Gratifying the Royal Family


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Xu Mo, a modern high school student was sent back in time to Jing Kingdom and found herself trapped inside of the body of a princess with the same name.

She had barely recovered when she learned of an unparalleled fiancé and in a daze, they got married. Then the stunning genius physician who normally does not pay attention clamoured to marry her. After that, there was a cold general, a flirtatious lord, a tsundere young master……

As it turns out, this was a male-dominated dynasty. Because the female population was sparse, the entire nation shared wives regardless of rank or nobility. Is it feasible for someone who wants to maintain monogamy in this dynasty?

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Czarinananana rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: Completed
Why the low rating? Really people? 🙄 Read before you rate😤

Basically, The story started thousands of years ago.

She was a mountain Fairy or something. But when her lover (? IDK seemed like it) at that time left for 3 months, Xu Rui saw her and fell in love at first sight. She was innocent and didn't know anything and very curious so she went down the mountains to go with him after that, the ML is smooth af, so they f*ck which ruined her cultivation.... more>> She wanted to go back but the ML won't let her, he knows that he can't keep her IF he was to fight 1 on 1 with the original hubby ML so he offered her to 6 other princes or powerful figure so he could keep her (). All was supposedly smooth sailing until she died of depression. Then her would travelled to modern wold and came back to the old time 1000+ years later after she died with the 8 men also reincarnated (and unlike 1000 years ago where sharing a woman was not a thing, after her death, it became THE THING).

So it all ended with her being seduced by crazy wild and abundant s*x with 8 men. Then original hubby got her preggie first with a child she hoped wasn't a lion with wings which wasn't at first she gave both until she took him out and he became one and flew. Good thing his dad was there MC was scared her son didn't even look back #ScarredForLife

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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ rated it
November 25, 2018
Status: Completed
I finished reading (MTLing) this in one seating, maybe around 5 hours.

Really impressed about how almost every chapter have meat. But all of them varied, and quite good, not repeated, as for not make the reader bored. And the story still there, holding the novel.

There's 2 downside which I think can deduct the score:

-so short T.T

-no much background setting, suddenly just meat scene plus a little tidbits, not that I it make you feel like that all the time, just after finish reading this, you kinda feel it. For example:

... more>>

According to the rule, a woman must marry 7 husband before she turn 18 y.o., so then as an emperor he won't get harem? And still need to share his wife with other male? And what about blood inheritance? How the a male know if it is his children?


Recommended for reader who seeks a little thrill, not much drama, and meat. <<less
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August 29, 2019
Status: --
I'm astonished at how many people are just gonna overlook the blatant r*pe in almost every TL'ed chapter of this "novel" but honestly I'm not surprised. I read it in its entirety but let me just let everybody know that the relationship between the husband and wife is based on force and r*pe. this isn't me being too "progressive" or "stuck-up" or misinterpreting the situation. I'm literally someone who can make a nasty dirty joke out of anything.

... more>>

the wife has consistently said no, has expressed her physical disgust of the situation, and is not just being coy to roleplay. the first time they have sex, she literally only does it because she realizes that he's not going to give up and that it's better to get it over with sooner rather than later.

he doesn't care about her until she starts caring about herself and wanting to get out of the terrible relationship. he doesn't know what "no" means because he simply ignores it and suppresses the part of himself that feels bad for taking her choice away from her.

whether this is a period piece or not, I find it incredibly disgusting that authors still feel the need to make male leads who have no respect for the female lead and show no love or care for them until they have sex. sorry, whether or not this was okay in the past doesn't mean I want to read about how a 2 dimensional fantasy male lead who is supposed to make me root for their relationship and wish I was married to him.... r*pes and controls a female lead's life because she doesn't want to be with him.


she gets called a sl*t and is passed around to several different men, is forced to have s*x with all of them, and literally kills herself because of how unhappy she is. she could have lived a life with someone she actually loved but she was r*ped and then called a who*e for the rest of her life.

romanticizing r*pe makes the young girls who believe this garbage to think it's okay and socially acceptable for men to NEED to force women into sex. a couple of years ago I would have believed that this was romantic. it's not. if you like the story, fine. I have no vocal opinion on the people who like this. but don't sit here and defend it. <<less
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Kailyria20 rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: Completed
It felt too rushed, yes I know it's smut, but there was a decent background story to build off imo and plus I feel there wasn't as much relationship development after husband 1+2, it all became rather abrupt.
... more>>

Then there's that one husband (the woman hater that's prettier than a woman) that kept raping her every chance he got which was annoying, but she still had no choice but to marry him because she wanted to return to her previous modern life but end up staying anyway.

Then there was the incest 😒 with the body's brother, which was initially non-con...

She was quite pitiful in her past life as a saint, she was r*ped (it was totally non-con) by that prince then offered up to be r*ped by 6 other princes in order to hide her presence from the white tiger who was technically raising her as his future wife... due to jealousy of others as they called her a who*e for that, she killed herself.

Overall, it had potential, I just disliked that one husband that r*ped her all the time and even got himself married to her anyway, plus he didn't even make up for it either (no getting beat up by the others do not count as making it up to her)... she was forced to accept him as one of her husbands which sucks imo... then there's that incest that stayed incest which I hoped would turn out to not be incest but o well.

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seawaterwitch rated it
November 14, 2018
Status: c3
I love romance story.

About A Princess whom were send to monastery. When she got back, a handsome fiancee wait for her.
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Mafia Lady
Mafia Lady rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: Completed
You guys should read smut The Men At Her Feet. One of best smut, It's much better than this novel. If you like smut novel then this is for you.

Recommend it
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