Sword Spirit


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In the Sky Sword Continent there are thousands of sects and strong cultivators as common as trees. In order to prevent his older sister from being forcefully married off, Lu Xuan had no choice to but to unceasingly cultivate and enter a sect to ask for a favor. By chance, a sword-shaped crystal of mysterious origins entered into Lu Xuan’s body, containing countless top-class martial skills, powerful martial arts, and everything you could wish for! A martial legend starts here…

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Linh kiếm
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Melfer rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: c14
Bad bad and worse. Bad version of martial world. Author bad at girlxboy romance.

MC is one of the biggest moron yet repeatedly lucky. Can't imagine reading over 1137 chapter of 'a moron is still alive because gets lucky over and over again'.

Was a lot of repetitiveness and the novel had just begun.
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DarkToastie rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: c3
So, I've just encountered this novel and I'm very positive about it. The translation is smooth and nice, and the story is also to my liking so far. At least the MC wasn't reincarnated from somewhere and got a over domineering personality (like for example the MC from Chaotic Sword God). It's worth a shot when reading it haha
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Romdez rated it
December 1, 2016
Status: c124
I thorougly enjoy this novel. Great translation and the story is good as well.

I've read Martial world before this and despite that I still love this novel.

Everyone keeps focusing on the fact that it'd similar to Martial world but to me who's a Martial world fan, it's like getting to read the novel again but with a different protagonist, one who uses a sword and one who's more direct when dealing with the female leads. (Even declares one as his woman early on, unlike Lin Ming)
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August 21, 2016
Status: --
Starting is really a ripoff of Martial World. Most of the xianxia/xuanhua series share various concepts (bullying/underdog MC, legendary artefacts, jade skinned females, face slapping, etc). But the problem with novel is that instead of using the concepts of xianixa/xuanhua series, it has literally copy-pasted Martial World.

I'm reading this novel as readers who have read raws said that the plot gets better and original later on. Let's hope it's true ^^
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rodusk123 rated it
August 11, 2016
Status: c135
Pretty sure I just read Martial World here. Some reason, the title is Sword Spirit. Very, very strange.

Alright, I'm done joking around now. Anyways, this novel is actually a close copy of Martial World. I don't want to spoil anything really because if I spoil something from here it pretty much spoils something from Martial World. I can say that the author cut out some parts that were in Martial World.

The translations I have to say are top notch though, the quality of the novel is good. This would've been... more>> a 4 if it was original but since it is just a copy of a different story I cannot give that since the author did not think of these ideas himself. He just renamed a lot of things such as the martial ranks and "enchanter"

It is still a great read in my opinion though I don't know what it is going to be like for the next chapters since I'm only on chapter 48. If it deviates from the Martial World path and still keeps the story interesting I think I could possibly give it 4/5.

Well, caught up to chapter 135. This author even copied terms from Martial World "the sixth stage is also known as the pulse condensation stage." or "small success stage/large success stage" Another annoying thing I've noticed is that a lot of sentences have * on it and it makes it hard to read through. You would think it would be for censoring inappropriate words but it is usually just simple terms and they are placed there for some odd reason. At least from what I can tell the asterisks are completely pointless or maybe the author is finally getting caught for plagiarizing and is getting some punishments?! By making parts of the chapter confusing? I end up feeling bad for the translator because he always has notes writing down all the things he had to correct in the chapter that made things confusing as the author seems to forget details in his own story. All I can say now is that, this story will be staying as a 3/5 for me. If you wanna read something really really casual, I'd say try this out. Just don't expect something like MW or TMW quality work. <<less
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Temairine rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: v1c27
Honestly I'm surprised this made it onto Qidian, not because the concept or writing is bad, but because it is a copy of Martial World, which was completed earlier on that very site. The story progression is the same, there was no suspense at all due to my having read Martial World earlier! Honestly the story would be worth 4 stars if the plot was somewhat different, and not copied near verbatim. But it isn't, and I cannot rate 4 stars when the content that made it that quality is... more>> a duplicate of an already finished work. Hence 3 stars. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
March 11, 2017
Status: c156
it's nothing new or fresh. The MC like a masochist because he keeps bringing in trouble when it could had easily been avoided! He's just asking to die. Just waving around all your secrets and power like that... Yes its MW copy. But MW itself is also a copy of generic works jumbled into one..
... more>>

-He just left the evidence like that
-His girl almost got r*ped
-He took a high level mission despite being warned and his whole team almost died
I can name more... but not worth it. Also what was the point of a sister? She barely had one line.


Romance: A bunch of overly spoiled rich girls. Both sides fell in love in the first encounter.

If you are new to Wuxias then go ahead but if you are already read CNs then don't read this since its the same stuff but written in the cheesiest form. Personally I wouldn't want this as my first Wuxia if I were new since it might ruin/spoil your CN knowledge too early

The translations are very good though and its readable. I love the effort the translator putted into this but I wish he'd translate a story that makes sense lol. Its all drama and no good characters. This gave me a headache because of the Characters... <<less
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NaM rated it
November 11, 2016
Status: --
Utterly dissapointed.. Lack Originality..

At first I wasn't sure if I should believe the reviews above before mine.. But now, its indeed too similar with the novel martial world.. Different characters and different chapter execution but all in all it was noticable that it has a far too similar plot intention with MW. I even searched to make sure which novel was released first, only to see that Martial world was released at 2012 after that the next year, Sword Spirit was born..

Other than speeding the romance path up.. Theirs nothing... more>> else to see. If anybody can show me something major that wasn't in anyway connectedly similar to MW then i'll immediatly retract this review. If not the meh..

Anyway If you could remove the thought that it was almost copied from MW or this was your first novel, then the novel is indeed casual good however that is impossible for me so I can only rate it with a barely passable mark.. I could accept it if he could show some troupe that werent in MW.. But, Maybe because the SS author was just too much of an MW fan that he didnt bother to mask the similarities which turn this novel to quite a dissapointment.. Pity.. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
makenai89 rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: c79
Reviewed at 79 chapters.

Having known from earlier reviewers that Sword Spirit mirrors Martial World, now I realized that reading it is just inviting disappointment. Initial plot up to the most recent translated chapter was very similar to MW, practically carbon copy with different names. For those who have read MW first, SS became something below par even though future development may take different path.

Although, if you haven't read MW before, then chances are high that you'll find it sufficiently good. Despite some mismatched details, the translation is of good quality... more>> and plot seems solid. Three star rate is fair, I think. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shuiko rated it
August 13, 2016
Status: c26
Ignore the the people who say it similar to MW. Even if it is so what? There are enough character and differences in skills/power levels etc for it to be good enough for a reader.

And to be honest from what I've skimmed in the raws most people would say its only 50-50 similar to MW but only because there are only so many EARLY story progression one can do in this type of setting, not to mention the similarities aren't close at all when you consider the cast of characters.

That... more>> said this story is very very very slow. It likes to draw out the picture and plot for its readers, which isn't a bad thing, but it might not be for some people. Basically another work where you need to wait till chapter 200 for the plot to really pick up. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
icarusburnt rated it
August 11, 2016
Status: c46
Though this story heavily imitates martial world, it is still good enough for a casual read. Especially for fans of martial world, thinking of this as a fan fiction of martial world, it's actually quite alright.

Looking forward to seeing a alternate take, as it were.
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Dream Seeker rated it
August 27, 2016
Status: c61
It's a decent novel and the characters don't have malicious or ignorant personality, nor do the characters obvious flock to the protagonist, so it's better then most you will find here. Yet I going to have to point out that the characters don't have much depth to them, so it's kinda bland at some points. Yet I would recommend this to most as one of the better material art novels to read.
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hajiko rated it
June 17, 2016
Status: c13
One of those typical Xianxia Novels where the MC gets a mystical Item which power him up or helps him to become stronger
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Ske1th rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c102
Well for one I really like this novel. Won't go into too many details.
    • It does have similarities with MW but it is far from a copy
    • Yes it is a harem and it is not even trying to hide it
    • Progression is not that slow so far, but from these 102 chapters I have read probable 20-30 have been spent on training and cultivating (one of the few things I don't really like about this novel)
Also if you are the kind of person who thinks a love interest needs at least 500+ chapters to start developing feelings for the MC then please stay away from this novel for both the novel's and your sake.
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mars_mellows rated it
March 9, 2017
Status: c151
I had been reading this and more or less enjoying it until I heard that some people said this was a clone of Martial World. So, I read MW and found out that they are absolutely right. Now it feels like there is no point in reading this anymore - MW tells the story SS does in a better way. The only reason you would read SS over MW is if you wanted the MC to use a sword rather than a spear and be involved in a mediocre romance.
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