I’m Using the Interstellar Live Broadcast to Raise Cubs


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Author note: Do not read for the plot. Nothing but fluff.

Gu YuMian works as a zookeeper and lives a stable life. Until one day, when he transmigrates to the interstellar era which is different from what he imagined.

Hot microblog search: #Humans have been officially listed as an endangered species.#

The headline of the daily newspaper: [Annual salary is ten million, and there is no one to take it?! Mainecoon Cat Prime Minister said he offered high prices to recruit service workers for grooming, cat cooking, and manicure cutting, but no one has applied in fifty years.]

Gu YuMian: ….

Ten million a year? Coincidentally, he was a professional zookeeper.

Other anchors focus on things popular, fans and intrigue. Gu YuMian focuses on making cat meals, combing ErHa’s hair and little fox’s tail and feeding the panda cub. His live broadcast became more and more popular.

Later, Gu YuMian found out that the snow leopard he picked up was the Emperor of the Empire, the panda was a famous star, little fox was the chief of the biggest science institute and Erha was the hottest novelist in the whole world?!

Grumpy, gloomy, childish, snow leopard Emperor x beautiful, forgiving human

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New Kari95 rated it
December 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Highly recommended for readers who enjoy fluff. This novel is just full of fluff and enjoyment in cub raising hence, the title of the story. There is no dog-blood drama but there is a certain arc wherein the characters have to face their weaknesses or fears.

It has the best descriptive and narrative styles, thanks to the translators. Overall, it's a novel that anyone can enjoy. Also, I love the description of the main cps wedding. This is the second novel on my list that has the best wedding and... more>> proposal.

Last but not the least, a funny warning, read this at your own risk. You'll keep feeling hungry cause every chapter food is mentioned. <<less
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New max2payne0 rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: --
I went in having read previous reviews and I was fairly okay with the ML's jealousy of everything. Until...

... more>>

Him tossing the other cubs aside wasn't nice and I hope he wasn't very rough with them at least, even though the text says he tossed them away. But in ch 69, while they're in some amusement park, a small fairy is sent to them as a guide. The little husky takes the fairy in his mouth at first, scaring him until he faints. But Gu YuMian apologizes for it. Only, the ML then controls the husky to do it again and the poor fairy faints again, also kinda left mentally scared from it.

That was not okay.


Other than that there's so much repetition (especially words like tender, fragrant/fragrance. Since he cooks in just about every chapter until around 80s when some semblance of plot picks up, these words or some variation appear several times in every chapter.)

At some point I just started skimming all the cooking stuff, descriptions of food, descriptions of reaction to the food, etc.

Ch 80 and I'm just waiting for this to be over. It's so slow even with skipping I've been distracted by other stuff and keep watching/reading something else.

Ch 81: FINALLY!!!!!


The MC knows the snow leopard and the guy chasing him is the same person.

I know he also has his mind wiped from other reviews, but let's see. (This never happened? I think? Why did I read this in a review?)


Ch 90: okay, I totally bawled this chapter.

Finally the teased meeting with the panda family happened. The reunion was so tragic, because he can find out about the original pandas and meet their offspring, but the three pandas he knew in his first life were still gone.


Final thoughts. MC is a Mary Sue, and the story is mostly fluff. I bounced between the ratings (consider that I skipped a lot of the cooking parts) and I'll go with 3 stars, though more like 2.5 rounded up. The reason, is because I've read stories that were more fluff than story before, but they were still more fun than this one.

FINAL final thought, after completing to the extras, you'd have to turn off your mind to enjoy this. It's all fluff, the MC is loved by everyone he meets, the few who don't change their minds or are dealt with. Logic flies out of the window, like how the MC picked up a bunch of kids he knew had somewhere else to be (besides the snow leopard) and just doesn't care, keeps them. The panda is the most blatant case since he knows it's someone's kid and makes some half heated attempts to find his family before it's basically ignored. The other two at least technically go to him on their own.

The story gets a bit mushy towards the end, I did love ch 90 because it moved very well emotionally, but others seemed a tad too dramatic for me. Also, other descriptions overused in the story made the repetitions so much worse.

It's a nice story, I would have to read it slowly to really enjoy it (like a few chapters a day), but usually, if I'm reading something slowly it's because my interest in it is pretty low.

Cute and fluffy, but maybe start skimming if it gets too repetitive <<less
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YoriMei rated it
March 22, 2020
Status: c114
It's very cute but also your typical "reborn and now famous interstellar live streamer that has cool earth things no one else has". You might as well throw the zookeeper part out the window, it's 99% a cooking novel. What used to be "I know the best way to care for animals" just becomes him making normal food like sukiyaki, dim sum or berry tarts and sometimes MC washes/brushes them. The main thing about MC is that he's basically a walking relaxant drug for animals and his live streams are... more>> basically a cooking asmr + soothing daily vlogging channel. He shoots to stardom quickly, and the story never stops telling you that he gains views/follower at light speed.

it's definitely not a bad read, it's honestly pretty good and very sweet. The netizen commentary is abundant, the baby animals are cute, MC is soothing and very smooth. However, the fact that it turned into a cooking novel might be a negative if you weren't looking for such a thing. Secondly the entire world bends over backwards for MC, even AI programming desperately want to get close to MC/love his cooking. The entire novel is mostly only one flavor (sweet) + MC is OP and constantly draws in a huge following is beaten into your skull at almost every opportunity. Binging it can be tiring because everything you read is just the same thing, different scenario. Still, sometimes you just want some uncomplicated, good fluff, and when that time hits this will surely scratch that itch. <<less
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Shadowdrop rated it
August 31, 2020
Status: c30
Fluffy? Yes. Cute? Yes. Baby animals? Yes. Food? Yes.

If that's all it takes for you to be satisfied, then you will be very happy to read this novel.

I however was immensely disappointed that a zookeeper, came to a world full of animals and after a few chapters became another food anchor. The first few parts were quite promising, when he showed how to cook meat for felines, as opposed to the cooking method that humans use, showed how to make a pleasant environment for bathing cats and... more>> made a comfortable comb. However, that was where the author stopped trying. This caring and gentle zookeeper fed hotpot, iced watermelon, sweet and sour pork and other human foods to a snow leopard baby. Sure, their stomachs became accustomed to the human food, but the whole 'animals copied human recipes, but those recipes are what humans like and not what animals actually enjoy eating' thing that caught my interest was thrown out the window too quickly. If the problem is that the animals learned from cookbooks that are not meant for their stomachs, then why does MC keep cooking the foods that are in almost every Chinese cookbook (at least in every online cookbook) and everyone acts like it's something special? Wouldn't they have learned the exact same recipes? I just wish he acted like an actual zookeeper. <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: c11
I would actually rate a bit higher, but as this has a very high rating, I rounded down. As other reviewers have commented, this is a very soothing and relaxing novel. It's a bit like a short dose of what a daily cooking vlogger would be like. I loved the baby snow leopard and the other side characters.

It takes a bit of suspension of disbelief to read this novel, because some of the things the host does is seriously the easiest stuff. While you can buy that when the animal... more>> rebellion happened no one stopped to preserve human ways of cooking, it's hard to believe that they would lose so much old Earth culture and food technique, especially since there are humans still alive in this world (just marginalized) and presumably they've found cookbooks on old Earth. Not to mention that the animals have developed space technology, but they... can't figure out a kebab? Also, catnip grows in the wild, like a weed? So it often feels like everyone else was just dumbed down for the MC to shine.

But it's not the kind of novel where you're supposed to question these things, so if you can turn off that part of your brain and just float along, it's very enjoyable. The MC's super skill isn't his cooking, but his personality. <<less
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SalmonRapier rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: c90

Firstly, I have to say I find it kinda funny when some reviews giving this novel poor ratings say that this is boring, or the plot is barely even there because, uhm — the first line of the summary is the author literally saying, and here I quote, "Do not read for the plot. Nothing but fluff."

Limited action. No drama. Just fluff.

... more>> Really, it's that simple.


I recommend this if what you're looking for is something lighthearted, easy, with lots of food p*rn, and tooth-rotting fluff to soothe your soul!

The tooth-rotting fluff comes from the interactions that Gu YuMian has with his cubs — the little snow leopard, little panda, little fox and little husky!

The little snow leopard (who is actually the Emperor and the ML) is a whole jar of vinegar with soft paws, and a cunning attitude; the little panda (who is a star in the showbiz) is slow, super adorable and a cute glutton; the little fox (who happens to be the young prodigy from Academy of Sciences) is serious, shy and lovable; and the little husky (a famous writer) is probably my favorite cub who's very hyperactive and hilarious in an endearing way.

(Also they remain little for various reasons which the author makes sure to explain.)

And there's Gu YuMian, the MC, a human who woke up in the Interstellar Era, and started doing live-broadcasts to earn a living to take care of the little snow leopard, but shot to fame cause of his relaxing content.

Alongside the happy fluff moments, you also have wholesome moments that leave you a little teary eyed, or sad. It's just a very nice big family with a lot of warm fuzzy feelings that will leave a fond smile on your face.

Oh, and when I say food p*rn, I really mean food p*rn because the author describes the whole process of Gu YuMian preparing the dishes (makes me want to cook too lol), and even better, there are pictures linked to said dishes to give you a better idea (and a growling stomach) of the food. I liked that torturous detail!

I've seen reviews going on about how they don't like Shuo Han (the ML) and his behavior, but slow down and consider his history. Thank you. And towards the latter chapters, you'll come to know how he's really sweet and he's trying his best in his own way. I know everyone has their own tastes, but don't beat him down too quickly!

So far, I like the progress of the story! Kudos to the neat translation too! <<less
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Kirill rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: --
If you're a huge fan of light, fluffy/ cutesy and no-brainer novels, then you might like this one.

However, if you're expecting some actual plot and substance from this story. Then you'll also be disappointed.

So far, everything has been insanely smooth sailing for MC despite the fact that humans are hated.

... more>> ML was instantly interested in MC after viewing 1 live stream.

Every side characters immediately become dumb as soon as MC comes in the picture.

They magically love MC as soon as they saw him, even though they're racist against humans.

It's also an utter BS that scientists and/or farmers in that galaxy are incapable of growing catnips. But magically again, MC has no problem growing catnips.

Another one that irks me was the scenes with fur combing.

They said that combing/brushing their fur is too painful even when they're done by professionals. & MC noticed that the combs they're using are too sharp. Hence why MC dulled the sharp comb, so that ML won't get hurt from combing

I just find it too hard to accept that, not a single expert or professional noticed that the combs were too sharp for them. But somehow, MC can perfectly see it at a glance. <<less
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Shortk rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: c67
Dropped. Maybe I should have waited out until 69 but I doubt it man. It's so bloody boring. Thanks for the translation. But unless you want to read about food descriptions from a good looking zookeeper aka top chef (??) then I don't recommend. I dont know where the romance is to be honest.


Omg... The level of OPness and illogicalness (?) is starting to affect me man.

I actually don't mind Mary Sue, OP characters because sometimes it's nice in the face of villains or the authors make it really finny... more>> that readers don't mind it. But this is like OP to the point of boredom. Like it was fine until honestly he somehow was better than f*cking chefs? I suspect the author didn't know how to write anymore about how to take care of wild animals so it straight up was about his food being f*ckin fantastic.

Like the restaurant scene man:

ok but did all 14 chefs need to be absent and the restaurant NOT GIVE HIM A REFUND FOR WAITING FOR HOURS?? like what the plot. And then for some reason they won't give him a refund, but will allow him to use their kitchen and Livestream cooking in it ?? Ok...

that was it for me man. I was like, this is ridiculous.

I don't mind it being far-fetched in general especially with these logistics regarding live streaming in the future. But come on plot: am I missing something here??

how is it that the snow leopard cub is PERFECTLY FINE and then the next second he gets called out by the emperor and the emperor is literally collapsing over him in sickness or something.

was it just a ploy? What? Huh?

I feel like this had so much possibility of being like a cute wholesome fluffy thing, but literally why did the author think he needed to be so op?? It's unnecessary. It's actually ruining at least my experience... <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: c37
Honestly, it's okay enjoyable, very fluffy and relaxing. However, it's just too white lotus!!! Too ridiculously so!!!! Especially in the beginning when the author establishes the story, basically everyone on earth has no brain and then MC comes to sweep them all away.

Same ingredients and everything (which is another question; how could it possibly be the same ingredients available after hundreds of years, an apocalypse, and a change in the main race??? Even if its synthetic meat, I also wouldn't even synthetic human meat if it were available!!!) and yet... more>> nobody has any concept of cooking? Everybody has an animal form yet nobody knows how to brush their hair without pulling it out and hurting?? Fine, it's possible the recipes available are different (although with that many years and the same ingredients, almost anything would ve discovered anyway or there would be a similar level of culinary research available!!) but everything tastes terrible??

Also, MC happens to eat at one of the most expensive restaurants on Capital Star and it just so happens all the chefs are poisoned and none of the apprentice chefs know how to thaw frozen shrimp??? WAY too white lotus smh. It's also ridiculously how quickly MC's popularity climbs.

Idk, the story itself was okay but all these elements really ruined the experience for me. Still may be worth reading and see if you can make it past these things. Was tempted to rate 2 stars just because I feel the current rating is waaaaay too high. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
solomaize rated it
March 16, 2020
Status: c17
This novel is a MOOD. Every time MC live streams, it's like lofi hip hop, but in words. And that was me reading in mtl. I'm hoping Addis and team puts a music track to this and torture us with food pics.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Doileeko rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Everything you need to know about this novel:

  1. I would give this a lower rating, but the author did warn that this was 100% fluff.
  2. Standard plot, OP MC and overall a no effort required to read plot.
  3. The cubs are very cute.
  4. Seriously, the childcare aspect of this novel is very cute.
  5. ML is your standard ML
  6. Translation is very good.
  7. There really is nothing remarkable about this novel.
Of course, you need to disconnect from reality before you read this. Any logical thought cannot be entertained in such a setting. But, once again the author... more>> did warn that this was 0 plot, so I expected this.

All in all, this is a kind of blank read. Something to cleanse your palate before you move onto the next thing. This requires 0 presence of mind to read and you can pass quite some time with this.

Nothing majorly major happens and everything has a smooth flow. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: Completed
I wanna cry...

This novel is so heartwarming. It's actually relaxing especially the "Live broadcasts" of the MC is just.... I also wanna just sleep and relax if I was an audience.

It's so warm and fuzzy.

... more>> I really like the interacrions between the cubs. I love them.

I adore the ML. He's just so awkward with the way he tries to spoil the MC since he's never felt the feeling of liking someone. (I wanna cry once I've read his back story) It's also funny how he gets jealous of the other cubs and tries to "sneakily" push them away from the MC so only he can occupy the MC's love. ???

The Pandas! I love the Pandas. (*sobs* I'm so happy for them.) I'm sure that you'll love and treasure them too once you read deeper into the book.

I really, really liked this novel. Sure, the live broadcast part got too much repetitive especially when: "the viewers once again increased and the MC is now at the top broadcasters, setting a new record." It just made me wamt to read the cubs and the audience's reaction once they taste the MC's food.

But then after that arc, there's also a Zerg arc. This is where things get a little bit serious. After this, it's all about the development of the feelings between the MC and the ML.

I love how they just connect with each other and how things seemed to be fated.

I especially love the ending. It's like a warm pot of honey.

Btw, there's also a 3 chapter extra (?) but it has a different theme. It's an ABO world and it's shown that the MC and ML's fate are intertwined with each other and their names will be together even if it's in another world. ❤️✨

I'm just so happy and thankful rnw to the author of this novel for making such a comfortable and heartwarming novel and to the translator/s and editor/s who picked up this novel.

Thank you for everything and I hope you have a nice day ahead. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
December 7, 2020
Status: c29
Started out strong, with MC bringing out new animal-cubs keeping menthods, but it slowly degenerated to MC spreading pheromones that calm these animals down instantly, even when spread through the 'internet'... Even most staunch human haters become putty after watching his vlog. Animals are smart enough to develop super-space-technology with smart robots/automatic kitchens etc, but they can't figure out the proper way of using combs or having picnics!! MC's live telecast about picnics are somehow a novelty...

Am I the only one who thinks its weird for all the adult 'cubs'... more>> acting cute just to interact with MC - I suppose that's cute?... ML is a childish vinegar tank, who again magically got attracted to MC's pheromones, and his insomnia and human-animal instability getting cured after living with MC... There's some interest in how the panda family meet their 'ancestor', but not enough to keep reading...

A no-brainer story, may be ok in small doses, but not possible to binge read it... <<less
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THISBRO rated it
March 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Super cute super fluffy. If anything I'd probably compare this series to The Film Emperor's Daily Live Food Broadcast. A wonderful read to just calm down from any kind of day, though that being said, there hasn't been much plot or conflict. It's honestly very smooth sailing, the MC doesn't face any hardship or roadblocks with his broadcasting other than his race being human (but even then it's dispelled within the next few paragraphs), constantly being at the top in trending. So far all of the little cubs have been... more>> introduced, the character dynamic is quite well done (ML being the little childish vinegar tank who occasionally tolerates the other 'idiots', the panda who's more or less blindly excited half the time, the researcher fox who's shy/introverted but is the only responsible one, and the s*upid husky). I can sense that there should be a bigger picture that the series is leading up to, but I'm not quite sure or there yet.

as of chapter 92, the MC is finally preparing to head to Old Earth. MC and ML finally have a confrontation when ML accidentally reveals that he is the snow leopard. There wasn't insta-love if you guys are worried about that, in fact, they are still currently 'fighting/ignoring' each other. A prophecy is delivered to the MC from a witch. The witch says the typical 'you are more powerful than you think' stuff. The panda's family has prepared to meet their 'ancestor' even though they don't know who it is, they've divined that they will meet on Old Earth.

Probably the best part for me is that Gu YuMian is already starting to fall in love with the ML (adult human form), but because of the ML's (cub form) insistence on not having a 'step-mom' keeps trolling himself.

Edit as of completion:


I take back what I said about a potential major plot unravel, the entire thing is 5% racism towards being human that is resolved within three paragraphs, 10% redundant prophecy, 70% fluff (cooking, streaming), 10% significant romantic progress, and 5% tears (yes, I cried when the pandas reunited with 'ancestor Gu'. Overall, it's really quite boring and starts to drag at around chapter 66 and onwards (this is with me being able to binge the raws, so I'm not sure how people will last with waiting 2-3 days for translations). If you came for the fluff and mindlessness, this is it. If you came for plot, it was hinted at for 30+ chapters but ultimately amounted to nothing. Even the ending with the zerg issue was easily resolved by eating them like every other BL novel with zergs.

Hence why despite all my previous ratings of 4 stars, I'm dropping it to a 2.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cozycrow rated it
March 16, 2020
Status: c114
Rather than we humans being overwhelmed with affection for animals, these animals are going to be overwhelmed with affection for this human! I'm excited for further chapters and learning stuff via the footnotes~

Edit: I can't figure how to edit it down to 4 stars but

the eating of the Zerg made me uncomfortable since I think they're sentient? So score drop for that solution. Also wished more from the extras but ƪ (˘⌣˘) ʃ

. The fox was my favorite!!!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
moonrune rated it
October 26, 2020
Status: c58
The thing is, all the criticism holds up. The plot has more holes than the roads in a libertarian state, nothing really happens, the romance doesn't make sense, the characterizations are weak, everything's far too convenient, everybody loves the MC.

And it's just, really nice.

The thing is, I get it. I get how the MC's viewers feel, because that's how I felt reading this story. I have been having a total crapsack of a time this past couple of weeks, and this story was so soothing I actually teared up a... more>> couple of times. The author has an absolute gift for beautiful description that the translator did an incredible job of conveying. I don't know how to describe it besides as textual ASMR. I feel like I'm there in spirit, wrapped in a warm towel straight out of the bath, eating delicious food made by someone with soft voice and gentle hands who cares about me unconditionally and holds me like I'm a kid again. I think you probably need to be at a certain level of exhaustion to really appreciate what this story is.

Is it a well-written story? No. Is it a story with a warm heart that gave me exactly what I didn't even know I needed? Absolutely yes. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nitan rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: c53
I pick up on the latest chapters and read this every time I have a bad day... it's honestly so relaxing and like an asmr! Even though I usually get hungry at the mention of food, there's lots of cute fluffy animals and coddling so it just feels very very nice and healing for me! If you're someone who just wants to have a chill, relax, 'here to have a good time' kind of story - this ones for you
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
flozen rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c27

I've only read up to chapter 27 so far and it's became something I'm not really bothered to pursue in reading.

I dislike how the "cubs" that are actually adults can't just expose their identity as an adult and leave.

I understand the emperor can't expose his identity so lightly but the panda (can't remember his name) can since he's found out how good willed and nice the MC is.

Also, I kinda blame the MC as well since he didn't bother studying about the world after getting a job. I actually enjoyed a bit of the beginning though it of course didn't end up being something I liked.

Overall, I dislike it. This may be your cup of tea but not mine. I'd rather read Cub Raising Association, the Mary's sue is real but I prefer it over this.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
FartherThanNowhere rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Considering that I am now rereading this, which is something that I almost never do. I figured I’d give a review.

If you are here for anything other than pure feel-good fluff, go board another train. There’s a few other daily-life/cub-raising/cooking etc stories out there, and they’re great, but imo this is the best one. I’m sure the original language is also beautiful, but because I’m an English speaking heathen I will go ahead and give all the kudos to Addis, the translator, and Sulo, the editor. Jiayou.

The pacing and flow... more>> of the story is really great. It’s very slow-paced, no lie, but instead of being exhausting it’s kind of like taking a really nice walk. You know where you’re going to end up, but you’re in no rush to get there. If there’s another way I can describe this, well, I’m too lazy to go to thesaurus. Com ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯. My occupational degree is in couch sports, not word-smithing.

Is it cliche? Absolutely. Does it win trope-bingo? Winner winner kung-pao chicken dinner.

Should you read this story? Y e s. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
natsuluv rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Not much plot except a little bit towards that end that is resolved easily. I love it so much tho. It’s a feel good fluffy story with lots of delicious foods and Cubs! This is what I need when I’m in a big depressive mood.

The only ridiculous part (but well I found it absurdly funny) is that they would always praise the food as not greasy and I’m like I feel like that’s impossible??? Especially if he’s not a great a cook as he claims. Maybe he’s just modest or... more>> it’s some side effect of his SS powers? <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Small Reader
Small Reader rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: c57
Honestly? I was looking for fluff and I got fluff which is great and I loved it but the ML personality is a bit iffy for me.

I know I know its cute to see him get all possessive and things but it gets annoying when he is constantly pushing and bullying the other BABIES WITH THE LITERAL MENTALITY OF A 3 YEAR OLD I mean sure the babies were actually adults but im pretty sure they lost their memory and saw MC as a surrogate parent.

Another thing that irritates me... more>> a little is the many MANY illogical things that is in the story.

I get it. Its meant to be pure fluff and I should just turn off my brain and read it. I'm not even a person who normally notices plot holes, even big gaping ones, honestly this is one of the few things I managed to find a plot hole.

The fact that they have synthetic chicken, beef etc is slightly weird. Do the chicken and cows etc have mental strength or are they just normal animals.

Secondly I was really upset when half way it just stops being about taking care of animals and more about food, food and more food. Sure I guess he still bathes and combs the little darlings but he might as well be a chef who has a pet in his past life. What normal person has so much knowledge about food from ramen to Sichuan fish. Even a chef might not know so much.

Also the animals turned half human are just really dumb? Sharp combs hurting amd ripping out your fur? Oh just ignore it, its been that way since the war and NO ONE knows the reason why our skin feels like its being scratch by needles by sharp and densly packed combs.

And everyone seem to hail the MC as the savior and hero no matter who or where. Super serious and focus academy? There, a scene of every single person in the academy praising and practically kneeling at MC's feet. Plenty of racists (who should not be support btw) hating on MC and wanting to go to his stream to make trouble? Well too bad once they enter they immediately got attracted to MC and forgot all about racism (which again is wrong but comon no one changes their views so fast). Person tried to buy water army and slander the MC? Ah look how helpful that has been to bring thousands of audiences to MCs stream without MC having to do damage control or anything.

Also MC is just such a natural relaxer to animals (citizens) . All and any animals (citizens) love him immediately and any health problems like insomnia gets immediately cured by MC. Hell, even the praised and high ranked panda family used to be MCs companions who has been looking for their human (MC) for generations and generations without a single dissatisfaction. All and any food is immediately praised by the audience and everyone loves it no matter if you hate tofu or lettuce or lemons.

Also ML can and will change people's memory to satisfy his 'possessive nature' *read as wanting to lock MC in a dark box* it just feels so.... dodgy. And constantly staying near MC letting him think that ML is a baby thus leading to some very uncomfortable scenes. Adding on to the face ML gave MC a permanent tattoo that basically engraves MC with the 'you are mine forever because no one will dare to chase you after seeing the royal family tattoo on you' without MC knowing

All in all despite looking for fluff I found a very fluffy story with too many plot holes to count that constantly distract me from the thing I was looking for and a very weird ML that I do not support. But the author did say it was pure fluff soo I guess it did achieve its purpose somewhat <<less
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April 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is nothing but fluff I tell you. Basically, 80% of this novel is about the MC cooking food, 15% is about the MC taking care of the cubs, and 5% is about other stuff. To be honest, this novel made me feel hungry and crave lots of food. It's a good read if you wanted to read something fluffy and heartwarming, beware of feeling hungry though.
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