of what scenarios or hurdles are put in their way. So why is Chu Jiao a cannon fodder? What went wrong? Who is the ML, really? You'll have to keep reading to find out. 😵🫣 My running theory is that

Chu Jiao and ML are the true children of destiny in the original plotline, but these og!FL characters intruded to usurp CJ's role to accomplish their objective (turning the planet into a smut world??? Idk, but the FL is obviously getting something out of seducing these men). It becomes rather obvious that the 'FL' is a third party by arc 4 where the main couple are fiancées even before the story begins.


Additionally I suspect that

the man CJ loved before her death is the ML. Her death might have been the goal, but triggered something in the ML who didn't want to let her go. He must be related to her system in some way. Maybe he usurped the interfering FL's system and gave it CJ as a way to return things to the correct path?

I don't know if CJ is experiencing the arcs in a particular order for plot reasons, but it would make sense for the intruders to have attacked the beginning arc first. It was the world with the relationship easiest to undermine after all. Uncle is a mostly upright soldier who often isn't home due to his career, making it hard to properly raise his niece. He gets with an underage girl regardless of which timeline, so clearly uncle had some underlying character flaws beyond being an easy to seduce lonely virg*n under a lot of pressure raising a child that isn't even his. CJ was largely isolated and entering her rebellious teenage phase, making her very easy to provoke. Original CJ was clearly Uncle's weakness since he even avoided marriage for her sake. That's what made them both such easy targets.


The thing that most contradicts the above theory is that

the main couple seems to leave those bodies behind at the end of each arc. It is strongly implied that the CJ of the first arc would not be continuing the in*estuous relationship, because she is no longer 'JiaoJiao' the transmigrator. It's possible that I'm half-right and it so happens that the main couple was meant to instead have an innocent relationship in most worlds, but now must have a smutty one regardless of initial character settings thanks to the involvement of the system. She's not even human in the third arc, what kind of relationship would they have had in the theoretical first timeline? The ML with memories that follows her from world to world is deeply and irrevocably in love with her regardless. FL probably doesn't have a system either, why else would she still move on to other targets that aren't the male lead?

Edit: Reread chapter 1 and she isn't dead in original world before she accepts the system, just ostracized. This undermines my guess of the ML's motive to some degree, but otherwise doesn't change either theory much. Particularly, the system asks, "Do you wish to relive the life that should have belonged to you?"


My alternative theory is that

only CJ is a native of these worlds and did not have a destined relationship with her Uncle/Master/Owner/etc, but both a male and female transmigrators intruded into JiaoJiao's world. Chu Jiao is a child of luck, or at least gets secondhand benefit from always being in close relationships with strong men in each of her world's. The FL gets some kind of benefit for reducing CJ to cannon fodder and seducing golden thighs for her own use (CJ's Uncle, Master, Owner, Fiancée, etc).

ML falls in love with CJ even if she is a cannon fodder, but probably had restrictions such as forced character settings when he took on the CEO role or the interference of the FL and her system. He failed to protect CJ in time and she dies against his expectations. He makes a deal with the FL Smut system and gives it CJ in a plan to revive her, following along in each mission to make sure things go correctly and not wanting to send her to the beds of men other than himself. He takes on the roles of her golden thighs as she is driven to seduce them to fulfil system objectives. Normal users of the system would not usually be able to directly take on the CJ role, making things a little spicy (Taboos everywhere!!).


Now all of my theories could be wrong (most was based on pure speculation after all), but I appreciate that this story could support each of these ideas. This may be mostly smut with a low bottom line, but the author makes sure to drop enough plot to keep a reader around once they pass the hurdle of (chapter 6-7?) the first arc. The plot is left just cliché enough that it's possible to skip arcs without missing much. The author makes the foreshadowing as subtle as the taboos are bold creating an odd harmony between plot and smut. There isn't much clean content because the story doesn't need it. I would say that the author has so far left the right amount of relevant plot details for this kind of story.

My review so far has been rather positive, but it's almost impossible for me to recommend this story to anyone. The author doing a good job in plot construction and delivery does not make the taboos central to their work any easier to accept even in a work of fiction. There is almost no defending the controversy within the first 10 chapters.

I would not have even continued to bother with the story if it weren't for everything being the FL's initiative and the ML's obvious resistance to what happened. Tbh, that's an issue as well. Most reviews are complaining that he reacted to a little girl (reasonable reaction), but I think they missed that he was sexually assaulted by an adult woman in a child's body. It was a terrible incident from literally every perspective. He gave in and enjoyed it halfway through, but was clearly uncomfortable before and after the fact. Tbh, his desire that she would forget it ever happened and live a normal life seemed MUCH stronger than his desire for her. I think he opened up to her romantically partly because she is the only female he had a s*xual encounter with (whether he wanted it or not) and felt a certain level of responsibility both as a guardian and as a man. There was a definite reference to him avoiding going home after she hit puberty. He couldn't stop himself from seeing her as a woman due to that incident, but as an adult he actively took measures to prevent any further progress. None of this makes what happened 'okay' by any stretch of the imagination, but it did keep me from outright hating the character and dropping the story. All of his kudo points as a character are lost when he agrees to try with her after her second meticulously planned s*xual assault while he is asleep on the couch succeeds. He is definitely consenting in every s*xual act after that despite her being his underage niece. Smh. He may not be able to control his attraction, but he knows it's wrong and can control his actions.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank god this is fiction! Lol. <<less
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