Seduced By a Married Teacher


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This is a story about hooking, sinking, and lovers doing happy things.

Tang Guo is a rebellious 18-year-old high school girl who moved into the house of her parents’ friend’s younger brother, a married man whose relationship with his distant wife is clearly not what it seems…

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8 Reviews

Jul 11, 2020
Status: --
I can't. The smut was actually good, until

... more>>

ML had s*x with FL, and then the ML's wife came and FL caught them having s*x in the kitchen. ML even ejaculated inside his wife while FL was watching.


It was a really disturbing feeling, I nearly even vomited. I know that ML was a married man, but based on the synopsis, I thought that there might be no marriage at all (fake marriage) or it was a marriage of convenience.

My reaction might be too much, but I really hate this kind of stuff.


I have deep aversion to cheating, and that scene of ML having s*x with his wife after FL... and even coming inside her... will seriously turn me off smuts for a while.


I think I'm really going to puke. <<less
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Jul 08, 2020
Status: Completed
(Translator's Review)

If you're looking for detailed smut featuring various kinks and positions and locations, a FL who gives consent and does more than just lie on the bed like a s*x doll while the ML does his thing, and smut terminology that actually makes sense (no more flower holes and honey pots, leaking sprinklers and jade bunnies!), then look no further. The lusty desire in this novel is two-sided, and the leads actually have some s*xual tension between them in the beginning.

... more>>

The daddy kink exists in this novel. Some of the tags you can expect to see are handjob, bl**job, titjob, food play, 69, cr**mpie, s*x toys, lactation, and more as there is descriptive smut in just about every chapter. There are a ton of public scenes and even one where the FL and ML do it in front of his wife. More on that below.


If you're skeptical about infidelity and want to know what's going on between the ML and his wife, here are some answers.


The wife was in love with a married man. After she became pregnant, he told her to abort the child and abandoned her, but she didn't want to give up on him. She was friends with the ML, and after he got drunk one night, she suddenly came to him and told him she was pregnant, so they got married. He wasn't even sure if they actually had s*x, but he did care for the baby like he was his own. The baby got sick often and suddenly died when he was only one year old. The relationship between the ML and his wife was terrible after that, and he blamed himself for the baby's death. One day, he wanted to repair their relationship and went to the hospital (his wife's a nurse) with a bouquet of flowers. There, he overheard his wife arguing with a doctor and discovered that the baby was actually the doctor's, and his wife had deliberately made the baby sick by putting him in cold baths and whatnot so she would have an excuse to see the doctor. The ML actually loved the baby, so he was furious and was already planning for divorce (he had people gather evidence of her adultery) before the FL arrived.


If you're expecting something deeper than mindless smut, don't. There is one very disturbing scene in the middle that you may choose to skip.


The ML is 10 years older than the FL and makes a move on her in the very first chapter. This might make you question his morality since she was a stranger (as well as an old friend's daughter) and just barely legal, though the FL responds with equal enthusiasm. Her response could be explained by her rebellious bad girl nature (she skips school all the time and was expelled from her previous school by the start of the novel), but the ML... yikes. There is also a scene where the ML goes on to have s*x with his wife (just because she asked and he saw no reason to decline) right after doing it with the FL, which is pretty dirty imo. It also makes me question whether he really loves the FL as he claims in the ending (though in the sequel smut novel, they're engaged and living together while she attends university) or if he's just using her for revenge. The FL confronts him about it afterward and they have s*x again (that same day) because the author's gotta keep that smut going, but it really makes me wonder wtf is going on in the ML's brain.


(P.S. The premise reads like a yellow Youtube script/plot.) <<less
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Jul 09, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm not a big fan of older love interests, but the smut is really hot even though I used MTL. Like the tl said, the start is like a p*rnhub script lol but there is s*xual consent and the ML doesn't treat the MC like an object, they actually have chemistry. After the beginning, they just start going at it like rabbits, which I really liked haha.

If you don't like cheating, you might feel bothered by this novel but the fact that he's cheating barely gets brought up (until it's... more>> revealed in the middle of the story that his wife is actually [read translator's spoiler] and their marriage life was nonexistent to begin with). I don't like cheating either but it's really easy to just focus on the smut ¯_ (ツ) _/¯

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Feb 03, 2021
Status: c26
ICD brought me here 😅 since both of them translated in the same site. So anyway,

If you want smutty NTR novels of teacher x student.. This one is for you 🙈. Before you read.. Make sure to notice the TAGS on the novel. Also, read the translator's comment above (Vaeun).. So that your expectations will not be killed or what.. Since alot of people stared this from 1 to 3 😅.

I mean, I read this due to smut scenes 😂😂.. Lols

Alot of them comment on how the husband/teacher cheats... more>> on his wife but there's a reason (read Vaeun's comment) 😎

Also, more or less.. This is just a Smutty novel so most of the extra scenes are not really to mind with 😂 just focused on SMUTS since that you're after with.. Right? 😏 <<less
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Dec 11, 2020
Status: c19
Lacks in all departments of story making but makes up for the smut as smut being it's main focus anyway.

This is under no circumstances plot focused but more like a p*rn movie script. Long story short, ML is a f*ck boi, MC a THOT and homewrecker. Read it with these warnings in mind.

The chapters fall a bit short but has great descriptive smut w/o overly flowery synonyms. MC is one of the more proactive females among smuts.
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Jul 29, 2020
Status: c8
it was ok for a smut, the description is clear and the scene is not bad but for me its moving too fast, the FL falls easily. All in all it was nice to read.
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Jun 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Tbh I really enjoyed it despite me hating cheating... The smut was good and the ML had a reason for wanting to cheat but he treated the FL lovingly and didnt use her. FL was pretty likeable but rlly s**tty even thought she was like a virg*n like last week but go off I guess sis. The wife is a rat I hate her and what she did to the ML is crazy and I hope she goes to hell
... more>>

The Wi-Fi tricked the ML and basically put him thru depression and made him harbor so much guilt and she even killed her child and made the ML think that it was his child even tho it was her ex lovers and she even made him her husband like wtf ew sis and the ML still loved the kid even finding this out like what a nice guy I legit love him

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Sep 15, 2021
Status: Completed
For the translator I'll give 10/5 stars. Her site is just so organized.

For the creativity of the story I'll give 4 stars.

For the enjoyment of reading I'll give 5 stars. The different scenarios are enjoyable to read. This is a fiction so from time to time I really laugh. So fictional.

Overall this smut/nsfw novel is a good read if you are interested in the kind of adult readings.
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