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Group Name Novel Universe International
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
10/21/18 Supernatural Monetary System c9
10/21/18 Killing Gods c22
10/21/18 Magic Love Ring c16
10/21/18 Supernatural Clairvoyant c30
10/21/18 The Skyrider c107
10/21/18 Eternal Taoist King c139
10/21/18 Immortal Asura c140
10/21/18 The Secret of the Seal c147
10/21/18 Cultivation – Stand above the Heaven c147
10/21/18 The Supreme Dragon Emperor c147
10/21/18 Banished Disciple’s Counterattack c147
10/21/18 Reincarnation of the Heaven c147
10/20/18 Supernatural Monetary System c8
10/20/18 Killing Gods c21
10/20/18 Magic Love Ring c15
10/20/18 Supernatural Clairvoyant c29
10/20/18 The Skyrider c106
10/20/18 Eternal Taoist King c138
10/20/18 Immortal Asura c139
10/20/18 The Secret of the Seal c146
10/20/18 Cultivation – Stand above the Heaven c146
10/20/18 The Supreme Dragon Emperor c146
10/20/18 Banished Disciple’s Counterattack c146
10/20/18 Reincarnation of the Heaven c146
10/19/18 Magic Love Ring c14
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