Immortal Asura


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Amongst creatures in the Three Realms, I am the Asura. Fighting against the Heaven and the Earth, I am an Immortal! A loser, instructed by Asura Technique accidentally, has embarked on a road of shaking the universe.

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10/21/18 Novel Universe... c140
10/20/18 Novel Universe... c139
10/19/18 Novel Universe... c138
10/18/18 Novel Universe... c137
10/17/18 Novel Universe... c136
10/16/18 Novel Universe... c135
10/15/18 Novel Universe... c134
10/14/18 Novel Universe... c133
10/13/18 Novel Universe... c132
10/12/18 Novel Universe... c131
10/11/18 Novel Universe... c130
10/10/18 Novel Universe... c129
10/09/18 Novel Universe... c128
10/08/18 Novel Universe... c127
10/07/18 Novel Universe... c126
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New jefferypendragon rated it
October 8, 2018
Status: c69
A cliche novel with a bad tranlation. Sometimes a sentence or phrase can not be parsed into sense. I got to the chap about "spiritual tatooist" and thought finally something unique, but it turned out to be a run of the mill inscriptionist with a misleading translation.
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NoobyWonders rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c43
This story is a mishmash of cliches, which is not surprising from this genre. However, there is literally nothing original in this story. It's sad that I can predict everything that's going to happen the moment a plot point is introduced.

The Green Gang tries to bully him and he fights back? What a coincidence the Green Gang leader is the top outer sect disciple, and his grandpa is the "Big Elder" of the sect.

He goes to a river? Just from that I already knew he was going to somehow run... more>> into the sect beauty bathing, she would get angry and attack him, and then she would become a love interest.

Those are the ones that most annoyed me, but I'm not exaggerating when I say every scene looked directly copy-pasted from a story I've read before.

The main character is the usual. He is trash that got an amazing artifact from his missing father that restores his talent. He's not smart enough to remain low key, and he always provokes antagonists way stronger than him, which would get him killed if there weren't plot armor characters to save him at every corner. Also his best friend is called "Fatty."

To top it off, the site is like a bad version of Qidian, the chapters are super short and lacking in detail, and the grammar is machine translation level. <<less
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