My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away


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Pet shop owner Tang Wan was accidentally reborn into an interstellar world. When he opened his eyes, he found himself automatically married to a vegetable via the StarNetwork. A social status worth ten billion yuan; but with an unconscious husband, he was unable to withdraw any money. Tang Wan held the empty position of the First Gentleman, but was, in fact, a poor man.

In order to secure his future livelihood, Tang Wan was bound to the “Earth Pet System” and returned to his old business, with the goal of saving money, getting a divorce, and looking for a second spring!

After thousands of years of evolution, Earth’s energy depletion had long been abandoned to the distant corners of the Milky Way. All of the animals in the galaxy had evolved tremendously, and little furry cute ones only lived in textbooks. When Tang Wan and his cute little ones appeared, they became the treasures of the whole universe! The pet shop soon became famous in the interstellar world, and the whole universe lined up to be cat slaves~

Finally surviving past the compulsory marriage period, Tang Wan happily took off the diamond ring worth billions: he can finally sell it for money!

However, Tang Wan could never have imagined that when he sat down at the dining table on a blind date with some fresh meat, the vegetative partner that he had come to an agreement with would suddenly open his eyes.

Gong: I heard you sold your wedding ring for one billion yuan?

Tang Wan reached out and pushed him down on the bed: Open what eyes, quickly close them.

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New oikawas rated it
February 24, 2020
Status: c55
The story is cute, fluffy and fun. There were moments of sadness, but really, this novel just feels nice to the heart.

Love the characters too, even the online fans! I could imagine myself making such troll comments lolol I wanted it to continue longer but the ending is nice as it is. It gives a really nostalgic feeling! I feel like Lin Bo!

Would re-reread and recommend to anyone, especially to those who needs some light hearted easy read. Just don't expect a heavy plot, detailed lore or drama filled... more>> scenes. Smile and pet your fluffy companions! <<less
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New Anra7777 rated it
February 15, 2020
Status: c53.2
It's a story I can't stop reading, but I have serious issues with it. On the one hand, it's very fluffy. On the other, I couldn't stand the ML for a long time (and rather still can't, because of how overbearingly possessive he is), from the first chapter we learn that the interstellar society is in some ways very regressive (I have no trouble imagining the horror stories that could arise from the author's society of... more>>

forced marriage and one sided inability to divorce

, which the author later tries to mitigate to little avail), and the author clearly hasn't done her research on sometimes basic points.


For example, the author asserts as fact that rabbits are omnivorous. Do I even need to point out this is wrong?

For example, MC has multiple hamsters living together. I've heard that it is dangerous for hamsters to live together as they tend to fight and kill each other.

For example, MC is shown to be a "saavy" businessman, when I could clearly see problems in his negotiations strategy. And I'm not a saavy businesswoman.


There are also times when the author forgets that the MC is

pretending to have amnesia and the MC talks about his former life.


I think what offended me the most, so far, was chapter 43, when we first meet

the mother-in-law.


The author seems to understand a little about

mental illness, enough that her behavior resembles a real illness


but not enough, as she makes some claims that show that she really doesn't understand how it works.

Saying things like, "if you, MC, left, ML would be the same." If ML had inherited his mother's illness, he should have been diagnosed by that point and should have been receiving treatment.


I found the lack of empathy in the comments equally disturbing. But maybe my viewpoint is skewed.

Yes, I agree that what she did was terrible, and ML has every single right to never want to see her again. And the grandfather was monumentally stupid for handing the ML back to her. But I also feel some sympathy for her in that she never received any treatment for her illness simply because she resisted it, which most mentally ill people do.


As I said, I have trouble resisting reading this story, so I'll continue. It's just that there are things about this story that get on my nerves, and now you can judge whether they'd get on your nerves too. <<less
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shouahang58 rated it
June 24, 2019
Status: c12

the beginning starts a year after he transmigrated.
Love how ML is easily a vinegar eater! LMAO! Always jealous when MC hold a pet cat!
and how MC is always telling ML to meow when ML is in his small tiger (cat?) form!

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YoriMei rated it
January 12, 2020
Status: Completed
A very enjoyable read, but also your standard fluffy BL story. As per usual, MC is the only one who remembers earth things (like stories), has a live stream with cool earth things only MC has and accidentally wormed their way into ML's heart. I appreciate that we went immediately into the marshal awakening rather than wait around.

plot is mostly just MC and ML faffing about until like the last 10 or 15 chapters and then the plot and mystery of who MC originally was finally starts but even that... more>> is wrapped up extremely quick. Characterization isn't bad either, but it's your standard fluffy everyday life affair 95% of the time. Since all the pets does sell meng, you're not bombarded with animal facts either. <<less
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kkaral7 rated it
July 1, 2019
Status: c12
MC transmigrates to another world where all animals are extinct and humans and beastmen coexist. He is forced to marry a general (ML) who is in a coma. At the start of the story, the MC is trying to divorce his coma husband but ML wakes up just in time to stop him. It turns out the ML was not just in a coma, he could turn into his weaker form, a cat, since he was a beastmen and spent time with the MC who is a cat slave. MC... more>> has the ability to buy cute animals that are extinct in the current world, and ML gets jealous seeing MC cuddle other animals.

Not many chapters out but so far its very cute story with a fun premise, so definitely worth the read <<less
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ri_n rated it
July 11, 2019
Status: Completed
4.5 for me but since it's quite fun and entertaining to read, I gave it a 5.

This novel is more on the fluff and slice of life kinda feel rather than actual angst and drama. There's no war nor heavy conflict, basically just an easy read.

It focuses more on the MC summoning cute pets and broadcasting it. Heck, even the development of the relationship between the MC and ML weren't that focused on.

The part that irked me a bit was that the ending was kinda meh.

... more>>

It was about the MC wanting a baby like Da Zhuang (coz he already knew that Zhuang = ML and so wants a baby) but ML doesn't really want to have a child. It's quite funny how distressed he was but still, his opinion was totally disregarded that it felt bad.


Though this novel has a lot of loopholes, it's recommended for those that wants to read something but doesn't really want to rack their brains trying to figure out conspiracy theories within the novel. Just reading it as is given. <<less
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AmNut Obcess
AmNut Obcess
July 5, 2019
Status: Completed
So cute! Love it very much. A pity there wàs no extra. Wanted to see their children grow very well esp the tigress 😂
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zestylemon rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: c47.1
this ticks all the boxes for me :-D

  1. cute animals esp cats 🐱
  2. the relationship develops logically
  3. ML is possessive and protective in a cute way. Not overbearingly which a lot of novels have (which I don’t mind sometimes but it often gets way too intense) this one is just an easy read
  4. the ML is very respectful and loving!
  5. their interactions are top tier and cute
  6. MC is also very likeable! Funny!
genuinely just an easy no brained read with some kind of underlying plot which isn’t that important tbh HAHA good for when u don’t... more>> want to think.

plus the translations are good! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Saffari rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This is absolutely pleasing to read. This is NOT a dog blood revenge drama where MC slaps everyone with how great he is, or a Gary Tsu story where MC is good at everything and impresses everyone to the point of sainthood, so if that's what you're looking for, this ain't it.

This is more of a light-hearted story without much conflict. You can say that it's pretty chill, but not to the point that it's boring. It has just the right amount of fluff, tension, and action mixed in. The... more>> story never pretends to be more ambitious than it actually is and builds just enough tension for the conflict it leads up to.

The main conflict of the story lies in both the MC and ML's pasts, which are both sad and inflicted to them by their own families. But what I love the most about this is that they aren't obsessive over revenge, they just want to live happy lives in their present and future. Maybe I'm biased, but I'm a firm believer that in personal conflicts, the best revenge is living well. And live well, they do lol.

MC is probably one of my favorite MCs. He has the personality that I like, sensible and pragmatic but with just the right heart. He's straightforward, blunt and crass when he likes to be, but never unkind. He wanted to divorce the ML in the beginning not just because of the shallow reason of appearances but because he's pragmatic and knows they were both forced and thought they were basically strangers, he just wanted to live a happy and carefree life with lots of meng. In other words, MC is a male cat lady who distrusts people and love his fur babies lol.

As for his abilities, nothing too outrageous, he isn't a genius and have no desire to be. He's only good at things with his hands like cooking and handicraft and designs, very homely skills. His original body has gun training but it doesn't come to him easily, he only manages once when ML teaches him and is scared easily by it and also doesn't translate to games. MC is a noob at shooting games lol.

As for ML, his personality is tough and militaristic, but also never unkind. He was raised by an abusive mother with mental issues so he has a very tough and does not trust easily. He sounds overbearing at initial read, but it becomes painfully obvious that, holy shit, he's a big softy who painfully sells meng to his husband just to make him happy. Legendary marshall, who? Lol. He also prioritizes the heart of MC, taking short easy steps, he teases him a lot but is never domineering and forceful. He sees that MC obviously also has dark experiences and wants him to trusts him more and act spoiled and bratty to him more than he wants to bed him.

The romance is handled greatly. MC's host body was someone who was switched during childhood by his step brother, and he was already engaged to the prince, and they already had good relationship before the switch. In the story, it is implied that in their first meeting both parties actually had a hint of something like attraction, just feeling something by seeing each other, which is poetically justified since they are each other's biggest what ifs, but this is easily ignored by both parties. At this point the MC and ML has already cultivated a wonderful relationship. It's like a situation of "we have power to choose who we love" which is important because of the past of both MC and ML and they both chose each other. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
esmesnow rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: c1
Hmmmm I'm like a few chapters in but I'm not sure if I like it or his it's alright. The MC is a little slow not realizing that his "cute little cat" is his husband. Then the ML also not telling him that he's the cat. It's cute buttttt it would be nice to have a little more I guess
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